The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing and Promotionby@sergey-baloyan
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The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing and Promotion

by Serge BaloyanFebruary 12th, 2021
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How to promote a DeFi and NFT project, the full guide to NFT marketing that will help to make non fungible tokens and decentralised finance projects successful

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NFT tokens are becoming more and more popular. The ability to create, sell and exchange various digital items, art objects, game artifacts, and other things attracts a large number of collectors and traders, as well as projects, artists, and developers working in this field. For example, the NFT market on Ethereum grew 10 times in January 2021.

Many people associate the Non Fungible Tokens trend with the general DeFi trend. Indeed, many crypto enthusiasts and DeFi adepts are actively interested in this space. I am sure that this trend will only grow, and NFT will find a large number of different use cases. NFT is something that will probably change more than one industry and how we interact with many things in the virtual and real world.

I’ve already written about what NFT is and how to issue your NFT tokens. Let's say you created your own NFT project. Today I want to talk in detail about how to conduct a promotion and marketing company for your NFT project, how to make the world hear and be interested in your Non Fungible Tokens. 

I work with a large number of projects, and I see some patterns and necessary things that I want to share.

1. NFT idea and implementation

As a basis, we will take the fact that you have a strong and interesting idea and its implementation. We will not dwell on this further and will assume that by default your project is worthy of mass attention in all parameters, including technical implementation, good documentation and presentation, website, and other necessary documents, depending on the project.

2. Community for NFT projects

For most crypto projects, the community is a vital thing. NFT is no exception. Your primary community is the people who will support you, spread the word about you, invest in you, and buy your NFTs.

Let's talk about how to build an initial community


Be sure to work on your social networks. It would be ideal to conduct them in such a style that some posts become viral. NFT is not only about people who are well versed in crypto, but also for a general audience. It would be good to introduce explanatory posts so that people understand why they have to pay something for some digital image/piece and what its real value is. As a standard, we advise our clients to manage: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn (optional as a corporate page)

Telegram and Discord chats for NFT community

If Telegram is already an established communication channel for the crypto project community, then Discord becomes an excellent alternative. It is convenient to create different chats within the same channel, which is definitely a huge plus. Moreover, the NFT industry is very similar to the gaming industry, for which Discord was created. 

Nevertheless, Telegram remains the ‘number one’ platform in terms of the number of crypto users. Therefore, we still recommend creating both channels, starting with Telegram (but in some cases, choosing Discord first is also justified). Make sure that the team that communicates in the chat from the project is competent, polite, knows the project well, works on the FAQ, and responds to questions and feedback in time. Often, users perceive the support team as the face of the project.

Community Engagement for NFT

We always advise you to create a buzz around yourself on various platforms - this is useful not only for promotion but also for getting adequate feedback from the community. It's good if you have multiple accounts on BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and so on. Do not forget that you should not spread spam and flood, and in those dialogues where it is relevant, mention your project and ask the community's opinion about it. Often, such a strategy, in addition to a fresh look, can also bring new participants to the community.

In general, all the other promotion methods described below are also working to increase the community in one way or another, but I have singled them out separately because they are also responsible for other tasks.

3. NFT Marketplaces and listings

There are already marketplaces where various NFT projects can sell their ideas and tokens. They are diverse, so try to choose the ones that will fit (if they do) under the features of your project.

Among the largest NFT marketplaces, for example:

- OpenSea

- SuperRare

- Rarible

- Makers Place

Learn which of the marketplaces you might like or create your own. In the second option, do not forget to place your own marketplace in various lists of NFT marketplaces and projects.

4. Interface. Collaborations

A little tip: try to make the most convenient and functional interface through which the user will buy and sell your NFT. For this purpose, for example, I have a special UX/UI specialist in my team who evaluates the usability of a particular service of our clients. Ideally, even a user far from crypto should understand how to simply buy and sell, without understanding the features of ERC-721 or other standards, blockchains and everything related. A good example is how the FLOW project did in its NBA Top Shot.

What is also remarkable about FLOW is high-profile collaborations: for example, the NBA and the UFC. Most of the collectors, even perhaps, do not yet know that they buy NFT. This is a very successful onboarding.

5. AMA sessions for NFT

AMA sessions work very well. They help to introduce the community to the project, to understand the concept more deeply, to see the project leaders and executives, how they respond, what their plans are. 

First, you should hold AMA sessions in large Telegram chats and YouTube channels to attract new users to yourself. Then, to do internal AMAs inside your community in Telegram and Discord. 

A little tip: don't forget to prepare interesting rewards for the community, so that the AMA process is more engaging and more people participate (and also there are more ways to promote such AMAs).

6. Influencers (KOL) for NFT

Advertising with opinion leaders and influencers is important, but it does not always bring instant results. Often, the audience of an influencer needs to hear about you somewhere else (especially if it’s before he talks about you) before becoming part of your community. Sometimes the influencer itself does not bring a lot of new audiences, but for the old one, it is a plus - that opinion leader speaks about the project that they follow. Always try to find the best option between the price that the influencer asks and the number of views/comments under his video. In general, this tool will not be superfluous.

7. PR for NFT

Of course, the more media writes about you, the better. Try to get into different publications and in different formats - from full articles about your project to mentions among others, interviews, and quotes. In addition to crypto media, you can also work with general media, depending on the specifics of the project. Well, you should not expect instant results either. This is rather a necessary measure to maintain the reputation, and only then to attract a new additional community.

8. Banners for NFT

For some projects, banner advertising works great. You can place banners on large sites like CoinTelegraph, CoinGecko, and so on, as well as on more niche sites dedicated to NFT. This is not a primary measure, but if there is an additional budget, then at least try it.


You can also come up with more individual and non-standard ways of promotion for NFT projects, but everything depends on the specifics of a particular project.

However, as we said at the beginning, it is possible that Non Fungible Tokens will change entire industries. Therefore, if you have chosen such a path for yourself, let as many people as possible know about it!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about NFT or you are an NFT / DeFi / crypto project and want to know more how to promote you project, you can always contact me via Telegram (@baloyan) or LinkedIn.

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