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5 Free Instagram Video Downloader Apps in 2020 & 2021

by Rahul ChoudharyNovember 26th, 2020
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Inst Download, FastSave, and Saver Reposter are some of the best free Instagram video downloader apps available today.

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Inst Download, FastSave, and Saver Reposter are some of the best free Instagram video downloader apps available today.

The Instagram photo and video sharing platform surely has come a long way since it was first brought to the world. Today, this social networking app has made its way into the hearts of more than 274 million users all over the globe. There is just about a negligible chance that someone you know off, might not be on Instagram.


Instagram is not just a place where you simply share your charming pictures or videos. But, is a place where you can also find a lot of interesting things from all across the globe. From different kinds of exotic food recipes to cute pet videos to the most up to date get-ups of your favourite celebrities, you are ought to find most probably everything that suits your taste and interests.

However, there is a sad little catch to it. You cannot simply download a picture or a video post you like from both its app or website. Even though this may be there due to some kind of copyright issues or privacy issues. Still, there may be times, when you just wish that you could save a video of some delicious-looking food recipe or some funny video to share with your friends or family.

And thus, to take care of that, I bring to you the top Instagram Video Downloader apps out there which will make downloading pictures and videos as easy as tapping on the like button.

Top 5 Instagram Video Downloaders for Android

When it comes to android there are always a number of free apps available. But it depends, how many of them can actually do a good job. Not all free apps can provide you with what they promise. Only a few can do what they say.

1. Inst Download – Video & Photo

The Inst Download app lets you download about any type of videos and images from Instagram, simply by copying the post URL and pasting it into the app after which you just need to click on the Download button. The videos get directly downloaded and stored in your android phone’s memory.

There is no need of any kind of registration and login in. Moreover, this app also gives you the option to share the downloaded content in other social platforms.

  • Size of the app: 3.8 Mb
  • Total number of installs: 1 million+
  • OS Requirements: Android 4.0.3+

2. FastSave for Instagram

This by far is one of the best video downloaders available out there for downloading Insta photos and videos. One of the fastest and simplest video downloaders. The FastSave for Instagram app lets you save and download multiple videos and photos in a batch at a single go. All you need to do is, first run the FastSave app. Then go to Instagram and select and copy the URL and Voila! Your download is automatically started.

Some other cool features you get in this app is the ability to know about the details of a post’s user, simply by long pressing on it. Apart from that the downloading speed can be said to be quite speedy and quick. Also, you can slide away through photos with the Slideshow feature. And similar to our previous contender. Here too you can share the downloaded content directly on any social platform from the app itself. Lastly, there is no need of any kind of registration, neither is there any need for log ins.

  • Size of the app: 3.9 Mb
  • Total number of installs: 1 million+
  • OS Requirements: 4.0.3+

3. Video Downloader For Instagram

The video downloader to make it to our list’s third position is the ‘Video Downloader for Instagram’ app which is a two in one Instagram as well as Vine video and image downloader.

With just three simple steps, you can pick up the post you like and download it in no time. Open and copy the link of a post, go to the Video downloader app and simply click on the ‘Download’ button. That is all you need to do to get your favourite and desired videos from Instagram into your phone gallery.

  • Size of the app: 4.0 Mb
  • Total number of installs: 1 million+
  • OS Requirements: 4.1+

4. Repost For Instagram – Regrann

This is a pretty cute yet sleek looking app which makes downloading and reposting posts as simple as a piece of cake. And the reason I say it is a piece of cake is because this app lets you repost posts from the Instagram app itself. All you need to do is just tap on the three dots below the comments and simply select the “Copy share URL” option. You also have the ability to schedule posts when ever you want the post to be posted later on. Something, which we didn’t see in our contenders earlier.

The app is totally free and is perfect if you are not someone who would want to download posts but simply repost them on your own wall.

  • Size of the app: 4.8 Mb
  • Total number of downloads: 500k+
  • OS Requirements: 4.4+

5. Saver Reposter For Instargram

With over 10 million+ hits on Google Play Store, although last in our list is in now way less than the others. The part which makes this downloader and repost app a bit different and stand out from the rest is its amazing feature that allows its user to download and repost images along with the additional option to also copy the captions or hashtags associated with a particular text.

However, the other features are quite the same as could be found in the other earlier apps above. There is no need of any kind of registration. Neither is there any need of logging in and out of the app. All functions are quite simple and self-explanatory. You just need to copy the post URL, open up the downloader app and simply select from the option, how you want to download a content.

The app too like most android apps is totally free and does not charge a single penny. Downloading can be left to continue and run independently in the background making it really simple for you to work normally on your android device.

  • Size of the app: May vary with device
  • Total number of installs: 10 million+
  • OS Requirements: 4.4+
  • We hope you enjoyed this list of the best free Instagram video downloader apps available today. If we missed an app that should be on this list, let us know in community.