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4 Creative Ways to Use Clubhouse For Marketing by@spekulatius

4 Creative Ways to Use Clubhouse For Marketing

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Building side-projects and learning new stuff every day.

Clubhouse was trending big time, now comes a time of consolidation and figuring out what to do with it 🤔️ That much is clear. This brings one question up: how can you use it for your benefit? What are the common ways to promote your side-project, business, or ideas? Also, how does it integrate with other social media?

Keep reading to learn four methods to drive attention to your business or project with the help of Clubhouse. If you aren’t fully on board, read up on how to use Clubhouse (if you are new and need some more).

Let’s jump straight into the first way to promote your business with expert interviews.

1. Interview Experts Who Turned Their Passion Into a Business

It’s easy to find people who want to talk to you, especially if you’re willing to give them publicity. In the past, finding experts to talk to you meant cold-calling or emailing businesses and people you didn’t know. Fortunately, social media changed all that. Today, it is far easier to find experts willing to talk to you.

The most obvious place to find experts is LinkedIn, which has more than 700 million users worldwide. There, you can reach virtually any profession — even very specialized professions.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to learn more about how to improve the performance of your company’s sales department. Start by putting “sales” in the “Industry” box at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. Then click into the “Companies” box and type in the name of your company. Now hit the Search button to bring up a list of all the companies that have salespeople.

2. Host an AMA or Q&A session

AMA stands for "ask me anything" and it is a type of "self-interview". Traditional interviews are led by a moderator and have pre-selected questions by the interviewer. AMAs have the host actively engaging the audience and having the guests participate. Usually, the questions are sent in by listeners before the session.

In recent years, AMAs have become popular on Reddit and YouTube especially. To learn more about AMAs in general, here. Most of the lessons can be used on Clubhouse.

3. Pre-Event and Post-Event Sessions

A great way to engage with your listeners is with pre and post-events on Clubhouse. Clubhouse Events allow you to create pre-event and post-event discussions for elections, sports events, fundraising challenges, media launches, etc. As you can plan and organize an event for various cases, the limit is your imagination here.

4. Hold a panel discussion on Clubhouse

A panel is a group of experts discussing a topic. Each person in the group needs to be an expert to some degree. Ideally, you want the group to not entirely agree as there wouldn't be much to talk about. Naturally, diverse panels lead to much more interesting discussions.

It is essential to have a moderator to start with - a moderator who can keep the discussion going and solve conflicts if they occur. The moderator's job is to maintain a friendly environment and allow everyone to have a pleasant experience.

Bonus Tip: Get the most out of your social shares

You surely want to take your friends and fans along to your Clubhouse sessions. Yet, whenever you post a Clubhouse link, they look a bit sad:


This leaves room for improvement. ClubLink is a free tool I've built to help with this. It converts your sharing posts to awesome looking images:


This is especially important with dropping

organic traffic from social media
. I hope this helps you driving more attention to your Clubhouse sessions!

Over to you!

With these four ideas, you should be armed to get your sessions going. So head over to Clubhouse and get started today. A spontaneous session often helps to get your direction sorted.