Transcendence Book 9: Far-skiesby@damocles
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Transcendence Book 9: Far-skies

by Antică VladApril 18th, 2024
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In a world where consciousness itself is under threat, two friends must grapple with the unimaginable as they confront a calamity that defies the very laws of reality. As they navigate the boundaries between self and other, they discover the true power of connection and the transformative potential of love.
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Act 1: Connection

Have you ever wondered how a parent sees their child? How a mother holds her daughter like the most beautiful and tender miracle in the world? In such moments, you can’t but send a smile. A smile that holds the promise that everything will be ok. And when that smile is sent back, it shatters every remnant of pain and sorrow from your mind. It lights up your world more than your dreams could ever imagine.

In moments like these, we open up a window of pure happiness, a glimpse in which you know that everything you went through was worth it. Just because now you are here, holding tight to your child and admiring the millions of stars hidden in their eyes.

Part 1: Bio-Mechanical

Wait, wait, wait, please repeat what you just said. Elara asked, full of enthusiasm.

“Is it in reverse?” Lyra guessed curiously

Yes, exactly! It could be that our theories all fail because we have mapped them wrong. Even if the logic we used was sound, the point that we missed was the background on which we built that logic. Elara explained

I believe… I see where you are going. So you are proposing that instead of focusing on finding how Biological and Mechanical aspects come together, we could ask why they connect? she asked.

You are very close. Now, think about this. What does any “why?” answer?

Lyra was silent for a moment. Trying to find the answer Elara is looking for. Do you mean that every “why?” is meant to show you the “how”?

Yes! Now, since we ask “why?” and we find “how”, it is clear that the “how” is not a question, it’s the answer. Are you following me?


When we, however, ask “How” how biological and mechanical come together, we find that we are forced somehow to ask again: “Why” do they come? Elara continued.

But why ask for proof of what you already have?

Perfect question, Lyra! Now, we have all this logic foundation, and all the mathematics and physics work out. But the sciences themselves are not tied together. We did astonishing work on both parts, yet the parts themselves do not acknowledge each other.

That’s amazing, Elara! So you are proposing that our logical frameworks, although sound within the parts themselves, have no connection in between them and thus no acknowledgment of the other.

Exactly! Now… I’ve been thinking about the quantum mathematics you proposed to me. It is fascinating to think about mathematics outside of physics, outside of time. Why? This way, you can use and bend them in whichever way you like. If you think you are too slow to solve problems, you start solving problems to become more proficient. But it is not enough to solve those problems; you also have to shape the way you interact with these mathematics. Elara explained

Are you suggesting that mathematics is just inside our heads?

Nonono, on the contrary. It’s everywhere! But just as a background. However, living beings can do something so unique no other form of matter can. Living beings can directly interact with concepts rather than being guided by them.

Part 2: Rupture

As AGCT (Academy of Genetics Conditions and Treatments) and TCGA (Therapeutic Consequences of Gene Activation) moved their debate about our very DNA far away in the lands of stars and ancient truths, a secret shake promised to challenge all our minds and, at the same time, change life as we know it.

As the two global agencies focused on questions about Life, Consciousness, and Intelligence research, they drew their pens and compared their findings, a harsh truth was felt across the entire universe. The first-ever confirmed case of “Transcendence” was the central theme of the news. Televisions, radios, and social media filled instantly with the reports of the interviewed man. The very same day, nearly a third of Earth’s population claimed to have momentarily found themselves in realities other than this one.

The ranges of such claims varied from earth-like realities to even inside lava lakes and the vast void of space. Newspapers hastily caught up, and the next day, they presented a summary and key points on all the cases found so far. Visually appealing graphs, well-thought words, and images that sparked your imagination. All showcasing the professionalism and dedication of the redactors, all highlighting the chaos found within their beauty.

No, no, no! Elara exclaimed

What’s wrong, Elara? Lyra asked

Everything! Someone decided to break the wall and let out the information about the rupture. Check out this e-paper! She replied, handing over the electronic newspaper for Lyra to read.

Oh, would you look at that? I love how they wrote it. Look at how brilliant the style is, the colors, and the graphs. I didn’t know you could make so much with a little effort. Said Lyra, truly amazed by the style of the paper.

What are you talking about? Said Elara, feeling how her initial fear of the unknown loosened a bit its grasp to make space for the confusion introduced by Lyra’s seemingly irrational focus.

The style, the art, and the beauty you taught me about. And now, to see it even in those graphs, it feels like a dream that came true, like mathematics finally found its place in driving forth the quest for understanding. Lyra said calmly. Her analytical mind, along with her expertise, paved the role she will take.

Yes, they are indeed beautiful. But imagine what this would mean for humankind as a whole. How would people hold together their reality now? Especially those whose views are far from scientific.

What you describe is not humankind. For millennia, people have thrived and gone forth, driven by their belief in unity and trust. The scientific view has nothing to do with it. Science is just a tool. I can assure you that the understanding found in the philosophy of the universe plays a much more important role here. Lyra replied

But how would people trust that philosophy when the implications of the anomaly reach far beyond anything we can understand?

I believe you’re drawing your conclusions too hastily.

How so? And how are you so calm at such news? Elara asked. The confusion born from Lyra’s sense of calm fought hard to drive her fear away.

How else can I be rather than calm? What else can help?

I suppose you are right. No, I know you are right. But still… this calm hides something unsettling. I feel like reality spins the wrong way.

That’s it, Elara! Reality does not normally spin this way. Remember our discussion about our bio-mechanical understanding project?

Yes, right! I remember it. Are you suggesting that our understanding of reality is somehow logically wrong? But given the implications of the anomaly, it means that reality… is glitched. Elara reasoned. Her eyes widened with the realization that the anomaly they face lies beyond reality itself. Did God abandon us? She uttered.

And here we start again… Would you like to hear a story, Elara? To clear your mind a bit.

I supp… yes. It is a good idea. Thank you!

Thank me after. Said Lyra. Her face glimmering with a truly palpable excitement.

The Rainy Day

In a land so far away that the very roots of consciousness were turned upside-down, there lived Cloudy. A beautiful and all-mighty cloud that enveloped a whole planet. Day by day, Cloudy would watch over the lands, ensuring that each part of the planet was taken care of. In parts of the land that were dry, Cloudy would tell Sunny to wake up their friend, Lakey, and together they would fly and wet all that land. In the parts in which the land was hot, Cloudy and Lakey would ensure that they would play with Sunny, to avoid letting him play too much with Earthy.

One day, while everyone was looking for each other, Creativus, the keeper of their whole universe got bored. This boredom rapidly spread through the universe, turning every single particle it found into a simple point. A point that sat outside the rules of space and time as we know and can ever understand them. The wave of this destructive force started eating up everything. The most grandiose structures dissipated in an instant. Age-old rules of thermo-electrical interactions that held the universe together simply vanished. In a matter of seconds, the entirety of Creativus’ world was gone. All that remained was the mysterious essence left behind by boredom.

Channeling all his power, Creativus would start reshaping everything into anew. Points would turn to lines, lines would turn into shapes and shapes into objects. The color was carefully added to the mix, ensuring that far and close had meaning, that shadows could define boundaries, and that Cloudy and his friends were, once again, brought into the seen reality.

A moment of silence was floating in the air. Lyra patiently awaited for any remark or question Elara might have.

That was amazing! I love your story, Lyra. But still… there are a lot of quests…

What matters now, Lyra interrupted, is that you understand that what we face is not merely something that we can grapple with in our current understanding. The implications of this calamity and the power to move consciousness is something that reality itself cannot achieve.

But there is some research on the nature of consciousness, which states that theoretically…

Forget those studies, Elara. We live in reality. And if we are to explore fiction, it should be solely guided by our limits and understanding. This anomaly is not here by pure chance. Someone, somewhere, in this entire universe might have transcended in the true sense. Or maybe someone was able to shape such a tool in their trials to see another’s view, potentially breaking the unicity symbol and bringing disbalance in the realm of the unknown. And now… we feel the implications of their disbelief that any view is like any other. Said Lyra. Her mind could not further hold all the thoughts. Her eyes, once filled with laughter and joy, are now filled with a watery recognition of humility.

I see what you mean. But do you believe we can do anything to stop this? Elara asked, recognizing her role as the new rational guide of their conversation.

Yes. A plan is already in progress. A team will be sent into space to try and find the source of this… this. The estimated location, however, is 500 and 1000 light-years away. And it could extend far beyond the number of tens of thousands.

My God! Elara exclaimed. Her pupils, once filled with beauty and hope, seemed now to try, in vain, to hide from sight. And how are they going to get there? She continued

An incredible amount of research was done by physicists, mathematicians, and engineers. Even this anomaly gifted us a hint on how to stop it. One week ago, someone came to the research center. He was lost; he couldn’t stop crying. After 30 minutes, he was finally able to force the crying to a stop. As we discussed, he told me that his vision was placed inside a black hole. His consciousness was somehow switched with the black hole’s singularity. This could suggest that black holes are escapable. Further research could provide us with means to use this to our advantage.

Yes, that could be the case. But don’t forget the fact that we do not yet know what consciousness truly is. Plus, he was teleported in and out. Elara pointed out

That’s true… I simply do not know what else to do, what else to try, her voice slowly fading into a whisper as tears started falling off her face. Not even what to think.

I could help you with the last one. You could think that in the end… everything will be just fine. If this was indeed caused by extra-terrestrial life forms, then there should be others out there. Life forms that are more advanced than us will try to stop it. Right? Elara proposed. Her foundations of belief and understanding shattered as her mind tried to process her words.

Right… Lyra replied, trying not to lose all she held dear inside.

There you go. We will surely find a way to bring Creativus’ power here and solve all this. Said Elara with a playful tone. Her hands reached into her pocket for a small packet of napkins. She carefully drew one piece out and handed it to Lyra.

Thank you, Elara. Thank you for all. She said.

Thank you too, Lyra.