App Store Optimization (ASO): The Basics Of Ranking Higher on App Stores by@intisar-mahee

App Store Optimization (ASO): The Basics Of Ranking Higher on App Stores

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One of my closest university seniors started an app-based venture and critically failed within a year. He was bankrupt and felt compelled to shut down the company. It was a total disaster.

Born curious, I wanted to know what went wrong. I studied their business strategy and found out what they’d missed.

It was app store optimization (ASO).

They invested $100k in their venture but never thought of their ASO. They spent their maximum marketing budget in better UI/UX design, beautiful websites, SEO, and Facebook ads. They didn’t look at their app, which should’ve been given #1 priority.

The Google Play Store

The Google Play store is much more crowded and competitive than you think. If you’re about to launch your very first app or want to redecorate your app, you need to start with some basics. There are over 2.9 million apps available for download on the Google Play store. You need to stand out from the crowd to get attention.

These points may not get you in the top 10 apps within a week, but applying these properly can lead you toward the top of the leader-board.

The Logo Is the Casino

When we meet someone, what do we notice at first?

You got it right. It’s the face. A face is an identity. Similarly, the logo is the face of your app. Your logo is the first thing you need to check before putting your app on the Play store. It must be more attractive than a casino.

Hire a professional designer for your logo. It’s better to invest a bit more here, even if you have to go above budget. The logo represents your app, so it needs to be professional, relevant, and unique. Your investment will be worth it.

Your logo should speak for itself. Your app isn’t in the top rankings or known to all, so don’t try to follow big shots for your logo inspiration. Try to observe the new hits of the Play store.

Choosing the Right Category Is Essential

You need to be in the right category, no matter what. Sometimes experimenting with different categories can boost your downloads for a short time, but don’t fall into this trap. You’ll suffer in the long run for this.

The category is something you shouldn’t change or misuse. Just find your right category. If your app is all about learning, select Education, not Games. Maybe you already have strong competitors in the field, but you need to be patient for the bigger picture.

Your App Name Will Give You Immense Fame

Your app name can’t be something you simply wish for or feel like. It should be something your audience needs. Try to make it relevant to what your app is about — for instance, “Programming Hero: Learn Free Coding Games.” Here, the app name speaks for itself. You can assume it’s an app that teaches you programming through games.

Your app’s name should be clear and not complex. It should be simple and not confusing.

Name is the biggest key to a smooth kick-start. Don’t underestimate it.

The Subtitle Is Also Totally Vital

You’ll find you need to add a short description of fewer than 80 characters.

The Google Play store reads this description. All you need is to find the right keywords and inject them in your subtitle. But don’t do it randomly. Inject the keywords into the right place.

While doing that, ensure that it’s readable and catchy enough. Without that? People won’t click.

Your subtitle holds one of the highest priorities for good keywords. It’s wise to use relevant and high-volume keywords here.

Description Is the Prescription

You’ll be given 4,000 characters for describing your app.

We overlook this part. But this is the goldmine to increase your app’s reach. This is the prescription of ranking higher on search terms. This is the ultimate hack to increase your downloads.

The fact is you can push the right keywords to appear in the search results. Four thousand is a lot of characters.

Do proper research for your keywords. And push relevant keywords that have a good conversion rate.

Better Screenshots Will Pay Off

Google Play offers you the chance to add a total of eight screenshots in that zone.

The first two are the most important for you. The users usually look at the first two, and from there, make the decision to download or not download.

Give it your best shot to attract an audience with these two screenshots. If you can get them to look at the rest of your screenshots, they’re probably going to install your app. This is a golden opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Your Promo Video Increases Your Conversion Ratio

Have you ever watched a film where the hero was difficult to detect? No, right?

Do you know why? It’s because the director has put a special effort into showcasing their hero. You need to do the same for your app, too.

Your promo video should be heavily attractive and under one minute. It’s hard to control the mind of your audience. Hire a good animator, and make an appealing video for your audience.

Ensure your video reflects how cool and fun your app is. Your app is a hero, and you need a cool entry for him.

Localization Means Globalization

If your app is made for international people, localization can give you a real boost. Localization means translating your app into different languages. It’ll help you to connect with a more targeted audience.

If you don’t have enough resources or manpower, you can initially just translate your app description. Then see the impact with your own eyes.

The Review Response Can Take You to the Highest Moons

How much of an audience you’ll get is connected with how much you’re connected with your audience.

Connecting with your customer is the biggest key to your app’s growth. App reviews are one of the best ways to communicate with your customer and to understand their needs.

Many app owners avoid replying to reviews. You need to reply to all of your reviews to be connected with your consumers.

And it’s a must to reply to every bad review and turn your haters into admirers. It also shows how much you care about your consumers.

Remember, the customer is king.

The App URL Is a Real Pearl

This is a one-time shot for you. You need to be careful when you’re finalizing your app URL.

Put your title and any relevant, popular keywords in your app link. This will help you to get better traffic.

Suppose your app is all about video calling. You can add video, call, or even talk in your app link.

Final Thoughts

The main ingredient of ASO is to communicate with your targeted customer.

Applying these hacks will help you reach your target customer very easily and put you on the path to Editor’s Choice.

Best wishes for your app.


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