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10,317 reads

How To Get Real Instagram Followers In 2020

by Natasha MooreDecember 7th, 2019
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How To Get Real Instagram Followers In 2020: 10,208 reads, and how you can get more followers. Hashtags are the keywords of Instagram, which helps people to find your content. You must actively search out trending topics and join in conversations that'll spark the most attention. Be a contributor that adds actionable insight, so it makes you stand out. Turn on post notifications for influencers to get the attention of influencers. Be friendly and friendly with influencers, so focus on building an authentic relationship.

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In 2020 -- what are you doing to grow the number of followers on your Instagram profile?

Over 1 billion people are using Instagram each month. And more than 500
million are on it daily.

Needless to say, there's plenty of fish in the virtual sea to catch. But your goal isn't to capture them all.

Instead, you need to hone in on key users that'll want to follow your account and engage with it.

Or better yet -- convert into customers.

So we're here to discuss how you can get more real Instagram followers to your Instagram account.

Let's get started.

Join Popular Conversations

You hear all the time how important it is to engage in conversations with Instagram users. But it's not just any conversation that'll spark the most attention.

You must actively search out trending topics and join in these conversations. This will land you the most eyes on your comments, especially if you're sparking more conversation.

Be a contributor that adds actionable insight, so it makes you stand out.

Create Captions that Are Descriptive and Entertaining

Most people are visual beings and prefer to look at images over reading text. But there's a reason picture books are popular among both children and adults.

You get fantastic pictures to accommodate the tale. And that's exactly what you want to do on Instagram.

Make sure you're using your captions to support the photos and videos you upload. IG gives you 20K characters, which is plenty of space to add narrative to your posts.

Give some backstory to a recent photo or video you captured. It'll make people want to check out your videos and maybe even follow your profile to see more similar content.

Don't Forget to Add Hashtags

But not just any hashtags. These need to be carefully researched and implemented into your posts and bio. It's good to have hashtags relevant to your industry you use in every post.

Source: Instagram

Then you also need hashtags that are directly related to that post. These you won't use in every post you publish.

The idea is to look up about 30 hashtags and alternate between them based on what you're posting. You can search for hastags on Instagram to see which are popular and which are watered down.

Source: Instagram

Stay away from those with too many posts because it'll make it difficult for users to find you in all the noise.

Hashtags are the keywords of Instagram, which helps people to find your content. It's an excellent way to drive inbound traffic to your Instagram page.

Connect with Influencers in Your Industry

Rather than thinking of influencers as competition, you should look at them as a network. By reaching out to them, you can potentially build a beneficial relationship with them.

The key is to be genuine and friendly. You don't want to send a DM that's asking for favors, like sharing one of your posts or mentioning your IG handle to their followers.

These are people so focus on building an authentic relationship. One day, you'll be able to pitch a collaboration that can help grow your campaign.

One way to get the attention of influencers is to turn on post notifications for specific influencers. Then when you're notified, you can engage with their content.

Consistent likes and comments will go a long way and could set you up for the first DM.

Untag Photos You Don't Want Showing Up in Your Feed

As you gain popularity, you'll have people and followers mentioning you in their posts. When you're tagged, this causes their post to show up in your feed.

So any new person that checks out your profile will see it. Now, it's essential to browse through what shows up on your feed to ensure you're not being misrepresented.

You can also go into your Options > Photos of You>  and switch to "Add
Manually." This means any photos tagged with you will be added manually,
instead of automatically.

You want to control all the user-generated content that shows up on your feed. After all, you have a brand to watch over.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

There are two reasons why you shouldn't ignore your Instagram bio. One, it can help targeted users find you.

And two, it can drive more people to your website or blog. So it's imperative that you include both keywords and hashtags in your bio.

For instance, if you're a health blogger, then you should mention this in your bio. Then look for industry-relevant hashtags you can use.

Don't forget to include a link to your blog or website so you can drive traffic there.

Be sure to include a quality photo that represents you or your brand. And be sure to include in your bio how you'll help your followers.

This can be sharing healthy tips and recipes or showing how folks the best exercises to get in shape quick.

But don't get too carried away, your bio should be short and sweet -- say, around 2-4 lines.

Then to make your bio stand out even more, you can include social proof. For instance, if you've written for known publications or blogs, then mention this as well.

Or maybe you have a certification that legitimizes you. Include this as well.

Develop Your Own Signature Style

Ever noticed how certain IG users have a distinct look? For instance, they use the same filter on all of their photos.

Or maybe they have a collage theme they use frequently. This isn't lack of creativity, it's branding. And you should do the same.

Source: Instagram

By creating your own signature style, you help make your content stand apart from the millions of other posts published each day.

It'll also make it easier for your followers to notice your content wherever they may see it.

And if the style is visually-appealing, you may earn yourself new followers.

There are various tools you can use to pull this off, such as Lightroom and Canva.

Mix Up Your Content Types

Instagram was built on photos, but today, it thrives on video. You'll find hundreds of millions of people using Instagram Stories.

It's a hot commodity right now for both users and brands. If you're not already using video as part of your content strategy, then it's time you do.

Source: Instagram

You want to deliver content that resonates with your followers. Some may like sitting down to watch short video content.

Then others may prefer to scroll through your visual content. For the latter, you want to mix up how you deliver your visuals.

For example, you can create memes, infographics, and cinemagraphs to shake up your feed a bit. Try to be creative, funny, and educational.

Value is vital to attracting more followers to your content.

Schedule Live Sessions

Social media is a new way to gather and network with like-minded people. So it's no surprise that a lot of IG users are drawn to webinars and live Q&A sessions.

Get ideas on what the theme of the event should be based on what's trending. Take a look at what your competitors are doing.

Or if you have enough followers, you can ask them their opinion.

Then schedule it, announce the date, and keep reminding folks up until the day of the event.

Leverage an Instagram Tool

When it comes to growing your Instagram account, you don't have to go it alone. There are solutions out there you can use to maximize the growth potential of your IG account quickly.

Hashtagsforlikes gives you access to a team of experts who support you diligently to grow your IG followers. This is done using organic methods so no worries about black hat tactics getting your account banned.

A lot of sites have plans that are affordable, allowing you to select between weekly, monthly ones. At some websites, you also get your own account manager, who is always there to support you if you have any questions.

When signing up, you get access to a suite of tools to help support your growth, you'll have a higher chance of getting the results you desire.

Stop Struggling to Grow Your IG Profile

The number of followers you have on Instagram is more than an ego thing. It's how you'll continue to grow your brand.

People follow profiles that have lots of followers. What can we say, folks like to be in the loop with what's popular.

With the right tactics and expert help, you can streamline your growth on Instagram.

So put the above tips to use to see how well it works for your account. And don't hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help drive more followers to your profile!