11 Customer Support Response Templates That Will Improve Your Email Managementby@vineet18del
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11 Customer Support Response Templates That Will Improve Your Email Management

by Vineet GuptaApril 16th, 2021
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Canned responses are the predetermined replies to common questions mainly used to save time and cater to more customer queries in a given time. They are personalized messages where the support agent uses his/her wit, intelligence, and creativity to share a quality draft that facilitates better communication. These messages have elements that allow the customer support staff to convey to the customer quickly that they are heard and will get a satisfactory solution. The best Customer Support Response Response Templates you can start using today are the best canned response examples.

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Did you know that 49% of American customers switched companies last year due to poor customer service?

Needless to say, customers have become demanding. And why shouldn't they? Technology is empowering businesses to provide customers with a delightful experience and meet their needs faster than ever before.

One simple way they are supporting customers in their journey is through canned responses. They are one of the important features of email management software that allow companies to respond quickly and effortlessly to multiple customer issues. 

If you are a support agent or a help desk manager who wishes to pace up your support process, we are sharing canned responses to use as your support ticket response template for customer service emails.

What Are Canned Responses? 

Canned responses are the predetermined replies to common questions mainly used to save time and cater to more customer queries in a given time. They are basically saved email templates created in response to frequently asked questions and queries over email.

Canned response examples are often confused with auto-responses, which are simple messages generated by a software program for incoming messages, or emails to comfort and reassure customers that their query has been received and acknowledged. 

Customers are mostly repulsive towards automated emails. They find them impersonal and robotic and hard to interpret for their true meaning. 

But, canned responses are far better than automated responses. They are personalized messages where the support agent uses his/her wit, intelligence, and creativity to share a quality draft that facilitates better communication. 

Why Should You Use Canned Responses for Customer Support?

Now you might wonder that canned responses for customer service can never replicate a human interaction. But these messages have elements that allow the customer support staff to convey to the customer quickly that they are heard and will get a satisfactory solution.

Here are a few benefits of using canned responses:

Saves Time: Canned responses offer the customer service agents the fastest and the most effortless way to respond to customer queries. At the most basic level, these responses help save their time, where the support agent does not have to write the same answer, over and over again, that too from scratch. 

Personalization: The best thing about using canned responses is that the templates are well-planned and look professional. It gives the support agent enough room to create a balance in personalizing the content and removing the aspects that can make the response look robotic. 

Quick Formatting:  A well-crafted canned response leaves enough scope to plug in basic details like the company’s name, prospect’s name, and other personalized and relevant information. It reduces the chances of errors and boosts productivity.

Best Customer Support Response Templates

Now you know the importance of canned responses, here are the best canned response examples you can start using today.

1. We are working on your issue right now

When a customer makes a query, it is a sign that they still trust your brand and believe that you’ll solve the problem they are facing at the moment. The issue can be related to your product, website, specific functionality. It may happen that they might be requesting new features or changes in the process. 

Always have a respectful attitude towards their needs. Acknowledge their issue and let them know that it is being looked at and you will fix it. Also, give them an estimated problem-resolution time.

Here’s how a customer service response template looks like:

Your issue is under consideration

Dear Customer, 

Your request is under investigation. We can see that the problem is from our end. Don’t worry, our experts are working on it. It will take 24-48 hours to fix the problem.  We will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience!

Meanwhile, is there any other service you might be interested in?


2. The case is resolved

When the issue is fixed, you have to inform the customer, just as you promised. You can do it on chat as well, but it is best to share this news as a follow-up email.

The Issue is Fixed

Hi (Customer Name), 

Hope you are doing well! 

We feel extremely happy to inform you that your reported issue has been resolved. Thank you for bringing this issue to our knowledge. We highly appreciate it!

In case of any other questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. 


3. Are you happy with the case resolution?

The company has resolved the issue as promised. But the task doesn’t end there. You have to know if the customer is satisfied with how you approached the problem or the time it took you to resolve the issue.

If the issue was with a product feature, following-up after 7 to 10 days becomes necessary to know if the feature is working perfectly. Take a look:

How’s it going with the dishwasher?

Hi (Customer), 

On 24th March 2019, you reported an issue with our company’s dishwasher. As per our records, the problem was fixed by our technical team. We hope you are satisfied with the solution. How is your experience with the dishwasher now?

Just want to check that you are having a seamless experience.  :)

Thank you 

4. We seek more information to fix the issue

The customer has raised an issue, and you have created a ticket. However, sometimes, the problem is not entirely clear, or some details are missing. To process their request, you need to get more details from them. Here is a support ticket response template that you can take inspiration from:

Please update the required information.

Hi (Customer Name),

Thanks for making the request.  The ticket is raised. However, we’d like you to update your current address in your profile immediately before we proceed. Only after that will we be able to process your request. 

Do let us know if you have any further questions. Have a great day!

Take Care,
Your Name

5. Thanks for your patience and support! Your ticket is now closed.

Many times, it happens that a customer wants you to open a ticket but doesn’t follow-up. Or, they just ignore it. Whatever the case, the ticket needs to be closed with a status update. The help desk sends an email alert to the customer, letting them know that you are closing the ticket while asking any questions they may have for the team. In case they have, make sure they get the required assistance, 

Here’s how a follow-up email can look like:

Haven’t heard from you

Hello (Customer), 

I hope you are doing well!

We are closing your case with us regarding (case topic), as we haven’t heard from you since (date or number of days). 

Please feel free to reopen the ticket or create a new ticket. Do reach out to us for any assistance!

Thank you 

6. Did you like our customer support?

After every interaction, getting feedback from the customer is vital for business growth, especially after an issue has been marked as closed. Send a follow-up email with a customer satisfaction(CSAT) survey or Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, and ask them how much are they satisfied with the company’s customer service. The mail has to be simple and to the point, encouraging the customer to give instant feedback.

Here’s how it goes:

What do you think of our customer service?

Hi (Customer),

We’d love to hear how satisfied you are with our support (details of the ticket). Please take a moment to click on the link and take a small survey. Your feedback is valuable to us!

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you
(Your Name)

7. How can you learn about the feature / or run an application yourself

Often, when a customer reports an issue, there isn’t actually a problem. They might be unaware of how to use a feature or an application properly. You have to understand that only you know your product best, not the customer. 

In such cases, share a link to a help-article that offers step-by-step instructions with clear instructions, screenshots, and other relevant information. This will educate the customer about how they can make small changes themselves, without any external help.

Here's an example of the support ticket response template: 

Website color update guide

Hello (Customer), 

This mail is regarding the query you made to update the color feature in the software. You can visit the link and learn everything there is to know about color modifications.

Let me know if there’s any other thing we can help you with!

(Your Name)

8. We acknowledge the inconvenience caused to you

Your customer service can go above and beyond to resolve any customer issues. However, one thing is inevitable- mistakes made consciously or unconsciously. No matter how hard you try, they can be hard to avoid. 

The best approach in such situations is acknowledging the mistakes, accepting your fault, and reaching out to the customer without wasting a moment.  It will only calm an angry customer. They will admire your efforts to take ownership. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you

Hello (Customer), 

We acknowledge and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you with (case name). Thank you for keeping up with us while we do everything within our capacity to resolve the issue.

We will update you as soon as the problem is resolved.

Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any further questions.

Thank you

9. We’re facing technical issues

Page not responding, or 404 errors are some of the worst-case scenarios that can happen with a company’s website or SaaS products. Customers will likely start reaching out to you in distress in no time. A canned response like this one can act as a savior and help you prevent negative consequences. 

We are experiencing technical issues at the moment

Hello Customer,

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a technical issue at our end. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is working on getting the service up and running as quickly as possible. By a rough estimate, the service will resume in (time).

Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated on the progress. Thanks for your patience! 

Thank you

10. Sorry we missed your message

The help desk software allows you to track all customer interactions in one place. However, if you don’t have the best software, there are chances that one or two chats might go unnoticed. 

This can prove to be detrimental to your company’s image and you need to acknowledge the mistake as soon as it comes to your notice.

Sorry! We missed your message

Hello Customer, 

It seems that we have missed your chat. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. We hope that we can assist you with your query now! Do let us know if you are still facing the problem!


Thank You 

11. Can we do anything else for you?

One of the key elements of the best canned response is that you end your message on a positive note for the customers motivating them to come back to you. You can also use this canned message as a standalone email. This will also help you find out if the issue has been resolved satisfactorily for the customer, and you can close the ticket.

Do you have any other questions?

Dear Customer,

Hope you liked (company’s name) support on (case name)! Is there anything else we can help you with?

Thank you
(Your Name)

Best Practices to Use Canned Response Templates

Canned responses can be extremely helpful to assist and reach out to more customers. Here are a few best practices that enhance the effectiveness of your canned messages.

Strike a Balance in Automation and Personalization 

Canned messages are prewritten to be shared with different customers having similar issues. Make sure the response doesn’t look robotic.  Tailor it according to the individual customer query to make it meaningful and satisfactory. 

Never Automate Entire Conversation with Canned Responses

 Overdoing canned responses can backfire. They are not meant for every aspect of a conversation. Be present in the situation and give a personal answer when required, especially when the customer is seriously upset with the product or service. 

Keep the Language Simple

In the customer service canned response, it can be tempting to use technical jargon to strengthen the response and prove your point.  However, this will only confuse an already frustrated customer. At best, write as if you are having a conversation in person and use a language they can relate to.

Use Longer Canned Responses, If Necessary

Canned responses do not have to be short all the time. Based on the situation’s complexity, you can enhance the word count, as long as it helps you explain things well. 

Smart Support Ticket Response Templates for Delightful Customer Experiences

Canned responses when used right can not only save everyone’s valuable time but also help you enhance your team’s productivity

Once you have created the canned responses, consider half the battle won. However, don’t just save the responses and forget about them. Keep revisiting them and make changes to improve them, depending on the new situations and customers’ reactions.