Squeeze Pages Are The Key To Efficiently Grow Your Email Listby@digitalverma
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Squeeze Pages Are The Key To Efficiently Grow Your Email List

by Digital VermaDecember 18th, 2020
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As a digital marketer, you all hope to see “mail” in your audience inbox. 

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Capturing emails is an essential strategy to gather leads. 

In order to grow your email list, the best methodology is to create a lead magnet or offer useful content.

This may sound like an old strategy, but this is what works!

As per recent research, the number of email users will grow to be 3 billion worldwide

Additionally, email has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent.

So, how do you capture emails? 

A squeeze page is one of the essential strategies to grow your email list. 

What is a Squeeze Page?

A Squeeze page is a landing page made with the sole aim of gathering email addresses. 

A squeeze page comprises a headline, some text, and a form which must include the name and email address.

Once users reach the landing page and enter their email address, they expect something in return. 

After a user has entered their email address on your squeeze page, you should:

Provide your content offer asap

Users should see a thank you page the moment they provide you the details. 

Also, let them know the next step.

Send automated mail to users.

Tips and Tricks to Create a Squeeze Page to Generate Leads

  1. Call to Action: Remember to ensure that you put only one call to action. The CTA button should be clear, actionable, and visible.
  2. Write to the point, captivating copy: The content should be brief, gripping, readable, and informative. It should influence the user to want to enter their email address.
  3. Include Testimonials: To put a better impact, add some 1-2 testimonials below your form. People get influenced when they see other users are happy with you.
  4. Add Multimedia: The graphics on your page should be attractive.
  5. Deliver an alluring content offer: Your content should have high value, for instance, an email course, templates, or an ebook.

A perfect Squeeze page is not an overnight process.

It would be best if you try A/B testing to understand your user’s preference. Try different calls to action, graphics, or headlines.

Squeeze Page Examples

It is always better to check out some successful live examples to ensure a result-oriented Squeeze page.

1. Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi, an author, has a squeeze page in the form of a "Free Tools" page.

This squeeze page uses fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) to gather email addresses. The headline includes the phrase "Free Insider's Kit" to allure users.

The sole aim of this page is to collect email leads.

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger offers free training to gather email addresses. They have designed their squeeze page keeping in mind the simplicity factor.

 They have ample white space with high contrast on the form. The ad copy is written beautifully. They have mentioned the goal and the solution to influence the users.

3. The Hustle

You all must be aware that hustle is a subscription newsletter that provides you with the latest in the tech and business world by email. So, to get their content, you need to subscribe to their newsletter.

Their squeeze page is highly efficient. They convey their goal "business and tech in 5 minutes or less" very clearly. Their call to action is loud, which attracts the user.  

To analyze some more squeeze pages, you can check out Drip, Backlinko, and Marie Forleo.

Topmost Squeeze Page Builders

You must be thinking, what is the best way to create a Squeeze page?

To your rescue, there are some amazing Squeeze page builders you can depend upon.

However, it's essential to ensure that you integrate your squeeze page builder with email autoresponder.  

There are various squeeze page builders like Hubspot, Leadpages, Clickfunnel, Wordstream and many more. 

Let us discuss the top 3 builders.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot helps you to create lovely landing pages in the same tool you use for email marketing, your CRM, and your CMS - for free.

There is an in-built library of mobile-friendly templates with 100% proven conversion rates. All 

You need to add the correct add copy and multimedia.

You can also create healthy squeeze pages that show different content based on a user's location, source, and other contact details stored in your CRM.

2. Leadpages

Leadership assists in building a  DIY landing page. 

This tool helps you build your page by drag and drop methodology. 

You can drag and drop elements as per your requirements to create the squeeze page. Lead pages also provides you with mobile-friendly templates.

You can easily A/B test your pages with the tool to create a perfect landing page with a high conversion rate.

3. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnel is an effortless and quick tool that helps you create a funnel.

For instance, along with your squeeze page, you can create your other marketing automations and up-sell pages with this tool. 

This is an excellent tool in case you want to create a squeeze page with other landing pages.  

ClickFuneels also has a detail guide on, 'How to create a squeeze page'

Wrap up!

It is highly essential to understand how squeeze pages can generate leads irrespective of whether you have created landing pages. 

Squeeze pages are not just like other landing pages. 

Instead, it requires some brainstorming sessions. 

It would be best to keep your aim and target audience in mind when creating a squeeze page.