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DOs & DON'Ts of an Email Signature That Works for You

by Alice JacksonJanuary 7th, 2021
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Considering the above discussed DOs & DON’Ts of email signature can increase your chance of getting a response by over 40%.

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What is an Email Signature?

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Now that actually counts! This is a statement to consider when you communicate with people through email. When you send a professional, promotional or personal email, let the recipient know about you or your brand. Allow them to get information in detail about you and your company via email signature.

An email signature is an amalgamation of words embedded at the end of an every email message you send. It is specifically used to present all your business information including name, email address, contact information, website URL.

What Makes an Email Signature Important?

Email signature is highly imperative for effective communication. It is a powerful tool that establishes corporate identity and markets your brand to diverse stakeholders. An email signature has the potential to double your profit, leaving a deep-rooted impression on your subscribers.

Like normal signatures, email signatures should be customized and unique. Now, you might be wondering how to make your signature positively impact your reputation. Well we have listed down some parameters that are sure to add professionalism, marketing value to your email signature.

Continue reading to have a checklist of all the things to include & not to include in creating a decent, eye-catchy email signature. Here we go:

1. Do Keep It Concise & Clear

Remember to keep your email signature short and direct. Try to stick to a maximum of four lines with only the needful information – your name, the name of your company, email address, contact number, social media profile link and website URL.

Don’t overstuff your signature by putting down every possible mode of communication or not-so-mandatory data. The more words are limited; the better is the response of the viewers.

2. Do Make It Social

A flawless email signature with links to your active social media profiles can be used as a platform to connect to your users globally. Your social media pages can ease the way of accessing everything the recipient’s wants to know about you or your company. Moreover, this initiative will give the users a complete understanding of your business and a complete
sense of your existence.

3. Do Code Signatures Appropriately

Keep in mind that it’s a signature which is in no way similar to a web page, and which is not even an image on its own. If you master in coding, you can design your email signature templates on your own in HTML.

Furthermore, you can use Designhill tool to design a signature temple catering to the need of your business. It is one of the cost-effective ways to get the job done in a jiffy.

4. Do Embed Images

HTML images or logo are commonly used in email signatures, and can be displayed easily. Just decide the way you want to insert the images into a template. Then you are ready to go. When you embed the image, the recipients neither have to download it or host it on a web server.

P.S - one can use logo maker if not having their own custom logo

5. Don't Use Custom Fonts

You might think of choosing an offbeat font to get your email signature noticed and unique. On the contrary, a quirky font can make your signature look very amateurish which might impact your company’s
reputation negatively.

Always select a font that matches with the design of the signature and appeals to the message of your emails. It is advised to choose a font that is decent, clean and easy to read. Plus, make sure that the font size is not bigger than 12 points to ensure pleasing visibility.

6. Don’t forget to make it Mobile-Friendly

More than 50% people access emails from their mobile phones. Therefore, optimize your email signature for smart phones and tablets. Consider the font and design of the signature by keeping in mind its accessibility from mobile devices.

Remember, reading speed on a tablet or mobile tends to be a bit slower than the computer. So, use a font with a point size ranging from 11 to 14. Hiring a developer skilled and experienced enough to use email signature generator for designing templates and code responsive to create mobile-friendly email signature.

7. Don't Use Bullet Points

It is suggested not to use bullet points in email signatures. Bullets might ruin the entire format of the signature. It is important to keep in mind that a bullet point in Outlook looks totally different from the bullets in Gmail.

8. Don’t Use Animated GIFs

The choice of animated gifs differs from clients to clients. Many prefer animated gifs while some might find them annoying. So, to play safe, avoid animation or animated gifs in signatures. 


Considering the above discussed DOs & DON’Ts of email signature can increase your chance of getting a response by over 40%. So, without further delay get started!