What They Won't Tell You About Making Money Online by@jackclever

What They Won't Tell You About Making Money Online

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Jack is an entrepreneur who wants to be a content creator. He is from a generation called millennials, people are ashamed or don't like to talk about it. He says his dream is to make a lot of money online, not internet money, life changing money. Jack: "If I wanted to be an astronaut, would you laugh? Would you find it ridiculous? Everyone wants to make good money online? It's such a thing that everyone wants it, too. It's about me having crazy ideas and making things happen"

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Jack Clever

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I almost died in a car accident. A cargo truck ran over the car I was in. And you know what I thought at that time? I will die without having made money online. Just kidding! (But it's true)

Life is too short to be a wantrepreneur. So many days (and often nights) dedicated to a dream, and in the end, you end up with no money.

There are several things I could say in this text, about the importance of marketing, copywriting, storytelling... But I'm going to talk about something more important and less recognized, comedy.


Comedy has the power to make something or someone unforgettable. You probably remember Seinfeld. If you've watched Seinfeld, of course, because there's no way you can remember something you haven't seen.

If you haven't seen it, you might remember The Office or Ted Lasso, or your favorite comedy series. You remember (and don't forget) because what's funny feels good. Because we feel a connection with that person or situation.

No wonder we love comedians. I would invite Jerry Seinfeld to my house for dinner any day of the week, for example. They seem to be part of our lives in a special way.

Then you see on Twitter a lot of people wanting to show you the importance of what they do in the most boring way possible.


So, this post is about the importance of being funny to spread your message.

I decided to be an entrepreneur, but I still don't have an online business. (You can buy me a cup of coffee if you want, but that's still not a BUSINESS, you know?) So I'm wantrepreneur. It is what it is.


I'm from a generation called millennials, people are ashamed or don't like to talk about it. I think if you make a lot of money, it's great. I don't know, what's wrong with talking millennial? When I think of millennials, I think of a lot of things that are usually true. So I'm a millennial.

People are ashamed to say broke. Of course, I would too. But the vast majority of people say they were broke when they are no longer broke.

Despite being an inspiring story, from broke to millionaire, how do I know you were really broke? You could be a stock(broke)r, or have not accessed your net worth yet, or I don't know, have received money from your family... But nobody says I am broke and I am going to be rich.


Nobody says come follow my journey from 0 to a million. Come see my 16 followers on Twitter. Sometimes 15, sometimes 14, sometimes 13... (I don't understand my tweets must be really bad)


I worked a lot as a designer and as a photographer. That's how I made money for a long time. But today I don't want to make a logo for anyone, or take a picture of anyone. Even if this is for a beautiful naked woman, I'm not into it. (Sorry, ladies)

Today, I want to be a content creator. But for me, this is a very strange name. I don't know.


Since I use Substack and Buy me a Coffee as a platform for my work, I say that I am a Substack(er) and Buy me a Coffe(er). It's like it's my profession, you know? I know the last one wasn't very good, but imagine if I were a Patreon(er), it would be much worse.

And most people talk about how much money they make a month. But I'm not getting any money right now. In fact, I do. I have a rental pasture, you know? I live on a farm. Long story, forget it.

But my dream is to make a lot of money online. Not internet money, life changing money. So I'm not afraid to say that my dream is to make a lot of money online.

What's the problem? If I wanted to be an astronaut? Would you laugh about it? Would you find it ridiculous?

- But Jack, everyone wants to make a lot of money online, too.

- It means it's such a good thing that everyone wants it.

And then I decided to start a newsletter, telling my story. I'm not talking about the beginning, I was a baby, then I learned to walk, NO! It's more about me having really crazy ideas and making things happen.


I'm an expert at putting myself in situations that I can't get out of on my own. (if you need advice, please contact me) And that brought me a long experience about many things in life.

If you for whatever reason are discouraged by city life, and are thinking about living isolated in a cabin in the woods... You don't have to, I've already made that mistake for you. For a whole year, without internet.


Today I live on a farm, but it was not easy. In many ways it is the opposite of what I imagined. And certainly from what you probably imagine. So, Subscribe to my newsletter.


He is a dog person, 🐶 he lives on a farm, 👨‍🌾 he likes to watch tv shows and movies. 📺 And now he wants to make money online! 💸 Follow the life of Jack Clever, 🕺 Now or Never every Saturday in your inbox. 📥


In short: I decided to use the funny to my advantage and act more sincerely about my work and my life. That's it: take it or leave it.


Feel free to contact me on Twitter, or email [email protected]

See you at the top.


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by Jack Clever @jackclever.🥑Millennial, Wantrepreneur & Broke ☕Now Substacker and Buy Me a Coffeer 💸Make a lot of Money Online, that's my Dream
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