Mistakes Instagram Influencers Often Make When Getting
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Mistakes Instagram Influencers Often Make When Getting Started.

by SocioTrafficApril 18th, 2022
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In 2022, protecting your privacy and online activities is **not optional**. Protecting your privacy is 'not optional' Everything you need to start hacking is available for free online, and by "online" I don't see many encouraging trends, though: default security settings in apps and products are often terrible or inexistent. Convenient convenience almost always prevails over basic security. Privacy is bearly existent in products and services unless you take serious measures that can have drawbacks. Reused passwords, default settings, weak encryption, or misconfigured connections will make you pretty vulnerable.

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The desire to have more Instagram likes monthly, more followers, and
increased engagement rates can often cause influencers to make mistakes.

It is difficult to remain consistent and always be in the right state of creativity to come up with relevant, niche-related content ideas everyday as it is impossible for new influencers to have the needed expertise to keep their page going.

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the most common mistakes influencers make while trying to make it big on Instagram.

Caring too much about the number of followers

Yes, follower count does matter, but not so much. If you have over 10,000 Instagram followers, that means you are a micro-influencer and that certainly does not mean you won't ever grow out of that status, because this feature allows you to unlock the ‘swipe up’ feature in IG stories which will enable you to link your Instagram story to your business page.

But then question here is, how did you get to 10,000 followers?

You perhaps asked each friend you knew to follow you, or you have bulk followed so many Instagram accounts at once for a follow back, and now Instagram has blocked your account because of detecting spam activity.

This is one the most common mistakes new influencers make. Bulk followers for follow back are usually never organic Instagram followers that would be in some way interested in your content.  Though, we have to admit, we are guilty of that too.

Buying followers

If you look for websites that sell Instagram monthly packages, you
will get about a million search results and businesses that are offering this
service, wherein, only a few are legitimate.

Now that depends on what kind of followers you are buying. If your followers are fake, you most probably won’t be able to generate organic traffic to your Instagram page. The number of followers you get are not for vanity purposes only, but these should be actual fans that interact and engage with your content whenever you upload something new.

Not benefiting from IG features

Instagram has released some features that can definitely help influencers with their content and gradual, organic growth on Instagram. These features include IG Stories, Reels, Live, Music, Liking IG Stories and so on.

There are often times when new Instagram influencers do use these features but they do not focus on the quality of their photos and videos, which in the long-run, will cause the audience to lose interest in the content you have to offer. Over-use of these features is also harmful, to avoid that - keep a balance, have a plan.

Not being original

Have you ever come across a post on someone else’s Instagram page, and thought that you have seen it somewhere before?

Or, one  that is very similar?

Turns out that you really have seen a post like that somewhere and this page just copied the entire post - not just the idea.

Now it is okay to look up other business pages or influencer pages to see how they are really going about marketing their product through social media, but having a whole post copied onto your page is a huge mistake.

You could get banned for copyright issues, you will lose credibility and reputation, as well as, followers will start unfollowing your page too.

You can only increase your credibility within your follower/fan base when you let yourself be the real you, offer what you promised to offer, and remain consistent.

The main take away from this post is that as an influencer, it almost an obligation on you to be authentic in sharing what you are passionate about, for instance, if you are always onto reviewing some or the other product, you could talk about some product that you personally like using as well, for a change.

If you think you are guilty of doing all or some of the above, no problem! It is not the end of the world, and we all learn from making mistakes. Review your content once again and come up with ways how you could do better than anyone in your niche. The goal is to help your followers while you compete with your competitor influencers as well.