Clubhouse Is Just LinkedIn Built Betterby@cox
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Clubhouse Is Just LinkedIn Built Better

by Brendan CoxMarch 16th, 2021
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LinkedIn may have been the center of business relations for the past decade, but Clubhouse is the Next Gen networking tool we've all been waiting for.

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It should no longer surprise us when brand new social media platforms find their way into the hearts of users in what is surely an over-saturated market. And while each new year seems to bring about some buzz upon some new social media platform, LinkedIn has certainly been the center of networking and business relations for the past decade.

Cut to — Clubhouse: the networking app that's got everyone talking. In case you've been living under a rock:

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse launched its iOS version in April 2020, just less than a year ago. The platform rose to fame in the early months of the pandemic when everyone was working from home.

The app which built “hype” through their invitation-only method has gained tons of traction in just under one year of launching.

Why is Clubhouse the Next Generation LinkedIn?

Linkedin is a platform that is meant for networking with people from your industry but hasn’t evolved much in the past decade.

Clubhouse is taking a more modern approach to networking through what they refer to as “Clubhouse Rooms.”

Clubhouse Rooms are essentially drop-in networking groups that allow for hosts, moderators and guests, some having the ability to speak while others are just there to listen. 

In January of this year, tech billionaire Elon Musk endorsed the app. An Elon Musk endorsement is one of the most powerful things in the business world.

Earlier this year, Musk had announced that he would host a Clubhouse Room with Kanye West, and also revealed that he had invited the president of Russia to speak with him on the platform. 

The platform was ranked as the first among the top free apps on the Apple App Store in Japan and is slowly but surely growing a worldwide audience.

Clubhouse is fast gaining recognition in many countries across the world and seeks to connect people with ease.

In early January 2021 the app became popular in Germany after famous podcasters Klockner and Philipp Gloeckler started an invite chain over a telegram group, bringing many German influencers, journalists, and politicians to the platform. 

Clubhouse is set to define next generation of networking, through better social listening and making it easier to engage in valuable conversations, in-app. 

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