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132 Stories To Learn About Email Marketing

by Learn RepoJune 29th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Email Marketing via these 132 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Email Marketing via these 132 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Send Emails From Node.JS Using Sendinblue in Just 5 Steps

In this article, you will learn how to send emails from Node.js using SendInBlue.

2. An Introduction to Email Scraping

Let's find out what email scraping is, how you can use it, and what's more important: whether it's legal or not.

3. Instagram Email Scraper: How to Increase Email Marketing ROI by 700%

How we got the idea, built and use our Instagram email scraper to help e-commerce businesses sell more.

4. Six New SMTP Services That Are Better Than Sendgrid

Emails are a crucial norm of communication between users and your websites. And everyone wants to send and delivered emails correctly to the inbox of its users.

5. 10 Things to Do in a Professional Email Signature (With Examples)

This article will share ten tips to help you create an informative and effective professional email signature to improve your communication - with examples.

6. Email Design: 12 Best Practices to Increase Click-Through Rates

A well-designed design can be a game-changer!

7. Simple Strategies and Templates for Business Email Signatures

Discover extremely effective strategies for managing business email signatures - What you need to know to get started: basic elements, templates, and more.

8. Email Marketing: Cold Email Outreach Solutions Review For SMBs

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach new customers, especially when viewed from an ROI perspective. No one likes cold email outreach, honestly. The people sending them and the people receiving them don’t like it — but they work, which is why we all keep doing it. Although cold email outreach can be a bit off putting, by doing your research ahead of time and ensuring you are actually reaching out to people who might have some slight interest in your product can go a long way.

9. DOs & DON'Ts of an Email Signature That Works for You

Considering the above discussed DOs & DON’Ts of email signature can increase your chance of getting a response by over 40%.

10. Using Instagram Email Scrapers To Scale an eCommerce Brand

This article goes over my strategy when I used an Instagram Email Scraper to scale my eCommerce brand. I highlight my trials & errors so you can learn from me.

11. How to Setup Action Mailbox with Postfix [Part 2]

This is the second part of a 2 series tutorial to setup action mailbox with postfix. In this part, we will configure postfix in production server to forward incoming emails to our rails app so action mailbox can process it.

12. How to Pick the Best Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing, where many view it as a dying industry, is still very active - by 2024, it is estimated that more than 361 billion emails will be sent each and every day. This massive resource is already being utilized by many different companies to market a wide array of products and services. Email marketing can be much more effective than other forms of marketing campaigns - email marketing campaigns have been shown to acquire 40 times more customers than Twitter and Facebook campaigns combined. Email offers can also make customers spend more than twice as much with a special email offer. Marketing professionals say that email engagement is their top metric for measuring content performance, that email is one of their top free and organic distribution channels, and that email newsletters are their most used form of content marketing.

13. How To Create A Simple Mail Merge Script With Google Apps Script

Learn how to send hundreds of emails in Gmail by building your very own mail merge Gmail script.

14. 15 Email List Building Strategies for Your Startup

Email marketing is the link that builds a relationship between you and your customers. It hardly matters what business you are operating; an email list acts as the most crucial part of an unbeaten market strategy. Using an email list, it becomes easy for you to share your business story, showcase your business products and boost your business, all the while turning your subscribers into your paying customers.

What do you mean by the term Email List?

15. 9 Reasons Why Email Marketing is NOT Dead

Email marketing continues to provide one of the highest conversions and ROI of all marketing channels. Here a 9 reasons why you should do email marketing in 202

16. What You Need To Become the Best Copywriter (age doesn't matter)

Being a copywriter is really something to be proud of.

17. A Glance at Email Marketing for Crypto

18. The Best Free Email Template Builders and Editors

In 2020 when the Covid pandemic has taken over the World, necessitating people to stay at home, email marketing has become one of the most viable tools for drawing attention to the brand, promoting products, and driving traffic. That why email builders are an important part of our list of tools to build emails.

19. 10 Ways To Market Your Online Course

How does one decide on the best marketing channel for their specific business? How does one know the measure for success related to the marketing efforts? Whether you have created the game plan for marketing or still wondering where you should begin with, here we shall cover some of the helpful strategies for your business.

20. Which Candidates' Emails Go into Gmail's Primary, Promotions or Spam Inboxes?

Google’s black box algorithm controls which political emails land in your main inbox. For 2020 presidential candidates, the differences are stark. By Adrianne Jeffries, Leon Yin, and Surya Mattu

21. Introducing a Simple NPM Module with Email Templates

From novice developers to experienced ones, most are involved in sending emails programmatically. Read on to know the need for a default email template package.

22. How to Use Automated Image Generation for Your Business. Get Inspired by Real Examples.

Learn How to Use Automated Image Generation to Increase Traffic, Conversions, and Social Media Visibility? Get inspired by real examples from real businesses...

23. 6 Surprising Blogging Secrets (in 2022)

Using these 6 blogging secrets and focusing on providing value to your readers will help you become a thought leader in your industry and grow your blog.

24. How to Show Live Status Updates in Emails

I got a speeding ticket... However I learned a great new lesson about live data in email campaigns. Learn how to show the payment status or even a countdown.

25. How Should You Choose An Email Marketing Platform For Your Business

Email marketing is still the king of digital marketing. It remains as a top digital marketing channel with the highest return-on-investment (ROI) rates.

26. How to Command Attention with Your Writing

You already know there are a variety of theories on how to seize people's attention.

27. Email Marketing Checklist

Your one-stop checklist for email marketing including common mistakes to avoid, parts to prioritise and other technical components that good campaigns have.

28. Online Marketing vs Experiential Marketing: Key Differences

Usually, people get it mixed up thinking of digital marketing and experiential marketing as two separate entities. Truth be told, for a brand to create a diverse multiple channel strategy to connect their brand to customers — they need to leverage on both digital (online) and physical (offline) marketing.

29. How To Clean An Email List To Improve Deliverability

A clean email list is important to ensure you are sending emails only to people who are interested. Remove inactive subscribers to improve email deliverability.

30. 5 Reasons Why Newsletters Should Be Part Of Your Business Strategy

‘Newsletters? Let’s flock to social media instead.’

31. Social Media Who? Why Email Marketing is the Ultimate Conversion Machine

The best thing about email marketing is that you own your audience!

32. Marketing Tips that Are Totally Plug-and-Play

Learn about the best marketing tools that you can use without much setup or learning

33. Good Cold Email: Can You Write It In Less Than 21 Words?

I came across a wonderful way of writing a short, sweet, and powerful cold email. Thought it might interest you, so here I am. :) Happiness for me is to share every interesting thing I learn!

34. Our Outreach Setup That Grew an E-Commerce Store to 2.5M ARR [How We Did It]

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to get quality data, set up your email accounts, and follow up at a scale of 100k emails per day with a 95% inbox rate.

35. 9 Best Practices for Email List Management

Wondering how to increase ROI from your email list? Here, we are sharing some tried-and-tested tips on and practices on managing email list like a pro.

36. 10 Email Marketing Tips to Enhance Your Virtual Event's Attendance

In this article, you will learn about 10 email marketing tips and tricks you need to follow to enhance your virtual event's attendance.

37. Amid Substack Acquisition Rumors, Twitter Shuts Down Its Free Newsletter Tool

From January 18, 2023, it will no longer be possible to access your Revue account.

38. 11 Customer Support Response Templates That Will Improve Your Email Management

Canned responses help you deliver quick responses while communicating with customers. Here are the most common canned responses that every support rep may need.

39. 8 Essential Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is gaining a lot of visibility and requires the right strategies to gain more customer engagement.

40. What is The Best Timing For Your Emails?

We have mentioned moving your prospects towards the appointment-setting stage a lot. By now, you might be wondering what exactly we mean.

41. How to send thousands of personalized emails like a pro and not a creep

Everybody should know how to use yamm, a tool that allows you to send up to 1.5k 100% personalizable emails at a couple dollars a year.

42. 5 Easy Ways to Increase Email Open Rates for More Conversions

Convincing your recipients to open your emails can be tough. But it's not impossible. Check out these tips to boost your open rates and increase your conversion

43. 12 Ways You Can Use Email to Nurture Leads to Conversion

In Dashly, we prepared 12 examples if emails which can be used to nurture your leads. But for starters, let’s define our concepts.

44. How to Setup Action Mailbox with Postfix [Part 1]

This is the first part of a 2 series tutorial to setup action mailbox with postfix. In this part, we will implement action mailbox with postfix and test in development.

45. How To Draft Emails That Convert Prospectives Into Clients

How to draft emails and convert clients with proper communication skills and effective email signatures.

46. How to Maximize your Cold Email Deliverability

You've spent hours crafting the perfect sales email, but if you're not careful, your message could end up in the dreaded "spam" folder.

47. Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

48. On Amazon Email Template

In case you haven't heard, Amazon accidentally sent an email template to a user early this year.

49. How to Hustle Your Way to 1.5 Million Newsletter Subscribers

This article takes you through the growth journey of The Hustle and the lessons that startups can learn from their growth over the years and how to apply them.

50. A Guide to Cold Emailing and Following Up

A guide to cold emailing and following up with prospects, complete with templates you can use immediately.

51. How To Improve Your Cold Email Outreach ROI: Getting Higher Open and Response Rates

The high ROI of email marketing, which is, by the way, is around 120%, fosters using such approaches as cold email for sales.

52. 4 Tricks to Increase Email Conversions and Make it Rain Baby

Emails can often provide businesses with an excellent opportunity to reach new potential customers and clients – but are they worth the time and effort?

53. Dedicated vs. Shared IPs: What Option is Right for You?

Trying to figure out if you should use a dedicated or shared IP is a big decision. Before deciding, you need to get to know the basics.

54. How We Used an E-mail Campaign to Bring Traffic to our Website

Sometimes you just have to switch things up and break user habits to be successful. If everything is going steady, try this simple campaign switch.

55. 4 Email Marketing Tips to Build Automated Campaigns

Begin email automation with confidence using these four tips to strengthen your marketing campaigns.

56. Email Marketing and How to Curate an Effective Business Newsletter

Email marketing is the most effective channel available to marketers today. It can help you keep your business the center of attention.

57. 3 Ways Email Validation Increases Your Email Marketing Results

Not sure about how email verification can increase the results of your email marketing campaigns? Here's 3 ways email validation helps you with open rates.

58. 9 Ways to Reduce Email Bounce Rate

More and more people are starting to look into online businesses to complement their incomes during this period, or to spin-off from their jobs at risk. With this in mind, email marketing is one of the methods with low barriers of entry, just as e-commerce.

59. How to Manage a Customer Support Team from Home

The world as we know it has changed. Companies are scrambling to find ways to stay afloat and make the remote work model "work." Of all the departments, the customer service department is the hardest hit. Imagine being at the front line, managing cancelled subscriptions, angry and confused customers filing for disputes and what not. Imagine having to do all this from HOME and making sure your performance remains optimal at all times. It's tough. For employees, more so for managers and leaders who have to manage a vast team with no processes in place.

60. Automating Newsletters Generation from RSS Feeds Using Platypush

I’ve always been a supporter of well-curated newsletters. They give me an opportunity to get a good overview of what happened in the fields I follow within a span of a day, a week or a month. However, not all the newsletters fit this category. Some don’t think three times before selling email addresses to 3rd-parties — and within the blink of an eye your mailbox can easily get flooded with messages that you didn’t request. Others may sign up your address for other services or newsletters as well, and often they don’t often much granularity to configure which communications you want to receive.

61. How To Build Your Kickstarter Email List With A Lead Magnet Funnel

Want to launch a Kickstarter campaign? Learn how to use a lead magnet to build an email list of potential backers that will fund your project.

62. How to Track Email Effectiveness in Mixpanel Analytics w/

Learn how to seamlessly incorporate Mixpanel analytics into your email communication by integrating it with Mailgun using automation platform.

63. How We Increased User Retention in the LoopMessage App Using Free Messaging

The LoopMessage app helped increase user retention several times. This was reached by sending free personalized messages via popular instant messengers.

64. 5 Great Email Marketing Hacks for Startups

Generally, startups have to use any available opportunity to get an advantage in competing with other companies. It means they should adopt various tools and strategies and adapt them to their current marketing can be one of them. It can not only grow brand awareness for startups but also increase revenue. In this article, you will learn some hacks that will lead young businesses in the right direction considering email marketing.

65. How to Map Marketing Automation to Milestones In Your Customer Journey

The marketing automation market is predicted to reach $32.6 Billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.6%.

66. When You Accidentally Send Your Note-to-Self to the CEO

While in a frazzled state, I completely forgot this little bit of information.

67. 6 Code Optimization Tips For Building Email Templates

The LLazyEmail project is working on a third email template right now. The main goal is to spend less time converting the next template into pieces.

68. Cold E-mailing: The Wonders It Could Do for You

Aleksandr Volodarsky goes over the benefits of cold e-mailing.

69. [Minimizing Startup Costs] We Built our Own Email Marketing App in 4 Weeks

Thanks to Hiten Shah who generously reviewed an early draft of this article.

70. 5 Easy Ways to Create Newsletters that Convert

There are 5 tips you can use to improve your newsletter ROI. Segmenting email is a good start as it delivers more value to the reader, but there's also more.

71. Email is Not Dead: Response Time is Everything

Email has been going strong for over 50 years but according to many news outlets, including Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Wall Street Journal, email’s use has gone down drastically. But the data tells a different story; it is estimated that by 2022, 126.7 trillion emails will be sent. In 2017, 90% of all Americans of all ages, from 15 all the way to 65 and up, checked their emails regularly. Even Gen Z checks their email - and quite often too. More than half check their emails several times each day. So in the end, email is alive and well and is still commonly used for personal and business applications. Using email for business can be a tricky endeavor however.

72. 7 Best Practices To Leverage Omnichannel Customer Service

Over the years, how companies handle customer service has changed dramatically. More than a decade ago, phones or fax were the only ways to contact a company.

73. How to Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers: 7 Proven Ways

  1. Make Registration Simple I'm not implying that your users don't have their heads, but some websites are really hard to sign up for.

74. Email Marketing: How To Tell Stories that Get People To Buy

Your email marketing strategy can either be a win or a miss. This article shows you how to tell stories through emails to increase conversions & inspire trust.

75. A Complete Guide to Online Marketing for Businesses

What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is a online marketing promotion efforts or assets. PPC advertising, email marketing, SEO & social media marketing.

76. How To Nail Video Email Marketing With Seasonal Email Campaigns

Ah, so you've decided to use video marketing. A wise choice indeed, seeing as, according to Google, "6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV".

77. 16 Best Canned Response Examples for Customer Service

Just to be clear. When we say canned response, we don’t mean those automatic commonplace emails like “We received your request and will get back to you as soon as possible. Your ticket number is 345678.”

78. Why You Should Start Using AI in Marketing (An Introductory Explainer)

Creating personalized campaigns, predictive analysis, and more: here's an introductory note on how AI can be used in marketing for those new to the subject.

79. 4 Effective Email Marketing Strategies for 2021

Here are a few email marketing strategies that work wonders for businesses, making it easier for them to achieve their conversion goals.

80. How to Integrate Analytics into Your Marketing Strategy

So you have started a new business? Congratulations! Launching a brand can be as competitive as struggling to find a satisfactory corporate job. And promoting it can also be quite challenging. You may think that it is enough to drive it alone with passion and enthusiasm, but even with these two attributes, you know what has exactly been missing.

81. 4 Tips for Successfully Launching Your First Digital Product

Launching a digital product isn't easy, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your next product launch.

82. Adapting Outreach and Marketing Strategies to the COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has put the world as we know it on stall. Lockdown strategies adopted by governments worldwide mean one thing for most businesses:

83. 5 Auto-Message Sequences You Can Run Right Now

In Dashly, we adore auto messages. It saves us lots of time, as they automatically generate and warm up leads. In this article, we share an easy way for you to create a message chain right now if you have never done this before. Here’s a list of five auto messages sequence which will be beneficial to both you and your clients.

84. 23 Free Digital Tools That Will Save You Thousands Of Hours

23 Digital Tools That Will Save You Thousands Of Hours

85. 4 Creative Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Product Launch

Are you having trouble generating buzz around your new product launch? Check out our guide on how to generate buzz for your new product launch.

86. Why Do Cold Emails Need Anti-Spam Filtering Service

Anti-spam campaigns and anti-spam monitoring are essential parts of cold email and marketing campaigns.

87. 5 Best E-mail Tracking Tools

Email tracking tool enables companies to gather crucial insights line click rate, bounce rate, etc which can help in formulating better business strategies.

88. How Grammarly Climbed Its Way to 30 Million Daily Users Worldwide

You don't have to be big to make an impact: Grammarly took six years to make its way out of the garage and into the mainstream market.

89. Attribution for Doubting Marketers

Attribution is the scariest beast to wake up in the world of marketing analytics. Only about half of companies in the US with more than 100 employees are using attribution modeling, but this number is expected to rise to 88% in 2020 according to eMarketer estimates.

90. Marketing Strategies to Help Get Your Startup Noticed

You can’t overstate the importance of marketing for startups.

91. The Importance of Email Service Provider in Email Marketing

Using an Email Service Provider allows tracking open, click and bounce rates which helps you to optimize your email marketing campaign.

92. What is Email Deliverability Why Should You Care?

From carefully choosing your email service provider, tracking sender behavior, there are different ways you can improve your email deliverability with results.

93. Boost Your Email Marketing Conversions Using 4 Simple Strategies

Are you planning to make an online purchase? Don’t forget checking the product reviews first.

94. How to Incorporate Conversational Marketing Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

In a world where brands are fiercely competing for consumers' attention, how do you stand out? By having conversations with your customers like they'refriends.

95. Build Your Startup Brand To Effectively Expand Your Customer Base

To start your brand, you need to decide on a name for the company, settle down on the services or products you are planning to offer, register your company, etc

96. Cool Newsletters for developers [Part 1]

Here we'll explore cool newsletters for developers for developers

97. 22 Best Tools to Use for Marketing Startups in 2022

Good advice on the useful tools in different marketing niches. Short description of tools that can be really useful for marketing startups

98. Why You Need an Email List and 3 Ways to Get Your First Subscribers

Having an email list you regularly communicate with is plain smart, and it’s never too late to start.

99. 9 Super-Effective Practices to Find Email Addresses in Fewer Than 1 Minute

Want to know how to find email addresses in simple and effective ways? Here’s the tips, tricks, and tools to find email addresses effectively in under a minute.

100. Cool resources for sending emails

Today, I found out that I have a lot of open tabs related to emails. Let's close them and collect some important notes

101. 5 Email Marketing Tactics That Lead to Demand Generation Success

Email marketing is a versatile tool that has the potential to generate leads through targeted outreach to reach businesses and potential decision-makers.

102. Picture Your DRIP MARKETING On Top: Read This And Make It So

The first step in developing a drip campaign is segmenting your email list. Make sure you segment your email lists properly to get the maximum response rate

103. Did Political Candidates Use Psychological Tricks in Their Emails?

Arvind Narayanan discusses whether or not political candidates use psychological tricks in their e-mails to supporters.

104. Quantifying The ROI of Email Marketing

The return on investment (ROI) for your email marketing is important so you'll need to know how to maximize it. Look at your bounce rate, open, and click rates.

105. The A-Z Of Email Development And Sending Emails

All email fundamentals that every developer must know. What an email consists of, how it gets from sender to recipient, and other basics.

106. 4 Ways To Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Are you looking for a way to secure more sales and build customer loyalty? If so, you’re in the right place.

107. How to Learn About Your Target Audience (5 Ways)

Do you want to build actionable buyer personas with concrete customer data? Here's how to get started...

108. Here's How I Mined My Mailbox to Find The Top Email Service Providers

I was reviewing some stats for Mailintel and was curious about what email service top apps use; being particularly interested in transactional email services. Is there a way I can go through my mailbox, check product emails and check the service for each? Sounds like a fun experiment to give a shot.

109. How to Create “engagement loops” to Dominate Social Media Reach

It's easy to get likes on social media, but how do you turn likes and shares into something that contributes to your key business metrics? By doing this...

110. Common Misconceptions in Direct Marketing

There are lot of ways how to do marketing. You cannot say that one is wrong and other is right. But you can say that one is efficient, and the other one is not.

111. 4 Ways to Get More Authentic Email Newsletter Subscribers

Building a subscriber base and keeping them interested is the foundation to email newsletter success. Here are 4 mantras to build a loyal subscriber base.

112. Email Marketing For Tech: A Definitive Guide

Tech companies can use a wide range of inbound marketing strategies to generate leads and grow their companies - but none has a higher lead conversion rate than email marketing.

113. Why Data is Pivotal to Email Marketing

Email marketing today thrives on personalization. With Data, you have all it takes to “hit the bull’s eye".

114. #Together4Victory: List of Email Marketing Tools

Today I'm collecting a list of email marketing service providers

115. 5 Key Benefits of Using Videos In Emails as A Marketing Strategy

Video email marketing is a more effective technique of communicating with your customers. Videos are personal, engaging, & are great for improving conversions

116. Businesses Have Messy Emails

Email sucks. What we can do about it?

117. Steal Like Robin Hood: 3 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you looking for low-cost marketing ideas for small businesses? This article is for you.

118. An Assembly Model for Evaluating Email Marketing Metrics

How do you know that your emails are effective and bring you more benefit than harm? In this article, we ( will tell you which metrics are used in email marketing, which of them are more reliable, in what cases each of them should be important to you, and, most importantly, how and with what tools you can influence them.

119. 6 Interesting Email Marketing Facts to Quiz your Coworkers On

Do you know any of these email marketing facts? I believe everyone in online business and marketing should know these.

120. Social Media, Blogging and Email Are Still Effective in Good Hands

121. SMS Marketing 101: How to Get Started

Text messaging is a direct line of communication with the customer and is very effective but only if it is planned to keep certain rules in mind.

122. How To Boost Your Email Conversions With An Email Preferences Page

You can control your unsubscribe rate! An email preference page is a powerful tool to keep your email subscribers engaged & your unsubscribe rate down.

123. Businesses Have Messy Emails: The Relationship between Security and Sales

Let's face it - email sucks. But they still important part of business development

124. Squeeze Pages Are The Key To Efficiently Grow Your Email List

As a digital marketer, you all hope to see “mail” in your audience inbox.

125. Exploring Substack for Building Your Newsletter

This Slogging thread by and Arthur Tkachenko occurred in slogging's official #random channel, and has been edited for readability.

126. The “Big 6” Activities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing activities are the things you do to reach potential customers on their computer devices. Almost every digital marketing activity falls into one of the “big 6” types.

127. The Best Marketing Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Marketing is important to any business either small or large. But as customers are evolving, so does the  unpredictable marketing landscape. This necessitates relevant businesses likely to spend more and more  time in order to keep up with the latest trends and evidence.

128. Building a Design System for Email Templates (React)

Arthur Tkachenko is releasing a React component-based design system for email templates.

129. How To Add Action Mailbox To A Rails 6 Application

Sending mail from a Rails application has been covered by hundreds or thousands of articles, however, there is not a ton of articles about receiving, parsing and using the new ActionMailbox.

130. A Marketer's Guide to GDPR

In God we trust, all others must bring data – W. Edwards Deming

131. Deconstructing A Billion Dollar Newsletter Business: An Agora Case-Study

How this company generates over $1B every year with newsletters.

132. Top 20 Email Verification Services Compared in 2021

After some research, we’ve analyzed 20+ best email verification services of 2021 to help you choose the ideal one for your business.

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