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Facebook, Inc. operates a social networking website. The Company website allows people to communicate with their family, friends, and coworkers. Facebook develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information, photographs, website links, and videos. Facebook users have the ability to share and restrict information based on their own specific criteria.

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10K+ employees
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Since 2004
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3 at Alexa


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Facebook: Now Available at an Introductory Price of $11.99
Published at Feb 22, 2023 by sheharyarkhan
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A Deeper Look at Facebook's PR Strategy
Published at Feb 20, 2023 by techtweeter
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Behind The Google and Facebook Collusion - A Thread
Published at Jan 31, 2023 by techtweeter
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Facebook and Anti-Abortion Clinics Have Your Info
Published at Dec 07, 2022 by TheMarkup

Articles Around the Web

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Trump and Facebook Are Frenemies Who Can’t Let Go
Published at Mar 19, 2023 by Hindustan Times Tech
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Ohio legislation takes aim at youngsters' use of social media platforms
Published at Mar 19, 2023 by Washington Examiner
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Is Facebook listening to you?
Published at Mar 19, 2023 by WCSI
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Media Diversity
Published at Mar 15, 2023 by UNESCO
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Facebook parent Meta slashes another 10,000 jobs
Published at Mar 14, 2023 by WSFA

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