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101 Stories To Learn About Influencer Marketing

by Learn RepoJuly 5th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing via these 101 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Influencer Marketing via these 101 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. The Rise of Tech Influencers, Monetization, and the Future of LinkedIn

Today, we share our thoughts on B2B influencer marketing, efficiently managing multi-channel distribution and the future of content creators on LinkedIn.

2. Top 10 Mobile Games with Largest Influencer Marketing Budgets

Here are top 10 mobile game and app developers who spent the most on YouTube in 2021.

3. The Rise of NFT Fakefluencers

NFTs will pay off your loans, get you a Lambo, and make you popular with the girls. Or so the NFT influencers say. This is the Rise of the NFT Fakefluencers.

4. Influencer Marketing Trends for 2020

Influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down in 2020, having evolved into a core marketing strategy that is practiced by over 90% of marketers. Predicted to be a $10 billion industry by the end of 2020, the role of influencers will clearly continue to help brands connect with their consumers in highly relevant ways.

5. Here’s What Experts Have to Say on the Future of Influencer Economy in 2022-2023

Influencer marketing is on the rise. The cost of influencers’ services has its own dynamics too. See the experts think about it for 2022-2023.

6. Startup Interview with Kosuke Sogo, CEO of AnyMind Group

AnyMind Group is one of the fastest-growing startups in Asia. The company is building the next-generation business infrastructure for the digital economy.

7. The Technology Behind Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most widespread and efficient ways to reach wider audiences and to market to the specific target groups. It has often been mislabeled as the marketing tool exclusively for casinos and similar services but it has long surpassed the online gaming community and has expanded into a massive marketing strategy that works on all industries and products.

8. 6 Free Tools and Methods to Find Creators [2023 Update]

A list of 6 free tools and methods to find relevant content creators and their emails to collaborate and work with individuals that can be helpful to you.

9. The Future of Influencer Marketing: How Will Influencers Make Money in 2023?

Over the past five years, influencer marketing has changed dramatically. Discover how new stars interact with their audiences

10. How A Solopreneur Used Influencer Marketing to Reach the iOS Top 100 List

How to market your way to the iOS top charts as a bootstrapped founder!

11. Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2022 from Industry Experts

What will be trending in 2022? What ideas and concepts will drive the flow? Industry experts are sharing their opinions.

12. Influencer Marketing can Generate up to 700% RoI But Comes with Risks!

A well-planned influencer campaign can yield much better returns than traditional banner ads. For a fintech project, collaborating with influencers can be a key to success – but only if you manage to negotiate all the stumbling blocks.

13. 5 Simple Tricks to Organically Grow Your Instagram Following

How to stand out on Instagram.

14. How to Promote Mobile Applications Through Opinion Leaders

Mobile apps are now a staple in the modern world and are even key for most businesses to operate. Whether a business pushes content solely through an app or uses it to provide additional services, apps are now one of the main ways that we consume content.

15. Why Introverted Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Influencer Marketing

As a business owner, your hands are full and could use a little lightening of the load you are carrying.

16. How to Reach Out to Influencers on Any Social Network

No matter what your influencer marketing strategy is, it’s critical to reach out and recruit influencers. Fortunately, reaching out doesn’t have to feel like a middle school team-building project. By following these tips, you can gain the confidence to be successful.

17. Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing in 2021

Learn which social media platforms work best for your influencer marketing campaign.

18. Influencers Marketing: The State of the Market in 2021

Influencer marketing was an established growth trend in the past few years. In 2019, the industry size reached $8 billion in advertising revenues, shows a Business Insider report. The market state in 2021 sits between two opposing pressures.

19. How to Create an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your StartUp

The power of influencer marketing can’t be denied. Although the industry is still relatively new, it is set to reach $10 billion by 2020.

20. A Complete Guide to Social Media Influencers

Get an overview of influencer marketing, different types of influencers, how different types of influencers work and collaborate with brands.

21. Startup Interview with Erik Norgaard, HOLLYFY Founder / CEO

Built for the creator economy. Empowering small businesses. Expanding spheres of influence. Erik Norgaard shares the origin story of Hollyfy.

22. 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Micro-Influencers

What and who are micro-influencers? Why should your business start using them?

23. The Noonification: How to Move Away From Twitter (12/15/2022)

12/15/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

24. The Noonification: How Linux Became So Popular (11/4/2022)

11/4/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

25. Indonesian Celebrities Enter the Crypto Market

Currently, Indonesia is entering the Celebrity Crypto phase, where celebrities in Indonesia are starting to create cryptocurrency projects.

26. How to Mobilize a Base of Crypto Influencers in 5 Minutes?

Your brand will receive much more trust from everyone if it will be trusted by key opinion leaders in the crypto sphere.

27. Where Do I Find the Right Social Media Marketing Data?

As a marketer, you probably know that social media marketing is part art, part science.

28. Influencer Marketing Trends for 2023: What the Industry Experts Are Saying

What will be happening in the influencer marketing field? What should brands consider to build successful strategies? Experts share their thoughts.

29. 5 Ideas To Promote The Launch Of Your Startup

As the launch date approaches, you want to do everything you can to promote your business, especially online. Here is how!

30. Community Is the Core of Any Crypto Project: Building a Community 72k Strong

The community is the core of any crypto project. This is a trust factor for product users, investors, and media.

31. Marketing Is Going Organic

Like an expensive trip to Wholefoods, marketing is going mostly organic, and the trend isn't stopping.

32. 10 Steps To Become A Tech Influencer

A simple guide on how to become a tech influencer so you can share your voice and make a living.

33. Tom Ward, Forbes Contributor, Talks About The Rise of Influencers

The content creator economy has grown by leaps and bounds since the world heard of it 5 years ago.

34. Mistakes Instagram Influencers Often Make When Getting Started.

Hoping this post might help you not make cringe mistakes most influencers make when they start out.

35. How Machine Learning Can Help You Detect Influencers

In the age of social media more than ever, marketing teams are turning to influencers to advertise their new, innovative products or services. The number of followers, impressions and engagements all impact traffic, which in turn helps drive one very important metric - sales.

36. Deconstructing Sneakers and Instagram Influence with Berlin-Based Designer “All Amin”

Designer All Amin has found a way to turn trash into treasure. She started with corsets made out of sneakers and now she has her own brand.

37. Twitter’s New Shopping Feature has Users Shopping More than Ever

In-app shopping is the new method for social media platforms to join the e-commerce market. Learn how Twitter is adding this feature to their app.

38. A Beginner’s Guide to Running a Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign from Scratch

Have you got little to no idea of how to start a micro-influencer marketing campaign? It's simple! You could use influencer marketing software or do it on your own. But before that, check out this beginner's guide to know about the steps involved.

39. Marketing Influencers Are Overrated Says 3x Noonie Nom Viktor Bogdanov

Viktor Bogdanov is a Ukraine-based Tech Storyteller, a designation we at Hacker Noon can happily confirm, because the beautiful humans of Hacker Noon have collectively read @viceasytiger’s 18 hn stories for 5 days, 3 hours, and 9 minutes — so far. In this Noonies interview, Viktor tells us where he'd invest $10M, how Covid-19 has impacted his life, and which 2 opinion he has that most people don't agree with.

40. Growing Your Influencer Brand Into a Sustainable Business

41. How to Write Instagram Ad Copy that Converts

Learn how to create some powerful Instagram ad copy for your business that gets you more sales and quick conversions.

42. How to Incorporate an Influencer Program Into Your Marketing Strategy

Want to finally try influencer marketing, but don’t know where to start? Read this post to learn how to add influencer marketing to your marketing strategy.

43. Your Digital Presence is More Important Than Ever for Your Business' Success

In 2021, establishing a digital presence is a necessity. It helps you maximize reach, built trust with your target audience, and boost sales.

44. The NFT Sector’s Impact on Influencers

The last two years have brought massive trends to the cryptocurrency industry, starting with DeFi, to NFTs and metaverse, which exploded in late 2021 and continued to be a hot topic in 2022. Despite the rapid growth of the industry, many celebrities underestimate its advantages, paying attention only to the hype around NFTs and metaverse.

45. 5 of the Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Sales

It might sound crazy, but there isn’t a marketing strategy that would work best for everyone at every time. The efficacy of any marketing tactic (be it traditional or modern strategies) varies from time to time and business to business.

46. What Defines a Good Influencer Marketing Agency?

Forging partnerships with these influencers isn't as easy as it may sound.

47. Use the Pareto Principle on Influencer Collaborations to Increase Your Sales

More influencer collabs aren't always better. Sometimes less is more, Let's look at influencer collabs through the lens of the Pareto Principle.

48. How To Spot Influencer Fraud

Learn how to avoid fake influencers and get started in influencer marketing! How to choose the right influencer, which are the best metrics… and more inside.

49. 7 Best Practices for Online Rental Marketplaces

The success of peer-to-peer marketplaces like Airbnb has proven that the rental marketplace model is lucrative, and can be applied to pretty much any type of business.

50. Importance of Authentic Reviews: A Case of how Reviews Help Businesses

To succeed in the modern world, you must invest in tools that boost your company's efficiency

51. The Importance of Influence in Ecommerce Revenue Generation

Today, influence isn’t restricted to movie stars, sports stars, and other conventional celebrities alone. Forget about celebrity endorsements, because influencer marketing has found its new home with internet grandees who are dedicating their time for their followers on the web.

52. Instagram Hiding Likes Moves Caption Influencers Up Marketing Food Chain

In 2019, Instagram began a global movement from one valiant idea:

53. How Can A Business And An Influencer Find Shared values For A “Win-Win” Story?

Business identities are based on the products and services that they offer and how their marketing communicates it to the public. Influencers are a new avenue

54. How to Develop Marketing Resilience in Uncertain Economic Times

This article is about how to make your marketing efforts an achievable goal during times of uncertainty and how strategic marketing visions can help brands.

55. 8 Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire and Get You Started With Your Business

If you've heard of the keyword "influencer" but aren't sure how to go about it, maybe it's time to dig a little deeper. In times of crisis, it can be useful to think of new ways to increase your brand's visibility.

56. How We Prepared for the Alameda Research Attack

A guide on creating a crypto community and shielding your project from an attacker

[57. Social Media Marketing Funnel:

7 Tricks You Need To Know]( If you run an ecommerce store, how can you use Instagram to your advantage? These seven tricks can help boost your Instagram sales funnel.

58. Influence Marketing Opportunities for the Crypto Industry

how to Work with influencers in crypto

59. Instagram Email Scraper: How to Increase Email Marketing ROI by 700%

How we got the idea, built and use our Instagram email scraper to help e-commerce businesses sell more.

60. 5+ Metrics to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Campaigns

With billions of users joining social media platforms every day, influencers have a great chance to earn and create. How will you measure your campaign success?

61. You'll Never Believe How Fast The Creator Economy Is Growing Today

Warhol declared, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." But was not predicted was that everyone's “fame” would be experienced simultaneously.

62. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Monetizing Your Social Media Presence

In this piece, we outline 5 common mistakes to avoid as a content creator and share actionable insights on how to go about avoiding them.

63. Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Nuts and Bolts Of It

The rise of the internet and social media created a significant impact on our purchasing behavior. A Nielsen survey found that there has been a shift in the effectiveness of advertisements in the favor of peer recommendations.

64. Here's What It Takes to Become a LinkedIn Influencer in 2022

Being a public figure on LinkedIn increases the engagement on your LinkedIn posts and engages a more relevant audience for you to network with.

65. How To Work With Influencers Without Violating The FTC Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has guidelines regarding influencer marketing. Be informed and follow the rules - that's our advice.

66. How To Find New Influencers via Niche Social Sites, Your Audience's Spouse, and Local Celebrities

The church of Santa Agueda in Sotillo de la Ribera, Spain, held an incredible secret. But what was more incredible was where the secret was hidden. As technicians were restoring a sculpture of Jesus from the church, they found a time capsule-like message in — get ready for this — Jesus’ butt!

67. Podcasts to learn code:’s Charles Max Wood on the power of podcasting

Charles Max Wood is the founder of, a network of podcasts which collectively reach an audience of 70,000+ programmers every week. Among the more popular podcasts are JavaScript Jabber and Ruby Rogues. Despite his huge listenership, when I interviewed him he told me he thinks that podcasts have yet to hit their soon-coming “heyday.”

68. A Few Experience-Based Tips to Boost Influencer Marketing

Are you looking for new approaches to your influencer marketing campaigns? Read this article with proven influencer marketing tips and tricks.

69. Taking a Closer Look at Crypto Influencers and Determining If They're Scamming You

A real crypto influencer makes money on crypto itself; everything else is just a hobby.

70. How to Leverage Influencers to Support your SEO Efforts

Nowadays, there are many ways to give your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts a boost, and many of the latest go way beyond simply using keywords to your advantage. One of the most effective comes from your thumb. Well, maybe not your actual thumb, but from the hundreds, perhaps thousands of social media influencers you scroll through on a daily basis on such platforms as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and even Snapchat.

71. How To Find The Most Valuable Instagram Influencers.

I’ve organized and executed thousands of influencer marketing campaigns for brands like Depop and my own small businesses, (@pinlord, @potteryforall, @macramemakers) and from experience, I know that the success of each one depends almost exclusively on the quality of influencers that you work with.

72. How to Build Your Personal Brand as an Influencer and Creator

Influencers are unique: they're both a brand and a channel. Whether you're a job seeker or an influencer, building a personal brand is crucial to your success.

73. Top 5 Influencer Marketing Tools and What I Learned After Using Them

Are you looking for a magic wand to find the best-performing creators and manage your influencer marketing campaigns? These five digital tools can be helpful!

74. How Social Tokens Will Change the World of Influencer Marketing

Creator marketing has become a booming creator industry in recent years. However here is how social tokens will change the world of influencer marketing forever

75. The Automotive Industry Shifts Online With Digital Marketing Tactics

To generate more leads in this digital era for your automotive business, you need to devise a killer yet smart marketing plan for a win-win situation.

76. Instagram Tracker – A Must Have Tool for Every Insta Influencer

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in no time. It is loved for its vibrant interface, photo filters and a host of unique features. Not only is it a great platform to re-unite with old friends and make new ones but also a perfect place to display your talent and turn your passion into profession.

77. The Decentralised Future of the Digital Publishing Industry

Did you know that the Zimbabwe Dollar ended up with so many zeros that the ink was more valuable than the bills it was printed on?! How could that happen? Let’s quickly go back 7000 years.

78. Why Are Virtual Influencers Appealing to Gen Zers?

If the presence of robots in our regular life still sounds like a utopia, the possibility of interacting with them on social media is no more a far-fetched idea.

79. Khloe Kardashian's Failed Shilling of Febreze [A Deep Dive]

Khloé Kardashian is one of the many famous influencers. Her posts cost a fortune and brands who can afford it count on her excessive fan base to make it worth it.

80. Social Media Tips for Influencers in 2020 and 2021

In the past few years, social media influencers have gained a considerable uptick, and it is consistently getting popular day by day. If we go back to the old times without the internet and social media, marketers did not have diverse choices today.

81. The 6 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Understand for Success

If you want to invest in influencers, you need to understand these 6 influencer marketing trends - including why you should invest in creating your own program.

82. Decentralized Social Media is Improving User Experience

For the first time since the creation of mainstream social media platforms, the number of American users with at least one social media profile decreased in 2018.

83. 5 Ways to Get More Likes on Your YouTube Videos

Business owners and marketers around the globe know that YouTube is one of the best places to connect with their target audience.

84. How To Reach Out To Instagram Influencers To Maximize Response Rates

I’ve managed hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns for brands like Depop, Fora Foods, and my own projects, @pinlord & @potteryforall, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that influencer marketing outreach is very different than “traditional” outreach.

85. Creating a TikTok Strategy and Achieving Marketing Results with TikTok

TikTok is a gold mine for marketing in 2021. Find out how you can achieve results through the popular platform.

86. What Is Social Proof, And How to Use It To Boost Your Brand Online

The one thing that people need in this modern age is social approval. People need to fit in with the world, and it has affected the lives of many people in many ways.

87. 10 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tactics That Generate More Sales

Here is a curated list of 10 Marketing Tactics that can help you generate sales through an Affiliate Marketing Campaign. We'll discuss where and how to promote.

88. Virtual Influencers, like Lil Miquela, Post Real Content Just Like You and Me

The Problematic Fakery Of Lil Miquela Explained: An Exploration Of Virtual Influencers and Realness

[89. DeFi Marketing from A to Z:

The Most Efficient Instruments]( Market overview

90. 15 Crypto and NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2022

It is getting harder to keep up in times of information overload, new crypto terms, and emerging NFT collections.

91. 10 Ways To Market Your Online Course

How does one decide on the best marketing channel for their specific business? How does one know the measure for success related to the marketing efforts? Whether you have created the game plan for marketing or still wondering where you should begin with, here we shall cover some of the helpful strategies for your business.

92. Growing @depthsofwikipedia to 500,000+ Followers: Wikipedia Meets Instagram on HackerNoon's Podcast

Amy Tom talks to Annie about how she grew her page, their obsession over cows, fun cows that have cameoed on Wikipedia, and everything about @depthsofwikipedia

93. How To Measure What an Instagram Influencer is Worth.

For most of us, the process of understanding what to pay a social media influencer for promoting our brand or service on Instagram is still a mystery.

94. 6 Proven Caption Techniques to Increase Click-Through Rate for Instagram Posts

When you want to use your Instagram to effectively increase sales, there are several techniques to help you achieve this. Most of them pertain to the importance of an aspect that is often overlooked on a medium with a strong focus on images such as Instagram. We are of course talking about the caption and how to use it as a tool to drive traffic to a certain website or product.

95. The Principles Behind How The Instagram Algorithm Works

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering why no one is seeing your Instagram posts after the latest algorithm change.

96. Targeting and fake followers: how can we solve the most acute problems of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing prospects really impress! This market has doubled for the last year and a half and currently amounts to over $2 billion. No wonder! Bloggers give brands access to a huge audience on social networks. Instagram bloggers lead by a wide margin: 69% of marketers promote products with their help. However, there are some obstacles to the growth of this market, because of which small business almost does not risk to use the services of Instagram stars. Their prices are crazy high, guarantees are not always provided, and the selection of relevant influencers is too complicated. Data scientist Arthur Suilin presents problems with the new marketing industry and their solutions. Editor and co-author Egor Perezhogin.

97. How we succeeded on the App Store and acquired 4,000,000 users

Woow! It's 2020 and this story got too old to still be relevant. Regardless, I think we should keep it published.

98. Use This "Two-Track" Model to Guarantee Affiliate Marketing Success

Creating a successful affiliate marketing strategy isn't easy. However, you can increase your chances of success with this simple two-track affiliate model.

99. Every Career Starts with a Leap of Faith: Navigating a Career in Content Creation

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 14, she worked diligently to bring positivity to the world through her art, personality, and content.

100. Marketing for Dummies - How to secure your ticket to Hell [Deep Dive]

Has this ever happened to you?

101. Making Influencer Marketing Seamless with Web3 Creator Platform Edge

We host the founders of Edge, a web3 creator platform that makes it easy to hire an influencer for your web2 and web3 project.

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