How Blockchain Technology can Change Whisky Investmentby@therebirthnft
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How Blockchain Technology can Change Whisky Investment

by The RebirthFebruary 18th, 2022
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Blockchain Technology can bring disruption to traditional whisky investment by opening up the opportunity to a larger audience The Rebirth is a premium lifestyle brand that is doing that.

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Whisky, often also referred to as “Liquid Gold”, has long been a traded commodity. Trading spirits in wooden casks, where the spirits’ value increases as a vintage item, are relatively stable investments but have been limited to smaller elite communities of investors who can afford the costs and have the connection with distilleries or people in the spirits business. This has not only created a huge barrier of entry into whisky investment, but also effectively barred a larger community of collectors and whisky lovers from participating.

Another issue that comes with whisky investment and trading is the long paper trail of ownership that makes it troublesome for distilleries and warehouses to identify the rightful owner and keep the records. This leads to a lack of transparency due to little publicly available market data and infrequency of transactions. Retail investors are often having to rely solely on whisky brokers for information.

This is where we see how blockchain technology can bring disruption. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) essentially solves the problems of both ownership and accessibility. Paperwork authenticating ownership can now be replaced with smart contracts, which serve as digitised paperwork. Relative ease of access to NFT collections through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency opens the door for more types of audiences to be able to access premium whisky. Fractionalisation of cask ownership lowers the barrier to entry and increases the liquidity in the whisky market.

This is where a project like The Rebirth brings change.

The Rebirth is launching a first collection of 4000 NFTs that each represent a bottle of whisky still sitting in casks in Scotland. Integrating Discord community building that empowers NFT projects, The Rebirth presents an entrancing new way to experience whisky through story and community.

With a mission to craft a truly unique community that traverses the intersection of art, culture, spirits and technology, we dream to build a premium brand that can bring traditional luxury into Web3.

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