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8 Essential Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

by William JosephJune 18th, 2021
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Too Long; Didn't Read

Avoid over-sending emails is a common error that most brands make in email marketing. The ideal length of an email is fewer than 200 words. The subject line can be the difference between a trash bin and your inbox. Add a CTA button (CTA) to all email marketing strategies because they are convenient, and it is essential to add CTA elements in your emails. People love things that often forget things that are common but is something that often forgotten. Find out what people often forget that brands often forget.

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Do you read promotional emails every day?

If you are like most people, you probably read only a few in the morning, plucked out of the many you receive. Unfortunately, this is a reality that most brands face when it comes to email marketing. With that, the challenge of making your content stand out is getting tougher with time.

As a marketer or brand owner, the trial of knowing how to write emails people will open seems impossible almost. However, it can be achieved with the proper techniques. First, you need to think like a subscriber. What would entice you to read a promotional email?

Keeping that in mind, we have formed a guide for you that will help you get more subscribers. Once you get some tricks up your sleeve, the next step will be finding out how to send mass emails from Gmail.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the email adventure.

1. Avoid Over-Sending

Your subscribers might love your brand. But they don’t want to get emails from you every hour of every day. Overusing emails is a common error that most brands make in email marketing.

However, you can easily avoid that by determining the ideal time and week to send emails. You can do this by monitoring the subscriber's response and sticking to that schedule.

Usually, the morning is the best time to send emails as most people use smart devices before they start their day. But keep in mind that all audiences are different, and their responses might vary at other times. So test all the timeframes. In addition to this, you need to read up on what is email deliverability why should you care?   

2. Make Captivating Subject Lines

Imagine this, you are at your breakfast table and starting your daily routine. Suddenly you get an email. Which of the following subject lines will pique your interest?

"Check out our weekly sale"


"Exclusive offer JUST for our customers: read up before you pay the full cost of our new winter wardrobe."

The second one is better right? That is simply because it is demanding your attention as compared to the first one.

The content you put in the subject line matters. It can be the difference between a trash bin and your inbox. To create a captivating subject line, consider your audience and the subject of your email. Then, when you find yourself in the shoes of your subscribers, your email will draw more attention and engagement.

3. Put More Focus On Creative Content

We live in an age where all people are considered creators. Whether it's Instagram influencing or TikTok videos, people are constantly posting creative content every day. So why not leverage that in your emails?

There are chances that most of your subscribers are active social media users who find this type of content interesting. So, to increase engagement, try adding relevant and creative content to your emails. Then, give the subscribers what they like and start quantifying the ROI of email marketing.

4. Have A Consistent Design

Consistency is the key in email marketing. Keeping a clean and consistent design will help subscribers contemplate the flow of email. And it will also help them anticipate where the information they want is located.

That does not imply that you can't use creative elements in your design. On the contrary, an excellent innovative design always grasps the attention of the reader. Hence, try to make a template that is attention-grabbing and simple for readers to follow.

5. Keep It Precise And Concise

Let's come back to the breakfast table case. You are having your favorite breakfast, and you get a marketing email. As soon as you open it, you see that it's long enough to be a novel. So instead of reading it, you hit the delete button.

Your subscribers have the same perspective. Emails are meant to be precise and concise. So let's stick to that way. The ideal length of an email is fewer than 200 words. It might not appear like much, but it is enough information for the readers to digest before they dig in their breakfast.

6. Add A CTA Button

Call to action (CTAs) are key elements in all email marketing strategies. Simply because they are convenient, it's essential to add CTA's in your emails as subscribers can easily follow them. Instead of links that might malfunction or be more text.

An embedded call to action is easier as one-click can get the subscriber to the desired landing page. When you add a CTA button, make sure subscribers can see it. Or you might end up losing a subscriber halfway in the email. The more visible the button, the more clicks you can get.

7. Try To Offer Discounts

Ready for some excellent tricks? People love free things. It is common knowledge but is something that brands often forget. Find out what made your subscribers sign up to get your emails. The answer is for free things such as coupons, discounts, or other offers.

By adding valuable offers in emails consistently, subscribers will read them more carefully rather than just skimming through them. Make offers that seem enticing and personalized. It will make them feel a part of an exclusive group and will draw in more subscribers.

8. Monitor For Activity

The most common technique in email marketing is listening. When coming up with a new approach, analyze how it performs to see which strategies inspire the most engagement.

Continue to use those strategies as long as they prove to be effective. And don’t back out from trying new things. It might be just what your subscribers wanted to see.

Overcoming the unread status is more challenging than you might think. But it is not impossible if you take out time to make it better. A good email will not only make the reader open it but will also connect them with the content.

So now it's time to write a winning email.  Don't forget to keep all the pointers mentioned above in mind while writing it. Good Luck!