10 Ideas for Startups Using Stories on Instagram, Facebook,
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10 Ideas for Startups Using Stories on Instagram, Facebook, Google...

by Vytautas SabaliauskasNovember 4th, 2020
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10 Ideas for Startups using Stories on Instagram, Facebook, Google... or Youtube. Vytautas Sabaliauskas has 10 ideas for startups based on stories. Chimpideas is a weekly feature of weekly blog-post ideas for new startups. We are going to a stage where stories are a must for brands, and we need to use them as a marketing tool. Here are 10 ideas you could use for new start-ups based on the stories you see on Instagram and Facebook.

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This week I prepared a bunch of ideas regarding stories. (If you want to get weekly ideas right to your inbox subscribe to chimpideas.)

What Are Stories?

Stories are told by your friends, by you, and - when you think about it - all your life is one big story. Now stories got to a new level as a marketing tool. It started with Snapchat, and it's now spread everywhere, accelerating an ongoing revolution in the ways we consume content.

As you might have guessed, in this post, I'm going to talk about stories you see on Instagram, Facebook, and other socially-driven channels.

First: Let's tackle the question of what stories are, and why you need them.

The Stories concept is a small chunk of content only available for a period of time (24 h). There are some stats that show that Stories will overcome posts, and big tech Giants know that.

Where you can find stories concept, as of publication, that I know of:

We are going to a stage where stories are a must for brands. For instance, Google said that sites with stories for mobile users will be ranked better.

🤯 Some facts

📈Who wins

  • Digital agencies
  • Video production
  • Content creators
  • Social networks
  • Search engines
  • Other startups

💰Some players in the story market

There are lots of tools starting from analytics to the creation of stories….

💡Startup ideas based on stories

1. Automatically generate a story from your blog posts (or other types of content)

What if you could generate a story automatically from your content and publish it through different channels. From the creator’s perspective your already created content you could reuse it in one click.

Main functionality —> reuse image/video from your post, insert a link, add tags based on content (suggestion).

2. Story marketplace

A story marketplace is a place where you can sell story content for brands directly - short video marketplace directly from creators.

Main functionality —> create content, upload story, sell directly to brands.

3. SaaS for stories —> delivering the stories for the flat fee

What if you could get a stories package monthly for a flat fee? It’s like Ecomvids but for stories…

Main functionality —> receive stories based on your brand created by professionals.

4. Add stories to your website as an add-on

It would be cool if your stories would appear directly on your website. There is an option with Embedsocial. What if you could show different stories on specific pages of your website or subdomains.

Main functionality —> integrate stories from different sources, manage stories shown on different pages or subdomains, show old stories.

5. Make a website from the story —> Story = Website

As we see from the google stories side that you have a website and then create a web story for the website. What about story first websites. You create a story and it is converted to a website. Your page would change based on your new story.

Main functionality —> create a story, convert to HTML, host on your domain.

6. Convert reviews to stories automatically

Get social proof from your customers. Exchange discount codes to stories from your customers. Real story reviews (ex. unboxing) made in stories format by real customers.

Main functionality —> integration with your eshop (send the unique link in order), video story creation, exchange your story for discounts code.

7. Sales funnel creation to stories

Convert your sales funnel to stories with the full experience. Integration with Clickfunnels or other providers lets the instant creation of stories.

Main functionality —> authorize your shop, generate stories in several formats, share, and publish.

8. Generate story from data you where you were mentioned

Collect data where you or your brand were mentioned on the internet and generate video stories with mentions and source links.

Main functionality —> search for mentions on the web and social, convert to video story, add an additional link and sources, share and publish.

9. Create a story from your youtube video

Automatically generate a story from your youtube videos and share it on other channels. Best fit for the youtube video creators.

Main functionality —> download video, cut part of the video, add text to story, share and publish.

10. Youtube and tinder hybrid for stories

This is the other type of idea. What if you could store and share old stories in one place? It’s an app for publishing your stories from any channel which lets you swipe the stories the same as in tinder. Follow your favorite influencers or brands.

Main functionality —> upload stories, publish them, swipe others’ stories, based on your likes and dislikes, browse the feed of stories.

Last word

Content is the king ….

The main takeaway is that brands will create more content in the future trying to stand out of the crowd and get bigger exposure.

The negative side of stories is that the short chunks of information-pushed everywhere will impact our concentration and focus… but this is another discussion….

Welcome to the stories age :) - if you want to get weekly ideas right to your inbox subscribe to chimpideas.

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