How to Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers: 7 Proven Waysby@arthur.tkachenko
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How to Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers: 7 Proven Ways

by ArthurMarch 10th, 2023
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The newsletter is the best Web Marketing tool that exists. Here are 7 foolproof tactics to increase your newsletter subscribers. Create useful content that people are looking for. Gain Authority and Build Your Audience. Offer Something of Value. Test and Optimize.
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Money is on the list. Impossible to deny it. Hang this sentence next to your PC. The newsletter is the best web marketing tool that exists. Dario Vignali, one of the best-known web marketing experts, talks about it in-depth in some posts and writes:

"If tomorrow I had to choose between the blog or the newsletter, I would choose the newsletter without a shadow of a doubt. With the Newsletter, I just need to create a new blog and notify my subscribers to generate results."

Acquiring contacts from visitors to a site also means acquiring potential customers (lead generation). The newsletter can bring traffic wherever you want and therefore also generates more sales than any other marketing tool.

However, before you can send mail you need people to subscribe to the newsletter.

email subscription form

Here are 7 foolproof tactics to increase your newsletter subscribers:

  1. Make Registration Simple

  2. Create useful content that people are looking for

  3. Gain Authority and Build Your Audience

  4. Offer Something of Value in Exchange for Membership

  5. Promote Your Newsletter On Social Media

  6. Be Transparent and Make Expectations Clear

  7. Test and Optimize

1. Make Registration Simple I'm not implying that your users don't have their heads, but some websites are really hard to sign up for. Don't be afraid to repeat the subscribe options. There should be at least one on every page of your website to increase the number of your subscribers.

Some tips to place your forms:

Menu. People are expecting a button that can lead to a landing page or can bring up a popup to subscribe to the menu, on the right, so get them ready!

Sign up form

Make it clear to your visitors that your site's newsletter is really important: place a registration form next to the site logo, above the menu. Insert a good call to action - it is essential since it is almost always inconvenient to insert images at that point of the site.

Slowly, we adapt to international standards, but we are quite rusty in doing so, and sometimes, we just don't do it. One of the examples is the option on the Homepage.

When an ordinary guy visits your website, he inevitably lands or passes by the Homepage. Implement this type of form on your website, and you will see the subscription graphs soar! I think it's pretty obvious!

At the end of each post, there should be a registration form, possibly relating to the article based on the category to which it belongs.

Image Description

Page 404. If a visitor stumbles upon a page that for whatever reason will close the site, he be gone forever. How can we fix it?

  • First, you have to remedy and fix all the 404 links.

  • Secondly - as a piece - by offering an ebook or something of interest to the reader so that he subscribes to the newsletter, we can train him properly and then lead him to purchase one of your info-products.

How to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter? If you have a Genesis theme, you can use Genesis 404 Page; otherwise, use this plugin: 404 page - your smart custom 404 error page

Next to the social buttons, you can integrate an opt-in also next to the social sharing buttons. To see which plugins allow you to do this, read this review of the best plugins.

2. Type of newsletters Create useful content that people are looking for. If one arrives at a cooking site, it is possible to assume that he is attracted to that same topic.

If you create posts that your visitors like, they are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, believing they could get even more meaningful content than they've already seen.

Good content is informative and/or entertaining (better if it has both characteristics).

3. Gain Authority and Build Your Audience Look around for opportunities to increase your exposure by writing about previously uncovered topics and discussing others known in your industry.

2 ways to start this endless process are:

  1. Become a guest blogger or contributor. Make a list of blogs in your industry that receive a lot of traffic, publish it as a post with a link to each site, and send an email to each of them notifying them of the link. After a while, ask if you can publish posts on their blogs. They will probably return the favor to you.

  2. Follow influencers (they can be podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers, streamers, Instagramers,…) and get noticed: share, comment, discuss, and take center stage!

Increasing your Online Authority will bring more traffic to your site, which will be genuinely interested in your blog topics. So, they will be more willing to subscribe to the newsletter than a reader that comes directly from Google.

4. Offer Something of Value in Exchange for Membership To convert simple visitors into loyal readers by making them subscribe to the newsletter, you need to leverage a Lead Magnet: the user is blackmailed with exclusive content.

To implement this direct email marketing technique, however, you must have a fundamental tool for every self-respecting market: an autoresponder.

You must make it clear that by subscribing to your newsletter, you have exclusive access that most people on this planet do not have!

Encourage new visitors to sign up by promising them eBooks of a few, but interesting pages. The length doesn't matter (especially because Google doesn't have to see them). They must offer hard-to-find information that can attract a fair number of visitors.

Some tips for a perfect lead magnet:

  • Provide a specific solution for an ultra-specific market.

  • Commit to promising something of great value (not too many solutions or vague things).

  • Make sure that the user gets the desired final result.

  • Give immediate satisfaction.

  • Make your lead trust you and your brand.

  • Make sure that your solution has value (not in money, but a real solution to the user's problem).

  • Make a quick reference (a checklist, for example, will certainly be leaner than a 40-page PDF).

    PRO TIP: Give a real price to what you offer (be it a PDF, video, or other), like €7, €17, or €37.

Simple landing page

To get an example of this technique just subscribe to Death to the Stock Photo, which promises new free (spectacular) images every month. This technique keeps subscribers loyal and turns them into potential customers quickly!

If you are interested in other tips for growing your online keep reading.

5. Promote Your Newsletter On Social Media Most online tools offer integration with Facebook and Twitter. Integration with Facebook, in practice, allows you to create a form with your favorite email marketing service, and synchronize it with Facebook.

It will then create a tab on the Facebook page. People who like your page can therefore sign up without visiting your website!

Another nice way to promote a newsletter is to publish part of what you offer exclusively to subscribers on social networks.

6. Be Transparent and Make Expectations Clear Nobody likes to be made fun of. When you ask your audience to subscribe to your newsletter, you need to be sure that you deliver on all the promises you make.

Otherwise, new subscribers will unsubscribe immediately and will mark your emails as SPAM. Watch out for the brand! Is it you, remember?

7. Test and Optimize When it comes to email marketing, we are talking about percentage data and general advice. This is because the key is to test.

This is not the only way to understand what works and what doesn't: you can always read the posts you find around ...

However, it is the most reliable method since you are talking about your niche, your site, and your audience! The techniques of a site that talks about SEO are not so effective with a furniture one.

You have to test everything: the copy, the placement of the various options and widgets on your site, the type of gifts, and the content you offer.

Ask for feedback from your subscribers. Ask what they would like to have as a gift, or use tools to analyze what your subscribers are doing through your service to send them emails. Do A/B testing, and optimize your Email Marketing strategy!

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