Prepare for you next interview with 30 seconds of interviews by@chalarangelo
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Prepare for you next interview with 30 seconds of interviews

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You might be one of the very best web developers this world has ever seen. Or you can be adequate enough to land a job and keep it. Whatever the case, preparing for an interview never did any harm.

If you are anything like me, you go from overwhelming excitement when you get called in for an interview to instant panic-and-search-all-the-interview-questions-mode a mere 2 minutes later. Looking for material to prepare for an interview can get tough, as you have to manage to look over tons of things you already know in very little time, while struggling to find what information is relevant and up to date. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource that is properly curated and has all that information available in a usable format?

Meet 30 seconds of interviews, the curated collection of common interview questions that will help you prepare for your next interview!

Why 30 seconds of interviews?

There are a few reasons why I would recommend 30 seconds of interviews to anyone preparing for an interview:

  • Created by Stefan Fejes, a passionate 18-year-old web developer and supported by the team and community behind 30 seconds of code, 30 seconds of interviews promises to provide you with the information you need to prepare for an interview without outdated content, ads and irrelevant stuff. More content will be available over time and it will always be curated to deliver the best interview preparation experience possible.
  • The website’s UI is very useful in helping you find the content you need when you need it and understanding it. You can easily filter questions by category and sort them by expertise. That way you can focus on the content that is relevant to you instead of reading a long list of irrelevant questions.


Questions, answers and their associated metadata.

  • Questions have a lot of useful metadata associated with them and it’s readily available. Expertise, category, short list of main points, links to relevant documentation on other websites are all things that you can find right away when reading a question and answer. This saves you a lot of time googling for more in-depth information and trying to figure out what is actually relevant to the question.
  • The whole project is driven by the community and is an effort to give back to the community. If you have a question and answer you want to share, a feature you would like to see implemented, some changes you think that should be made or anything else that could help improve the project, you can easily head over to the Github repository and pitch in. This also ensures that question quality and relevance will remain high over time.

Overall, 30 seconds of interviews’s strength lies in the community behind it and the ongoing effort of a team of people to deliver quality learning resources for free. Hopefully, as time goes by, the community will grow even larger and more people will provide valuable information for anyone trying to land a job in the programming world.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for that job you like right away and start preparing for that big day with 30 seconds of interviews. Or, if you already have a job and feel like heping others land a job on your team, go to the Github repository and help out in the project’s ongoing development!

If you like the project, make sure to star it on Github, it really means a lot to the people developing it!


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