3 Lessons I Learned from Van Gogh’s Unfinished Workby@unbound
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3 Lessons I Learned from Van Gogh’s Unfinished Work

by Dolores G HirschmannApril 21st, 2016
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3 Lessons I Learned from Van Gogh’s Unfinished Work

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3 Lessons I Learned from Van Gogh’s Unfinished Work

Look what I stumbled upon during a free afternoon in New York City:

So here are three lessons I learned that I want to share with you:

  1. The power of the process. Experiencing Van Gogh’s stroke, original stroke, what he used to create the framework, the skeleton of his work, gave me a first row seat to his process of creation. In my mind, I could recreate his process of creating magical pieces of art which reminded me that our greatest creations are a result of simple, consistent and at times challenging steps that come together to create something where there was nothing before.
  2. Co Creating; Andy Warhol’s piece, intentionally unfinished, was designed for the art viewer to co-create the artwork with the original artist. Warhol invited the viewer to work with him in creating a unique experience of his art. I wonder, what would we create, if we designed more room for co-creating? At home, in the office, with our teams, our clients in the boardroom?
  3. The beauty in being human. I have to say, some of the pieces I saw at the Met Breuer Museum, these unfinished pieces, moved me more than some great art I’ve seen in other museums, some from the same artist. Why is that? I felt moved by the human side of the artist. The stories behind each piece and why they remained unfinished. It allowed me to see the artist not just as someone who creates great art, but as someone who is human and is using art to express their experience of life. I wonder, what would happen if we shared our human, imperfect, vulnerable side more often than we share what we do or who we are. Think of it, what if we showed our human side in facebook or other social media, instead of sharing ONLY our best side? How much more would we relate and connect with others?

If you happen to stop in NY, please, do not miss this exhibit.

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