10 Best Tools for Instagram Automation

Update: It’s been little over a year since this article was originally published. A lot has changed since then. Many new tools have emerged, while others have closed down. I’ve revised my list accordingly, in order to present what I feel are the best automation tools available right now.

One of the biggest realizations I’ve taken away from my side projects is that time is a precious commodity. Every moment spent on an activity that doesn’t yield a direct return on investment (ROI) is one that slows down progress. Too much of this can kill your momentum entirely. Social media marketing is a prime example of a channel that’s ROI positive in the long term, but can also take enormous amounts of time and energy before it produces results.

This is why I think it can be useful to explore automating your Instagram account. An automation tool can easily handle small interactions like your likes, follows, and comments. So you can still reap the benefits of these activities while being able to focus on more pressing matters. I’ve played with and researched all of the Instagram automation tools out there.

Here are my top 10:

1. SocialCaptain — Grow your followers automatically

SocialCaptain is way ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Their automation systems are sustained by a groundbreaking AI module. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and then it’s interacting your specified audience before you know it. Unlike the average automation tool, it doesn’t stop there either. Based on the engagement your account receives, it will regularly recalibrate its settings to become more accurate and persuasive with its targeting.

2. SocialUpgrade — Real growth from real people

With SocialUpgrade, you can always count on another person being there for you. They put your Instagram account into the care of a growth manager, who will regulate its functions and make sure that it maintains an optimal level of activity. Very little effort is required on your part outside of providing answers for the initial questioning segment. Just kick back and trust in their experienced marketing strategists to lead the way.

3. MegaFollow— Get noticed on Instagram now

Some automation services are overly eager when it comes to pressing customers into yearly (or longer) plans. That’s a risky thing to ask of someone, especially if they’ve never tried out the tool for themselves. MegaFollow, on the contrary, has a starting price of only $8.99 for three days. There’s no pressure to continue or anything that locks you into an automatic renewal. If you decide that you like it, then you can always go with a longer plan.

4. Falcon Social — Boost your Instagram followers

Social media marketing is unfamiliar territory for many people. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out some extra guidance in figuring it all out. Social Falcon not only offers automation, but also consulting included with its high-end plans. You can correspond with their business experts through email or over the phone and devise a solid plan for your Instagram content. There’s also a support team available 24/7 whenever you need them.

5. Instajool — Accelerate your following

Instajool is noteworthy for its wide-ranging accessibility. It doesn’t require any downloads or software, as it is completely contained within your browser window. That means it has been optimized for nearly every type of web browser. It also works with any mobile device you can imagine. So it’s one of the more convenient automation tools when it comes to switching between multiple access points.

6. Influuu — Powerful online growth

If you have some competitors on Instagram you’d like to surpass, then Influuu will get you there in three easy steps. First you give them the names of the rival accounts within your niche. Next you’ll fill out some further information about yourself. Then finally after you’ve submitted all of this, Influuu’s team of marketers will analyze the data, create a personalized strategy, and then set forth on making it happen for you.

7. Instabow — Premium Instagram tools

Instabow is one of the best tools when it comes to automating your Instagram posts. You can upload your content straight from Dropbox, add captions (with full emoji and hashtag support), and then schedule it for whatever date you wish on their drag-and-drop calendar planner. It can even post Instagram Stories. Instabow also allows for multiple Instagram accounts to be managed under the same login, so you can shift between them with ease.

8. Instamber — Get real followers

Instamber lets you build your own automation suite as you see fit. They have four modules to pick and choose from: an Instagram bot that handles likes, follows, and comments; a direct message sender that can greet new followers and send out bulk DMs; a comment manager that merges all comments you receive on your posts into a single interface; and an advanced post scheduler with options to draft, delay, and watermark your posts. Each of these services are $10 per month individually, so even together they’re a deal.

9. InstaVast— Complete suite of marketing tools

InstaVast is another tool where you can pay for each group of features separately. Their selection is very similar to Instamber, and so is the pricing for each service. They also have a variety of other free tools on their website. There’s an updated list of banned hashtags, a hashtag generator for campaigns, a downloader for grabbing media from Instagram, a converter for turning usernames into IDs, and a local proxy app to protect your account.

10. FollowingLike — Dominate social networking

It can be an absolute hassle keeping track of tools when you have them across several different networks. By using FollowingLike, you can have them all under one platform. Its automation works with Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and many other sites. It’s constantly adding more too, and is currently developing ways to mix their functions together. It’s an extremely versatile tool that people should definitely keep an eye on as it continues to grow.

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