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Top 20 Email Verification Services Compared in 2021

by SalesQLMarch 26th, 2021
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After some research, we’ve analyzed 20+ best email verification services of 2021 to help you choose the ideal one for your business.

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Worried about the growing number of invalid email addresses in your list? Well, you are at the right place.

After some research, we’ve analyzed 20+ best email verification services of 2021 to help you choose the ideal one for your business.

Table of Contents

  1. Hunter
  2. ZeroBounce
  4. Verifalia
  5. VerifyEmailAddress
  6. Verify Email
  7. Email Hippo
  8. TrueMail
  9. NeverBounce
  10. UseBouncer
  11. BriteVerify (Validity)
  12. Clearout
  15. MillionVerifier
  16. MyEmailVerifier
  17. Mailfloss
  18. EmailListVerify
  19. EmailChecker
  20. Xverify
  21. Captain Verify

    Our List of the Top 20+ Email Verification Services of 2021

    1. Hunter

    The email verifier of Hunter is one of the best and is designed to validate your email at multiple levels like format, domain information, and mail server responses. Hunter claims to have a unique base of over 100 million professional email addresses to compare your mail.

    Features to go for

    • Bulk Email Verification: Lets you verify your email list entirely at one go.
    • API Verification: Lets you verify email addresses in any other tool with an API call.
    • Single Email Verification: Enables the verification of a single email address via the tool on Hunter’s Email Verifier page. You can conduct 4 requests for free without signing up, but once you exhaust it, you’ll have to sign up.

    However, the failure of Hunter to verify any webmail contacts is one stumbling block. The tool only verifies addresses pertaining to professional domains. 


    Free Version (after signup): The free version of Hunter lets you conduct 50 successful verifications per month

    • The basic plan starts at $49 per month (1000 verifications)
    • The following plan charges $99/month for 5000 verifications
    • Followed by a plan charging $199/month for 20,000 verifications
    • The highest plan charges $399/month for 60,000 verifications

    2. ZeroBounce

    The email verification service of ZeroBounce also involves multiple processes. The AI-powered tool identifies and removes spam trap emails, abusive addresses that consistently mark emails as spam, the ones that return hard bounces along with fake and misspelled addresses.

    Features to go for

    • A.I. Email Scoring and Catch-all Validation: An email scoring system backed by AI to rate the value of an email address and identify catch-all addresses with online activity.
    • Inbox Placement Tester: Lets you find out if your mail was delivered to the inbox or the spam, or if it was even delivered to the recipient.
    • Bulk Verification: You can upload your email list to be verified entirely.
    • API and Integrations: You can use the API or integrate Zero bounce with reliable email providers and tools. 

    Zero Bounce seems to be a great tool except for a small drawback which is its delay in uploading files.


    Free Version: Zero Bounce offers a freemium plan that gives you 100 credits/month.

    • Zero Bounce offers both credit and subscription plans. 
    • The credit system, pay-as-you-go charges $16 for the first 2000 credits.
    • The subscription plan starts at $15 per month for 2000 credits.

    3. is a popular email verification software that checks the validity of email addresses through a 7-tier verification process which includes format check, domain existence check, catch-all email check, MX record check, freemail check, SMTP authentication, and Gibberish check.

    Features to go for:

    • Individual email checker: Simply verify individual email addresses via the extension or app.
    • Bulk email verifier: Verify and clean your email address list as a whole.
    • API: Use’s verifier API to validate emails on any other platform.

    Overall, Snovio is quite a reliable email verifier with minimal drawbacks, but if you want to nitpick one, it’d be its slightly confusing interface.


    Free Version: The freemium plan of offers 50 monthly credits.

    • The basic plan starts with $33/month for 1000 credits.
    • The next plan charges $66/month for 5000 credits.
    • The plan that follows charges $141/month for 20,000 credits.
    • The next plan charges $241/month for 50,000 credits.
    • The highest plan charges $482/month for 100,000 credits.

    4. Verifalia

    Verifalia’s free email verification service is quite affordable and lets you find the validity of an email address through quick but multiple processes.

    Features to go for:

    Mailbox Confirmation: Checks if a specific mailbox exists without sending an email or notification to the target.

    Temporary Unavailability detection: Detects mailboxes that are temporarily unavailable.

    Role account detection Detects fake accounts with generic addresses.

    Duplicate removal: Identify duplicate addresses and avoid validating them twice.

    Bulk Verification: Verify email lists entirely.

    API: Conduct real-time verification in other apps, web forms, and CRMs, etc. using Verifalia’s API.


    • Free Version: Verifalia’s free plan offers 25 email verifications/day.
    • The basic plan starts with $9/month for 250 email validations/day.
    • The following plan starts with $49/month for 1,250 email validations/day.
    • The next plan offers 6250 email validations/day for $199.
    • The highest plan offers 25,000 validations/day for $499.

    5. VerifyEmailAddress

    VerifyEmailAddress offers one of the most pocket-friendly email verification services and is, therefore, perfect for small businesses or startups that are hunting for cheaper services.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Upload your email list and check the validity. CSV and TXT format is supported.
    • Single Email Verification: Find the validity of individual email addresses. Just feed the address in VerifyEmailAddress and click enter.
    • Mail Exchanger: Checks if a mail server exists for a particular domain.


    VerifyEmailAddress is a free bulk email verifier, however, it does not specify how many credits can be used freely. As for the paid plans, you can contact them for a quotation.

    6. Verify Email

    Verify Email is yet another popular platform that provides email verification services. The email validation tool connects to the mail server to verify the existence of the mailbox(SMTP), checks the credibility of the domain, and examines the format.

    Features to go for:

    Bulk Verification: Verify a particular email list or validate your emails in a batch via bulk verification.

    Single Verification: Use the tool to simply enter an individual email address and click ‘verify email’. 

    API: The platform enables registered users to use API and verify emails via the tool in another app.


    Free Version: Free Plan offers 30 credits/day.

    The platform offers both One Time Plans and Yearly Plans.

    One Time Plan

    • The starting price is $17 for 10,000 emails.
    • Followed by $25 for 20,000 emails.
    • The next plan charges you $55 for 60,000 emails.
    • The highest plan charges $99 for 100000 emails.

    Yearly Plans

    • The basic plan starts at $27 for 2000 emails/month during a year.
    • The next plan charges you $55 for 5000 emails/month during a year.
    • Followed by a plan charging $109 for 10,000 emails/month during a year.
    • The highest plan charges $219 for 20,000 emails/month during a year.

    7. Email Hippo

    Email Hippo is a platform known for its swift email verification services in real-time. Email Hippo mainly connects to mailboxes and verifies if a particular email address exists or not. The tool validates the provided email address and evaluates its trust score as well.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Verify your email lists or a batch of emails at one go.
    • Disposable Email Detection: Detects temporary email addresses made by disposable email providers.
    • Single Email Verification: Verify individual emails one at a time.
    • Domain Check: Checks if the email address indicates a valid, and active domain name.
    • Catch-all Server Detection: Finds mail servers that are set to accept all emails.


    Free Version: Free plan lets you conduct 100 single email verifications/day.

    EmailHippo provides you customized paid plans. You can head over to the platform and enter the number of credits you need on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to get your customized plan.

    8. TrueMail

    TrueMail is an email checker that touts to increase your deliverability rate up to 99%. It employs real-time verification consisting of multiple steps and is fast enough to check the email validity of around 100k addresses in 5 minutes along with detecting harmful emails.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk email verification: Cleans your email lists by removing duplicate and invalid email addresses.
    • Single Verification: Check the validity of individual email addresses, especially via integration.
    • Mail Server Validation: Advanced mail server verification by using SMTP and additional proprietary methods.
    • Domain Health: Checks the domain status ( valid and active) via DNS and MX validation.
    • API: Connect API to verify both single emails and bulk lists.


    Free Version: Truemail gives you 1000 credits for free.

    Truemail has plans based on the number of email verifications.

    • $7 for 1000 email verifications.
    • $29 for 5000 email verifications.
    • $44 for 10,000 email verifications.
    • $99 for 25000 email verifications.
    • $179 for 50000 email verifications.
    • $299 for 100,000 email verifications.
    • $549 for 200,000 email verifications.
    • $1099 for 500,000 email verifications.
    • $1499 for 1M email verifications.
    • $2499 for 2M email verifications.

    9. NeverBounce

    Launched in 2014, Neverbounce emerged as one of the best real-time email verification services in the market with over 100,000 clients. The email verification is done through multiple processes that involve validating mail servers, removing duplicate emails, identifying syntax errors, etc.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Upload your email list and get it cleaned with a high deliverability rate.
    • Bounce Analysis: Analyses your email list and checks if it needs to be cleaned before you use it for a campaign.
    • Automated list cleaning: Cleans your list of emails automatically after it’s connected to your email provider.
    • Integrations and API: Lets you validate emails by integrating with popular marketing tools and software.


    Free Version: 1000 credits free upon signup

    NeverBounce offers both pay-as-you-go and subscription plans for automated cleaning packages. You can just enter the number of emails to get your custom-made package. However, it could be a bit on the pricier side.

    10. UseBouncer

    UseBouncer is a very affordable and user-friendly email verification software that helps you maintain a clean list of emails and reach out to real people.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Verifies and cleans your email list at once.
    • Single Email Verification: Verifies individual email addresses one at a time.
    • Real-time & Bulk Email Verification API: Validate and verify addresses in real-time or in batches in different platforms via API.
    • Domain Check: Checks if the email address refers to a valid and active domain.
    • Disposable email detection: Identifies temporary addresses provided by disposable email providers.

    UseBouncer is definitely a great tool but customers do report inconsistency in the accuracy of validation at times.


    Free Version: UseBouncer gives its first 1000 credits for free.

    UseBouncer offers custom paid plans. You can type in the number of emails you need to verify and find the total cost. The cost structure is super-affordable and is a pay-as-you-go model.

    11. BriteVerify (Validity)

    BriteVerify provides simple solutions to verify and validate emails. The platform claims to have the ability to reduce your bounce rate by 98%.

    Features to go for:

    • Drag and Drop Bulk Verification: Verify your email lists at a single go. Just drag and drop your email list into the solution or just import it from your Email Service Provider.
    • Integration: BriteVerify is integrated with multiple email and marketing platforms to help you validate email lists on the go.
    • Real-time Verification: Real-time API of the tool ensures that the email, phone, and mailing address contact fields are complete and validated at the time of capture.


    Free Version: BriteVerify allows your first 5000 credits (for a limited time) for free after signing up. However, the signup procedures are long and exhausting.

    • The paid plans start at 1 cent/email for 250K emails.
    • 250k-500k emails will be charged at $0.008/email.
    • 500k-1M  emails will be charged at $0.006/email.
    • 1M-2M  emails will be charged at $0.005/email.

    12. Clearout

    Clearout is a cloud-based email validation tool that claims to provide you above 98% accuracy in validating emails. It can also verify AOL email addresses with 96% accuracy. You can verify your email addresses in the simple dashboard of Clearout.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Verify email lists consisting of up to 1 million emails all at once.
    • Instant Email Verifications: Lets you verify a few email addresses quickly, similar to single email verifications.
    • REST API: Allows developers to add their own API to forms to conduct real-time verifications.
    • Integrations: The tool integrates with email marketing services and Zapier to validate emails outside the platform.


    Free Version: Clearout gives you 100 credits for free.

    The paid plans of Clearout follow a pay-as-you-go format.

    • 3000 credits from $21 onwards.
    • 10,000 credits from $58 onwards.
    • 100,000 credits from $350 onwards.
    • 250,000 credits from $625 onwards.
    • 500,000 credits from $850 onwards.
    • 1 M credits from $1100 onwards.

    Though a pay-as-you-go model, Clearout paid plans are rather expensive.


    Proofy is a cloud-based platform that provides email verification services through a variety of procedures.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Verify email lists at one go.
    • Single Email Verification: Verify individual email addresses within seconds.
    • SMTP Check: Connects to the mail server to verify the existence of the mailbox.
    • Domain check: Verifies if the email address refers to a valid and active domain.


    Free Version: Sign up and get the first 100 checks for free.

    Proofy charges for each check.

    • The paid plans start at $16 for 5000 emails.
    • 10000 emails will be charged  $29.
    • 30000  emails will be charged $63
    • 50000  emails will be charged  $99.

    For a higher number of email verifications, you can head over and choose from a list of options.


    With a deliverability guarantee of 97.5%, Debounce definitely makes it to the list of the top email verification tools in the market. The tool is simple and provides quick results.

    Features to go for: 

    • Bulk Email Verification: Bulk upload your email lists and validate them.
    • Single Email Verification: Verification of single email addresses.
    • Real-time API Verification: Verify in real-time at the time of email capture via APIs.
    • WordPress Plugin: Integrate DeBounce plugin to WordPress websites.


    Free Version: Get 100 credits for free upon signup.

    Paid plans follow a pay-as-you-go model.

    • 5000 verifications will be charged $10.
    • 10000 verifications will be charged $15
    • 25000 verifications will be charged $30.
    • 50000 verifications will be charged $50.
    • 100K verifications will be charged $90.
    • 200K verifications will be charged $140.
    • 500K verifications will be charged $300.
    • IM verifications will be charged $500.
    • 2M verifications will be charged $800.
    • 5M verifications will be charged $1500.

    You can also get custom-plans as per the number of verifications from DeBounce.

    15. MillionVerifier

    MillionVerifier is an email verification service that is apt for companies that need to verify a significant number of email addresses. The platform checks the email validity via multiple processes like Domain existence, SMTP verification, catch-all server detection, etc.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Verify and clean your email address list as a whole.
    • Single Email Verification: Enables the verification of individual email address via the tool 
    • Spam Detection: Lets you detect spam emails.
    • Domain Check: Check if the domain is valid and active.


    MillionVerifier has no free plans as such though you can get 30% extra credits based on your plan for a week.

    MillionVerifier also follows a pay-on-the-go plan

    • 50000 verifications will be charged $59.
    • 100k verifications will be charged $99
    • 500k verifications will be charged $199.
    • 1 M verifications will be charged $299.
    • 2 M verifications will be charged $569.
    • 3M verifications will be charged $809.
    • 4M verifications will be charged $1019.
    • 5M verifications will be charged $1199.
    • 10M verifications will be charged $2199.

    16. MyEmailVerifier

    MyEmailVerifier is an email verification service provider that guarantees 98% deliverability. The platform is known for its effectiveness and user-friendly interface.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Verify email lists in a bulk with a single click.
    • Single Email Verification: Verify the validity of individual email addresses.
    • Real-time API: Easy to integrate API to validate emails directly on registration forms.
    • Catch-all email checker: Detects email address that accepts all emails addressed to a non-existing or incorrect address of a domain.


    Free Version: Get 100 free verifications after signup.

    MyEmailVerifier also uses a pay-as-you-go model. It has a rather elaborate pricing structure. The current paid plans come with some discounts.

    • 500 credits charged at $1.44 ($2.4)
    • 1000 credits charged at $2.88 ($4.8) 
    • 10,000 credits charged at $21.6 ($36)
    • 50,000 credits charged at $60 ($120) 
    • 100,000 credits charged at $120 ($240) 
    • 500,000 credits charged at $400 ($1000) 
    • 1 Million credits charged at $600 ($1500) 
    • 5 Million credits charged at $1800 ($4500)

    17. Mailfloss

    Mailfloss is another simple email verification tool that allows you to integrate with multiple platforms and verify your emails quickly. The main aim of this tool is to automate the process of verification so that you can focus on the various other areas of your business without any hassles. Moreover, you can set up the tool in a minute.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Cleans your email lists by eliminating duplicate and invalid email addresses.
    • Single Email Verification: Check the validity of individual email addresses.
    • Daily Cleanups: Cleans your email list automatically on a daily basis.
    • Custom Whitelist/Blacklist options:  You can refine the tool’s validation process by setting your own whitelist and blacklist options.
    • Integrations: Integrate directly with popular email marketing service providers directly. Zapier integration is also available. 
    • Real-time APIs: Real-time API of the tool ensures that the email validated at the time of capture.


    Mailfloss does not provide a free plan. You can try a free trial for 7 days. However, if you opt for a Yearly plan you get to use it for 2 months free of cost.

    Paid plans follow a subscription model as well as a pay-as-you-go model.

    Subscription Plan (Monthly)

    • $17/month for 10,000 mails
    • $49/month for 25,000 mails
    • $200/month for 125,000 mails

    Subscription Plan (Yearly)

    • $14.17/month for 10,000 mails
    • $40.83/month for 25,000 mails
    • $166.67/month for 125,000 mail

    The pay-as-you-go plans can be customized.

    18. EmailListVerify

    Being a popular email verification service platform, EmailListVerify has an eminent clientele that includes MailChimp, and Shopify to its credit. The tool uses a number of processes to identify and remove invalid email addresses from email lists.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Helps you validate your email list all at once.
    • Spam blocker: Detects and blocks spam.
    • API: Eliminate invalid addresses in real-time by integrating the API to registration, contact forms, etc.
    • Integrations: Offers integrations with popular email marketing platforms.


    Free Version: Get 100 free credits after signup.

    EmailListVerify offers both pay-as-you-go and subscription model pricing.

    Pay-as-you-go rates start from $0.004 for 1000 emails to $0.0003 for 10 million emails.

    The Monthly subscription plan offers:

    • 5,000 emails / day $139
    • 15,000 emails / day $289
    • 35,000 emails / day $389
    • 50,000 emails / day $589
    • 75,000 emails / day $689
    • 100,000 emails / day $989

    19. EmailChecker

    EmailChecker is an email verification software that confidently touts its deliverability percentage which is an impressive 99%. The email validation tool ensures that the email address is valid and active in real-time.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Validate your email lists all at once.
    • Single Email Verification: Verify individual email addresses.
    • Yahoo Verification: Conduct yahoo verification in real-time
    • Disposable Email Detection: Identify temporary email addresses made by disposable email providers.


    The tool offers a pay-per-list and monthly subscription plan.

    The pay-per-list plan

    • 1,000 Email Credits for $14
    • 5000 Email Credits for $49
    • 10,000 Email Credits for $89
    • 50,000 Email Credits for $199
    • 100,000 Email Credits for $299
    • 500,000 Email Credits for $799
    • 2.5 M Email Credits for $2499

    Monthly Subscription Plan

    • $10 for 1000 emails /month
    • $20 for 2500 emails /month
    • $49 for 10000 emails /month
    • $99 for 25,000 emails /month
    • $249 for 100K emails/month
    • $699 for 500K emails/month
    • $1,199 for 1M emails/month

    Both the pay-per-list and monthly subscription plans have an elaborate pricing structure. You can head over to EmailChecker’s site to have a close look.

    20. Xverify

    Xverify lets you improve email deliverability by helping you validate emails and minimize fraud.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Email Verification: Verify email lists directly.
    • Single Email Verification: Validate individual email addresses.
    • Disposable Email Detection: Identifies temporary email addresses created by disposable email providers.

    Xverify does not possess a catch-all server detection, which is a drawback of the tool.


    Xverify does have a free plan with 100 free credits.

    Xverify follows a pay-as-you-go model for its pricing. Again, the email checker has a rather detailed pricing structure which is customizable as per the number of emails you want to verify.

    21. Captain Verify

    Captain Verify is yet another email verification service provider that lets you identify invalid emails seamlessly and assures the deliverability of your email.

    Features to go for:

    • Bulk Verification: Import your mail list from a CSV file and get it validated.
    • Real-time API Verification: Generate your API key and integrate the tool to various applications to validate captured emails in real-time.
    • High-risk email detection: Eliminates harmful email from your list


    Free Version: A free plan is not available.

    Captain Verify also follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model. It can be customized based on your requirement on their pricing page itself. However, you will have to request a quotation if the requirement exceeds 5 million email verifications.

    How does Email Verification Work?

    Here are the major processes that take place during email verification:

    • Email Address Syntax Check: Identifies and eliminates email addresses that are not formatted according to IETF standards.
    • Domain/MX Records Check Checks the DNS entries of email addresses. If the MX entry is missing or the domain is invalid, the email address is also invalid.
    • Ping/talk the email server: Connecting to the SMTP server to confirm the existence of the mailbox.
    • Disposable Email Address Detection: Disposable or junk collector email addresses are identified and processed.
    • Honeypot/ Spam Trap Detection: Detects honeypots, blacklisted emails, spam seeds, BOTs by comparing the email list against a known list of email addresses used to identify spammers.

    Why should you check email validity: The benefits

    300 billion emails are sent and received every day, out of which a good number are invalid. You are also bound to receive them and they might just tamper with your time and opportunities. 

    Therefore you need to check the validity of emails:

    To maintain the quality of your database

    A database stuffed with invalid email addresses is a waste of time, money, and effort. 

    It will cause your delivery and response rates to drop drastically and affect customer relations, business opportunities, and your brand reputation. 

    So, it is important to maintain a clean database of contacts by ensuring a valid email list.

    Remove defunct emails

    Most often people switch jobs or email providers without unsubscribing their former email address. 

    Being unaware of this, you might send emails to defunct accounts, causing them to pile up and exceed the storage data and finally bounce. 

    You can avoid such a situation and focus on emails with more potential by checking the validity.

    Identify fake or misspelled emails

    People are bound to provide misspelled or misformatted email addresses. It could be a mistake or maybe they don’t want to be contacted in the future. 

    The reason could be anything.

    However, you can identify and filter out these addresses by validating your email list.

    Reduce bounces and increases open rates

    When bounces occur continuously, the authenticity and domain quality of your email account deteriorates drastically. 

    Your email account could even get listed in the spam index of email service providers (ESP) and eventually be blocked. 

    Through email verification, you can send emails to valid contacts, decrease bounce rates and boost open rates.

    Improve sender reputation

    Every email account has to maintain a sender reputation score, which helps the recipient’s ESP to determine the quality of your email. The higher the reputation score, the higher will be the email deliverability ratio.

    However, sending emails to invalid accounts regularly can affect your sender reputation score. 

    Consequently, your account could even be suspended, which is why you should validate emails.

    For productive email campaigns

    Your email campaign is most likely to suffer from an increased bounce rate if you don’t validate your emails.

    Check the validity of emails to filter out invalid addresses and send the emails to authentic accounts to boost email deliverability and campaign performance.

    How often should you check the validity of your email lists?

    A new campaign

    When it comes to email campaigns, there is no room for errors. In order to assure the deliverability of the emails, you must check the email validity of your list before starting the campaign.

    When your bounce rate increases constantly

    An increase in bounce rate can drastically affect your sender’s reputation. So, if you’ve been noticing a continuous increase in your email bounce rates, it’s time to verify your email list.

    Check at regular intervals

    As we mentioned earlier, your contacts can switch organizations or email service providers. Therefore, we would suggest you check the validity of your email contact list on a quarterly or half-yearly basis.

    How can SalesQL help you in checking email validity?

    If you are planning to create clean email lists for reaching out to potential business partners and clients, then SalesQL would be the right fit.

    This Linkedin email finder has the ability to fetch you valid email addresses of Linkedin users, as the data is based out of Linkedin. Hence it is pretty updated when compared to email verification services that are not linked to social networks.

    The tool clearly points out the email ids which are valid along with finding you alternate email addresses and other details like industry, company size, etc. 

    Thus, you can identify opportunities, verify addresses and personalize email lists to create successful campaigns.

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