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**Flow is a __[blockchain](https://hackernoon.com/wtf-is-the-blockchain-1da89ba19348)__  created to solve the __[solution of scalability](https://hackernoon.com/blockchain-scalability-solutions-an-overview-qug032ud)__ of games, apps, and digital assets. Flow was created to provide a network that maintains stable __[decentralization](https://hackernoon.com/an-introduction-to-the-decentralized-internet)__.** \ **Flow separates data and jobs between five node types rather than having each node store all of the data that is on the blockchain. This reduces the effort and time needed for the nodes to carry out their operations.** \ **Flow also gives consumers and developers the opportunity to use features such as human readable security and __[upgradable smart contracts](https://hackernoon.com/what-are-upgradeable-smart-contracts-watch-video-lq1235x3)__. The blockchain uses the __[Proof of Stake algorithm](https://hackernoon.com/cryptocurrency-mining-and-proof-of-stake-algorithms-vik32j8)__.** ## **History of Flow** In 2017, Dapper Labs created the first blockchain game __[Cryptokitties](https://hackernoon.com/cryptokitties-the-popular-cryptocurrency-game-ca60d1bffd0b)__ based on __[Ethereum](https://hackernoon.com/understanding-ethereum-a-complete-guide-6f32ea8f5888)__. The game centered around collecting as well as breeding digital cats. The game became so popular it brought the entire Ethereum network down. This made Ethereum transactions halt for several days before the entire system was resolved.  \ From this, __[Dapper Labs](https://hackernoon.com/the-developers-behind-cryptokitties-create-dapper-labs-to-change-the-gaming-industry-and-blockchain-5k4933k5)__ came up with an idea for an ideal blockchain for collectables and games that dealt in __[crypto](https://hackernoon.com/whats-a-crypto-currency-really-is-fa93a3efadb4)__. This ideal game needed to be scalable to avoid taking down networks in case of high traffic like it had done on Ethereum and needed to be affordable even when in heavy usage. \ Dapper labs is responsible for the __[Non Fungible Token (NFT)](https://hackernoon.com/non-fungible-tokens-are-more-than-just-digital-swords-and-cryptokitties-fl263z5s)__ revolution with Cryptokitties. The Flow playground by Dapper Labs was launched in 2020 and gives developers the ability to make and trade NFTs. Dapper Labs introduced the flow blockchain in September 2019. They carried out a public sale on Coinlist that went on to raise$18 million. The company has grown and expanded since then to include company partnerships with Google, Samsung, Ubisoft, NDA Top Shot, NFL, and UFC. ## **Biggest Claim to Fame** Flow chooses to use multi-node architecture instead of __[sharding](https://hackernoon.com/sharding-and-the-scaling-of-a-blockchain-xz1kq30j0)__. Sharding is processing of bits of data on the blockchain instead of processing the entire database. Dapper Labs felt sharded blockchains were unsuited for creating environments that are composable for smart contracts. Composable contracts allow developers to build on each other's work quickly and easily. The Flow networks work with multi-node architecture that works better than sharding and does not have as many negative effects on the system and operations of the network. This means each node gets a specialized task e.g. collection, consensus, execution, or verification instead of each node being required to do multiple tasks. This makes for better efficiency throughout transactions. Developers were very involved in the creation of Flow. Due to the experience they had on Ethereum with Cryptokitties, they have made sure developers can work within Flow easily and efficiently by ensuring developers have created a space that is easy to work within. Flow has its own designing language and offers help to developers as they learn the system and the language. \ __[Smart contracts](https://hackernoon.com/smart-contracts-an-overview-q52t34pb)__ are easy to upgrade on Flow. Developers have time to observe their contract and how it behaves before they make it unchangeable. This is not a quality Smart Contract platforms like Ethereum provide where once a contact is submitted it is immediately unchangeable. This is a quality that makes people prefer Flow over other similar platforms. ## **Biggest Criticism of Flow** The biggest criticism to the Flow network is they have a dilemma when it comes to carrying out verification of claims. Verification is still typically done by people and people can be fallible. The issue of paying off or buying off of problems and people who can solve them is unfortunately still very possible and plausible. Flow does not have enough steps to ensure this could not happen. They have taken commendable steps towards reducing the possibility of it happening but it still is a big issue. ## **The Flow Team** Flow was created by Dapper Labs. The founders of Dapper Labs are Rohan Gharegozlou, Mikhael Naayem, and Dieter Shirley \ Dieter Shirley is the Chief Technical Officer and lead architect of Dapper Labs. Mikhael Naayem is the Chief Business Officer at Dapper Labs. Rohan Gharegozlou is the CEO of Dapper Labs and founder of the venture studio Axiom Zen. ## **In Conclusion** The Flow blockchain has a problem it wanted to solve and has worked very hard to solve it. Their approach to the blockchain was unique and designed for consistent long term use. They are yet to catch up with the bigger, more established networks but are up and coming in it. They could become bigger in the future as all signs point to them trying to solve the issues they have with the system and improving them. \ __[Read more Flow stories on HackerNoon](https://hackernoon.com/tagged/flow)__