5 Great Email Marketing Hacks for Startups by@roman-onischuk
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5 Great Email Marketing Hacks for Startups

by Roman OnischukAugust 13th, 2019
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Email marketing can not only grow brand awareness for startups but also increase revenue. In this article, you will learn some hacks that will lead young businesses in the right direction considering email marketing. The right approach to email marketing can grow your brand awareness and will be able to reach a more страннно в этом контекретаррещте. The best way to get in touch with your potential clients is an email that is easily readable and clear.

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Generally, startups have to use any available opportunity to get an advantage in competing with other companies. It means they should adopt various tools and strategies and adapt them to their current marketing can be one of them. It can not only grow brand awareness for startups but also increase revenue. In this article, you will learn some hacks that will lead young businesses in the right direction considering email marketing.

But first, let’s make it clear why you should pay attention to online marketing since the very beginning of your business.

Why Emails Still Matter?

Your potential clients spend a lot of time online along with their smartphones. The best way to get in touch with them and to maintain it is an email that is easily readable and clear. You can inform your current and potential clients about your promotions, offers, and business in general. Also, we can highlight other crucial points:

- you keep contacting with your customers in real-time;

- you can personalize your messages;

- you can observe and analyze results of your campaigns;

- you can target your emails to set relationships with every client.

Moreover, this tool is pretty affordable, which is a significant point when you have a strict budget. Ads and promotions on social media, in fact, are more expensive than emails, while the second option can bring more conversions.

With the right approach to email marketing, you will grow your brand awareness and will be able to reach a more странно в этом контексте level. When people sign up for your updates  their commitment grows as well as compared to the clicking “like” while scrolling the feed.

All these reasons do not mean you should focus solely on email marketing. There should be a place for social media, search services, blogs, and other activities. But it is important to pay great attention to email marketing, especially when you have to grow a strong client and fan base.

5 email hacks startups might not know about:

1. Concentrate on collecting quality email base.

Think of the ways you can promote your startup using banner ads, blog posts, social media activity and encourage people to opt for your emailing. Once you acquire the planned number, start developing your campaign. You can still invest in banners or write blog posts to share the info with your target audience. But as soon as you start working with an email list you will be able to control what your readers see and read and monitor their reactions.

Also, an important aspect here is the quality of your list. Fake or abandoned addresses can harm your reputation. So before launching the next campaign, take time to check and validate your email base, using services like Proofy.

2. Gather customer data.

Email marketing can serve you a great deal in studying the behaviour of your customers and collect their data. This will help you to recognize and target your campaigns and provide relevant data to buyers. You can launch surveys to get the required info about your customers in order to adjust your approach to their needs. What is more convenient is that you contact with people via the same channel and you can easily arrange the obtained data according to the email addresses.

3. Automate campaigns.

People got used to some types of automated emails and they expect to receive them in certain situations. But you should not limit the automation to the confirmation and receipt letters. It is possible to do the same thing with emails that should be personalized. Just add the name lines or any other parts to insert the personal info. Also, you can personalize your outreach if you verify and segment your email list well.

For instance, you can start with the welcome emails to set the right tone with your new subscriber. Being a startup you will attract more attention to your brand in this way. Another variant is abandoned cart emails automatization. This approach will help you to convert more customers and sales.

4. Customize emails and newsletters.

A bit more about the attitude and a personal approach. It may seem impossible to personalize every email, especially when your email list is constantly growing. But you can manage this with A/B testing, segmentation, and targeting.

There is a great option for you to improve your email marketing approach: A/B testing. You can try out a new strategy while maintaining the previous one without any risks. You will be able to detect aspects you can customize and change to ensure a more personal approach.

Data collected during A/B testing can help you in segmentation and targeting your campaign. Use any available info about your target audience in order to send the relevant emails with materials and offers that will more likely meet their needs and interests. Proper targeting is crucial and any startup should define specifications of the groups of the target customers. 

5. Use two fonts.

This hack is more of our personal recent insight. You can use two fonts in your email in order to divide it into two meaning parts. In the intro, you can address your personalized message to the receiver with any relevant content. Then change the font and write a call-to-action part. This approach will help you to avoid spam filters and attract more attention to the section that may lead to conversion. Also, you can experiment with the subject lines in order to make your email opened. But keep in mind that obviously fake and misleading lines will lead you directly to the spam, so do not use them. 

Final words

In fact, all these recommendations and hacks work for both big and small businesses as well as startups. However, we wanted to highlight the most crucial ones that your marketers may miss at first. Email marketing can bring you numerous benefits helping to drive revenue, increasing brand awareness and building relationships with your growing customer base. Sure, there should be a place for other strategies, but email marketing still remains one of the most powerful tools for business growth.

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