15 Crypto and NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2022by@Luke Fitzpatrick
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1,262 reads

15 Crypto and NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2022

by Luke FitzpatrickApril 15th, 2022
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Twitter is currently the hottest communication and marketing channel for the NFT community. The microblogging platform has made several advances toward integrating some crypto features. This list involves several people who have shifted their career focus to NFTs and crypto. We have considered and checked these NFT personas by their follower count, the quality of information they share, and the types of insights to various audiences. The list includes: Farokh Sarmad, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, Carly Reilly and Raceth.

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Twitter is currently the hottest communication and marketing channel for the NFT community, used for discussions and promotions of new and emerging NFT projects. While other popular social media sites like YouTube and Instagram are also prevalent in the NFT community, the microblogging platform has made several advances toward integrating some crypto features. 

In September 2021, Twitter announced a new service for their tipping function, allowing users to tip seamlessly in Bitcoin by using a payments application, Strike, and has since integrated payments in ETH. As of January 2022, Twitter launched the NFT Profile Pictures feature that allows linking an NFT as a profile picture while authenticating the ownership.

It is getting harder to keep up in times of information overload, new crypto terms, and emerging NFT collections. Therefore, this post will focus on NFT influencers on Twitter to follow, who share the most meaningful insights into the blockchain, NFT, and crypto ecosystem. 

As the world of NFTs is so new and many have been recently enthused by crypto and DeFi, this list involves several people who have shifted their career focus to NFTs and crypto. We have considered and checked these NFT personas by their follower count, the quality of information they share, and the types of insights to various audiences.

1. Farokh Sarmad @Farokh - 268k followers

Farokh, aka Farokh Sarmad, is a serial entrepreneur and a social media influencer who started his career in social media in 2011 when he founded his blog "Mr. Goodlife." It led to the creation of Goodlife & Media communications agency, where Farokh is the founder and CEO. 

Today, he helps other entrepreneurs grow their social media presence, build engaged communities, and join the NFT revolution. Being at the forefront of the crypto industry growth, Farokh has established himself in the NFT space through the NFT room chat on Clubhouse and has discussions about his investments and NFTs through his founded channel Rug Radio.

Follow for: NFT investments, community discussions, community engagement.

Also on: Discord, LinkedIn, Opensea

2. Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee @veefriends - 3m / 218k followers

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, chairman of media company VaynerX, and the founder and CEO of advertising agency VaynerMedia. As a keen crypto and NFT enthusiast, already a part of the online marketing and communications industry, Gary established a project called VeeFriends - a community for people in the NFT world.

The project serves as a knowledge base for the whole NFT community aimed at all levels. Users can not only keep up to date with his latest collections, but they can also attend educational sessions about the blockchain world to improve their knowledge. Gary offers both guidance as well as creates NFTs himself. 

Follow for: emerging NFT collections, educational sessions for beginners, own NFTs.

Also on: YouTube, LinkedIn, Opensea

3. Tom Bilyeu @TomBilyeu - 162k followers

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of nutritional food company Quest Nutrition and is the CEO and host of a weekly show, Impact Theory. He is also an NFT enthusiast who got mesmerized by the world of crypto. 

He is active on Twitter, promoting his opinions and views on new collections and projects, talking about NFTs, Metaverse, business, and entrepreneurship; he has an excellent account to follow on Twitter.

Follow for: learn about NFTs & Metaverse, advice, ideas, investing in crypto.

Also on:  YouTube, LinkedIn

4. Rac.eth @RAC - 58k followers

RAC (Remix Artist Collective) aka André Allen Anjos started his career as a musician, mixing tapes out of radio broadcasts. He then found himself enthused by the world of crypto, establishing himself as an expert in the field, combining crypto, music, and NFTs, an unanticipated combination at the time. 

He already has his own crypto-token and made his first audiovisual NFT in 2021, which sold for $26,000. He was even named one of the Future 25 shaping the music industry by RollingStone magazine, thanks to his achievements in the NFT music space!

Follow for: NFT music, innovation in the crypto and NFT world, new creations.

Also on: Instagram, Opensea 

5. Carly Reilly @carlypreilly - 16.5k followers

Carly Reilly's background includes a career in politics, media, and finance. However, as an NFT and crypto enthusiast, she has recently moved over to the crypto world and now works as a Chief of Staff at a creative blockchain lab, BLOCK. 

What is more, she's launched and is currently hosting a podcast called "Overpriced JPEGS" in collaboration with Banklesshq network, one of the best crypto YouTube channels, where she discusses all-things-NFTs and the Metaverse with guest speakers. 

Each week she breaks down the latest news and insights into the NFT industry and explains what makes particular NFTs worth so much. You can keep up to date with all the latest episodes and NFT insights on her Twitter profile.

Follow for: behind-the-scenes insights into the NFT world, female NFT influencers.

Also on: YouTube, LinkedIn

6. Carlo D'Angelo @DeFiDefenseLaw - 2.6k followers

Carlo D'Angelo has a background of working as a private criminal defense attorney and public defender, and he is also a published author. He has made a move to become a DeFi, Crypto, NFT & Criminal Defense lawyer, focusing on the new area. As many regulations are still vague as the world of crypto and NFTs grows and develops, individuals like him will become even more in demand.

Moreover, he is also a regular contributor to the Rug Radio channel, where he primarily focuses on topics around new regulations and how they will shape and change the industry. Follow his account for the latest update regarding the latest news and advice. He doesn't have quite the following as other accounts yet; however, we expect it to grow as the industry develops and the need for crypto lawyers increases.

Follow for: DeFi, crypto, NFTs criminal defense law, latest news, regulations, updates.

Also on: LinkedIn 

7. Kevin Rose @kevinrose - 1.6M followers

Kevin Rose is one of the most followed NFT influencers and entrepreneurs in the NFT space on Twitter. He is a collector and a crypto startups investor who also has his podcasts @proof_xyz and @modern_fi and is a co-founder of a PFP NFT project @moonbirds_xyz.

His day job is also closely related to this, as he works as a partner in True Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage technology startups. He regularly shares his opinions on the future of NFTs and crypto, investing in Web3, and the overall impact of blockchain technology. 

Follow for: future of NFTs, the impact of blockchain technology, investing in Web3.

Also on: LinkedIn, Opensea

8. Matty @DCLBlogger - 214k followers

Matty is an NFT influencer who is obsessed with the emerging Web3 industry. He has been featured on CBC radio, Coindesk, and Reuters for his ideas in space. Of course, he also has his own YouTube channel, "follow my NFT," where he expresses his opinions and talks about NFT growth, community, and blockchain technology. He is both a collector and has created some NFT art himself.

His background includes advising on community growth, marketing, sales, and business development in the blockchain tech industry. He is very active on the platform and has got interesting views on emerging NFTs and general tips in the industry, for example, video content about the best metaverse jobs. His Twitter account is worth a follow, as is his YouTube account.

Follow for: NFT investing and coverage, NFT industry growth.

Also on: YouTube, LinkedIn, Opensea

9. @NFTEthics - 80k followers

In the emerging NFT industry, it is crucial to do your research before investing in any new NFT collections, and this Twitter channel will help you avoid suspected scams. As the blockchain industry is built on anonymity and pseudonymous profiles, it can be more difficult to identify bad actors, so this one is a good one to follow to avoid falling victim to scams.

Follow for: NFT ethics, fraudulent accounts, and NFT scams.

10. @Ohhshiny - 144k followers 

This community account remains pseudonymous and is hosting the popular OohShiny show, a program on Twitter Spaces that interviews people in the NFT industry. OohShiny account tweets about the most recent happenings and news in the Metaverse, highlighting any new and unique NFT projects. They have discussions with new creators who wish to get advice on the progress of their projects. 

Follow for: emerging projects in the NFT space, advice for creators launching new projects.

Also on: Opensea

11. @Digitalartchick - 155k followers

Another pseudonymous account is @Artchick NFT influencer on Twitter with over 155k followers, very active on the platform, sharing views and opinions about the space. 

She is an NFT creator with a background in UX design and painting and clothing and pattern design in the physical world. One of few women in the crypto and NFT world, she promotes other women to join and calls for attention to other female creators and collectors.

Follow for: women in crypto, female NFT influencers, NFT creations.

Also on: Website 

12. Snoop Dogg @snoopdogg - 19M followers

Even Snoop Dogg has been attracted by the world of NFTs and regularly shares his opinions, investments, and creations in the space. At the beginning of March 2022, he released a Mixtape & EDM NFT collection, "Death Row EDM Vol. 1" on Opensea, and just a few days ago, in April 2022, new "Death Row EDM Vol. 2" was released. 

He has even hinted at plans to relaunch his Death Row Records as an NFT record label. He has admitted to having saved $17 million worth of digital tokens under an alias and has launched an NFT collection, The Doggies, in partnership with The Sandbox in the Metaverse.

Follow for: NFT creations, music NFTs, emerging collections.

Also on: Opensea, Opensea

13. Kode Abdo @Bosslogic - 496k followers

Bosslogic, aka Kode Abdo, started as a graphic designer with digital arts, photoshop, and digital photography expertise. He is a self-made digital artist and one of the top NFT influencers in the space. He has a large following on his Twitter account and is also very active on his other social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube.

Follow for: new NFT projects, NFT art, NFT creations.

Also on: Instagram, YouTube

14. @RyandCrypto - 327k followers

Another pseudonymous profile with a large following is an NFT influencer active on Twitter, @RyandCrypto, who doesn't create any NFT art himself but shares his investments, opinions, and thoughts about new and existing projects on Twitter and YouTube channels. He shares where he sees the potential and provides the latest news, updates, and trends in the NFT industry. 

Follow for: news, updates, and opinions about new NFT projects.

Also on: YouTube

15. Richerd @Richerd.eth - 158k followers

Richerd has a background in software development and building consumer products for web-based platforms. He is also the founder of Manifold, a company that focuses on equipping NFT creators with the new and innovative tools they need to develop NFT collections quickly. 

On his Twitter account, Richerd brings his knowledge and influence surrounding the security of NFTs and the power and impact of blockchain technology, crypto, and NFTs on the physical world. 

Follow for: influence of NFTs, security of NFTs, discussions about new NFT projects.

Also on: Opensea

Summing up

Following NFT influencers on Twitter is great to learn more about the crypto world, engage in community discussions, keep updated with the latest news, and discover innovative new NFT or other DeFi projects.

However, it is crucial to ensure they are also credible: shilling, rug-pulls, and pump-and-dump schemes are nothing new in the DeFi world. As the Web3 space grows, the community of fake identities spreading false information will also increase.