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How are you feeling about the Apple Vision Pro two months later?

At launch, the Apple Vision Pro was the talk of the town. Everyone seemed to want to get their hands on Apple's newest shiny toy. Has your opinion about it changed?

This poll is active and accepting votes!

Do You Think Governments Should Have the Power to Ban Social Media Platforms?

With the U.S. government threatening to ban TikTok, do you think this is an overstep?

16% Yes, I fully believe it's their right.

18% Yes, if it's deemed a danger.

29% No, I think they're overstepping.

24% No, but I think we need more succinct regulation

12% I don't care

356 Voters

Should TikTok Face a Ban in the U.S.?

Recently, the House passed a bill requiring ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, to divest from the app within 180 days or face prohibition (a ban) in the U.S. However, Senate supporters argue that this is not a ban but rather a transition of ownership to ensure national security.

38% Yes - ban TikTok for national security reasons.

22% No - keep TikTok operational as security concerns are exaggerated.

12% Compromise - keep TikTok, force ByteDance out.

26% I have no horse in this race.

376 Voters

What is your web browser of choice?

Perhaps one of the most important decisions you make when using the internet. So, whose banner do you fly on the net?

44% Google Chrome

5% Safari

20% Firefox

6% Edge

15% Brave

3% Opera

4% Other (Tell us in the comments)

550 Voters

Do you take part in HackerNoon's Writing Contests?

HackerNoon runs amazing writing contests all year round that offer its community the ability to show their expertise, get internet cred and win some big bucks. Have YOU participated in one?

31% Heck yea! I love participating in HackerNoon's writing contests and earn some $$

39% I'd love to but I'm not confident in my writing abilities :(

10% I am waiting for a writing contest that appeals to my area of expertise

18% I have yet to participate in a writing contest (tell us why you haven't already!)

92 Voters

How Much Faith Do You Have in Your Government to Effectively Regulate AI?

With AI's ability to create images and videos that look realistic improving every single year, how much faith do you have in your government to make sure it doesn't spiral out of control?

74% Absolutely zero faith

19% I kind of have faith

2% I have faith that they'll do the right thing.

3% I have absolute faith

351 Voters

Will AI stocks suffer the same fate as the dot-com bubble?

Nvidia's market cap keeps rising and rising, and so does the valuation of other tech companies that are advancing in the space. Investors are hungry, but are these valuations unrealistic and a bubble is right around the corner?

17% Not really. AI stocks have a loooong way to go

23% Nvidia might be a bubble but other AI companies is where it's at

30% It's a bubble! Short while you can!

27% It's still too early to tell

134 Voters

How Often Do You Order Items From Amazon?

The e-commerce giant only seems to be getting bigger and bigger, but does everyone use Amazon? And how often do they use it?

11% 3+ times a week

9% Once or twice a week

42% Once every couple of weeks

36% I don't use Amazon

254 Voters

With New Disney Partnership, Will Fortnite Win the Metaverse Race?

Epic Games and Disney announced a groundbreaking partnership to create an "entertainment universe" within Fortnite. With Disney investing $1.5 billion in Epic, this collaboration aims to integrate characters from its extensive Intellectual Property portfolio into Fortnite's social gaming ecosystem.

27% Yes, with Disney's backing

10% No, Meta is still the strongest contender.

7% Yes, even without Disney's backing.

12% Other contenders not named Meta or Fornite will challenge for top spot.

18% Maybe, depending on how integration is handled.

24% Unsure, it's too early to tell.

140 Voters

How Do You Feel About The Apple Vision Pro?

Apple's flagship spatial computing platform is here. Reviews are out; it's in the wild, and we would like to know your thoughts.

56% It looks interesting but it's too expensive to justify a purchase.

6% I think it's a great product and I plan to buy one

33% Seems like an unnecessary product that is far too expensive.

3% I own an Apple Vision Pro and have been using it.

171 Voters