4 New NFT Projects With Utilityby@elleny
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4 New NFT Projects With Utility

by Ellen YariNovember 11th, 2021
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Utility NFTs are digital blockchain token assets and generative art that creates and assigns a purpose to own the NFT art collection. An NFT Project with Utility is different from any other NFT type and is more than just Artwork. Through the ownership of the utility NFT, the holders could gain access to an exclusive membership, an event, access a game, have the upper hand, or gain exclusive characters in different games. The NFT market for Utility Nfts with utility usage is still obscure.

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If you're looking for an NFT project to start investing in the NFT Marketplace using cryptocurrency tokens, it's wise to do detailed research. Before taking ownership of digital assets, it's vital to understand the best NFT Projects for the most profitable future cryptocurrency value. This article will list four of the most advantageous and best NFT Projects with utility in the virtual world that are deemed the best digital assets and NFT Art that you should have ownership of as a collectible.

But First, before giving you the list of 4 of the best projects with utility, let's look at what an NFT Project with Utility is and why it's different from any other NFT.

What Is An NFT Project With Utility?

A new trend in NFTs, NFT Projects with utility are NFTs that are more than just Artwork. Utility NFTs are digital blockchain token assets and generative art that creates and assigns a purpose to own the NFT art collection. Through the ownership of the Utility NFT, the holders could gain access to an exclusive membership, an event, access a game, have the upper hand, or gain exclusive characters in different games.

Today Utility NFTs are the most valuable NFT Types that you could invest your cryptocurrency in because they provide the NFT art with added value making the NFTs better assets and value for tokens.

Utility NFT Projects provide more than just their scarcity factor. They could:

  1. Unlock different limited experiences,
  2. Get early and limited access to future products to be launched.
  3. Gain membership to virtual gaming events, virtual events, or real-life events in the real world.
  4. Restrict entry to newly launched games.
  5. Provide dividends for owners of the NFT using crypto tokens in their wallets.

However, NFTs with utilities are still at a minimal stage, and so the market club for NFTs with utility usage is still obscure. However, the possibilities are currently promising and dynamically vast. With the NFT community creators having significant ideas, creative visions, and strategic project outlooks, this blockchain market for Utility NFTs shows excellent prospects that make the investment for Utility NFTs worth the search.

Henceforth, we wish to introduce the 4 best Utility NFT Projects you should consider investing your crypto tokens before the Utility NFT Market enhances to new heights.

The Four Best NFT Projects With Utility

As mentioned, the Non-Fungible Tokens platform with utilities is a new market and so still being discovered by the NFT community. However, there are already trendsetters in the NFT digital world that have started the Non-Fungible Token with utilities and are creating excellent collectibles for investment. The Four Best NFT Projects we would suggest are as follows:

1. The Last Raptor

We had to introduce this one first, just because we believe the Last Raptor, as they say, themselves is "Not The Typical NFT Collection!" The Last Raptor is a high-quality artwork with utility. A game-changer in the NFT Market, The Last Raptor is a 1923 generative artwork with hundreds one of a kind hand-drawn collectibles. Each NFT Art is iconic with its own color palettes, compositions, and features.

The cool thing about the Last Raptor is that the creators have an actual storyline behind the art. The project story is about one Raptor, who lived 5.3 years more than any other Dinosaur that went extinct 65 million years ago. Thus, the project honored the Last Raptor, who lived longer than the different dinosaurs, and the last Raptor's fossils were found in 1923.

The Last Raptor going on a public sale in November gives owners the commercial rights for developing their own internal marketplace to have their own Art Token Trade. Each Raptor will provide the Raptor holders accessibility to many benefits, making the Last Raptor NFT with utility a great asset to hold in your wallet. Also, you would:

  1. Hold 80 percent profit from each merch sale,
  2. Have permission to use their upcoming and developing NFT Tool "NFTUL" for free and particularly to access the paid features.

The NFTUL Non-Fungible Tool is a Portfolio Optimizer analysis software based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning Technology. Through NFTUL, you will be granted access to valuable features that you could use to assess your NFT Projects. Whether evaluating, analyzing, and putting a value on your NFT sales and buys using NFTUL, you'll make the most out of an investment.

By having The Last Raptor in your wallet, you'll have access to this developing NFTUL that helps you optimize your NFT investments.

NFTUL access granted through the Last Raptor will help you calculate the waiting time for your NFT Project's investments.

By having "The Last Raptor" in your wallet, you'll also have accessibility to mint for free.

The last Raptor is also still being developed and at its early stages, so if you have one of the Last Raptor Tokens in your wallet, you will gain a lot of utilities upon your ownership of a token.

2. Axie Infinity

One of the biggest NFTs with utility is the Axie Infinity project. The project may not be NBA Top Shot, but it's undoubtedly a great art collection to consider having in your wallet. An Ethereum based Non-Fungible Token is inspired by Pokemon, monster games, and battling games and has become quite popular in the crypto NFT.

By investing in this Ethereum based token, you'll earn entry to their Discord, Marketplace, and Mavis Hub Community. You'll also gain an ownership deed to a digital item in the game, which without the tokens may be expensive to acquire for the users. With Axis Infinity NFTs, you can create and claim advantages within the game, including;

Staking Tokens for in-game rewards.

Play the game with exclusive catches.

Participation in rare key gaming governance votes.

Finally, a user will obtain entry to Play other games within the Axie Infinity Gaming Universe, along with more features being added every day.

3. Moon Boyz

The Moon Boyz is another project that can give crypto users plenty of dedicated characteristics. Available on the Open Sea, Moon Boyz is a collection of more than 11,000 unique Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Moon Boyz NFT collection is a three-dimensional design that gives the token user membership to dedicated communities and functionalities, including:

The Moon Boyz Party Platform, where first come users with the rarest characters can gain entry.

Special merchandise for users.

VIP Club entry, and more.

Moon Boyz is currently ever-growing and updating its roadmap, prices, and functionalities awarded to its NFT users. All in all, they provide a promising investment.

4. Autograph

The Autograph project is a whole industry market on its own. The first NFT blockchain collectible like its kind Autograph is undoubtedly a unique concept in the crypto digital collectible industry. Autograph is an excellent investment, mainly because of how sought after the NFT's are by the public and crypto investors alike.

Autograph has brought together the most renowned brands, celebrities, athletes, famous figures, NBA Players, entertainers, media representatives, and legendary names to create a digital non-fungible collectible and community like no other. Co-founded by Tom Brady, it's well-represented by advisors like Naomi Osaka, Tiger Woods, and Wayne Gretzky.

Allowing users to attain their limited edition digital collectibles of an individually signed NFT edition, Autograph provides owners with functionalities like exclusive content, experiences, a community platform access, all for the holders of the collectibles.

Disclaimer: The opinions here belong to the author alone. Nothing above should be taken as professional investment advice. Please do your own thorough research before making any investment decision.