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Launching an NFT Collection For Free

by AllNFTSpaceAugust 17th, 2022
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This article explains how to launch a NFT collection for free. Learn how to promote and launch a NFT collection without having to spend any money.

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This year I decided to embark on an experiment.

Whilst perusing discords, I noticed that a lot of people wanted to create and launch their own NFT collections but couldn’t work out how to launch a NFT collection for free.

So I decided to test out all of the different methods that I was reading about, to verify if they actually worked.

To do this I decided to create and launch my own NFT collection. Yes, I have some serious commitment to the content creators cause!

How To Launch a NFT Collection For Free

This post contains the following points:

  • A link to a NFT collection generator that works

  • How to troubleshoot

  • How to promote your NFT collection for free

In this guide I use the information that I gathered from my NFT creation and launch project to show you what worked and what didn’t.

In my research I found a NFT generator platform that works well and was cost effective.

The Collection That I Created

The History Society NFT collection created by yours truly

You can view the collection that I created here. I am aware the collection won’t be winning a Pulitzer art prize anytime soon.

But the key takeaway for you is that the method I’m going to show you works, and has been tried and tested recently.

The NFT Generator Platform

The platform that I chose to launch my NFT project was on

Why Use

This post is not at all sponsored. I recommend simply because I have done a fair bit of research on how well some of the free NFT launch platforms work.

I have also tried a few of free platforms and they didn’t end up working (for me). I didn’t try any platforms that have upfront fees so I presume that those platforms work well.


When trying to launch a NFT collection for free it’s important that you to do your own research and don’t give up at the first hurdle that you encounter.

Some platforms have really high volumes of projects that they need to launch. There are bound to be technical issues, particularly when the service offered is free.

If you are thinking of doing some research, I recommend that you read this article by @Ugo. It includes some no-code NFT generators for you to look into.

Okay, now onto my review of launchmyNFT

Is launchmyNFT legit?

In my experience yes.

LaunchmyNFT generated the NFTs without the requirement of code, significant hassle or upfront money.

I have received the crypto from the people who minted the NFTs. In addition to this I haven’t had any nasty surprises to do with fees and the launch process was relatively user friendly.

Is Launch My NFT completely free?

Sort of. What is good about launch my NFT is that you are not charged anything until your NFTs are minted and you make profit.

This is an awesome feature because you only have to pay once you have made some money, its pretty risk free.

However, once minted the Launch My NFT fee is 2.5% of the mint price. Personally, I don’t think thats too bad. The website does a huge amount of the legwork for you.

No Code NFT Collection Generator

Image Credit: Unsplash, Piggy Bank

Launch my NFT is a no code NFT collection generator. The benefit of Launch My NFT is that you don’t have to be overly tech savvy to use the platform.


The only issue I had with Launch My NFT was that the first time I went to create my collection the Website timed out. I think that this happened because I tried to create my project around 9am USA time.

Like I mentioned before, I think a lot of the NFT creation websites don’t have the capacity to create projects when there is a huge influx of requests at once.

I then went back and used Launch My NFT at 1am USA time and the project was created and launched onto Solsea within 2 minutes.

Why use Solsea?

Image credit: Unsplash, Mariia Shalabaieva

I chose to use Solsea because I was trying to achieve my goal of launching a NFT collection for free. If you use Opensea you will attract gas fees which as I am sure you already know, can be pretty hefty.

I think people are becoming more open to using other platforms to buy NFTs

How to Promote a NFT For Free

I spent a decent amount of time working out best ways to promote NFTs for free.

From my research I think that the most effective way to promote your NFT is by using Instagram followed by engaging on Discord and Twitter.

Promoting on Instagram

You can check out the Instagram @historysocietyNFT to see the progress that I made.

I did put a fair bit of work into the instagram over the span of 2-3 months.

I added a lot of people, interacted with them and put up quality, non-spammy posts of the artwork. And the result was some genuine interest on the instagram in a short period of time.

For having a meagre 3,000 followers I was receiving between 30-40 clicks a day on the URL listed in the instagram. This is a decent percentage rate of conversion.

Buyers Showed Genuine Interest

My followers showed that they were genuinely interested in the product. The time that people spent on the link was a statistically significant amount of time.

The average time that people spent on webpage was 52 seconds, some people where looking on the page for around the two minute mark, 45 seconds is known to be the average time that people spend on websites so I think this shows that Instagram was an effective free marketing tool.

Lessons Learned About How to Promote an NFT

In hindsight if I spent more time hyping up my NFT project I think that I would have made some sales.

Although when I created the project it was with the intention to learn about how to launch a NFT collection for free, I think that there is still money to be made in the NFT space if you create a worthy collection.

This is particularly true if you are a genuine artist and take the time to create a name for yourself and produce quality content.

I highly recommend that you establish yourself as an artist and work on the Instagram, Discord and Twitter before even considering how to launch your NFT collection. As someone who has been in the NFT community for some time now, I think that community is everything when it comes to the success of a project.

The dreaded question…did I make any money?

Sadly no.

My collection did not rocket, nor did it moon, I have not been asked to do a creators interview, (as of yet!)

Did I deep down, secretly hope I would make some money?

I will admit that yes, I secretly hoped that the History Society NFT project would go to the moon.

As always this article is NFA. Not sure what NFA is? DYOR. But seriously, this article is not intended to be Financial Advice. All opinions expressed by are from personal research and intended for entertainment purposes only.

Also published here.