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5 Best E-mail Tracking Tools

by Vineet GuptaJuly 21st, 2022
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There is no "ideal" technology for tracking emails, and not every option is appropriate for every team. Email tracking lets a business or an individual know whether their emails to other people have been opened, the links have been clicked, and the attachments have been viewed or not. 87% of global marketers use automated email marketing, according to a study by This has a significant impact on your marketing and sales teams' thinking among other things.

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Imagine this!

You are sending emails to your clients offering the best of your products and not getting any responses. What would be the first thoughts that would cross your mind?

Are my clients even receiving the emails? If yes, are they opening it or not?

Right? Wouldn’t be awesome if you are able to instantly see when emails have been viewed and which links have been visited?

In order to increase engagement, your outreach plan, and ultimately your revenue, it will be marvelous! Of course, choosing the best email monitoring tool can be challenging given the wide variety of tools, features, and costs available. There is no "ideal" technology for tracking emails, and not every option is appropriate for every team. Which one will be best for you depends on your industry, your needs, and your budget.

In order to help you start your search for the best fit for your company, we're going to examine in detail the top 5 email tracking tools and software solutions available in the market. We'll explain how they operate, how much they cost, and what features set them apart. Let’s get started!

What is email tracking?

Let’s keep it quick and simple- email tracking lets a business or an individual know whether their emails to other people have been opened, the links have been clicked, and the attachments have been viewed or not.

In a highly competitive email environment, it essentially enables one to develop interactive relationships with one's prospects. Email marketing has an ability many media don't- creating valuable, human touches - at scale. Hence, it’s the most widely used technology for customer engagement. 87% of global marketers use automated email marketing.

In essence, email tracking is a technique for monitoring the delivery of emails to the intended recipients. It entails implementing a digitally time-stamped method that can identify the precise day and time that an email was received or opened. Additionally, it is able to determine the recipient's IP address.

Why are email tracking tools are used?

Many businesses still don't keep track of their email strategies. They believe that all they need to do is send an email. But that’s a faulty approach!

Let’s dive into some of the advantages of employing email tracking software:

1. Encourages dialogue

The final objective of sending an email must be this. Particularly as a salesperson, the quicker you get your receiver to press the respond button, the less queasy you feel inside. Adopting such a tool does not guarantee a conversation will occur (nothing can!). However, it will provide you with the tools you need to attempt and participate wisely. For instance, you would know to follow up appropriately if you saw that a prospect had opened your email and clicked on the links you had included. because he or she is still thinking of you constantly. Even with the follow-ups, learning how much interaction there was on them will allow you to adjust the content.

2. Provides background

Implementing such a solution will provide you with a comprehensive activity history with each prospect in addition to the indicators indicated above. You can gain insight into the lead character's mindset by doing this. For instance, what time do your leads usually open emails? Which subject lines are effective? You may occasionally even receive your prospect's social media pages. This will help you locate the one thing that will catch his or her attention. You can write better emails that are more likely to achieve your goals by comprehending and utilizing these.

3. Creates automated processes

Tracking emails can serve as a reliable foundation on which to develop a full marketing/sales strategy. You can create email marketing automations based on triggers with the help of advanced tools.

You now have the ability to define a lead path creatively. You could, for instance, decide to send a pre-written but personalized follow-up message once a link is clicked. Alternately, delay sending the subsequent email until a certain period of time has passed after the previous one was opened. In each of these scenarios, the dream begins with a straightforward action: email tracking.

An email tracking program's information can make a significant difference. This has a significant impact on your marketing and sales teams' thinking, among other things. Because they are armed with information, the way they function also changes. We no longer send emails in the dark and pray for the best.

4. Send further, powerful follow-ups

Once your campaigns have email tracking enabled, you may organize your email follow-ups to maximize conversions. As a result of being able to see the audience's response in detail, and make customized reports, you can intelligently connect with them in the future to meet their needs and turn leads and possibly create more business by referrals by paying attention to the smallest actions made.

5. Determine the best days to send emails

You can determine the ideal times and best days to send your emails by monitoring your email analytics. Because each member of your audience is different, it's possible that they won't all be reading your emails at once. However, you may examine the ideal day to send emails for greater interaction by using insights into your recipients' email engagement days provided by email tracking solutions. As per a study by Campaign Monitor, Monday has the highest opening rate. So choose your days wisely!

5 Best Email Tracking Tools for more Leads

Make sure you are aware of the options available before deciding on one for your email marketing. In order to facilitate your study, I've reviewed the top email monitoring software in this article.

Check out this list for the top email tracking software options, which contain all of their features and pricing options for your consideration.

1. EmailAnalytics

What gets measured gets improved, and you can visualize your email activity (as well as your team’s) with EmailAnalytics.. It provides detailed email metrics such as sent emails, received emails, email traffic by day and hour top senders and recipients, and much more. It works seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook. It also automatically measures email response time, enabling you to track and improve this crucial KPI for yourself or your team.

With EmailAnalytics, you can automatically track your team’s email activity and visualize it with intuitive charts, tables, and graphs. . There’s no software to install, no training required, and setup takes less than 60 seconds.

Sales teams, customer service teams, and remote teams stand to benefit the most from EmailAnalytics, because of its ability to enhance performance – especially response time, in conversations where speed matters.

Important characteristics:

  • Seamless integrations with Google Workspace (Gmail)  and Microsoft 365 (Outlook)
  • Add your team and view their email analytics
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly email reports to help managers keep their finger on the pulse of their team’s email communications


  • $15 per inbox per month

2. SendX

SendX is an Intuitive and Feature-rich email marketing platform. . It assists you in sending emails to subscribers, and website visitors, engaging with them through drip sequences, and creating unique journeys utilizing robust yet straightforward automation.

According to the SendX review, SendX offers the most competitive price in the market, making it ideal for startups and small enterprises. SendX is simple to use, has good deliverability, and offers round-the-clock phone, chat, and email customer care. SendX is a deserving review winner because it is jam-packed with useful features like one-click resend and automated geo-targeted timezone deliverability.

Important characteristics:

  • Good Automation, Segmentation & Tagging
  • 24/7 Phone & Chat Support
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • 50+ email Templates +1/2 Million Stock Photos
  • Excellent Email Deliverability + Smart Deliverability + Geo-Targeted Deliverability + Push Notifications


The cost of the business plan depends upon the number of subscribers. The basic plan starts from $7.49 / month.

3. Mailmunch

Maillmunch’s lead generation solution integrates landing pages, forms, and email marketing to make it easier for you to collect leads and deliver email campaigns from a single platform.

Over 100,000 companies use the lead generating and Mailmunch’s email marketing platform. Lead capture is Mailmunch's primary service, but it has expanded to include other tools including landing pages and email marketing. About 80% of Mailmunch's clients are small and medium-sized businesses, and it is largely utilized by B2B companies.

Important characteristics:

  • You can quickly incorporate lead capturing forms onto your website using Mailmunch.
  • A variety of feature kinds are available from Mailmunch, including lead generating, landing sites, and email marketing.
  • Despite being rudimentary, Mailmunch's email marketing module is less expensive than independent email marketing solutions.


The cost of the premium plan starts at $13.99/month.

4. Benchmarkemail

With this user-friendly email marketing and marketing automation software, you may start customer interactions. Utilize our drag and drop email builder to quickly create attractive emails, and use our email marketing checklist to ensure that each send is prepared for delivery. It's simple to expand your subscriber list with landing pages, forms, and surveys. Building effective email campaigns have never been simpler. -100+ personnel in 15 nations - 9 languages supported - Constant, Dedicated Support


  • Email editor

By displaying one step every page, Benchmark Email demonstrates the best ways to create emails. It prompts you to add a subject line after asking whether you want to utilise the drag-and-drop editor, plain text editor, or code the email yourself.

By taking things step by step, you can be sure that you've done everything. The checklist of tasks you must finish before sending the email is then shown. Similar to Mailchimp, this method makes it simple for email marketers who are new to the field to comprehend what to do and how to accomplish it.

  • Contact management

You can add contacts to Benchmark Email in a variety of ways, including manually, by uploading a list, copying and pasting them from another document, or by importing them from another program. Although Benchmark Email allows you to develop sign-up forms to expand your contact list, it is not very sophisticated or user-friendly and is challenging to configure.


The Pro plan starts at $11/month.

5. Hubspot

This email tracking tool helps you keep leads engaged by informing you when they open emails.

Some of the top attributes of this email monitoring tool that can help your email marketing operations are listed below:

Check Your Leads' Past: They have an integrated activity stream. Each lead's history is instantly logged into your browser.

Email sequences: This function enables you to execute your campaign automatically so that no leads are lost.

Email Scheduling: Emails may be scheduled for delivery at a specific time and date. Additionally, you may use machine learning to send emails to your prospects during the times when they are most engaged.

Email templates: With the help of this function, you may create email templates out of your repetitious emails.

Important characteristics:

  • a fluid analytics dashboard that provides a thorough analysis of email performance.
  • Track email opens, clicks, and downloads immediately, then send timely follow-up emails.
  • desktop notifications that alert you when a message is opened.
  • You can automatically follow up with the relevant prospect thanks to built-in email sequences.
  • Tracks email openings and interactions and puts that data into each prospect's CRM account automatically.
  • Price: Though free to use, the email tracking tool only has a few capabilities. It's a good fit if you send fewer campaigns and have a tiny subscriber base. But you need a premium plan if you want more sophisticated features.


  • Starter: Starting at $45 per month with a monthly email send limit of 5X contact tier.
  • Professional: Starting at $800 per month with a monthly email send limit of 10X contact tiers.
  • Enterprise: Starting at $3,200/month with a monthly email send cap of 20X contact tiers.

Stay on top of the game!

You can stay on track with your email marketing campaign by using email tracking. These email monitoring apps can help you save time and work more productively.

You can also more easily capture leads with the aid of email insights. I sincerely hope that the list above has assisted you in locating the ideal email tracking tool for your company's email marketing.