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Microsoft Corporation develops, licenses, and supports software, services, devices, and solutions worldwide. Its Productivity and Business Processes segment offers Office, ...

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163000 employees
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Since 1975
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33 at Alexa

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More Than Just an OS: Microsoft Stays at #1
Published at Jul 25, 2022 by sheharyarkhan
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How Microsoft Tipped My Linux Love Over the 'Edge'
Published at Jun 06, 2022 by nebojsa.todorovic
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Interest in Microsoft Wanes 12% While Apple Remains Trendy AF
Published at May 31, 2022 by sheharyarkhan
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Running Chromecast on Microsoft Surface
Published at May 23, 2022 by digitforpc
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How to Repair Corrupted Microsoft Outlook Files
Published at May 21, 2022 by harrisscott
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What is it Like to be a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft?
Published at Apr 22, 2022 by davidepollicino

Articles Around the Web

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Virto Marketplace for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Published at Aug 11, 2022 by Associated Press
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Microsoft wades into Sony in anti-trust claim
Published at Aug 11, 2022 by Fudzilla
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Windows ServerPreview Build 25179 is out now
Published at Aug 11, 2022 by Windows

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