A Roadmap For Web3 Adoption: What Is Needed?by@rickyrathore
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A Roadmap For Web3 Adoption: What Is Needed?

by Ricky RathoreApril 25th, 2024
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A new aggregator platform that aims to remove the confusion from crypto and Web3. The platform aims to ensure that market participants can finally get all of the information they need. Shawn Munir, Co-Founder and CEO, sat down with us to outline the vision for the project.
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In the realm of technological innovation, Web3 represents a paradigm shift toward decentralized, peer-to-peer networks that aim to reshape the way we interact with the internet. However, widespread adoption is essential for Web3 to realize its full potential. In this article, we'll outline a roadmap for Web3 adoption and explore the key components needed to facilitate its mainstream integration.

At the core of Web3 adoption, lies the need for robust infrastructure that supports decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols. This includes scalable blockchain platforms, interoperability solutions, decentralized storage networks, and secure identity systems. Projects like Ethereum, Polkadot, IPFS, and others play a crucial role in building the foundation upon which Web3 applications can thrive.

Scalability also remains a significant challenge for blockchain networks, particularly as they seek to support a growing number of users and transactions. Layer 2 scaling solutions, such as sidechains, state channels, and rollups, are critical for increasing throughput and reducing congestion on the mainnet. Additionally, ongoing research into sharding, plasma, and other scalability techniques is essential for long-term sustainability.

Coinweb is a new aggregator platform that aims to remove the confusion from crypto and Web3. With its comparisons and recommendations, you can make all the right Web3 moves. The platform aims to ensure that market participants can finally get all of the information they need while making it easy for users. Shawn Munir, Co-Founder and CEO, sat down with us to outline the vision for the project.

1. With so many market aggregators already in the industry, what makes Coinweb stand out?

It is the world's first comparison platform that compares any product/service in web3 and answers questions in seconds. We are trying to revolutionize how people consume information online.

Earlier, we were used to going to Google and entering keywords, and Google would give us ten blue links on the first page, and you open each of them and start reading.

With Coinweb AI, we’re trying to build a future where you have the option to do both - traditional way of search + the Gen Z way of search.

You can just come and ask a question like you would ask a friend, and the AI replies with the answer.

But not just the answer—every sentence that it says has been verified by experts on our team that has a reference to it. We call this expert-verified content.

We test and review exchanges and projects ourselves, adding valuable insights and actionable advice.

2. What major hurdles do you believe your platform will be looking to solve?

There are two main issues at play in learning web3: information overload and misinformation.

People are not experts or prompt engineers - they’re never going to be that.

Even though it’s still an emerging space, there is far too much information to sift through when starting out.

With so much information out there, a few bad actors benefit from you. This is a bigger issue in crypto. They lead consumers down the wrong path, which hurts mainstream adoption on multiple fronts.

We’re reducing the time it takes to find answers from an hour to seconds and making sure our users make all the right moves.

3. What additional solutions is the team working on at the moment?

We are currently building our flagship product called Coinweb Pro. It's your personal advisor on our site. When you ask a question, the “Advisor” will ask clarifying questions in a conversational tone so we can specifically answer the question. It's basically getting expanded interactively.

The assistant will be trained on our expert knowledge base and provide clear, helpful advice for all levels of crypto learners.

Instead of thinking about what to do, you will be told with market data and expertise so you can’t miss.

4. How do you believe adoption in Web3 will play out?

I align with Larry Fink’s vision that all assets will eventually be tokenized.

In terms of adoption, we are still far from the person in the streets to know what a DEX or Dogecoin is. While most companies focus on businesses, we’ll bridge the gap for consumers - which is an untapped market.

5. What about projects like metaverses and NFTs?

Absolutely—we already cover more than 40 verticals in the industry, and metaverses, NFTs, and other projects come naturally into the Web3 space.

We keep our readers up to date on the exciting NFT drops coming up on each blockchain, fun play-to-earn games to earn free NFTs, and the ways that blockchain intersects with other tech like AI and infrastructure.


There are many who still firmly believe that Web3 is the future of the internet. And as the landscape continues to shift, it’s easy to see why. Web3 holds the promise of a completely decentralized and open internet, where everyone is free to operate and hold control of their data.

That said, much work needs to be done to help this technology fulfill its potential. And as time goes on, we should see more development in the space.