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10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google Keep

Good day! My name is Robert. I work for Zoo Web Designs and today I'm sharing some things I think other people would love to know about the Google Keep app.

Take A Voice Memo

You can take notes on the app using just your voice! Just tap on the microphone icon to speak your note. Keep will both transcribe and record everything you say so even if Google misses some words, you'll still have your voice recording.

Transcribe Photo To Text

If you import a photo with text on it, Keep can grab that text. When you tap on the photo, you should see a three-dot menu icon in the top right corner. You can then select "Grab image text".

Draw On Photos

You can use Keep to highlight, color, and draw on your photos. Either import or take a photo then select the paintbrush icon. All you need to do is select your pen style and draw on your photo without affecting the original file.

Sync Your Notes with Docs On Your PC

Keep is fully integrated with Google's office suite. If you have a file open in Docs or Slides, tap the Keep logo in the sidebar at the right to see a list of your saved notes. Tap a file top open it. You can then copy, cut, or edit anything that's on it. It will automatically sync! If you want to create a Google document out of a note, hold your finger on the note and select "Copy to Google Docs".

Collaborate With A Friend Or Colleague

It's pretty easy to invite someone to collaborate. Go to the settings sidebar and enable sharing. When you're in a note, tap on the three-dot menu at the bottom and select "Collaborator". You will then be able to select anyone from your address book to link your note with their app. Whenever someone edits it, the other collaborators get notified.

Get The Chrome Extension

Downloading Keep's extension on the chrome web store will put a small icon next to your address bar which will provide a direct link to your account. By clicking on it, you can save URLs, photos, text, and even take notes while you're using the browser!

Use Labels, Colors, Pins For Organization

When you long press a note on Keep, it will bring up a series of options to organize your notes. You can color-code, pin, or label your notes!

Set A Time or Location Reminder

Did you know you could actually turn your note into a reminder? All you need to do is tap the bell icon and it will allow you to set a reminder for a date and time or a location!


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