How to Use Automated Image Generation for Your Business. Get Inspired by Real
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How to Use Automated Image Generation for Your Business. Get Inspired by Real Examples.

by DynaPicturesJuly 14th, 2022
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Automated image generation can be a huge help in achieving this goal, as it turns manual daily toil into a feasible, efficient, and cost-efficient process. Using an image generation platform such as [DynaPictures] helps scale your marketing efforts and achieve more results. You can generate images for e-commerce, social media creatives, visual reports, personalized certificates, and badges.

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As a marketing specialist or business owner, you experience the need to promote your products and services, stand out from the crowd, and drive more traffic and conversions. Automated image generation can be a huge help in achieving this goal, as it turns manual daily toil into a feasible, efficient, - and cost-efficient process. Most importantly, this helps to produce more visual content and boost exposure to potential leads with the same team resources.

As markets become more saturated and competition becomes fierce, the need for differentiation seems to be required more than ever before. One of the strategies to apply in this environment is implementing new technologies and techniques to get ahead. We are not talking AR/VR just yet, since delivering memorable visual content will already be a game-changer.

Visual content is easier to consume and helps to show your products or services in the context relevant to potential customers. Thus, increasing the chances that your message hits the sweet spot, helping your user make their desired action. Below are some stats on the effectiveness and marketing value of visual content (source).

Effectiveness of visual content

Read more on how using an image generation platform such as DynaPictures helps scale your marketing efforts and achieve more results.

Image generation for E-commerce

Generally, as an online shop owner, you have thousands of products in your catalog. Showcasing your products by combining multiple product images into one banner, and adding discounts and product highlights to the banner helps to capture visitors’ attention and increase sales.  Producing banners for thousands of products would take lots of time and money. This is a hidden opportunity that one can leverage by generating thousands of banners with special offers and placing them in the shop, on social media, and on other online channels.

Image generation for E-commerce

There are many other uses for e-commerce marketers or owners so that they can  benefit from dynamic image generation:

  • Show how your goods (pictures, art, furniture, etc) look in the customer's interior

  • Show how pictures look with different frames

  • Show how clothes look on different people

  • Show how the logo looks on merchandise (and enable print on demand)

  • Show how your tools look on your prospect’s website

  • Show how wheels look on a  car.

Generate images to show how your goods (pictures, art, furniture, etc) look in the customer's interior

Can you spot the pattern here?

This approach brings the following benefits:

  • Increased conversion rate, as customers can test your goods out immediately
  • Increased customer satisfaction, because they see what they buy
  • Decreased returns and chargebacks, because they get exactly what they ordered.

Image generation for email marketing

As an email marketer or online shop owner, you have a data source with customers’ variables and your product data or special offers. Simply connect the data source with the customer's name to the product data and special offers, then generate images with the personalized offers.

The main advantages of automated image creation for email campaigns are as follows:

  • Increased conversion rates with a personalized offer (e.g. sending pictures tagged with wordings from the client’s industry significantly increases conversions according to the “Data-Driven Marketing” book)
  • Increased customer engagement

Using personalized images in emails also allows your image to look professional across all browsers, devices, and email clients. There's no need to worry about testing your emails across all email clients or having broken layered images result in a poor customer experience.

Feel free to take a look at other campaigns you can launch with automated image generation in email campaigns.

Here are some examples of customized follow-up emails you can create with DynaPictures:

  • Send the product your customer was interested in with personalized text and coupon code.

  • Send personalized images such as a coffee cup, laptop with a website, etc. depending on the customer segment or profile.

  • Send the most suitable pictures based on persona and customer journey.

Generate personalized images with prospects' websites

Other use cases can include the following:

  • Generate hyper-personalized welcome and follow-up email banners
  • Generate hundreds of image variations for bulk emails (with discount values etc.)
  • Bonus hack: Dynamically tag pictures with data sources from 3rd party vendors and public data, e.g. Crunchbase.

The most effective domains for applying this approach include E-commerce, SaaS, email outreach, targeting, re-targeting, etc.

Using image personalization in email campaigns enables you to use pictures as a personal touch, drive engagement in your prospects and successfully convert them into loyal customers.

Image generation for social media

Generate content for social media

Organic social media reach is diminishing. If people are not engaging with your posts you are at risk of your organic reach dropping from 1-2% lower. Visual content helps you get attention, it stops users from scrolling past your posts and allows them to engage with your content.

Social media marketers usually spend 1-2 weeks creating a social media feed for the next 3-4 months. Connecting a database of quotes, holidays, and events to DynaPictures will result in quick and effective social banner creation. You can generate banners in hours instead of weeks!

Here is what one of DynaPictures customers has to say about their experience with using our platform for automating social media marketing campaigns:

“Took about 15 minutes to create an automated social media picture/quote/meme factory! This was a huge timesaver and it required zero troubleshooting, it just worked the first time through. Seriously, what am I going to do with the rest of my afternoon?"

Craig Sherman, CEO @ Sociamonials

Below we cover some social media marketing cases when the ability to generate images in bulk is crucial  for you:

  • Bulk image generation for paid social media campaigns of varying sizes for different audience segments, for multiple campaigns, social networks, and A/B tests.
  • Creative engaging content for all your social media such as quotes, stories, etc.

Generate banners and social media creatives

As a result, you save 2 to 6 hours per working day while growing your social media presence and engagement with more content.

Creation of visual reports and results tables directly from your data

If you are in the financial, sports, or betting business then you know that sports matches happen frequently and at any time of the day. In any case, users want to see the results immediately.

You can hire a team of designers working 24/7 or you can automate image generation.

Designers can make human errors and your users could be frustrated if you skew the result.

Naturally, you’d like to transform raw data into informative infographics, pie charts, and other visuals:

  • Sports matches results
  • Stock trading data
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Trend forecasts, etc.

Image generation for visual reports and result tables

The advantages of this approach are the automated creation of social media, emails and data feed that drive customer engagement.

Webinar invitations and event announcements

Generate images for webinar announcements and invitations

As a webinar maker, you likely create images for your webinar announcement manually. Webinars and online events happen regularly, but the only things that change in the banner are the date, time, and topic. This is a perfect example of how automated image generation can help.

==Simply create a spreadsheet with all the topics and dates, import it to DynaPictures and you are ready to go!==You can even automate it with Zapier to be published across your social media or email automatically.

There are numerous cases when you need to generate invitations or announcements images en masse:

  • Announce online or offline events, webinars, etc.
  • Send personalized invitations
  • Create personalized badges and tickets

Generate personalized badges and tickets

Using DynaPictures you can get the following advantages:

  • Boost your events bookings
  • Increase show-up rate
  • Let every visitor feel special

As you can see, even something as ordinary as a webinar invitation can be made unique and feel personal.

Image personalization for certificates

Generate personalized certificates

No doubt, receiving a certificate makes someone feel special. It describes a significant effort invested in achieving a certain goal, so it must be personal, and unique to its owners. However, for the issuing party, they are a daily part of their routine and can benefit from automated image creation.

Here are just several examples of how to use dynamically-generated images:

  • Issuing certificates for online course participants.
  • Issuing “Thank you!” certificates for loyal customers, active clients, etc.
  • Adding gamification and boosting engagement. You can issue certificates automatically, when users reach some level when working with the product - e.g. posted X comments, uploaded X documents, stayed for X years/months.

With this approach, you save time and effort on automated certificate generation while strengthening relations with customers by commending their loyalty.

How to Use DynaPictures?

Using DynaPictures is very simple:

  • Create account
  • Choose or create a template
  • Customize layers
  • Launch auto-generation
  • Download and enjoy!

There are multiple solutions for automated image generation on the market. Why use DynaPictures?

  • Free plan and affordable pricing (great deal compared to competitors)

  • Unlimited traffic (compared with BannerBear)

  • Easy to integrate with other tools using API or No-Code tools (Zapier, Integrately, Pabbly, etc.)

  • DynaPictures provides some advanced features:

    1. Automation with a spreadsheet allows you to generate images in bulk from .csv files
    2. One of the fastest tools for automated image creation
    3. New powerful AI features are coming (face detection, automated background removal, etc)

Treat your pictures as a layered cake with a cherry on top

By using DynaPictures, you treat your pictures as a layered cake with a cherry on top:

  • Every layer of a picture can be changed separately, allowing you to create numerous combinations of elements. This can be done manually or via API to ensure you can generate images in bulk for your website content and/or marketing campaigns.
  • DynaPictures is just like your other favorite No-Code tools. You don’t have to be a developer to make the most out of it — everything is self-explanatory and easily configurable, and also provides a powerful range of image creation tools.

To sum it all up, automated image generation in E-commerce is a great way to maximize the efficiency of your marketing efforts, while providing a memorable, personalized, and positive customer experience.


To wrap it all up, automated image generation is an efficient and cost-effective solution for creating impactful, memorable, and diverse marketing content, which supports your business growth.

In this article, we shared some image auto-generation ideas and a brief guide on how to use the DynaPictures platform.

How did automated image creation work for you before? What automation trends do you see?

Share your insights in the comments below!