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497 Stories To Learn About Social Media

by Learn RepoAugust 30th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Social Media via these 497 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Social Media via these 497 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

The best way to let the whole world know that you are having the 8th cup of coffee today - social media. Also, are you reading my DMs, Zuckerberg?

1. 4 Social Media Data Mining Techniques to Help Grow Your Online Business

Social media data mining has become a must-have strategy for understanding current trends, culture, and online business. This is because the world of social media is a thriving, ever-growing ocean of data, where hundreds of millions of tweets, instagram posts, and blog articles are published every day.

2. The Future of Influencer Marketing: How Will Influencers Make Money in 2023?

Over the past five years, influencer marketing has changed dramatically. Discover how new stars interact with their audiences

3. How Twitter Can Satisfy Elon Musk's Request for Fake Account Clarity

Twitter claims that less than 5% of users are fake. Is Elon Musk right to be skeptical? Until a proper test is run, nobody truly knows how bad the situation is.

4. Politics in Social Media: Bots, IDM and Decentralized Moderation

The internet has become the agora of modern times. The question is not whether we are discussing politics over the internet or not (we obviously are) but if...

5. The 💩 Poop Emoji's 10th Anniversary

The poop emoji was inspired by Dr.Slump, a Japanese anime from the 80s. The emoji project began in Japan in 1999.

6. 4 Signs Your Instagram Has Been Hacked (and What to Do)

How can you tell if your Instagram has been hacked and what can you do about it? Find out the signs of hacked Instagram accounts and how they affect businesses

7. How to Hack "Action Blocked" on Instagram

Every so often, Instagram users encounter this problem — Instagram action block. Here’s your short guide on how to fix and avoid it.

8. How to Protect Your Instagram Account from Being Hacked

An Overview


In this article, I’m going to share some tips on how to become a LinkedIn influencer and create viral content. So, let’s get started.

10. Clubhouse Is Just LinkedIn Built Better

LinkedIn may have been the center of business relations for the past decade, but Clubhouse is the Next Gen networking tool we've all been waiting for.

11. How to Fix Twitter Video Upload Error: Some of your Media Failed to Upload

Users are getting the error message "Some of your media failed to upload" when posting tweets with image or video on Twitter. Fix this issue using these methods

12. 10 Helpful Instagram Growth Tools

Photo by from Pexels.

13. A History Of The Fat Liberation Movement Via The Lens of Social Media

Fat Liberation is a social justice movement focused on making social policy and practice more inclusive and equitable for fat people.

14. Is Social Media Doing More Harm than Good?

We rely on social media to stay in touch with loved ones around the world and run our businesses. But is this tech doing more harm than good? Let's discuss.

15. How to Tell if Your Twitter Has Been Hacked

Twitter is a popular social media platform used to interact with other users via tweets. These four indicators will help tell if your Twitter has been hacked.

16. Big Tech’s Coronavirus Response Paves a New Path for Anti-Misinformation Efforts

Dealing with misinformation has always been, let’s say, a touchy subject for Big Tech.

17. NFT are Officially on Instagram with the NFT Toolkit 📱

Let’s dive into what we can expect from this NFT toolkit and also touch on the rise of web3’s native social media ecosystem

18. The Importance of Social Media Analytics

Nowadays, brands have discovered that social media is an indispensable cog in their golden wheel of success. As such, the activities that take place on every social media platform needs to be kept in check by these brands to maximize profit. Social media analytics helps you keep tabs on the progress of your marketing strategy as well as the welfare of your clients and competitors.

19. 7 Growth Hacks to Get More Followers on Instagram

You recognise the importance of Instagram when it comes to making e-commerce sales, you know Instagram gets more engagement than other social channel, and you regularly post content on your Instagram account, but somehow your company’s Instagram growth just isn’t as impressive as you’d like it to be — and you aren’t sure what to try next.

20. How to Hack TikTok Accounts : 5 Common Vulnerabilities

As TikTok has become a popular platform, it has also become an easy target for hackers. These are the 5 common vulnerabilities that can be used to hack TikTok.

21. How to Hack Facebook Accounts: 5 Common Vulnerabilities in 2023

There are 5 common vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to hack Facebook accounts. They include weak passwords, phishing, remote loggers, MITM, and DoS.

22. How SoClose For Instagram Provides Revenue for College Athletes

The NCAA recently announced that they will soon be in support of college athletes obtaining brand partnership and sponsorship deals, leaving college athletes all over the nation highly anticipating the 2021-2022 season.

23. Privacy Challenges And Improper Use of User Profile Data

Improper use of user-profiles data by third parties is probably the most serious potential risk with regard to personal data contained

24. Social Sampaigns and ROIs: a Closer Look at the Stats

There is simply no point in making an investment unless that investment delivers a measurable return - is that not the truth? One wouldn’t buy a house or company unless they felt confident it would make them money, in the same way a company wouldn’t choose to invest in an advertising or marketing campaign unless they felt confident it would increase their profits as a result.

25. Corona Porn: The Arousal of a Pandemic

The media calamity of “The Corona” is disturbing and dismal, but even still, many are buzzed. It’s so titillating that we just can’t help but… participate ourselves.

26. How to Put a "Send us a Private Message" Button in a Tweet

How to put a "Send us a private message" button in a tweet?

27. Decentralized Social Media: Prediction Markets VS Artificial Intelligence

Social media is a valuable tool to express your identity. Even more so in times where social distance is the supposed new normal. But who decides the exact type of content you consume when scrolling through the news feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or TikTok?

28. How the Twitter Homepage has Changed in the Past 10 Years

Twitter is the world’s most loved microblogging social network. Users interact and post messages known as Tweets. Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched later that year in July. Since then, it has evolved a lot. Today we are going to review the changes and evolution of Twitter homepage design in the last ten years.

29. Fortnite And Roblox Are Changing Social Media As We Know It

Games are becoming the way kids communicate with their friends these days. Much like the previous generation used to do at basketball courts and skate parks.

30. What Really Happened When Elon Musk Joined That Twitter Space

Judd Legum, a writer and journalist, breaks down what really happened when Elon Musk joined that Twitter Space.

31. What is The Next Printing Press?

Trying to predict where the next revolution in publishing will come from is difficult. But one thing is certain–publishing of the future will be complicated.

32. Watching a War, in a Digital Age

Watching a war in a digital age, his-story has the potential to become their-story, our-story, and humanity’s-story.

33. Technology: It Was Meant To Be Humanity's Best Friend, Not Worst Enemy

Technology at its purest form should be beneficial to humanity. It should make our lives easier. It shouldn't be used for evil implications. I don't want to go on a whole philosophical rant here, but some things seem needed.

34. 7 Digital Accounting Trends will Affect CPA Firms in 2020

The always developing technologies and the advent of innovations in the world are boosting economic growth at a global level. Accounting, too, plays an important role in any business as well-organized accounting operations can provide accurate, relevant, and valuable financial information, leading to better business decisions and desired growth.

35. TikTok Bot: an Advanced Way to Grow Fans on TikTok

Many people don’t like the word bot or see the bot as a malfunctioning tool. It is not necessarily a bad method as the true purpose of a TikTok bot is to simplify repetitive tasks, such as following, unfollowing, commenting, and liking posts by an auto liker to get TikTok fans.

36. How to Move Away From Twitter

Some people I know planned or already had moved away. The target seems to be Mastodon, an alternate decentralized Open Source using the ActivityPub protocol.

37. From Playing Music in the Street, to Creating Two Companies: Spanish Academy and a Marketing Company

My story begins when I was 16. I've always considered myself an ambitious person, always wanting to do things differently and be financially self-sufficient. At that time, I lived with my parents. I was still studying and the weekly money that my parents gave me was not enough to cover my weekend expenses.

38. Decentralised Social Networks Are the Future of Web 3.0

The role of decentralised social networks in addressing the numerous problems that big tech is currently facing is becoming increasingly important.

39. Banning Micro-Targeting Won’t Solve Facebook’s Political Ads Dilemma

Since late October, Facebook has come under scrutiny for changing its policies surrounding political ads. Previously, to run a political ad on Facebook, the ad had to be factually correct. Facebook would review political ads before they went live, and on an ongoing basis once they’re put live, removing any that it found to contain misinformation.

40. The GameStop Incident is Only The Beginning

Be it QAnon, Game stop, or T-Series the underlying forces are the same. They are driven by the followers of a belief, a belief initially led by a few with some

41. Be Happy on Social Media Again!

Bluesky 🙏🏻 vs Mastodon 👎🏻

42. Quibi's Launch: Why It Fell Flat With GenZ

A little more than a month ago, the world officially saw a new entrant to the streaming war. After raising ~$2 billion from the likes of The Walt Disney Company, Alibaba Group, & Greenspring Associates, Quibi, a short-form video streaming platform founded by Silicon Valley veterans Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ken Howery & Meg Whitman officially launched on April 6th, 2020. Quibi has been the subject of a lot of speculation in the tech and VC world and much of VC and tech Twitter has been waiting with bated breath on how it will be received at launch.

43. How to Turn One Twitter Thread Into So Much More Content

Creating Daily Content can be difficult at times.

44. Social Platforms Without Paid Ads

In today's digital world, it feels like we need to be constantly tuned-in to countless flows of information. Ironically, we end up remembering less and with a shortened attention span, resulting in a lose-lose for consumers like us and also advertisers. In fact, "the fifth-highest cause of stress in peoples’ lives is advertising."

45. How I Lost Trust in Facebook

A week ago, I experienced virtual death.

46. Decentralized Social Media: How Do You Really Build One?

The CEO of Koinos Group discussed integrating smart contracts into social applications with the founder of gFam, a site dedicated to monetizing creative content

47. Instagram Reels Performance Benchmarks

Instagram Reels performance benchmarks for 2022 - Get the latest Instagram Reels insights and understand why you should integrate Reels into your strategy!

48. How We Built a Social Media Publishing Tool Using Airtable + Make (formerly Integromat)

For our startup social media publishing needs, we have created our own sweet little social media management tool using no-code tools like Make & Airtable

49. An Interview with Johanna Hoof, Co-Founder of Social Audio Network Logcast

Hackernoon spoke to Johanna Hoof, co-founder of Logcast — a social audio network empowering the next generation of audio creators in web 3.0.

50. "FOMO" In A Post Pandemic World

Covid-19 made people miss out on their normal life, let's find out how they are trying to recover in a post-pandemic world that is opening up in the aftermath.

51. My First Impressions on BitClout

I have been following alternative social networks for a while, infact I made a list. While I was browsing Twitter, I stumbled upon a newly emerging social network called BitClout. I decided to create a profile, and for those curious my handle is AMKN. You can actually follow my posts here. That said, I have some initial thoughts.

52. Growing Up in a Digital Time: What is in the Mind of a Gen Z?

Does pressure create diamonds, or will pressure break people before they have a shot to shine?

53. Congratulations to the Digg Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the winners of HackerNoon's Digg contest!

54. Enabling Editability in Social Media On Decentralized Networks with Cherish: An Overview

How crypto projects can finally combat legacy social media platforms with the help of data innovation on the blockchain.

55. The Reddit Rollercoaster Underlines the Changing Nature of Social Media

The Reddit vs Wall Street movement is more than a fluke.

56. Musk Attempted to Abandon Twitter Deal via Text Threats

Twitter v. Elon Musk 21/31: Defendants materially breach their obligations to work toward closing, abandoning financing-related efforts

57. 5 Trends That Could Mark Social Media’s Evolution in the Next 5 Years

Social media trends to watch

58. Top Reasons Why Your Brand Isn’t Making Money From LinkedIn

Every social media has its own voice and unique language. For your brand to stand out, you need to take them into cognizance and also approach them effectively

59. 6 Practical Ways to Bring Authenticity to Your Startup’s Marketing Strategy

Here are six practical tips on how to bring authenticity into your startup's marketing strategy.

60. How To Get Real Instagram Followers In 2020

In 2020 -- what are you doing to grow the number of followers on your Instagram profile?

61. 5 Best Apps to Make Your Social Media Reels and Stories Glow

Creating multimedia content is hard work; it requires tons of time. Here are my personal top apps that made my life so much easier.

62. How to Activate Disappearing Messages on Instagram

In this post, you will get complete knowledge of how to hide Instagram messages without deleting them.

63. What is Mass Story Viewing on Instagram and is it Worth it?

Mass story viewing, or sometimes referred to as mass looking, is a way of Instagram promotion that allows you to attract a new audience by watching their stories in bulk automatically. This promotion method appeared in 2019.

64. Instagram Marketing: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn some of the mistakes that you can avoid in Instagram marketing.

65. 4 Reasons Why You Should Join Clubhouse

The clubhouse is a social network that only has audio content. Nothing gets recorded so you have to listen to it live while people are talking.

66. The Importance of Getting the Point Across Without Diluting it: Meet the Writer Khamisi Hamisi

Khamisi Hamisi, a Hacker Noon contributor, tells us more about the importance of understanding social media for small businesses, filmmaking, and his cat.

67. It's Not Too Late — 5 Ways to Make Your Tech Startup Stand Out in the Global Market in 2023

2022 has brought us many surprises, and many businesses have realized that the old promotion mechanisms are no longer effective.

68. Pixelated Social Media Icon GIFs: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, YouTube and Instagram

Hacker Noon has a new Giphy account. Our first 30 GIFs have created over 2.2 million views. These popular social media icons have been pixelated, greenified and GIF-ed:

69. What is Cyber Grooming?

Cyber grooming is one of the most dangerous types of cyber crimes since the victims are teenagers and young kids.

70. Michael Barg, CEO of Passparto, On The Importance Of Leveraging AI For Good

AI and ML hold great potential, and we have to work hard to use them for the right purposes. CEO of Passparto, startup of the year nominee, shares his thoughts.

71. Is Telegram Digging Its Own Grave?

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, wants to introduce Web 3.0 technologies into the instant messaging app in a contested move.

72. For the <3 of the Internet

Mozilla Builders is hosting the Love the Internet ❤️ Collegiate Hackathon to inspire the next generation of builders. RSVP to join them!

73. How to Create Beautiful Images from Markdown Text and Tweets

Create beautiful code snippets using markdown text with the help of tweetlet tool. You can also convert tweets and other images with beautiful backgrounds.

74. How to Make Money as a Content Creator in 2022

There is a new generation of the internet brewing, one that gives power back to creators, their content and our data.

75. The Noonification: The Dark Side of LinkedIn: A Capitalist’s Pipe Dream (3/7/2023)

3/7/2023: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

76. To Make a Long Story Short, Snapchat (and most of the internet) is Not Safe for Kids

And the worst part is that parents have no idea how to manage this growing concern. Neither do the people who made these social media apps.

77. Top 6 Linktree Alternatives

The top Linktree alternatives. Study their pros and cons, learn about prices, and figure out which one is the best service for your account.

78. Dissecting the Hive Mentality on the Internet

It feels like movie night almost, but more chaotic.

79. What is Abusability Testing and Why is it Necessary?

What does the future of online social networks look like?  We have seen how the most powerful social media networks have endangered democracy and public health. While there are interesting conversations today about what decentralized social networks might bring to bear to our online social lives, I want to raise a new approach that is critical to any product team -- particularly those building social features.

80. Explore the HackerNoon Brand Manual

Thank you for checking out HackerNoon's Brand Manual.

81. 6 Tips on How to Be a Whiz at Searching Stock Images

A comprehensive guide on how to find great stock images: be specific, step out of familiar concepts, portray your target audience, and train visual expertise

82. Developing Your TikTok Messaging for Your Marketing Strategy in the "New Normal"

For those, who want to try this trendy business app, remember that you will be creating video content in a different format than Instagram or Facebook.

83. Are Hashtags Dead Already

Are hashtags dead? Well, that might be overstating things a bit. But it does seem like their popularity is waning. Why is this? Let's take a look!

84. Read in full: Twitter v. Elon Musk July 2022 Court Case Filing

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing by Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP, July 12, 2022 is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. This article has all 31 links

85. Responding to Online War Propaganda on LinkedIn: Who Do the Rules Protect?

I am from Ukraine, and I’m trying to use my LinkedIn in order to spread the truth about the war that is going on right now.

86. Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing in 2021

Learn which social media platforms work best for your influencer marketing campaign.

87. Social Media Networks are Coming to the Blockchain

Learn what decentralized social media networks mean, how they work, and what benefits they offer to users.

88. Avatars Will Emerge as Storytellers

Humans rule the world.

89. TikTokking Alone

Two things made me start thinking about the current state of social media.

90. 7 Tips to Jazz-up Your Instagram Account

The stronger your social media presence is, the more powerful you are in the world of marketing. And over time, Instagram is gaining huge popularity, especially among teens. The stats reveal that Instagram images gain 23% more engagement (on average) than their Facebook counterparts!

91. Musk might be the richest man on Earth, but he is not above the (Delaware) court

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing by Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP, July 12, 2022 is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. Part 3 of 31: JURISDICTION

92. Zuck's Meta Ambition is Burning His Company (& Net Worth) to the Ground

Meta burned through nearly 20% of Mark Zuckerberg's net worth on VR in 2022.

93. My Thoughts on BitClout After Many Weeks of Activity

On April 8th, 2021, I kept seeing BitClout (now DeSo) trending on Twitter and this is when I decided to make an account. Part of me was intwined with the idea and thought it could potentially, maybe quite possibly become something. However, since the beginning, I was also one of BitClout's most vocal critics.

94. How Feed Algorithms Keep Us Glued to Our Screens

Social media platforms have become the go to place for the manipulators when they need to tweak the behavior of masses.

95. From GaryVee To Elon Musk: How Organic Social Media Is Killing Facebook Ads

Build your audience, own your audience, then sell to your audience by solving their problems.

96. Why Twitter Blue For $8 Will Underperform

Twitter blue for $8 has an intricate flaw. And Elon Musk has to find a way to get ahead of it to make Twitter profitable

97. Trends to Watch Amid the Rise of the SocialFi Era

SocialFi has been introduced as web3’s answer to social media for the future. Online users are currently in transition from a web2 to a web3-driven world.

98. The Social Proof Paradox

“Proof” is one of those words that starts to seem funny if you look at it too long. Interestingly, our current understanding of the word only really took shape in the late 19th century, and its earliest etymology traces back to the Latin ‘probare’, meaning ‘to test’:

99. How to Manage Your Technology and Reduce Your Digital Distractions

With so many different ways that we can be connected at any given moment in time, it’s easy for technology to take over our lives.

100. The Life of a Social Media Manager, According to Experts

Working as a social media manager is both fun and challenging. Learn what experts say it takes to be a social media manager.

101. The Complete Guide to Social Media for Small Business

The business world is a lot different from the way that it used to be. One thing has however not changed and that is the fact that the business world is a competitive one and for this reason, when a new business or business idea is initiated, the business person must bear it in mind that he or she would be competing against those that have been in the business line for so many years. s

102. The Rise Of SocialFi: A Fusion Of Social Media, Web3, And Decentralized Finance

A new dawn for the social media ecosystem combines decentralization, finance, and social media.

103. Meet the Writer: HackerNoon Contributor Ksana Liapkova, Head of Admitad ConvertSocial

Ksana is a head of Admitad ConvertSocial and is an expert in affiliate marketing and content monetization.

104. Is Inherently Intellectual Social Media a Pipe Dream?

Social media platforms moderate a global conversation. It's time to re-think what kind of a moderator we want for our well-being and for better progress.

105. 82% of Verified TikTok Professionals in the U.S. are Looking for a New Job

Social media companies, which have long relied on their cool factor as trendy or best places to work, may have a talent-retention problem.

106. Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads in 2022: Which Perform Better?

When is it best to use Instagram ads instead of Facebook ads? Read this report based on the analysis of 137,228 paid social posts and find out!

107. 5 Tips to Win Customers With Your SaaS Brand

Building a SaaS product doesn't automatically makes you a success. You've got to win your first customers to build an empire. Here are some tips to get started.

108. What Will Improv Comedy Look Like in the Metaverse?

Two technologists work to bring Improv Comedy into the metaverse for the first time, raising the question of what the future of this artform will be.

109. 6 Effective Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition Using Social AI

MarketsandMarkets forecasts that by 2023, AI in the social media market will be worth $2,197.1 million.

110. SocialFi and How it Empowers the Social Media User in the Web 3.0 Landscape

Torum, the market leading SocialFi Metaverse wants to take Web 3.0 by storm to show that blockchain technology can transform social media.

111. How To Market Online Your Business On Easter And Tackle The Challenges You Face In The Process

One of the most awaited events of the year, Easter, is right around the corner. Seasonal events don’t just bring families together, they also provide businesses an amazing opportunity to increase their sales and promote their business. Yes! Its time for the shopping season to begin. If you are a small business, wanting to boost its sales, Easter is the right time for you to hold your Easter sale.

112. The Value of Finding a Perfect Audience

If you're trying to stand out, first know your audience. Learn more about how to find a perfect audience below.

113. 6 Essential Startup Marketing Tactics Every Entrepreneur Should Know

This article will present six startup marketing strategies that can increase your chances of highly efficient marketing with ROI.

114. Elon Musk Is Proving the Need For Decentralization: Here's How

A lot of the popular Web3 business models are trying their best not to rely on advertising from brands or the selling of data to stay solvent.

115. Why You Should Quit Social Media Permanently

Quitting social media permanently will improve your friends relationship, sense of identity, fear of politics, and maximize your attention span.

116. "To feature links on your profile, set the audience to Public," says Facebook

So I went to update my Facebook profile...

117. Should Likes Exist ?

There has been some debate around the importance of public 'likes' on social media platforms. Let's discuss this further with sociological insights.

118. Discussing the Future of Social Media: An Interview with Taki Co-Founder, Kevin Chou

A conversation with Kevin Chou, co-founder of Taki to discuss the future of social media and how it is poised to become user-centric.

119. Our Politicians Don’t Understand Tech and it's Time to Put Them to the Test

Mark Zuckerberg shouldn't have to explain the internet to Congress. It's high time we made tech literacy a requirement for running for office.

120. A Deeper Look at Facebook's PR Strategy

Gideon Lichfield takes a deeper look at Facebook's PR strategy.

121. 4 Alternative Social Media Platforms You Can Use to Make Money Online

Everyday, there are hundreds of new potential ways to make money on the internet. Among the barrage of extremely obvious see-through shills, snake oil salesman pitches, and never-before-heard-of alt-coin pump and dump schemes, there sometimes surfaces an actual, legitimate chance of making a decent buck on the side.

122. TikTok Automation: What Tools Will Help You Succeed in 2022! UPDATED

Whether you are an established influencer or a brand wanting to gain a foot hold in the market, managing your own social media accounts can be time consuming and take away from the actions that really matter within your business and organisation. Automation can remove a lot of the stress and pressure that you are faced with when you are attempting to grow your accounts and get yourself and your brand recognised. In 2019, TikTok almost came out of nowhere and blind-sided other platforms such as snapchat and twitter, now its growth is expected to match that of Instagram. If you aren’t on TikTok yet don’t panic about your following, there are plenty of automation tools available to you to help you gain a foot hold.  Using a tool to help grow your following can help you expand you reach organically.

123. The Participate-to-Earn Business Model and How it Impacts Web3

Just how sustainable are play-to-earn and participate-to-earn business models in web3? What risks do they pose to users?

124. TikTok vs Instagram: Which's Trending More? [Infographic]

New social media platforms spring up daily, but not all of them go viral and get downloaded like crazy; not at least like Instagram did in its heyday. There was a point of time when Instagram reigned supreme in the kingdom of most downloaded apps worldwide and no other app could dare challenge that supremacy.

125. How Musk became Twitter's largest shareholder, agreed to join its board, then backed out in 3 weeks

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing on July 12, 2022 is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. Part 4 of 31: FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS - Musk sets his sights on Twitter

126. Visually Planning Instagram Feeds for Someone Who is Not a Designer

Actionable tips from pro designers on how to create a smashing Instagram feed.

127. What if You Could Post on FB and Get Paid For it in Crypto?

It’s not difficult to imagine what Facebook might look like today if a cryptocurrency had been embedded in the business plan from the beginning.

128. The Outbreak: Detecting Fake Viral News, Automatically

Two weeks ago i published this post about how we can detect fake viral news, using the Outbreak, a tool designed at automatically identify viral news, before they go viral.

129. How to Download Videos from Reddit

If you need to download Reddit videos for offline playback , you will need to visit the Viddit portal and get the links there.

130. Freedom, Kant, and Why You Should Flush Your Smartphone Down the Toilet

Photo by Jens Johnsson

131. Influencers Marketing: The State of the Market in 2021

Influencer marketing was an established growth trend in the past few years. In 2019, the industry size reached $8 billion in advertising revenues, shows a Business Insider report. The market state in 2021 sits between two opposing pressures.

132. The Doe Discuss How Tech and Social Media Has Changed Journalism

Social media over the last five years has become a growing and dominant source of information and news for hundreds of millions of individuals all over the world. Social media is always in your pocket on your smartphone.

133. Research Shows That Smartphone Addiction Is As Dreadful As Drug Abuse

Do you know that  62 percent of Americans check their smartphones more than 160 times per day? And a whopping 76.5 percent of people consider themselves addicted to their smartphones.

134. 7 Content Marketing Hacks to Gain More Followers on Social Media

Content marketing is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It helps build awareness and communicates your knowledge to the audience of the subject matter.

135. Millennials Need Decentralized Social Media - Here's Why

It’s time for decentralized social apps to take over

136. The Place of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

social media influencers and issues related to that topic, fake influencers, bought followings, young generation following wrong pieces of advice.

137. Recap: The TikTok Saga and the Problems Facing this Massive Platform

This past weekend came as quite a shock to a vast amount of netizens in the United States. While having a conversation with reporters on Air Force 1, president Donald Trump mentioned banning TikTok in the U.S., a video sharing social platform with 165 million downloads in the region, that is accused of providing data to the Chinese government.

138. How to Drive Organic Traffic from Google Discover

Marketers have been catching up with updates and tweaks made by Google over the years.

139. 5 Simple Tricks to Organically Grow Your Instagram Following

How to stand out on Instagram.

140. How Do Social Media Apps Impact Your Psyche?

How much time you spend on social media apps isn’t necessarily a conscious decision.

141. That Time US Lawmakers Suggested Piracy Was a Part of Twitter’s Business Model

A group of bipartisan U.S. House Representatives has sent a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, urging the company to take copyright infringement seriously.

142. How I Make $2,000 a Month from One Medium Article

This article I wrote on Medium earns me over $2,000 a month.

143. The Social Dilemma: Advertising, Privacy, and Distraction

After watching The Social Dilemma, and while I do not fully agree with a black / white approach on such a topic, so I have decided to share my personal opinion.

144. 5 Ways to Use the Instagram Conversion Pixel

The most important aspect of advertising via social media is to get results and see your marketing efforts working. Facebook owns Instagram making Instagram one of the leading networks for businesses to advertise on. So it only makes sense that business want to see direct results. Instagram offers a conversion pixel through Facebook to help with this.

145. Elon Musk and Twitter: Really, Why So Serious?

It’s not about being the richest man in the world, but if we’re going to be honest, it kinda is.

146. The Best Instagram Bots That Will Keep Your Account Safe

An Instagram bot (or growth service, as some people call it) automates your account’s interactions (follows/likes/comments/DMs) so you can appear on many more people’s activity feeds. This increases the number of times your username is seen, which in turn, increases your profile visits, followers, and website clicks.

147. Compare Twitter Social Graphs with Vennly

Search Vennly to see the intersection of any 2 Twitter social graphs.

148. How to Lock WhatsApp Using Your Face or Fingerprint on iOS or Android?

Are you living in a house with kids? Do you often face a situation where you are using your phone and kids suddenly snatch it from your hands and start playing games? You are quite fine with it but when it comes to being compromised with your message’s security on WhatsApp, you do not want them to read your private messages. Thankfully, now you are no more required to keep phones away from your kids and worry about your privacy. How?

149. 5 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes Making Your B2B Profile Look Unprofessional

As a B2B professional, if you want to network successfully and get ahead of your competitors, you need to enlarge your network and start social selling.

150. 7 Ways to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

In the world today, cybersecurity attacks happen every 39 seconds. 300,000 new malware is created every day; our beloved Facebook is attacked 100k+ a day; and, just very recently had a massive security breach.

151. The Era of Attention Economy and Its Destructive Impact: Reasoning by Examples

Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Gmail, Amazon, Apple, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, Medium, Spotfiy. Everyone wants our attention today on every platform possible.

152. Dissecting TikTok's Business Model

Have you ever wondered how TikTok made money? Prepare for you to get the answer!

153. The Outbreak: How to Detect The Real Viral Posts Compared to The One Hour Share Spike

To get more information's about what is the Outbreak tool, read this post.

154. Build A Twitter Bot With Zero Code That Gets You Followers

A Step-by-Step Guide To Engaging Cryptocurrency Tweets

155. Detecting Fake Viral Stories Before They Become Viral Using FB API

This is the first part of a X part article.

156. 4 Tools to schedule Twitter Threads

Here are 4 tools to schedule Twitter threads

157. Is Digital Minimalism Working For You or Against You?

Digital Minimalism is a philosophy that helps you question what digital communication tools and behaviors add the most value to your life. It encourages you to live intentionally and aggressively, eschewing low-value digital “noise” in an effort to live a more balanced life. This is often achieved by reverting to older methods and technologies that are perceived as less addictive, intrusive, or upsetting.

158. Join the Silent Revolution of WEB 3

This is how WEB 3.0 will empower artists and content creators beyond the power of present-day gatekeepers like Facebook and Spotify through the blockchain.

159. How Not to Use Patreon - Amanda Palmer Separates from Neil Gaiman

Patreon has been a blessing for independent artists. It is a combination of two unlikely ideas -- an extension of a very old idea like the patron system for artists in Florence in the late 1500s and a continuation of the phenomenon of on-demand and streaming content that has raised everything from YouTube to Netflix to being among the most powerful forces for content and entertainment.

160. The Clubhouse Guide to Running Terrible Meetings

Joined Clubhouse thinking you'd be inspired by thought leadership talks? Instead, the Clubhouse experience is a good lesson on how to run an awful meeting...

161. The Future of Dating, Kim Kardashian and AI?

The Coronavirus, technology and social media influencers like Kim Kardashian have transformed our view of dating. So, what exactly is the future of dating?

162. How Facebook Makes Money and Why You Should Worry

Facebook sells ads, as Mark Zuckerberg famously and patiently explained to Congress, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

163. The Social Dilemma on Netflix is the Wake Up Call We've Been Waiting For

I watched “The Social Dilemma”, the documentary by the Center for Humane Technology and featuring Tristan Harris, yesterday. It taught me zero new things. I learned nothing that I had not already come across during my research for my latest book Life Beyond the Touch Screen. Or that I had not even incorporated in the book.

164. How to Hack Content Moderation in the Metaverse: Lessons from Web2.0

A post about content moderation and how Reddit's community point system could be used to supplement and eventually replace moderators

165. Growing Your Influencer Brand Into a Sustainable Business

166. Why Most Metaverses Will Fail

Metaverse has been a bit of a buzzword in 2021 and early 2022 and yet I think that most metaverses will fail. So which ones have the best chances of surviving?

167. You’re Communicating So Much I Can’t Hear You

Social networks and online communities are losing sight of user experience in their haste to include the latest features. Here's how to declutter.

168. How Will Our Virtual Identities Evolve?

The Past, The Present And The Future of Online Identities

169. Unliked: Facebook’s Reign Could End

Facebook shares went tumbling following the news after a ‘sell’ recommendation from Michael Levine of Pivotal Research Group. Levine cited concerns over Facebook’s Ad revenue as well as ongoing regulatory risks.

170. Trump’s War on Social Media is an Opportunity for Decentralized Platforms

We are surrounded by battles, if one wants to use the language of war that seems to be the default setting of a number of political leaders. For some months the world focused on defeating Covid-19, but as interest in that wanes, President Trump, and indeed the USA, have all too readily provided us with two other touchpaper moments that have claimed our attention, and they are intertwined: the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Trump’s executive order targeting social media platforms.

171. Is Virtual Reality the Future of Social Media?

Is social media a prelude to virtual reality?

172. The Sinister Side of Instagram Filters

Over time, social media platforms have grown and transformed into abilities and features. They first started as platforms used for tagging and connecting with long lost family members and friends. But now, they have transformed and are used for uploading and sending selfies with filters thanks to apps like Snapchat.

173. How COVID-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption by Generation

Due to the frenzy of pandemic-included quarantines, it’s no surprise that media consumption has seen a massive increase. People’s time that would have otherwise been spent perusing malls or going to live events, is now being spent on the sofa.

174. Content Plan as an Instrument To Success

The goal of all marketing efforts of any business is to create a customer data and interact with it to create brand loyalty and stimulate sales. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to do this in today's multi-channel environment is content marketing.

175. 3 Technology Predictions for Philanthropy in 2021

Here are three predictions of what philanthropy-based technology will look like in 2021.

176. 65.58% of Daily Social Media Users Simply Ignore Irrelevant Ads, says A New Survey

It would not take much to know about social media inclinations of people than just picking a close group, offer their favorite beverage and ask them, “What’s new?” and beans will be spilled unveiling a lot more than intended.

177. How to Deactivate or Delete a Facebook Account, Page, or Group

How to deactivate or delete a Facebook user account, page, and group. You can do this by going to Settings and following simple steps mentioned in this guide.

178. How Digital Technologies Are Affecting the LGBTQI+ Dating Scene

Does it seem like everyone is meeting online these days? Consider that lesbian, bisexual, and gay adults are twice as likely as those who are straight to have used a dating app or site, according to Pew Research. This means for the LGBTQI+ community, dating apps are a huge part of how relationships are formed.

179. What Real Deep Learning Applied to Social Media Tells Us About the Crypto Market

Social and news media plays a relevant role in the dissemination of information related to crypto-assets. In a nascent financial market without established disclosure mechanisms, a lot of the relevant events about crypto-assets are distributed first in news and social media channel and, not surprisingly, the market remains incredibly susceptible to those channels.

180. When Promise Becomes Reality On Social Media

Millennials trust the qualities of products when Micro-Influencers recommend them

181. 5 Actionable Ways To Organically Get More Followers On Instagram

Navigating the wilds of social media is a trial-and-error process. Here are 5 actionable ways to build your online presence on Instagram organically.

182. Crypto Crash: Price v. Value

Is Bitcoin wasteful and can we create blockchains that are just as valuable but more efficient?

183. The Noonification: Pick Your Billionaire (11/12/2022)

11/12/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

184. Democratic Internet: Decentralized Web Gives More Control to Users

Picture this: The internet is no longer neutral. It has been taken over by large corporations who can now control what we see and what we don't on social media

185. From Meditation to Full Time Freelance Writing

A personal story about how I found my calling as a freelance writer through meditation, hard work, and determination. And how you can do the same...

186. 25 Useful Websites Developers Don't Use Enough

There are many websites to make the work of developers easier, even if they are as basic as helping you share your code. Here are 25 useful websites for devs.

187. Learning Real Time Marketing From the Commentary of Netflix, Oreo, KitKat and Asos

In pursuit of catching up with the hype-cycle, brands are always on the move with real-time marketing.

188. Don’t Just Dabble into “Growth Hacks”: Build Your Online Audience With Emotional Connection

Growth Hacks may be an alluring promise but aren't a perfect model. Investing in developing an emotional connection with your audience is a steadier strategy.

189. The Walled Gardens of Social Media: From the Free Web to the “Free” Web

Once upon a time, the personal computer stored the user data. Then, the Web came along.

190. Why You Should Use an Instagram Widget on Your Website

Social media is the necessity of the present time and Instagram is among the most captivating social networking platforms. This ever-evolving platform helps you display all your images and videos in the most lively way.

191. Create Instagram Content your Audience Would Actually Like to See

Find out how you can use these three types of content to boost your social media profile on Instagram to grow your brand, get more view and much more.

192. Why You Should Scrape Data from Social Media Websites for Brand Audit

Social media scraping involves automating the process of extracting data from social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram through web scraping.

193. Who Has the Power to Break Up Big Tech?

The Big Five tech companies — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google owner Alphabet — have come under serious scrutiny in the past few years.

194. Online Communities Are Still Catching Up to My Mother's Garden Club

The Internet has been plagued by a phenomenon I call “implicit feudalism”: a bias, both cultural and technical, for generating absolutist fiefdoms.

195. What’s Next for Surveillance Capitalism and Social Domains?

A psychologist’s perspective on why, how and when digital privacy violations irk us

196. How to Generate Dynamic Preview Images for Social Media Sharing

Pretty preview of your page when shared on Facebook, Twitter, Slack etc. A Netlify function and the image CDN ImageEngine for storing and image optimimisation.

197. 9 Best Twitter Tools And Growth Services

How hard has it been to find the best growth tool for your Twitter recently? The industry might be huge, but this doesn't mean that your job is any easier.

198. How to Delete Your Reddit Account

The first step is obvious: go to Reddit and make sure that you’re logged into the account you want to be deleted.

199. Can ChatGPT Revive Twitter?

ChatGPT and Twitter, a rebirth?

200. The Final Agreed Upon Deal Terms that Forced Musk to Buy Twitter at $54.20 per share

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing July 12, 2022 is part of HackerNoon's legal pdf series. part 6 of 31.FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS III-The Final, Agreed-Upon Terms

201. Musk Required Twitter to Disclose Financial Information Not Included in Signed Contract

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing is part of our Legal PDF series. Part 19 of 31: FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS -Musk grasps for an out - Financial information

202. Hacker Noon Partners with Digg to Improve Story Distribution

We've partnered with Digg to help Hacker Noon writers get more views to their amazing tech stories.

203. How To Fix Everything That's Wrong With the Internet

What do Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Uber and a phone book have in common? They are indexes — searchable lists of stuff. Google is a list of keywords mapped to the websites they appear in. Facebook is a list of profiles, posts, private messages, events and other types of information. Youtube has users, videos and comments. Amazon: merchants and items. Uber: drivers, customers and ride requests.

204. It's Time to Return to Indie Communities

It's not practical for one corporate entity to govern the conversations of a global audience. Independent communities are the future.

205. Your Facebook Privacy Guide for 2022

Checking every single privacy option on Facebook takes time — but it’s time well-spent if you care about controlling your privacy online.

206. 3 Proven Online Marketing Tips that will Help Your Small Business to Grow

We all know that the prevalence of the internet has massively influenced the way in which we live our everyday lives. It’s changed the way we communicate, the way we do research, the way we absorb the news and even the way we advertise.

207. The Pros and Cons of Collecting Online and Offline Data

208. Web 3 Adds Two Layers to the New Social Tech Stack

The New Social Tech Stack will create more meaningful social experiences and eventually replace legacy social media while being mindful of current pitfalls.

209. What Does 2020 Hold for Decentralized Social Networks?

The race for the next decentralized social network has officially begun, following this tweet from Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

210. How TikTok is Changing Video Communication

Hi Hackers, this is Manuel Marinari, Founder and CEO of Sway Society, Social Media is my field of expertise. Today we'll talk about this year’s most popular app and how It is quickly changing the world.

211. How Jay Wey Amassed Millions of Followers on TikTok while Maintaining a Full-Time Job

In this Slogging thread, we talk to Jay Wey the Co-founder of Ubiik and social media influencer behind jayandsharon.

212. Social Networking website in Django (Cloudinary + Sendgrid)

Did you know that almost every person on our planet is a user of at least five types of social networking sites? Facebook alone, the most popular social network website, has 2.375 billion users.

213. TikTok: A Ticking Time Bomb?

One of the most popular apps of 2019, TikTok ruled the download charts in both the Android and Apple markets. Having more than 1.5 billion downloads and approximately half a billion monthly active users, TikTok definitely has access to a trove of users. With that large user base comes a hidden goldmine: their data.

214. How to Set and Exceed Social Media Goals

Every brand is engaging in social media marketing campaigns. Statistics reveal that 90% of marketers believe that their business has experienced good exposure.

215. Social VR: The New Way of Communicating

Currently there are 4 ways that we communicate with other people. We write, call, have a face to face meeting or do some video chatting. The next step in communicating will be virtual communications.

216. KOL: The Startup Aiming to be at the Intersection of Google and LinkedIn

A Key Opinion Leader is an influencer and subject matter expert.

217. Is TikTok a Security Risk for Businesses?

Possible security and ethical concerns on TikTok raise questions about whether businesses should be using the platform.

218. Twitter without Jack: WTF?!

Jack Dorser is leaving Twitter. WHY? And, More Importantly, WHY NOW?!

219. Is Google’s Hegemonic Long Years of Being a Search Engine Ending?

TikTok releases an ad on how to search on the app; hence, functioning seemingly to the Google search engine.

220. Mergers & Acquisitions are No Joke, and Musk Violated 2 Contractual Obligations

Twitter v. Elon Musk Filing. Part 20/31: Defendants materially breach their obligations to work toward closing and refrain from unreasonable withholding of cons

221. How I Hit the Front Page of Hacker News 5 Times

First, let me turn off your warning bells.

222. 4 Tools to Schedule LinkedIn Posts

Here are some tools that allow you to schedule LinkedIn posts for the future

223. Social Engineering and The Great Twitter Hack of 2020

One of the most significant Twitter hacks of all time has people shook to their core. The attack targeted some of the most influential accounts on Twitter and led some to question the platform's security capabilities.

224. The Future of Content Creation: Sharing Profit With Your Audience

How can you earn money from viewing your favorite Youtuber's video in the future?

225. How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Dating Scene for Millennials and Gen Zers

These days, it’s hard to imagine life without computers; the advances in technology leading to the development of smartphones and tablets have truly made the personal computer ubiquitous. Thirty-five years ago, when Microsoft was founded, computing stood on the threshold of a new era; it’s hard to imagine Bill Gates and Paul D. Allen knew what lay in store, and when, two years later, Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak made the first truly usable personal computer - the Apple II - the Age of Computing dawned on an unsuspecting world.

226. Content Recommendation and Cognitive Biases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating invention of mankind. Fusing the computational power of a machine with the intellect of a human undoubtedly creates new possibilities of innovation and tremendously increases the likelihood of realizing those which were already conjectured.

227. Artifact News: The Potential Challenger to Elon Musk's Twitter Supremacy

Artifact News has emerged as a potential challenger to Elon Musk's version of Twitter, which has faced criticism for its content moderation policies and reinstatement of incendiary accounts.Since Musk took over, Twitter have become increasingly polarized, leading to a growing number of users who are dissatisfied with the lack of content moderation policies among others. Enter Artifact News, the newly launched news reader app by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram. Artifact News aims to be the challenger to Elon Musk's Twitter, presenting itself as a reliable source of news for those who want an alternative to Twitter.

228. How to Build Engaging Products With Flourishing Communities: Social+

The future of software products is social. User interaction and community rule the attention economy. How Social+ improves products across key dimensions.

229. How to Get More Views With Den

Find out how make the Den blockchain work for you and open you up to more exposure and more crypto.

230. How to Decentralize Twitter

Ever since Jack tweeted about decentralizing Twitter I’ve thought about it constantly.

231. 6 Reasons Why TikTok Is The Face Of Marketing

TikTok is one of the biggest platforms in the world, and with over 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok marketing is the best choice for your brand. Here’s why!

232. Marketing and Mental Health: Why Are We Addicted To Social Media?

The ability to escape reality reduces our willingness to engage with real life or to face its problems. Social media just may be killing off our will to fight.

233. How This TikTok Ad Received 3.7 Million Views

I like using Lewin’s math equation B=f(P, E) for reverse engineering the reactions I would like to get from Tiktok videos.

234. LinkedIn Algorithm 2023: Tips & Tricks You Must Know to Go Viral

Sick of posting on LinkedIn only to have your content disappear into the black hole of its algorithm-driven newsfeed? No worries, just read this article...

235. "90% of software startups fail because no one wants to use them" according to Exhibia CEO Miko Lasso

Exhibia was nominated as one of the best startups in Miami in Startups of the Year hosted by HackerNoon. This is an interview with their CEO.

236. How to Find and Message Investors on LinkedIn

Here's how to look for investors on LinkedIn, and what should be in the first email to get interested in your project.

237. How To Get Started With Your First Social Media Strategy

Social media has become one of the most vital pieces of any marketing campaign, because it's an inexpensive and effective way to reach your target audiences.

238. 5 Social Media Trends from the Pandemic Era

Just like all the other things in this universe, social media is a dynamic platform on the Internet. Even when the world struggles in the face of a pathological disaster, social media would go on at its usual pace. However, in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media ceased to be a mere social networking space. It became much more than it was supposed to be.

239. Facebook: The Magic 8 Ball

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a homo sapien to quit this junk.

240. Musk breached a 'valid and enforceable contract' with Twitter, per lawsuit

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing July 12 2022, is part of HackerNoon's Legal PDF series, part 30/31: CAUSE OF ACTION -Breach of Contract — Specific Performance

241. The Metaverse Generation will Grow Up with Crypto as their Currency

Forget Generation Alpha, get ready for Generation M who will be the citizens of the Metaverse.

242. Facebook Transitioning into Meta

Facebook is now called Meta, but it seems that in terms of product, we are not going to see huge changes right now. So, what does this change in your life?

243. How I Built a Twitter Growth Tool That Predicts User Behavior

In this post, I’ll talk about my Twitter growth tool that predicts users’ behavior on Twitter.

244. But First, Let Me Take A Quote

The quote maker is a useful tool for both readers and writers alike, and we can’t wait to see what amazing quotes the HackerNoon community posts!

245. My Open Letter to Jack Dorsey and Everybody on Twitter

Twitter seems like a good product. Even up until the time of this article, I am still using it. However, some questions arise in regards to how Twitter is functioning and even its origin story.

246. How Machine Learning Can Help You Detect Influencers

In the age of social media more than ever, marketing teams are turning to influencers to advertise their new, innovative products or services. The number of followers, impressions and engagements all impact traffic, which in turn helps drive one very important metric - sales.

247. If a Tree Falls and it's not on Linkedin, Who Knows?

It's quite ironic how my reasons for signing up to write an article at Hacker Noon was to purge the frustrations caused by social networks of the day. What happens to be the first thing asked of me as a new member? It is to edit my profile, and add my social media links: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

248. What Are the Benefits of Having a Facebook Page on Your Website?

Want to learn how to embed a Facebook feed on the website? So here are the tips and benefits of embedding a Facebook feed on the website.

249. The “Hidden Hand“ Behind Social Media Algorithms and How it Works

How do ranking algorithms work on social media platforms? What is the formula behind social media ranking algorithm? How do social media posts get scored?

250. Learnings From Managing a News Publishing Platform

There are many options when it comes to publishing a news product. Some publishers choose to collaborate with other publishers to develop their own platform,

251. An Anthology of Places for Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is a great social network to use to build your brand. Using the platform, you can increase reach and brand recognition while also building a community of Instagrammers that are interested in what your offer and your content. With billions of monthly active users, it’s all but certain that your target audience uses Instagram.

252. 6 Free Tools and Methods to Find Creators [2023 Update]

A list of 6 free tools and methods to find relevant content creators and their emails to collaborate and work with individuals that can be helpful to you.

253. The Layman's Guide to Privacy on Twitter: TOS and Privacy Settings

Not long ago, we didn’t think too much about those terms of service (TOS) agreements and big tech. As big tech gets more negative press because of privacy concerns, it pays for all of us to double-check what we want to share and what we don’t. Many people are concerned enough that they are deleting their Facebook or Twitter accounts completely.

254. Top Three Ways To Make Online Friends in the Digital Age of 2021

It may feel overwhelming or demotivating that there are far fewer in-person opportunities to connect with new clients and associates than there used to be.

255. A True Story About Fake Social Media Followers

The great lengths all wannabe influencers are willing to go to make their fake dreams come true are surreal. Sadly, that's just the tip of the fake iceberg.

256. From Sci-Fi to Reality: The Matrix as a Mirror of Our Screen-Centric World

Exploring the parallels between the cult classic The Matrix and our screen-dominated reality.

257. Demystifying Misconceptions About The Elon Musk Twitter Deal

Five Misconceptions About The Elon Musk Twitter Deal Explained

258. Is Telegram Premium Worth Buying

Telegram Premium was released in June this year. It brings added customization features, increased limits, and an ad-free experience.

259. Importance of Authentic Reviews: A Case of how Reviews Help Businesses

To succeed in the modern world, you must invest in tools that boost your company's efficiency

260. How to Make an App like TikTok?

After TikTok was banned in some countries for concerns on data security the demand for the development of TikTok like apps increased. Read the guide to know how

261. How To Manage Your Privacy Online

Think carefully before publishing your personal data (especially name, address, telephone number) in a user profile.

[262. Social Media Marketing Funnel:

7 Tricks You Need To Know]( If you run an ecommerce store, how can you use Instagram to your advantage? These seven tricks can help boost your Instagram sales funnel.

263. From the Genesis of Social Networks and Beyond

Social media networks are an interesting space to watch over the next few years because of Web 3 and the decentralisation of the internet changing things.

264. Instagram Reels: A New Life for TikTok Creators in India

I have seen a lot of Indians suffering due to the TikTok ban recently. A plethora of apps are gaining popularity amidst this ban such as Chingari & Roposo, and now the giant Instagram, has left no stone unturned by launching Reels in India.

265. Hong Kong: A Crowd Sourced Revolution

Two months ago a bill that would allow the extradition of Hong Kong’s criminal suspects to China led to a revolt that is still going on. The 5th of August, some 64 days after the main protests started, saw Hong Kong’s first general strike in over 50 years.

266. Top 7 Blockchain Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Humanity may be a few steps away from the Internet of Anything and Everything (or whatever the all-encompassing global digital interweb is going to be called in the years to come), but don't kid yourselves: it's coming. Right now the brightest minds in computer science, software development, entrepreneurship, policymaking, and digital arts are hard at work designing the future tenets of the Web 3.0 and the process shows no signs of slowing down.

267. What Makes TikTok so Addictive?

The AI and algorithms inside TikTok has made it the most addictive of all the social media platforms. Leaked documents reveal the secrets to TikTok addiction.

268. HackerNoon Social Media Presence: A Complete Guide

269. Social Media Breakthrough: Yet Another Reason to Get Paid For Watching the Feed

Social media was a great invention but the innovative wheel got a bit stuck with Instagram and TikTok. With social media platforms getting a whopping amount of $153 billion last year and scandals like the 6th Facebook breach affecting 533 million users, every user now and then asks hard questions.

270. What Business Live Videos are People Actually Watching?

Live video is changing the way people watch video as a whole and can be used to build your business. Eight out of every 10 people would watch video that is live rather than read a blog post or social media post. This is an important opportunity to showcase your business in a neglected medium for which there is already an established audience. Creating live video for your business isn’t difficult, and chances are you already have everything you need to get started. Why aren’t you live streaming yet?

271. 6 Ways to Create Social Media Content for Web3 Brands

We begin with a Web3 expert who got arrested by the cops. Then, we proceed with 6 tactics to creating Web3 social media content

272. NFT Game Splinterlands Sees Explosive Growth in Popularity

We interview the creator of Splinterlands, one of the oldest and most successful NFT-based games, that has recently EXPLODED in popularity.

273. What is the Engage-to-Earn Social Media Model?

Taki is an “engage-to-earn” social network that combines user currency with social media elements to reward and encourage activities.

274. How to Get a Tweet Retweeted: Examining the Most Popular Tweets

Trevor McKendrick goes over what gets a Tweet retweeted.

275. Sadly, 'This' is America #StopAsianHate

The comment that my team had received on a post/ad that we ran to drive awareness about our brand EQUO.

276. Facebook Insights Tool: How to Get the Perfect Target Audience

Facebook is the uncrowned king of the social media platform containing the largest audience than any other social media channels. Nonetheless, many newbie entrepreneurs and juvenile online sellers do not consider this platform more than an interfacing channel.

277. Using Social Media to Boost Your SEO ROI

Dig deeper into social media’s role in SEO to see the benefits and nuances of using social media to enhance your SEO campaign ROI.

278. 33% of Technologists Think Section 230 Reform Will Stifle Free Speech

In the wake of Musk's acquisition of Twitter, this article explores the relevance of section 230 of the CDA and its relevance in this day and age.

279. Social Media Trends for 2020

Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and daily routines. Some are addicted to it so much that the first thing they do after waking up is to check their social media feeds.

280. President’s Promise to Limit 230 Immunity is Underway

By: Crowell & Moring LLP, Christopher A. Cole, Kayvan M. Ghaffari, and Jacob Canter.

281. Facebook Portal TV Reviewed

It’s Saturday morning, and my phone has been burning for the past few hours. Just after I wake up, I stare at the screen and I have several messages from my parents, who live on the other side of the world, telling me that they miss me and that they are ready to talk.

282. 10 Steps To Become A Tech Influencer

A simple guide on how to become a tech influencer so you can share your voice and make a living.

283. We Need an Open Internet, Web3 Has Been Reduced to a Marketing Term

The controversy regarding Twitter, Elon Musk and Twitter Files may push users to other platforms leading to a more open internet beyond Web3.

284. What Gen Z Consumers Expect from Social Media: Delivering an Engaging Social Experience

How to use social media to target Gen Zers?

285. A Quick Guide to Instagram Marketing

Wonder how to increase Instagram reach in 2021? Here's a list of working tips to increase popularity on insta.

286. Having an Immutable Mastodon Handle

The theory behind Mastodon and WebFinger is fascinating. I've managed to configure my immutable mastodon handle @[email protected].

287. 5 Free Instagram Video Downloader Apps in 2020 & 2021

Inst Download, FastSave, and Saver Reposter are some of the best free Instagram video downloader apps available today.

288. What Will Life Be Like In 100 Years?

Some light-hearted thinks after a long Friday...

289. Linh Dao Smooke & David Smooke repping Hacker Noon at the Mozilla Fix the Internet Showcase

I joined a panel with awesome fellow founders and builders of Mozilla to discuss the future of "citizen publishing" as a way to democratize the internet.

290. The Truth About Social Media Engagement Pods

The secret behind getting massive social media engagement for free in a pay-to-play digital ecosystem is engagement pods.

291. "The Abandonment of Clean Algos is the Suicide of Mainstream Social Media" - Minds CEO Bill Ottman

Bill Ottman is the co-creator and CEO of Minds, a free and open source social network with crypto rewards. They continue to make waves as an alternative to the incumbent social network business model of surveillance capitalism. Bill has also been a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast. Today, he kindly took the time to answer some questions for Hacker Noon.

292. Exploring the Strategy and Technology by TikTok to Attract Gen Z

Einstein once said that the measure of a person's intelligence is their ability to adapt to change. In the realm of technology and the internet, change goes so fast while bringing good and bad things. Maybe you still remember the controversy caused by TikTok. The Indonesian government had blocked this app because of the neglect of negative content.

The good news is that TikTok has changed a lot since he rolled about two years ago. After being hit by critics related to privacy, dependency, and safety issues (especially for young users), the developer of ByteDance is slowly implementing a number of security features.

293. Living in Lockdown: What's the Appropriate Response to the Coronavirus?

It is difficult to think, talk, or write about anything else these days. I am now living in a near lockdown society. Schools, restaurants, and more and more shops are closed. People are advised to stay off the streets and keep their distance.

294. Why We Don't Want to Sign-up for The Paid Version

Price-tags are the first filter. Obviously features and benefits are important, but one thing hasn't changed and that is in the majority of time: value is still the determining factor.

295. 3 Reasons Why Everyone Now Cares About Web3

The world post-pandemic wants real change and Web3 offers new advances to build a better future.

296. Will Elon Musk Truly Free the Bird?

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, what does this mean for businesses and advertisers on the platform?

297. Decentralized Social Media is Improving User Experience

For the first time since the creation of mainstream social media platforms, the number of American users with at least one social media profile decreased in 2018.

298. Web-Crawlers Influence the New Money coming into Crypto

How effective might it be to know what and when consumers are gaining interest in certain blockchain projects?

299. Everyone Works for Facebook and Google

Imagine a car factory where nameless workers in a sprawling complex make expensive cars all day and all night.  Thousands of shiny, new expensive cars move off the line every millisecond and are shipped instantly all over the world to wealthy buyers, generating $195 million of profit daily for the car company.

300. Web3Graph’s Moat for Embedding More Web3 Vertical Social Experiences

By Kyle, Investment Manager@Bing Ventures

301. Diversify Your Digital Footprint Today!

You Should Never, Ever, Host Your Content Exclusively on 1 Platform. These are the lessons I learned the hard way from my Yahoo days.

302. How Restaurants Can Adapt to the Digital Economy

People are always amazed when they hear that I am also a restaurant owner.

303. Chingari Brings 35 Million Active Users to Solana with the Launch of its In-App Wallet

Chingari, a decentralised short video platform, is launching a mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

304. The Dark Side of LinkedIn: A Capitalist’s Pipe Dream

LinkedIn has become a cesspool of toxic productivity, virtue signaling, and corporate worship. It is time to call for a change!

305. You'll Never Believe How Fast The Creator Economy Is Growing Today

Warhol declared, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." But was not predicted was that everyone's “fame” would be experienced simultaneously.

306. Twitter’s New Shopping Feature has Users Shopping More than Ever

In-app shopping is the new method for social media platforms to join the e-commerce market. Learn how Twitter is adding this feature to their app.

307. 9 Beneficial Tools To Grow Your Social Media in 2020

If you’re looking for the best tools to grow your social media then look no further. In today’s article we’re going to delve into how you can find the tools that can help you grow your social media presence with the least amount of work possible (we like to be efficient).

308. Virtual Influencers, like Lil Miquela, Post Real Content Just Like You and Me

The Problematic Fakery Of Lil Miquela Explained: An Exploration Of Virtual Influencers and Realness

309. How to Leverage LinkedIn & Quora for Building Your Brand's Presence Online?

“SEO is dead. Social media works only when you pay for ads. Content distribution is harder than ever!”

310. Getting Traction: Solid Guide To Quickly Build A Brand

Every startup in its early stages is going to think about building brand awareness, why? Well, brand awareness is an essential tool that is going to let the world know about your brand and the work you do. Sometimes this is all that you need when you are working on your startup because having a proper brand is going to mean that you get recognized easily and you get more revenue.

311. These People Bought and Scammed Their Way to Get Instagram Verification Checkmarks

A ProPublica investigation determined that Jugenburg’s dubious alter ego was created as part of what appears to be an Instagram account verification scam.

312. Oracle's Larry Ellison and Elon Musk landed on his $2 billion Twitter investment over text

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing, July 12, 2022 is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. This is assorted chats between Oracle's Larry Ellison and Musk.

313. Ruby on Rails Facebook Implementation: SpyBook

Social Media Website Live Demo: SpyBook

314. Why Immersive Engagement is the Future of Events

Hybrid events are predicted to dominate 2022.

315. President Trump’s Social Media Executive Order Would Restrict Legal Protections for Internet Speech

By: Christopher A. Cole & Kayvan M. Ghaffari

316. How to Download Videos from Instagram?

Instagram the app by Facebook, is the best social media app. It has users over billions worldwide. It allows you to share videos, images and text messages. You can share this content by posting on your profile or stories.

317. TikTok, Other Foreign Apps Could be Subject to New Limits as US Lawmakers Consider New Rules

Donald Trump tried it, now Joe Biden plans to do it...ban TikTok. The concern? Data Sovereignty, especially when the app is influenced by a foreign nation.

318. 4 Creative Ways to Use Clubhouse For Marketing

Learn how to promote your work on Clubhouse, even without a product or service ready. Audience building and marketing tips for Clubhouse and other social-audio

319. 20 Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

Get to know the 20+ best social media management tools that will help you take your social media management game to the next level.

320. Top Nav Ad Inventory for 2020 Sold Out, and Niche Marketing Programs Added

Cautious Optimism Visible In Companies As Countries Begin Flattening The Curve

321. TikTok Ban: The Biggest Trends to Arrive from 2020's Controversial Social Network

TikTok’s rise in popularity has taken the world by storm. Launched in 2017, the social network only reached world markets in the summer of 2018. Two years on and the video-based platform has amassed over two billion downloads globally.

322. Twitter Stock Curiously Tanked as People Flock to the App while #InstagramFacebookDown

Is Kanye responsible for Facebook going down?! A Hackernoon watercooler chat.

323. Sorry Not Sorry: A Recap of Jim Gaffigan's Recent Twitter Tirade

You are probably already aware who Jim Gaffigan is. If not, close your eyes and say "hot pocket" to yourself. If it comes out in that little sing-song voice, then you know Jim's work.

Jim's made a 30-year career of talking about pants, snacks, and family and become one of the broadest appeal and best paid comics in the world. Jim doesn't swear and doesn't talk about controversial topics -- he is in every way as accessible as he is likable. He certainly doesn't talk about politics.

That changed when Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination.

Jim launched into a tirade addressing his 3.2 million followers on Twitter:

324. Startup Lessons: How Clubhouse Made $1B in 8 Months

The transformation of Clubhouse from a startup to a $1B business in eight months was among the most remarkable, fascinating, and brilliant growth stories.

325. The Arrival of The TikTok Economy

The creator economy is a $104 billion market. For every million dollars that brands spend on TikTok, they’re seeing $7.2 millions back.

326. Is technology widening or closing the gap between humanity?

Technology is power, and there is no doubt that we have grown more connected through time. But just because we are connected doesn’t mean we are connecting. Two positive trends that have become apparent through technology are the enablement of virtual interactions, as well as, facilitated physical interactions.  On the other hand, when there is good there is evil. Some negative tendencies that have become visible are the inability to connect intimately and the loss of value during human interactions. What are the consequences of these findings? Should we accept that internet power is outgrowing human power or is there something we should do to lessen the domination technology has over us?

327. 3 Ways Gamification in Social Media Can Increase User Engagement

Social media has become a second life to all of us, predominantly Millennials and Gen Z are entirely dependent on it. How often do you check your phone after up

328. Putting Up One Piece of Content a Day on Social

So many people struggle to post consistent content every day on their social media. So, I decided to put these content ideas that anyone can use.

329. Social Media Who? Why Email Marketing is the Ultimate Conversion Machine

The best thing about email marketing is that you own your audience!

330. Fighting Against a Pandemic of Dread

The psychological toll of this global pandemic is multi-layered, pointing us towards a reckoning with deeper layers of our psyche.

331. Connecting on LinkedIn: A Guide to Getting Interviews and Landing Job Offers

Go to LinkedIn. Scroll through jobs. Find postings you may have a good chance of getting hired for. Click on a job posting. Upload resume. Submit. Repeat, over and over.

332. Hacker Noon Partners with Den

In another effort to improve story distribution and find more cool places for our writers to share their stories, we’ve partnered with Den.

333. Social Media Taboo: Twitter Followers vs. Following Ratio

Top Twitter accounts with the most disproportionate number of followers vs. following.

334. Coronavirus: A Reason for Hope?

Hope is a precious commodity.

335. Instagram vs. Snapchat: The People's Choice

The popular social media apps; Instagram and Snapchat have been compared side by side by users. Today's piece discusses both apps and helps you make a decision.

336. How to Improve Social Media Campaign Using Data Visualization

Learn what social media data visualization is and why it is important.

337. Parasocial Relationships: A Pervasive Risk

Virtual relationships can be complicated, especially when they're not symmetrical and parasocial: "I know a lot about you, but you don't know me at all."

338. Like, Share and Earn! The Future of Social Media in Web3

Will SoFi help to put the power back in the hands of Creators as more blockchains support social projects?

339. How to Ace Public Relations with Itai Elizur

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic - Seth Godin

340. Are Paywalls Worth It? - Here's What You Need to Know

How I learned the opportunity cost of not using a paywall...kind of

341. Do We Really Need a Like Button? - The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media is here to stay. Yet, not everything is beneficial. In this slogging thread, the technology channel discussed the pros and cons of social media.

342. Musk Seems to Always Run Away from Good Press

The full #elonjet story could have ended with Musk giving a clearly bright young man an internship and a photo op.

343. Public Relations Basics for Your Employer Branding

The degree of employer’s brand relevance is reflected in the latest statistics: according to Employer Branding Insights Report 2019, 90% of candidates consider HR brand of an employer when applying, 95% of respondents say company’s reputation matters a lot for them. As per Talentnow, 50% of candidates would never work for a company with bad reputation even if they are offered more in terms of salary. The dominant majority of HR specialists agree that recruitment increasingly acquires features of marketing: the ability to sell a company as an outstanding employer has a direct impact on talent acquisition.

People is the most valuable asset of any business. Our clients are pursuing the goal of building an HR- / employer’s brand. We are witnessing the steady growth of market demand. Companies are willing to invest in people and their employer’s brand. In view of this, I offer to discuss the topic from PR perspective.

344. Interview with Chatroulette Founder Andrey Ternovskiy

Topics Discussed: the “dick problem” // virtual reality for cats // the stupidity of going to mars // mathematical machines of evil // why being a god would be boring // creating your own country in the ocean

345. THE HELLADOGE MANIFESTO: Why Web3 Ads are Like Instagram Ads on Steroids

Ok, this might sound like shameless self-promo, but I’m hoping you will indulge me. I hope Hackernoon lets me run this article - I think they’ll let it slide cause Utsav is the homie, and also because if you can look past the self-promotion you will see I’m making an important philosophical point.

346. How You Can Organically Increase Instagram Engagement Rate: 2020 Edition

After Instagram discarded chronological order feed in 2016, brands and creators now constantly need to fight Instagram algorithm to get discovered by other users.

347. Is Upwork Going to Pull a Myspace?

All great empires fall from within, including the digital ones.

348. If COVID-19 Isn't Stressing You Out, YouTube Could Be

Are you worried about the health or livelihoods of you and your loved ones? It's important to remember that you're not alone. The CDC takes your stress seriously enough during the pandemic that they have published signs and guidelines for detecting and handling stress and anxiety.

The CDC suggests to manage your own stress you consider taking the following steps:

349. Mental Health, Body Image, & Social Media: Censorship isn't the Solution

The impact of social media and AI on mental health, on the way we perceive and experience our world, cannot be underestimated.

350. Clarion: A Project for Freedom of Expression

Let's dig in this new decentralized project about social media.

[351. How Cameo Has Come to Symbolize the Uncanny Valley of Modern

Stardom]( The Ubiquity of Fame

352. Digg Free Gear? – A Thank You Contest by HackerNoon

We'd would like to celebrate our writers and their amazing stories, by giving you a chance to win free HackerNoon gear.

353. We've Mistaken Facebook For What It's Not

Image Credit: Wallpapercave

354. Anonymity Could be the Key to Fixing Social Media

The Social Dilemma has been a trending film and a large topic of discussion these past few months, and for good reason. Social media in its current form is deeply flawed.

355. Ye’s Online Warfare: Dangerous or Comical?

In this slogging thread, we discuss whether or not we, as a society, enable violent behavior just because it is entertaining and trending.

356. Why Are Virtual Influencers Appealing to Gen Zers?

If the presence of robots in our regular life still sounds like a utopia, the possibility of interacting with them on social media is no more a far-fetched idea.

357. How to Attract Investors for Your Next Startup

Here are 9 steps you can take to attract investors and make them want to work with you as much as you want them to work with you.

358. Kempus is What Facebook was Intended to Be

An interview with a CEO you're about to hear a lot about.

359. How Has Traditional Media and Social Media Helped To Boost The Popularity Of Cryptocurrency

In today’s digital world, both standard and social media channels are renowned for having a huge effect on our daily lives. From the ways we communicate and share content, to the ways we keep up to date with the world around us, social media has, and continues to have a disruptive effect on how we view the world. Cryptocurrencies have been no exception.

360. What I've Learned By Making And Promoting A Game To Help Stray Cats

At the beginning of summer 2019, I've got an idea to make a cat-themed game to help stray cats by donating all the revenue to cat charities.

361. 25 Social Media Design Tips

We are 90% visual beings, according to the Social Science Research Network. While other animals are characterized by the sense of smell or hearing sense in the case of the bat, the human is undoubtedly a visual being. The research concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Images are the most natural things to remember by our brains and are essential for our learning. Because of human nature, what we see has a strong effect on what we do, what we feel, and what we are.

362. Make Posting Great Again

I used to be excited to log into Facebook (and Instagram) every day and post about what happened in my life. This joy is long gone, and I find myself hesitating to post more often than I find myself actually posting. I'm attempting to figure why.

363. 10 Ideas for Startups Using Stories on Instagram, Facebook, Google...

This week I prepared a bunch of ideas regarding stories. (If you want to get weekly ideas right to your inbox subscribe to chimpideas.)

364. Will the World Be Able To Limp Back to Normalcy After The Coronavirus Scare?

This is not a drill. This is not the time to give up. This is not a time for excuses. This is a time for pulling out all the stops. Sounds dramatic, right?

365. Social Media Deplatforming: Big Tech’s Gag Order

Ever since the likes of Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos were kicked out of their dominant platforms, debate has begun on whether tech companies should be armed with the power of deplatforming.

366. From Dogecoin to Twitter: The Making of the Everything App

Depending on whom you ask, Elon is either an egotistical villain or a savior. He is currently the world’s richest man, with a net worth of about 200 Billion. Well, with that ind of money it becomes easy to create products that have a direct impact on people’s daily lives- with huge repercussions. Now, Elon is not your average billionaire. Most of the time, he has swayed the masses to his favor, much to the chagrin of big tech. This has turned him onto somewhat of a cult, with a huge following and an enviable portfolio of companies that seek to upend conventional beliefs and corporations. From Neuralink to Space X , Tesla to the Boring Company, he is an entrepreneur who seeks to “disrupt” global order as he strives to achieve what may somewhat be thought to be impossible, until its done.

367. How to Choose The Right Hashtag

You’ve probably heard this advice time and time again—if you want to get more Instagram engagement, use hashtags.

368. 4 Powerful Ways to Maximize Your Video Marketing ROI

Are you thinking about adding videos to your marketing strategy? If so, you’re not alone. Business owners and marketers around the globe have quickly figured out that videos are one of the best ways to grow their brand.

369. Musk Tried to Back Out of Twitter Deal by Crying Fake Traffic via a Twitter Poll

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing is part of HackerNoon's Legal PDF series. Part 17 of 31: FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS -Musk grasps for an out - False or Spam accounts

370. How Can A Business And An Influencer Find Shared values For A “Win-Win” Story?