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964 Stories To Learn About Nft

by Learn RepoOctober 16th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Nft via these 964 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Nft via these 964 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

NFT = non-fungible token. When people think of NFTs, they usually think of digitized art such as paintings or videos.

1. Top 7 Investment Firms Leading NFT Venture Rounds

Who invests in NFT? Here's the list of the top VCs and investors who invest in NFT, metaverse, play2earn industry.

2. What are NFTs and how do they work

NFTs are a new technology that you need to understand. THis is what they are and how the very first NFT came about in 2014 when it was made on a whim.

3. What Advantage Do Programmable NFTs Bring to Users?

Raunaq Vaisoha is a second-time crypto entrepreneur and has been in the space since 2013. NFTs are evolving from static to dynamic objects.

4. Why Would an NFT Marketplace Freeze an Account?

“I have been hacked. All my apes gone. This just sold please help me.”

5. Blockchain Gaming & The Metaverse: Everything You Need to Know

Top things to know about Blockchain Gaming & Metaverse, which will give you more insights about play to earn games and with your knowledge it can make you rich.

6. 7 NFT Makers to Create Your NFT Art Collection with No Code

In this article you will find best Free NFT Generator to Make Your NFT Art Collection without Coding. Also, Learn How to Create an NFT Art in few minutes.

7. The Future of NFTs In The Web3 Economy

The role of NFT in the Web3 economy

8. Are NFT Marketplaces Really Decentralized?

Are NFT marketplaces really centralized or decentralized?

9. Is Play-2-Earn a Scam?

With ever increasing popularity in blockchain gaming, gamers are getting sucked into the vortex of play to earn games. Is P2E here to stay or is it just a fad?

10. 30% of Newly Minted NCT is Owned by Addresses that Don't Own a Hashmask

Hashmasks are a new experiment in crypto art. But 30% of the project's Name Changing Token (NCT) is already owned by users who do not even own a Hashmask.

11. The Future of NFTs and Metaverses: Big Brands, Metaverse Law, and More

The key thing about these NFTs, regardless of the metaverse, is that they have a value outside the game and can be transferred to anyone on the blockchain.

12. I Spy Pixelated Nipples on the Blockchain #FreeTheNipple

The remarkable team behind the Nippleverse aim to liberate the Nipple from surging censorship and central control

13. A Beginner’s Guide to Wrapped NFTs

Crypto market welcomes a new gen of NFTs – wrapped ones, or wNFTs, or NFT 2.0 as I call it. Let’s understand what it is and which potential wNFTs have.

14. Why NFTs Need Cross-Chain Technology and Blockchain Agnostic Markets

Day by day, NFTs are making the case for cross-chain technology stronger. At the very least, they make a case for blockchain agnostic NFT marketplaces considerably more compelling for those in the know. As the market has grown, it has expanded across multiple chains from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana, and layer two solutions such as Polygon and Immutable X.

15. Understanding the Polkadot's DeFi Ecosystem with Yubo Ruan

Yubo Ruan talks about the Polkadot ecosystem, DeFi and the NFT market.

16. The Biggest NFT Rug Pulls in History: How to Identify Crypto Scams

Fraud in the NFT-sphere. How it works and how to protect yourself from scams. Let's talk about the main red flags that will help identify rug pull.

17. "Monkey see Monkey do, so is Why Paypal Is Entering Crypto And It Is Awesome" - Bryan Legend

This article talks about DeFi, Liquidity mining and the rise of NFTs and what really lies beneath them.

18. Binance Kicks Off 'Football Fever 2022' with $1 Million in Rewards for Football Fans

With Binance's new program, football fans may win a share of a tremendous prize pool, which includes more than $1,000,000 in tokens.

19. Serverless and Blockchain: Check NFT Supply With AWS Lambda

How can serverless technology be used in tandem with blockchains? Find out how we built an AWS Lambda function to monitor NFT supplies.

20. Reinventing The Internet: Welcome to the Antinet - BOG#001

“Antinet“ - an Internet that goes against what we’ve known.

21. Project Deep Dive: Is Valhalla Worth the Hype?

Does Valhalla have the merit to back up the hype it has garnished? I completed a full deep dive to find out. These are my findings...

22. I Organized An Entire Conference In 30 days: Take That, Gary Vee

This summer I run my first own conference using NFTs as tickets and it was epic. This is how I did it (and how you can do your own!)

23. The Metaverse is Not Real, Yet

Until a true "metaverse platform" publicly launches, the metaverse is not real. Dive into what a metaverse platform is and what the future of Web3 looks like.

24. Let's Look at Rove: An Online Metaverse Builder

Metaverse gaming is still in its early stages, however, there are several virtual world-building games for those who like an immersive 3D experience.

25. The 5 Best Software for Creating NFT Art

Some software tools are listed here with subscription details. Their pros and cons are also mentioned to help you decide on the best one to create your NFT art.

26. Itheum a Web3 Data Brokerage Platform After Raising $1.5 Million is Launching on Elrond

Web3 Data Brokerage Platform is listing on Elrond’s Maiar Platform - A new Web3 Metaverse Ecosystem.

27. Becoming an NFT Photographer in 2022? Here's What You Need to Know

Are you a photographer? Consider attaching an NFT to your photographs. You don't want to miss out on the new blockchain platforms and cashing in on royalties.

28. Loyalty Programs Are Seeing a Resurgence Thanks to Web3

Loyalty programs follow the development of technology and blockchain offers huge opportunities for creatives in this field.

29. Solving the Problems With Play-to-earn Gaming

If you’ve launched a play-to-earn game with a token linked to an external crypto-exchange then you’ve already failed.

30. On the Future of NFT, Play 2 Earn: Meet the Writer Sergey Baloyan

Sergey Baloyan, a Hacker Noon contributor and a fintech expert on the future of play to earn, podcasting, and what to expect from the gaming-crypto mix.

31. 10 Reasons Why NFTs Will Be Hot in 2023

What was once touted as a lazy-man’s trade has emerged to be the anchoring technology of Web 3.0.

32. Eight NFT Platforms That Empower Creatives and Developers

Along with cryptocurrencies, NFTs have been highly successful in bringing many new investors into the blockchain world of digital assets in a short amount of ti

33. Meet the Writer: "I Want to Make Sure What I Write is Accessible," says Joanelle Toh

Jo is a VC and Tech Lawyer by day, and a Hacker Noon contributor on the topics of NFT and crypto by night. Sharing her story as part of Meet the Writer series.

34. Play-to-earn. Move-to-earn. The next big thing? Watch-to-earn…

After the boom of "play-to-earn" projects, the world seems to be moving to "move-to-earn". But what is the next big thing in the “do-something-to-earn” space?

35. Using Daml to Create Blockchain NFT-Based Customer Experiences

How to write a smart contract NFT? Daml allows blockchain NFT smart contracts to interoperate with each other when deployed on multiple blockchains.

36. How to Build an NFT Marketplace App

Numerous people utilize numerous online NFT marketplace to buy and sell goods using Blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies.

37. Metaverse: The Gateway to an Alternate Reality

There has been a sudden surge in interest regarding metaverses, with people waiting eagerly to see what the Internet giant has in store for us.

38. My Wife: A Strong Woman, Not a Vessel

My wife fought for her right to remain more than a vessel during pregnancy. I'm honouring her by naming a hashmask.

39. NFTs for Representation of Physical Real Estate: Interview With Origin Protocol & RoofStock onChain

In partnership with Origin Story, Roofstock onChain launched its NFT marketplace for physical real estate earlier this month.

40. DoraHacks Raises $20 Million to Promote Web3 Ecosystem Building through Grants and Hackathons

DoraHacks has secured $20 million in a Series B1 investment, spearheaded by FTX Ventures and Liberty City Ventures, to expand its web3 incentives ecosystem.

41. The Challenges of NFT Whitelisting

Problems and solutions to the popular process of NFT whitelisting

42. Successfully Audited By CertiK, Confti is Now Officially Open Source

Confti is a decentralized platform focused on NFT one-stop solutions to meet the diverse needs of NFT investors.

43. Regulatory Changes in DeFi and Stablecoin will be Significant

HashKey Capital is an asset manager with three dedicated funds investing exclusively in blockchain technology and digital assets.

44. 5 Blockchain Games and NFT Projects Taking Over Art and Entertainment

NFTs are becoming mainstream due to recent innovations. Non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, are taking the blockchain, collectibles, and investment world

45. Blockchain and NFTs Have Set the Way for the Virtual World

The world is ready to witness another revolution, the virtual revolution, creation of a virtual world with all aspects and features as same as the real world.

46. Why Discord Won't Work For Most NFT Projects Long Term

Why Discord Won't Work For Most NFT Projects Long Term. Building sustainable NFT communities isn’t as easy as it first appears. That’s why I started FanCircles.

47. 4 Elements that Make Some NFTs More Valuable Than Others

A brief introduction to what makes NFTs valuable.

48. A Quick Look Under the Hood of an NFT Smart Contract (Part 1)

A smart contract is the heart of an NFT that powers it to do what it does. In this article series, we take an in-depth look at an NFT smart contract.

49. Aavegotchi is Writing the Future of GameFi with The Gotchiverse

What do you get when you combine Clash of Clans, Pac-Man, and Elden Ring? You get the Aavegotchi Protocol's flagship game, The Gotchiverse.

50. Perils of Induction: Doubting Thomases, Rigor, NFTs & Descartes

On this day, Second Sunday of Easter, also known as the Octave Day of Easter, White Sunday, Quasimodo Sunday, and Low Sunday, traditional Catholics following the traditional liturgical calendar in the Roman Rite, ponder the Gospel of St. John (here taken from the 1945 St. Andrew Missal):

51. PoW-Based NFTs in 2021: A Comparison

There are three currently known PoW based NFTs for readers to compare and consider which would be the next hotspot and opportunity in the NFT market.

52. How to Make an NFT: Minting, Trading, and Monetizing for Beginners

A non-fungible token is verifiably distinct from another one. So, NFTs offer a way to manage provenance, ownership and transfer of unique items.

53. Is the Hype Surrounding NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain a New Trend?

The Ordinals protocol recently implemented the ability to add NFTs to Bitcoin transactions without requiring a separate sidechain or token.

54. Let's Look at BattleFly: A Competitive Play-to-Earn Strategy Game

BattleFly is an upcoming strategy game where players can own, modify and battle other players using their mechanical bugs named BattelFlys.

55. HackerNoon Partners with Non-Fungible Conference

HackerNoon has signed on as a media partner for this year's Non-Fungible Conference

56. Nameless NFTs No More: The NCT Story

NFTs shouldn't be nameless. Projects can use the original ERC20 utility token created for naming with ease. Explore why NCT is the ideal value added solution.

57. Art Collecting Launches NFT Platform on Tezos Blockchain Domain

The team is pleased to announce the launch of a new NFT platform.

58. Meet Spellfire, the Legendary Collectible Card Game Reimagined Blockchain

To bring Spellfire back to life, we've built a new game that pays homage to the original but has its own unique mechanics and lore.

59. 5 Things You Might Not Know About NFTs

It’s becoming apparent there’s a lot more to the NFT hype than simply art dealing. So what are the 5 things that you still don’t quite get about NFTs?

60. 4 New NFT Projects With Utility

Let's look at what an NFT Project with Utility is and why it's different from any other NFT.

61. NFTs That Fight for Ukrainian Independence and Freedom

NFT initiatives aim to help Ukraine survive in the fight against the Russian aggressors. Check out to see how digital art helps people in need.

62. Ape Gang: From Coders to Sponsors

Hackernoon hopped at the chance of getting an exclusive interview with Jokong and Rikong, who were kind enough to share with us Ape Gang’s latest initiatives.

63. 4 Fractional NFTs that Help Accelerate Fantasy Sports Stock Trading

NFTs have burgeoned in recent months, with Beeple’s art piece selling for $69 million or Twitter founder Jack Dorsey selling the first-ever tweet on Twitter for $2.9 million. However, fractional NFTs in sports stock trading may soon become the next hottest sector in NFT after digital art.

64. Neighborhoods of The Future

Digital platforms like Zumper, Zillow, and Homesnap have made it easier for people to relocate. They cut down on commission fees and act as real estate mediators, saving people time they would otherwise have to spend dealing with the legalities. Nevertheless, there is still a middleman taking a cut.

65. More Than Gamers Receives VC Investment From Founding Twitch Community Builder

A look at a rising player in the metaverse gaming NFT project space.

66. Introducing Dragos: What it Means to be a Fully On-Chain NFT

2021 has been the year of NFTs. The space has risen from relative obscurity to experiencing rapid growth throughout the world.

67. Why Nike, Adidas, RKFT and Sneakmart are Tokenizing Sneakers

Th global sneaker industry is set to grow to a value of 120$ billion by 2026 from a current market capitalization of $79 billion. Sneaker giants such as Nike an

68. NFT: The Treachery of Digital Images

NFTs are inherently treacherous and right-clickers, collectors, and artists worldwide are falling for their deception.

69. Facebook is Not the Right Company to Coin the 'Metaverse'

Meta is trying to stay relevant by looking forward to a VR future. The problem is there are far better ways to take part in that future than logging into Insta.

70. Issuing Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs): A How-To Guide

Why are we all so entitled to the Blockchain industry? For the high development pace? Of course. For the number of appearing opportunities, growing like a weed under the sun and rain? Surely. For building up an alternative financial and tech sphere? You name it.

71. How You Can Invest in the Metaverse Today

Wondering how you can invest in the emerging metaverse industry? It's actually easier than you think, and I'll walk you through the 3 main options!

72. SolPunks is a Great Example of How to Build a Thriving NFT Community

What is it that makes the SolPunks community so unique? How did an entity without a roadmap become a force to reckon with in the NFT community?

73. What if Bob Ross Had Minted NFTs?

If Bob Ross had been alive during the NFT craze, he’d probably be a billionaire.

74. How Staking Has Taken Over the Crypto Industry

NFTs are taking the music industry to levels beyond what anyone a decade ago could not fathom.

75. GameFi Still Remains Underground For The Traditional Gaming Scene

An important feature that any P2E game should have is interesting and engaging gameplay.

76. Valve Says NFT Activity in Games are "Super Sketchy" ...They're Kinda Right!

Valve says NFT in gaming is "super sketchy". And while NFTs aren't necessarily evil, Valve isn't wrong. And gamers welcomed the news. Here's why.

77. Introducing the Nudie NFT Community and the Project's All-Female Team

An all-female NFT team? Yes, they are here and they brought the Nudie Community!

78. How Blockchain Technology Can Improve Education By Using Gamification

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.

79. Can NFTs Sustain as the Backbone for Digital Ownership?

Can the success of NFTs in the fine art, blockchain gaming, and venture capital space expand to the rest of the digital economy?

80. This Self-Proclaimed Art Illiterate Person Builds Web3 Products for Coinbase

Meet Noonies 2021Nominee Gagan Gehani

81. What is the Best Entry Point into the World of Web3? Meet Richard Patey, Web3 Community Builder

Hi I’m Richard or patey.eth on Twitter. I have a newsletter and discord on how creative people can contribute to web 3 communities

82. Top 3 tools every crypto trader needs

83. A Guide That Will Help You Find the Right NFTs

Here’s a collection of the top practices to consider while buying an ideal NFT.

84. The Real Utility Behind NFTs - Interoperability, Privacy and Efficiency

NFTs might be infamous for being a platform where rich people buy monkey pictures but they have utility far beyond that thanks to their interoperability.

85. NFTs in Gaming: Why You Should Want Them Even if you Don't Game

Gaming-based NFTs may sound like something that's just for gamers but even people outside of the scene can benefit from owning NFTs in gaming as an investment

86. 2022 Predictions: NFTs Move Beyond Laundering & CircleJerks While Fake Meat Gets Attacked by the Sea

Annual tech predictions from venture capitalist, Bernard Moon. On NFTs, 3D-printing, meat substitutes, cryptocurrencies and commercial banking

87. How Web3 could Change the Fashion Industry

In what ways exactly could digital fashion be used as a revolutionary tool to evolve the industry?

88. 3moji NFTs: Upgradeable NFT Avatars and NFT Emojis on Solana

3moji NFTs are changing the meta on the Solana ecosystem and bringing true utility to Solana NFTs with upgradeable and composable NFTs.

89. NFT Boom 2.0: Is There Any Proof?

The abbreviation NFT is becoming one of the most discussed topics in the world. Read about the impact this is having on the world.

90. Watch Out OpenSea! Your Competitors "Sea" You

New NFT Marketplaces for 2022? There are sure to be many, but so far, be on the lookout for LooksRare and Coinbase NFT.

91. Future of NFTs - why art is just the beginning

Why NFT is a real revolution not only in the field of art but also in our digital identity.

92. Here's A Calculator To Calculate The Carbon Footprint of Any Ethereum Wallet Or Smart Contract

Despite the common narrative that using a blockchain damages the environment, we can already use these networks to erase the footprint of every transaction

93. Enabling Smart Communication for IoT Devices With Smart Contracts and NFTs

Smart Contracts and NFTs can allow IoT devices to negotiate prices and transact with eachother.

94. Introducing a New NFT Project Based on Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin

Art101 announced a Vitalik Buterin NFT collection 'Based Vitalik'

95. Moving Beyond The Right-Click Save NFT Culture

This article debunks two critical opposing theories to NFTs: "Right click saving means I own it" and "It is digital who will see it or care about it?"

96. Nikkei Advertisement for Astar Network Receives the Backing of Record 329 Japanese Corporations

Astar Network has broken a world record by publishing a national newspaper advertising with the largest brands in a single ad.

97. Play-2-Earn Gaming is Taking Over DeFi

Combining playing with earning has massive potential to become one of the largest industries in the world.

98. Breeding NFTs Like Pokemons: Your Tokens Can Evolve

NFT holders can now combine their NFTs to create new NFTs

99. Rediscovering the EverDragons, the First Cross-Chain NFTs

With a group of friends and crypto archeologists, digging into the early history of Ethereum NFTs we discovered the EverDragons, minted in June 2018...

100. The Sandbox Powers BAYC's NFT Monkeys into the Metaverse Blockchain

The exclusive club BAYC has managed to expand its reach in the NFT sector following its successful purchase of LANDs by its members on the metaverse Blockchain

101. OCEARCH NPO Partners with Rogue Sharks Solana NFT Project to Help Save our Oceans

OCEARCH and Rogue Sharks Announce New Strategic Partnership to Protect Our Oceans

102. Are the Creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club Copying the Idea of a Young Crypto Project?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a popular collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain that has taken the crypto world by storm.

103. NFTs and The Metaverse, The Next Big Step For Art and Culture

Have you ever held onto an event ticket from a memorable night?

104. Instagram Users Start Minting and Selling NFTS

Earlier this month, Instagram announced it would allow users to mint and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform.

105. MetaBlaze is Bringing High Yield Rewards and Deflation to the Metaverse on Binance Smart Chain

MetaBlaze is developing a play-to-earn Role Playing Game (RPG) comprised of worlds based mystical NFT characters that will fight battles in the metaverse.

106. Low Code Programming: Understanding the Future of Software Development with Zenity

Michael Bargury spent years working on cloud security at Microsoft, bootstrapping security products that tackle emerging threats like IoT, APIs and IaC.

107. How to Build a Digital Community of 1,000 True Fans

NFTs are a new way to create and sell digital art, and they're gaining popularity due to their ability to get rid of the traditional intermediaries

108. The House of Boxing Takes Queensberry to the Blockchain

game boxing NFTs not sports blockchain frank warren Tyson Fury Chisora Mike Tyson game p2e trading cards collectibles digital marketplace moments highlights IMX

109. 3 Music NFT Initiatives That Are Aiding Market Recovery

When the market is volatile, investors seek dependability. These solutions have a chance to reduce speculation and boost confidence in NFTs.

110. Soldier Turned Sculptor Brings AK47s and NFTs Together on the Blockchain

London-based Bran Symondson uses AK47s as his medium, turning arguably the most dangerous weapon in the world into art.

111. NFT IP Rights and its Failed Promise

Why NFT IP rights will fail and future collections will go CC0.

112. The Boy Who Cried Blockchain

After the Kinect, PS Vita, and a plethora of gaming tech flops, I was ready to exit the hype train. but thanks to blockchain gaming, I just bought a new ticket.

113. AnRKey X NFT Sales Reach Top 10 in the World on Rarible

Over the last 30 days, AnRKey X’s NFT sales volume was in the top-10 in the entire world on

114. An Intro to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for Games, Virtual Worlds, and the Metaverse

Learn more about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and how they will make a huge impact in gaming, virtual worlds, and the metaverse.

115. Alibaba’s Metaverse Art Exhibition is a Great Snapshot of China’s Current NFT Landscape

This confusing exhibition provides a stellar and pretty comprehensive snapshot of China’s NFT landscape from a number of angles

116. An NFT: What it is and How it Works

A brief and simple description for NFTs and a general vision on NFTs' future

117. To The Metaverse and Beyond [Infographic]

In this infographic, we look at key events that led to the development of the metaverse as we know it today.

118. Why The Solana Hack Proves You Need a Hardware Wallet

Slope and Phantom wallet users see their assets drained as a massive hack hits the Solana blockchain, something that hardware wallets are able to resist.

119. Create An EVM-Based NFT Contract without Programming Skills: A How-To Guide

Here's how to create your own NFT contracts without needing to have any prior experience with programming using no-code tools available to the public.

120. The Identity Hexagon: How to Use an NFT as Your HackerNoon Profile Picture

The HackerNoon team launches a new feature. Users can use NFTs as their HackerNoon profile pictures/

121. How Putting your Book on a Blockchain can Change your Career Overnight

Bend your mind around decentralized publishing with these success stories

122. Understanding DAO: A Basic Explanation

DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations is the new form to organize communities and work. here's the basic explanation of DAOs

123. The NFT Artist Who Wants People To Make Decisions For “The Presidents”

This artist created the largest NFT collection of leaders (20,000 avatars) for a project that grants users access to its governance system over its presidents.

124. Decoding the Popularity of NFT Trading Cards in Recent Times

An NFT trading card is a digital trading card that exists on the Blockchain. Thanks to blockchain technology, anyone can verify the authenticity and ownership o

125. The Free NFT: Its Pros and Cons

NFT CCO, CCO,Open source NFT

126. What do NFTs Mean for the Movie Industry?

NFTs are making their way into the film and television space. here is how it is reshaping the movie business.

127. Our Marketplace is Lowering the Barriers to NFT Ownership

What if you could buy, trade and sell NFTs without paying excessive gas fees? Rollbit's NFT marketplace allows you to do just that!

128. Real Estate in the Metaverse is Booming: is it Really Such a Crazy Idea?

Virtual real estate in the Metaverse is attracting enormous attention from investors. The article explains why is it worth buying real estate in the Metaverse.

129. Dive into NFT Marketplaces

Do not miss this post if you are a beginner or an NFT trader. This article will share my knowledge of NFT marketplaces. Read now!

130. The State of Enjin 2022

An overview of Enjin and its ecosystem updates for 2022 to see how it will change and evolve in the year to come thanks to new opportunities for the system.

131. Colexion a Celebrity NFT Platform Raises $5 Million from Polygon, Titan Ventures and Maven Capital

Colexion NFT Platform Raises $5 Million in Funding to expand operations in Asia.

132. Where and How to Advertise NFTs?

Here some good NFT marketing tools to share our NFTs and made public to more people.

133. How to Develop an NFT Real Estate Marketplace

NFT Real Estate Marketplace development is gaining prominence and taking the crypto space world by storm.

134. How to Avoid NFT Scams in 2022

We are writing this article because we believe that NFTs are the future, and despite the growing number of scammers, you shouldn't be afraid of NFT investment.

135. Indignant CEOs and Struggling Developers: Have Game Developers Lost the Plot with NFTs?

I love Worms. Therefore, I love Team17. But a CEO launching surprise NFTs while artists and devs are starving is not cool. Have game-makers lost the plot?

136. Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker: Hershey's in the Metaverse and More

Hershey launches chocolate-themed metaverse experience. Timex launches Bored Ape watches. Rumors circulate that Twitter is launching a token

137. Five Reasons Why You Should Start Learning About Web3 Today

Web3 is a set of protocols and technologies that enable a decentralized web. This means that instead of relying on central authorities like government

138. How ‘Fractional NFTs’ Can Help Accelerate the Future of Fantasy Sports on the Blockchain

With a current valuation of around $19 billion, Fantasy Sports is big, but COVID-19 is bigger. Nobody in the fantasy sports industry expected that the pandemic would not only delay games but ultimately shorten the sports season by months. With more people staying at home during the pandemic, the demand for online gaming platforms has increased significantly.

139. Everything You Need to Know about Web 3.0

Web3 is the new update to the World Wide Web which aims to shift the dependency from tech giants to individual users. It uses the Blockchain model to function.

140. How One Startup Is Removing Barriers to Buying NFTs

In September, the official launch of will take place: the first exclusive NFT marketplace in the Netherlands.  Here, quality and user-friendliness are

141. TwNFT - Mint your tweets as NFTs easily and for free

In this post, I introduce TwNFT, an application that lets you mint your tweets as NFTs easily and for free and explain how it works and how I made it.

142. NFT Mint Analysis: How Can We Discover Opportunities Ahead of Time?

How Can We Discover Opportunities Ahead of Time?

143. RSK Brings NFTs to the Bitcoin Blockchain

Navigating smart contracts on the RSK and RSK Infrastructure Framework(RIF) a third-layer protocol on bitcoin. They were used to mint NFTs through Carnaval.

Famous 3D Artist Gal Yoseh Launches 3D NFT Collection as the NFT’s Become Mainstream.

145. The Evolution of Online Carrier Pigeons — Breaking Down Messaging in Web3

The way we communicate is about to change — forever.

146. Bitcoin: Stop Speculating and Start Innovating - The Shift of Currency to Assets

This, along with how people treat and speculate on these “currencies'' actually behaves just like an asset or stock.

147. A Beginners Guide to NFTs for Digital Asset Authentication

Since it is so easy to counterfeit papers and information on the internet, having a unique and secure certificate of authenticity is incredibly valuable

148. LiveOne Partners with Polygon to Bring Suite of NFT and Token Offerings from Social Media Stars

LiveOne will introduce its membership token in collaboration with Polygon and Cere Network to leverage its music community with community engagement token.

149. Are NFTs Dead - What Does the Global NFT Market Growth Rate 2022 Tell Us

the current state of nfts in 2022

150. Top 17 Useful Tools for Ethereum

17 useful tools for working with Ethereum and Ethereum NFT.

151. Introducing PolygonPunks: The First 'Punks' on the Polygon (Matic) Network

PolygonPunks launches to become the world’s first “punks” NFT on the Polygon (Matic) network – following in the footsteps of the legendary Ethereum based NFT.

152. The Custom NFTs that Make a Web3 Version of Your Pet

Petaverse - The Custom NFTs that Make a Web3 Version of Your Pet

153. Merging the Physical with the Virtual in the Metaverse

Metapunk reckons the metaverse is more than just a virtual playground. What happens when what you do in the metaverse affects the real world?

154. How the NFT Art Market Works

An NFT or non-fungible token is a unique digital asset that stores image data, audio files, video, or the digital equivalent of a physical asset.

155. Top 5 NFT Gaming Platforms to Follow in 2021

NFT gaming platforms have taken the gaming market by storm. Their growth, success, and acceptance by players has attracted the attention of many people

156. Can Social Networks Become Decentralised?

Twitter has recently hired Tess Renearsson – a famous blockchain engineer – to lead a new department at Twitter that will research decentralised technologies and look for ways how Twitter could implement them in its products and infrastructure. Twitter has responded to its users’ rising interest in decentralised technologies and will try to contribute to their development and to make them part of its user experience.

157. The NFT Bandwagon Now Includes eBay, NBA, Nike, The Ellen DeGeneres and Mark Cuban

2021 will be forever remembered as the year of NFTs. We were interested in seeing which are the biggest names and brands that have actually already jumped on.

158. What Celebrity Patronage Means For Web3 and the Metaverse

Celebrity involvement is one of the primary driving forces behind web3 adoption, and there are still early projects to get in on.

159. Kirobo Brings NFT Minting to Crypto Wallets via Liquid Vault

Kirobo have developed a Defi-focused wallet with the ability to store and mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

160. DeFi Applications Will Determine the Future of Financial Markets

This article talks about referral-based blockchain-based protocol and how building infrastructure for Web3 applications is critical for society.

161. NFT Tools for Building a web3 Game

How can web2 games seamlessly include web3 elements like NFTs in their games?

162. NFT-Based Card Games Are Now A Thing

NFT-based card games have introduced various aspects that regular games that incorporate NFT collectibles lack.

163. Could "Play to Earn" Take Over the Gaming Industry?

Imagine a world where you can earn money whilst playing your favourite games. Until recently, this concept of Play to Earn games has made me recoil in horror. The whole point of play is enjoyment, not the stress of work. Saying that, I’m a veteran game developer of 24 years so I’m a fine one to talk!

164. What is Art? - Can This AI Algorithm Answer the Age-Old Question

Art is the flight of a soul, it addresses issues, unleashes the inner world of a person and aims to convey an either subtle, or heavily metaphorical sense.

165. DOGAMI is Bringing Petaverse - A Pet focussed AR Experience to the Tezos Ecosystem

DOGAMI is an NFT play-to-earn AR mobile game that is bringing Petaverse, a place where users adopt and raise 3D dogs and earn tokens in the Petaverse.

166. Trust - The True Innovation in Blockchain?

Is trust is the major innovation of Blockchain technology. Can this technology help build trust again?

Crypto investors have noticed that NFTfi has facilitated significantly more lending in the last two months, reaching a high of $3.5m worth of NFT trades.

168. How to Make Effective Collaborations and Hire the Best Collab Managers

Detailed guide on how to create collaboration with or without a collab manager to promote your NFT collection.

169. My Love For "Drop Bears" and Collecting Specific NFTs

Why the High Demand for PFP NFTs and logic of several collectors collecting a specific NFT - in my case “Drop Bears”.

170. The Metaverse Generation will Grow Up with Crypto as their Currency

Forget Generation Alpha, get ready for Generation M who will be the citizens of the Metaverse.

171. Top White Label NFT Marketplace

Get your insights towards the top white label NFT marketplace that performs well in the crypto sphere that attracts huge audience towards their marketplace.

172. 5 New NFT Platforms Riding Crypto’s Latest Wave

Here are five new platforms hoping to become mainstays of the burgeoning NFT landscape.

173. Getting Started Building on the NEAR Network with Infura

Learn about the NEAR Network and get started building. You'll upload metadata to IPFS, mint an NFT on NEAR's blockchain and interact with it using Infura.

174. How to Accelerate Your Web 3 Learning Curve

After switching my career from the creator economy to Web 3 late last year, I struggled to get up to speed. Here are a few things I did to accelerate my growth.

175. How Blockchain Technology can Change Whisky Investment

Whisky, often also referred to as “Liquid Gold”, has long been a traded commodity. Trading spirits in wooden casks, where the spirits’ value increases as a vintage item, are relatively stable investments but have been limited to smaller elite communities of investors who can afford the costs and have the connection with distilleries or people in the spirits business. This has not only created a huge barrier of entry into whisky investment, but also effectively barred a larger community of collectors and whisky lovers from participating.

176. Top 10 Potential Use Cases of NFT For Business

NFTs could also be used as a form of currency. For example, businesses could issue NFTs that could be used to purchase goods and services from other businesses.

177. Can the NFT Save the Digital Magazine?

I the last 25 years, magazines have lost most of their market share to social networks. Can the NFT save the digital magazine industry?

178. Binance Labs, Delphi Digital and Alameda Research Invest $5.5 Million in Heroes of Mavia

Skrice Studios has announced the completion of its $5.5 million initial fundraising round for Heroes of Mavia, a blockchain-based play-to-earn strategic game.

179. NFT Utility is Waiting to be Unlocked

NFT utility is waiting to be unlocked! All hail the new 'Input Economy' -

180. Examining The Viability of The Play-to-Earn Marketplaces

There is a real chance that playing video games could become a career for more and more people.

181. The NFT World Comes to Istanbul, Turkey this May

NFT Summit Istanbul 2022, organized by Meta Venture Fund, will take place on May 28- 29 at the Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center.

182. Bybit is the Lead Partner for Art Dubai 2022's Inaugural Digital Section a Bridge to Digital Assets

Digital art chapter of Art Dubai 2022 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, is a platform for artistic expressions from the Middle East and Global South.

183. Meet the Writer: Hacker Noon's Contributor Elena Obukhova, Entrepreneur, Mentor, & Crypto Enthusiast

Meet Elena Obukhova, the Hackernoon contributor. Founder of FAS Fintech Advisory Services, FlashBack (NFT ticketing), Mentor, Speaker & Blockchain Enthusiast

184. How to Model In-Game NFT Token Economics for Digital Games

This article talks about NFT based games and how developers can model an NFT based in-game token economics for their decentralized gaming offering.

185. NFTs, Metaverse and DeFi Contributions Towards Full Digitalization

The global community has been making the world a better space, sustainable for generations to come.

186. This Fatal Mistake Led to a $129K Loss for This NFT Trader

RIP CryptoPunk #685!

187. Explore What it Means to Build Online Communities in the Age of Web3

Since the dawn of the internet, people have found groups they can connect and share similar interests.

188. How this Web3 Project is Unlocking a Trillion-Dollar Data Economy with Data NFTs

Learn why data could become the most promising NFT utility that sets the foundation for a valuable trend: Data Finance (DataFi).

189. Join the Silent Revolution of WEB 3

This is how WEB 3.0 will empower artists and content creators beyond the power of present-day gatekeepers like Facebook and Spotify through the blockchain.

190. The Rise of NFTs Means That Marketers Can Leverage Digital Scarcity

Non-fungible tokens are unique representations of digital assets. NFTs allow for better monetization and introduce a way to tokenize services and experiences.

191. NFTs in Gaming: Actual Problems and How to Solve Them

Collins English Dictionary chose NFT as the Word of the Year in 2021. It is hardly a surprise: trading volumes of non-fungible tokens surged from $100 million in 2020 to $23 billion in 2021, according to DappRadar. The fastest-growing sector of NFTs is blockchain games. This growth was catalysed by the massive inflow of users into GameFi — a new niche at the nexus of financial services and gaming in which a gamer gets opportunities to earn real money in-game. An opportunity that was not previously available, in comparison with the chance just to have a good time.

192. OpenSea to adapt Solana - Success of OpenSea and NFT

OpenSea standout alone with its performance and updated techs in its platform in that way now OpeSea again comes up with new multi-chain concept with Solana

193. Why NFTs Are The Future Of Online Art Trading?

The art world is a highly lucrative industry, with a reputation for being both exclusive and enigmatic.

194. A Quick Primer on Play-to-Earn Gaming/NFTs/Metaverses

A look at some platforms that have the potential for creating vibrant experiences and communities in the play-to-earn and metaverse gaming space.

195. Next Steps in NFTs: Which Innovations Stand Behind Dynamic NFTs?

Dynamic NFTs are a new trend in web3. In five questions and answers, we explain what kind of technology it is and why it is the next big step in web3.

196. Crypto News of The Week: MetaMask is Planning a DAO, Bitcoin Bounced Back to $41,000, and More

The latest cryptocurrency news, from Metamask to decentralized autonomous organizations. Who's doing what to whom in crypto ...

197. Walmart Is Now Preparing To Take Part In the Metaverse

Walmart, one of the largest retailers in the world, is getting ready to create their own NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) collection.

198. No. Crypto-Mining and NFTs are NOT Killing Our Planet: An Analysis

Are NFTs really harmful to the ecosystem? Read on to know more about the this statement, which is dismissed by facts, stats, and numbers.

199. Why Are CryptoPunks So Expensive and What Will Happen to Them in 2022?

In 2021, NFTs' popularity skyrocketed. One of the most popular NFT collections is CryptoPunks. But why it's so expensive, and what will happen to them in 2022?

[200. 23’ The Year of the NFT:

Rebutting Common Criticisms]( During the hype, it's good to have positive criticisms- and this is what we bring you, for NFT technology

201. LaCucina cooks up a recipe to bring minnows to Binance Smart Chain

LaCucina - recently came out of stealth and officially launched on the Binance Smart Chain to change the balance of power and make it easy for regular users to

202. How we Saved A Learned Cat: Interview with Sasha Ivanova, CEO and Founder of SharpShark

"A Learned Cat" from one side is a painting made by a 9-year-old girl, but from another side it’s the unique digital asset existing only in Blockchain

203. How Blockchain and NFTs Can Change The Creative Industries

What are the benefits of blockchain and NFTs for creative industries? How has their emergence and spread transformed the principles of communication there?

204. How to Gamify NFTs for Better Profits in Various Retail Industries

Let’s analyze how businesses interested in embracing NFTs need to also look at adding gamification to foster engagement.

205. How Holo-NFT Blurs the Line Between Traditional and Contemporary Art

The contemporary art world is well known for pushing boundaries and getting people to ask, “What is Art?”.

206. How GameFi is Driving NFT and Crypto Mainstream Adoption

GameFi offers a unique gaming model and financial framework that’s focused on rewarding gamers with cryptocurrencies or NFTs just for playing games.

207. How the adoption of blockchain technology will evolve: an Interview with Harjyot Singh

This article talks about decentralization and trustless layer with no intermediary control and China actions on cryptocurrency.

208. Poll Shows Strong Support for Tezos NFTs on Coinbase NFT

Coinbase NFT is looking to add support for more blockchains to the NFT market.

209. Investing in NFTs: 7 Lessons Learned