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How to Set and Exceed Social Media Goals

by Natasha MerchantNovember 11th, 2022
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Every brand is engaging in social media marketing campaigns, but only a few of them achieve success. 90% of marketers believe that their social media campaigns have helped their businesses gain good exposure. When your goals are presented clearly, you can keep a hawk’s eye on them, and it becomes easier for you to achieve success. When you have clear social media goals, you get a clear direction about work and you are able to plan your strategies and campaigns accordingly. Social media goals help a clear budget for marketing campaigns and help make important business decisions.

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Every brand is engaging in social media marketing campaigns. Statistics reveal that 90% of marketers believe that their business has experienced good exposure because of their social media campaigns.

However, while every business is engaging in social media campaigns, only a few of them achieve success and meet their goals and targets. So, what makes them different?

It’s the focus on setting clear social media goals. When your goals are presented clearly, you can keep a hawk’s eye on them, and it becomes easier for you to achieve success.

Now, setting goals like that is no difficult task. If you’re wondering how to set clear social media goals, so your social media campaigns work out for you, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we will explain the importance of setting clear social media goals, how to set and exceed those goals, and finally, some real examples of social media goals in action. Let’s get started.

Why Do Social Media Goals Matter So Much?

Often, business owners go ahead with random postings on their social media accounts. However, that doesn’t really work out for the business. Posting random things means that you’re working without any objective, and that is not going to lead you anywhere.

If you wish to grow through your social media channels, it is essential that you set different goals, objectives, and milestones for the way ahead. Here are some reasons social media goals matter so much for a successful social media strategy.

Gives A Direction for the Creation of a Content Calendar

The content that you’re posting on your social media must have a purpose and objective. It must give value to your audience. It is probably for this reason that 73% of businesses have a highly skilled team for content creation alone.

However, these teams cannot work on creating meaningful, valuable, and purpose-driven content unless they’re working with a specific social media goal in mind. Therefore, it’s essential that you set social media goals to give proper direction to content creation.

For every post, you need to ask yourself about what you want to achieve through that post. When you have clear social media goals the answer to this question becomes easier and you’re able to create a good content calendar conveniently. Moreover, you can take the help of a social media manager, that can help you create a good content calendar.

Makes Analysation of Data Easier

You constantly need to analyze the results of your social media campaigns. However, what standards would you have to mark the success or otherwise of the campaigns if you don’t have social media goals?

Social media goals give you clear insights into how far and well your social media campaigns are working for you and you can use the available data to further your goals and achieve more growth and success.

Helps Create Future Strategies

When you have set social media goals, you get a clear direction about work and you are able to plan your strategies and campaigns accordingly. Even the clear analysis and insights of the data help create the strategies because you know how far along you are in achieving your goals.

It Helps Set Clear Budget for Social Media Marketing

According to an analysis, an average company spends between $200 to $350 every day on their social media marketing. This spending will be fruitful only when you have clear social media goals.

If you do not have set goals for social media marketing, you might end up spending way too much on your campaigns. Social media goals help set a clear budget for marketing and you are able to keep your campaigns cost-efficient.

Helps Make Business Decisions

Having clear social media goals is also helpful in making important business decisions because when you’re defining social media goals, you align them with your business and organizational goals and thus get a direction for creating plans and strategies and making business decisions.

How to Set and Exceed Social Media Goals - A Step-by-Step Guide

It is ever so important to set social media goals and achieve them. But you often wonder how to set social media goals and more importantly, how to achieve social media goals. Well if you have these questions, this guide is your answer to them

Set a Clear and Broad Objective

You need not get into the nitty-gritty in the beginning itself. Start with a broader goal at first. Take your company as a whole and decide what you want to achieve for your organization. Profit-making is a common goal, but how you’re going to reach there must be decided.

If you’re a start-up, your broad focus must be on building your team and community and expanding your reach. As a big company, your focus shifts to the customers as they are your biggest assets.

So, it’s all relative, and you need to focus on your broad objectives before getting into the details.

Set SMART Goals

Source - Hydrate Marketing

Once you know the broad goals for your organization and social media, it’s time to break those broad objectives and set them as small and smart goals.

When we talk about SMART goals, it means that the goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

When you set goals like that, it’s easier to work on them and create goal metrics and plans so that you can accomplish the goals and see growth and profitability from your social media efforts.

Analyze and Track

Finally, you must constantly analyze and track your goals and the results. A keen eye on the analytics helps you understand how your strategies are working out for you and you can create future strategies and social media goals to exceed the existing goals that you have set for your social media campaigns.

Examples of Social Media Goals in Action

It is always easier to find your course of action when you have some real examples to study. So, here are some social media goals in action for your reference.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the most set and the broadest social media goal among businesses. Every business seeks to create a brand presence so that the target audience is aware of their products and services.

According to statistics, when you present your brand consistently across all platforms, it can increase your revenue by 23%.

So, creating and posting posts that prominently highlight the brand name is essential to achieving this goal of increasing brand awareness.

Generating Leads and Revenues

The second most common social media goal is generating leads and revenues. As per statistics, 53% of marketers spend at least half or more than half of their budget on lead generation efforts.

Achieving this goal involves posting offers and other engaging posts that attract the audience to explore your brand, products, and services and further spend on them.

Driving Traffic to Website

Social media is a great channel for driving traffic to your website. Focusing your posts on your services and products and directing the links to the website can go a long way in helping achieve the social media goal of increased website traffic.

Are You Ready to Plan and Exceed Your Social Media Goals?

Setting social media goals for your social media campaigns is essential to achieving success through those strategies. It might seem overwhelming at times, but once you have a clear process of setting these goals, you can easily plan and execute them and achieve phenomenal growth through social media.

Hopefully, this article helped in giving you insights on how to plan and exceed social media goals and you will now be more at ease in achieving social media success.