How to Become an NFT Artist: a Step-by-step Breakdown of an NFT Planby@davejones
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How to Become an NFT Artist: a Step-by-step Breakdown of an NFT Plan

by Dave JonesApril 13th, 2022
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Looking to become an NFT artist? Here is how you can become an NFT artist and fulfil your dreams to live a good life!

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If you are not aware of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) by now, then we suggest that you take a look at your Wi-Fi connection or go online and check what is trending. Because the truth is that NFTs have literally broken the Internet for the past few months.

Everyone who is on the Internet from TikTok, BBC News, and CNN News to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest has been talking about NFTs and even giving lectures on how to make it big on the platform.

However, if you are still as confused as ever regarding how and if NFTs actually work, how big they are, and if you can make something out of them, it is okay! Plus, it is still a risky platform to experiment with, so it is normal for people to question about it. But if you have the curiosity to know how you can become an NFT artist and make it big on the platform, we are here to solve all of your confusion.

Here is how you can become an NFT artist and fulfil your dreams to live a good life!

How Can You Become an NFT Artist?

1. Find the Right Marketplace

You need to know the right marketplace to buy and sell your NFT art. The right platform can give you access to a wide audience to buy, sell, and trade NFT art.

Rarible, Verisart, and OpenSea are good options. If you are looking to build your own NFT marketplace, this is how much NFT marketplace development costs.

2. Know How to Market Yourself

Don't just depend on marketplaces, leverage the power of social media platforms to market yourself properly to build your reputation properly, engage potential collectors, and increase the chances of your art getting discovered. It's not all about minting.

3. Build Connections

The NFT art market is driven by other artists, so connecting with others is going to help you big time. Regularly share other creators' content and they will start reciprocating the action, thus helping you get discovered as an NFT artist.

4. Choose the Right Blockchain

Even though Ethereum is a clear winner when it comes to NFT artists because it offers a smooth experience. Don’t forget that you've got a lot of other options, including Polygon, Solana, Cardano, Tezos, Wax, Flow, Bitcoin cash, Klaytn, and others.

5. Create Your Crypto Wallet 

You will be needing your crypto wallet to create NFT art, sell it, hold it, and transfer it to others. There are many options but the most common one is called MetaMask. You can find its extension on Chrome.

6. Choose the Right Currency or Tokens to Store in Your Crypto Wallet

Once your crypto wallet is all set up, the next step is to fill it up with the
cryptocurrency that is compatible with the blockchain you chose. For example, if your choice was Polygon, you'll need MATIC tokens and if your choice was Ethereum, you’ll need ETH.

7. Decide On Your Prices

Once, you have your NFT art ready to be seen by the public, it is time for you to decide your selling price. This decision depends entirely on you and how much you want to sell your artwork for.

Do some competitor analysis and see what everyone else is charging for their art. That will help you decide the price. Since this will be your first NFT, it is better not to demand a high fee.

8.  Sell Your NFT

And it is show time!!! You have gone through every possible step and now it's time for you to put your NFT art up for sale. Normally platforms like OpenSea offer guidelines on how to put your NFT art up for sale. Once, you have chosen your ideal approach, set the duration, and click on Complete Listing.

And Voila!!
You’re done!!

Wrapping Up: Becoming an NFT Artist

Looking at all these steps and ways to become an NFT artist can be a little intimidating at first but trust us that is normal. It is totally fine to feel intimidated and scared of these things and you don't necessarily have to follow every single one of these steps.

We recommend doing what you are comfortable with and have expertise in. And do not worry if it does not work out on the very first try, just keep trying, and eventually, you will become a successful NFT artist.

Best of luck to you!