Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing by@anantgupta
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Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

by Anant GuptaApril 12th, 2022
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In today's digital world, you can leverage a variety of tools and methods to strengthen your business and reach out to a larger audience. Once you get started, you'll find live chats, social media platforms, and many others that will help your business develop. Whenever we talk about marketing channels, the first and most effective method that comes to mind is Email Marketing. One of the oldest forms of digital communication, email marketing has a user base of more than 4 billion people, making it the most effective marketing tactic.

Email marketing is always at the top, regardless of social media channels, SEO, or any other method. It is often questioned, however, how such an old marketing strategy can be beneficial for today's modern business and how it can compete with the advanced technology of the modern era? It all comes down to numbers.

"Numbers speak for themselves," the increasing number of users on email shows how effective it can be for your business.

Moreover, the whole procedure required for an effective email marketing strategy is pretty simple. You do not have to worry about any sort of algorithm changes that might affect your reach as it runs by your connections.

Despite this, people still find it challenging to use email marketing in the right manner. With that in mind, we introduced this article where we will guide you through how email marketing works and its advantages. So, let's get started!

What is Email Marketing?

Before we get started with the functionalities and benefits of email marketing, let's brush up our knowledge on what exactly is email marketing!

In the most simple words, email marketing is the method of sending emails to a target audience for the promotion of any business. It helps in reaching out to the maximum customers count. Plus, it __generates leads __and sales for businesses and fulfills the advertising part as well. But before you begin email marketing, you need to understand that you are nothing but a guest in your audience's inbox.
We are well aware of this because hundreds of emails remain unopened in our inbox. It doesn't matter how special that email is from your perspective, it should hold the interests of your audience. That's why for anyone getting started with email marketing, you need to opt for the most polite manner for sending the mails and make sure that it contains the interests of your target audience. As long as you catch them by their interests, they'll stay engaged.

How to Begin an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Being one of the most effective marketing strategies, email marketing works in an automated and spontaneous manner. The key requirements that are needed to begin an effective email marketing campaign. These are:

  1. Email list: For an effective email campaign, you need a list of your target audience. An email list essentially contains the email contacts of those who have shown any type of interest in your company and are willing to receive any sales communications from it.

    There are numerous ways to create an email list. The easiest being through a lead magnet. Through this method, you provide a coupon to the audience in exchange for their email address.

  1. Email Service Provider (ESP): To manage your email list and its operation, you need an email service provider that is software. With this, you can design and run email marketing campaigns in an automated way. It works according to the response received from the target audience, and they also enable personalized interaction with them. You must also check out the email sending limits of various email service providers.

  1. Achieving your business goals: Email marketing helps you to achieve your business goals by boosting brand awareness, keeping the customers engaged, driving sales, generating leads and much more.

    Now, these three need to work in an aligned manner for an effective email marketing campaign. The simple practice for this is, first to create the perfect email list with the help of the demographics and actions of the audience. Next, create an email that captures your audience's interest. After that, with the help of ESP, you can start emailing and monitoring campaigns.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Enhancing the sales of goods and services

Email Marketing benefits primarily by improving sales of goods and services, which is also known as conversions. With the help of custom coupons and special offers on special customer occasions, you can boost sales and keep them engaged. In addition, you can send plenty of e-mail baskets to remind them to complete the departure process.

Brand awareness

Email Marketing helps to increase brand awareness among the audience. When you keep showing up in your audience's inbox, your brand stays in their mind and when anything comes up, they come to you. This is done through a personalized marketing email, which isn't possible with other marketing channels.

Gaining loyalty

Email marketing helps to build a community and improve the customer relationship. It stimulates their loyalty at each step of the buyer's journey, which leads to the conversion, retention, integration and enrichment of the trails.

Is Email Marketing Required in Today's Digital World?

People often wonder, with such an increase in the use of social media platforms and other marketing tools, is email marketing really necessary for the growth of any business? The reason behind the insane popularity of email marketing is its extent. It holds the capacity to be personalized to a large extent, which is merely impossible on social media channels. Plus, email marketing is way cheaper than the other marketing channels. It gives the greatest benefit of reach and conversion rate at the most reasonable pricing.

In addition, email marketing gives users direct access to their inboxes. More than half the percentage of people check their mail daily. And a large number of consumers consider it as the most preferred communication channel, especially with small businesses.

This clearly shows that even after being one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email marketing still holds a great position in the minds of consumers as well as businessmen.


In conclusion, we can say that email marketing is one of the longest standing methods of digital communication. It is considered a very essential mode of communication. A large fraction of consumers also consider email marketing as the most preferred communication platform. It carries one of the largest customer bases which makes it the most powerful and effective digital marketing tool, even in today's advanced world. In this article, we covered all the basic information that is required for you to get started with email marketing. Stay tuned for more content!