AdRunner Mints 10,000 NFT's for its User-Owned Metaverse Ad Platformby@Cryptonite
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AdRunner Mints 10,000 NFT's for its User-Owned Metaverse Ad Platform

by CryptoniteMarch 1st, 2022
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AdRunner, a metaverse advertising platform has minted 10,000 NFT's as part of their plans to create a decentralized, user owned, digital advertising ecosystem.

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AdRunner, a metaverse advertising platform has minted 10,000 NFT's as part of their plans to create a decentralized, user owned, digital advertising ecosystem.

The advertising platform is building out a metaverse where advertisers can broadcast themselves through user operated billboard spaces.

The 10,000 NFT's that were minted will be sold to it's community, giving them governance over how the AdRunner metaverse is run.

What Is AdRunner?

AdRunner is an Ethereum based, advertising platform that aims to decentralize digital market via the Metaverse.

The platform is using Web3 technology and decentralized applications on Ethereum to create the infrastructure that will allow advertisers to market themselves throughout the Metaverse.

This new, decentralized advertising ecosystem will include digitally controlled, electronic billboards, regular billboards, posters and remote controlled "AdBoxes".

This will provide an opportunity for meta real estate owners to lease their digital spaces, landscapes and 3D projected worlds through the AdRunner platform.

As part of this approach, AdRunner have minted 10,000 NFT's that will go on sale later in 2022.

These NFT's will grant voting rights to holders and allow them to earn passive income from the advertising fees generated in the metaverse.

Advertisers will pay for advertising space using AdRunners native token $ADR, which will distributed to NFT owners on the platform.

AdRunner's goal is to create the largest advertising platform within the metaverse, whilst empowering it's users to generate an income through the leasing of their digital properties.

The Digital Advertising Market Is Growing

Digital advertising is an industry worth around $350 billion and it's expected to grow to over $786 billion by 2026.

Whilst these numbers might make it look like there's a lot of opportunities for advertising companies in the market, the reality is actually quite bleak.

The digital advertising market is dominated by a small number of companies. However the increasing popularity of metaverse projects present a big opportunity for advertisers.

Marketing firms will be able to pivot away from over-reliance on centralized advertising giants like Google and Meta (formerly Facebook), turning instead towards a decentralized, user-owned ad framework.

How The Metaverse Advertising Platform Works

Digital real estate owners are able run advertisements through virtual billboards, paid for using AdRunner's native $ADR cryptocurrency.

The whole process works as part of their AdBox framework which allows advertisers to broadcast themselves throughout the metaverse.

Here's how the process works:

  1. Companies wishing to advertise in the metaverse place their ads through the platform in exchange for ADR Tokens.
  2. Meta-estate-owners offer their surfaces for AdBoxplacement in exchange for ADR Tokens.
  3. AdRunner NFT holders receive ADR Tokens in exchange for staking their NFTs.

As part of the community building process, AdRunner is also creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The DAO will be owned by the community and all decisions, including which advertisers to use work with, will be decided by its NFT holders.

NFT Holders Earn Passive Income Via Staking

Revenue generated by advertisers on the meta-advertising platform will be distributed to the community in the form of AdRunner's $ADR token.

Members will be able to access this revenue by staking their AdRunner NFT's. 45% of all ADR earnings will be reserved for meta-estate owners and building the meta-advertising platform.

The remaining 55% will be distributed to NFT holders and the community will be able to decide on the ratio once the DAO tools are integrated.

The ADR Token, NFT's and Digital Real Estate

As the platform continues to grow and advertisers acquire ADR tokens (needed to pay for advertising), this will increase the demand for ADR.

This could increase the value of the ADR token and AdRunner NFT's (which receive ADR tokens when staked).

During the early stages of the project, AdRunner will acquire land plots in their metaverse to showcase their AdBoxes.

This will allow users to benefit from the appreciation of digital real estate prices as the platform grows.

NFT Holders Can Generate Additional NFT's Via Breeding

There will only ever be two generations of AdRunner NFT's, the original NFT's and the Gen Z versions.

When an NFT holder stakes two AdRunner NFT's, they will breed a new AdRunner Gen Z NFT.

Whilst there are 10,000 AdRunner NFT's, there will only be 5,000 AdRunner Gen Z NFT's.

NFT Holders Can Share Their Ideas Through AdBoxes

NFT holders will get access to non-commercial screen time on random AdBoxes throughout the metaverse.

This feature allows holders to spread their ideas and let other users know what they stand for.

Final Thoughts

AdRunner are piloting a novel take on digital marketing that aims to benefit advertisers and regular users alike.

Whilst a sale date for the AdRunner NFT's is not yet known, you can join their Discord in the meantime to stay updated.

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