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An Italian Walks Into the NFT Awards 2020 by@alfredodecandia

An Italian Walks Into the NFT Awards 2020

Alfredo de Candia Hacker Noon profile picture

Alfredo de Candia

Author of "Mastering EOS" & "Mastering DeFi" blockchain specialist, android developer

Today we are here, in a really interesting period on a global level, such as the uncertainty about the next American president, the overtaking of the price of Bitcoin (BTC) over 15 thousand dollars and the pandemic that has become stronger and stronger, where I am. there is a mini lockdown and therefore I will not be able to go out throughout November.

So it is a good time to see and broaden the view on some things that may go unnoticed by most and the mass, but which have a significant impact, especially in the world linked to blockchain and crypto.

We are talking about the first event in the field of NFT (Non Fungible Token), which takes the name of NFT Awards 2020, an event that, as can be seen from the title, is focused on the best NFTs of all 2020 and with a jury of international caliber.

Before going into this event, it is necessary to inform the bed of what we are talking about and what these NFTs are, which is the acronym of Non Fungible Token, that is tokens unique in their kind and cannot be duplicated or replicated with the same data .

NFTs are by nature unique and are a variant of the more traditional tokens that we can find on different blockchains, for example on the Ethereum blockchain, simple tokens are called ERC20 (a type of standard with certain characteristics), while tokens NFTs are generally those of the ERC721 type, which also follow certain characteristics, such as having a unique identification code (ID) with which it is possible to identify them.

But what are these NFTs for?

Well, these tokens allow you to have uniqueness in digital format, and therefore cannot be copied and pasted indefinitely, precisely because they are unique pieces, and therefore opens up to a truly varied scenario, let's think about the works of art that is possible not only digitize them, but create them from scratch and therefore have digital works of art in all respects, or another case is that represented by the tickets of an event there are all numbered, finished, and names.

Now that we have understood their meaning and their use, it is time to move on to the NFT Awards 2020 event, an event created for the first time to determine the best NFTs of the year, awarding prizes in different categories which are :

  • L’NFT of the Year    
  • Most Valuable NFT
  • Best Gaming NFT
  •  Most Innovative NFT
  •  Best Art NFT
  •  Adoption Potential Award
  • Most Traded NFT
  • Best Charity NFT
  • Best Utility NFT

So 10 different categories and with many international and important judges, we find for example:

    • Etsuji Nakai, Google Cloud
    • Nao Udagawa, Bandai Namco
    • Nobuyuki Idei, CEO di Sony
    • Shiheki Morimoto, Game Designer Pokémon

    Event in which you participate only through nominations and among those nominated there is also my NFT that I had created some time ago about my first book on the blockchain theme called "Mastering EOS" one of the first books to deal with the EOS blockchain in depth, I also remind those interested that the book is free for those who have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription (the same subscription can be tested for free for 30 days).

    But how is it possible that a book has been turned into an NFT?

    The explanation is very simple and I made use of the Marble platform that allows you to create unique digital maps, therefore NFTs, starting from certain selected web pages, and in this case I used my post dedicated to the relative book in question.

    The Marble platform is interesting because it allows you to link an image to a specific text and therefore, in my case, link the cover of my book to more details about it, which I could not have done otherwise.

    Interesting because this opens up incredible frontiers and a decentralized digital library, think for example of linking the cover of a famous novel or of an imported text that is math, medicine or science, and linking behind the relative text of the book, the all accessible to anyone, free of charge, decentralized and without any effort, all you need is a data connection and a tech device such as a smartphone, information that can also be saved locally.

    Obviously this event rewards only the best and only one winner per category and in my case, my NFT is currently in fourth position in the ranking, with just under 300 votes from the first, and this is where I ask for your help. , a small Italian who asks the community to support this event and its NFT, as to vote for this event you only need to press the "Vote" button that you will find at this link.

    Unfortunately there is no prize of any kind for this event, so either I win or I lose it will not change my life, but surely with my victory I will be able to bring and demonstrate to everyone how it is completely feasible to create a decentralized digital library made available. of all, since anyone can among other things create their own NFT of their own book.

    The vote will end on November 13th and therefore there is just a week left for the vote to conclude, but I am sure that with your help and Your friends I will be able to accomplish this goal for all of us.