Interesting Developments To Know About in The Sports Industry for 2022by@mkaufmann
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Interesting Developments To Know About in The Sports Industry for 2022

by Matthew KaufmannAugust 4th, 2022
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Fan tokens generated over $387 million on March 13 this year. NFTs are blockchain-based tokens, each being unique and different from the rest. These tokens can give fans a say in decisions regarding their clubs or teams. The value of a sports club token is based on how much fans value being a part of a club or team and getting access to special perks. Digital collectibles are also proving to be popular this year, with some of the most recent ways to boost fan engagement. The tech and sports industries are considering sports collectibles.

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2021 saw the return of many sports competitions as the world started to return to normal after an extended lockdown period. The return saw some interesting developments, including wider adoption of technology in the industry. Let's look at some interesting developments in the sports industry this year.

Sports club fan tokens are on the rise

You most likely have heard about sports team fan tokens that rose in popularity during 2021. Fan tokens generated over $387 million on March 13 this year. Fan Tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that fans can use to get unique prizes and perks that are only available to people who belong to a certain club. By giving fans tokens for access to exclusive content, items, or events, a club can improve the overall fan experience and show its appreciation for the fans' continued loyalty.

Fans can trade sports tokens for other cryptocurrencies and use them on platforms like Socios to gain exclusive perks. Then, when it's time to go to a game for their favorite club or team, they can trade these fan tokens for certain rights, experiences, or benefits. 

The value of a sports club token is based on how much fans value being a part of a club or team and getting access to special perks. These tokens can give fans a say in decisions regarding their clubs or teams. This includes getting access to exclusive merchandise and being able to participate in exclusive events. 

Como 1907 signs World Cup winner Cesc Fabregas

Como 1907 have signed World Cup winner Cesc Fabregas – and the legendary midfielder will be pulling on a stunning new kit following a link-up between the Serie B side and fashion designer Didit Hediprasetyo.

Fabregas, the former Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea star, has signed a two-year deal at the Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia after leaving Monaco.

Pictured in the new strip, Fabregas said: “It is an honour and a pleasure to join Como 1907. I have been extremely fortunate that my career has allowed me to play at the most wonderful clubs. Como is no exception. After lengthy talks with Mirwan, Dennis and Charlie, they explained in detail one of the most exciting and ambitious projects in football. 

This is why I am looking to build a long term future here not just on the pitch but also off it too. I believed in the vision from the first moment and I have decided to invest personally to be part of the bigger picture.

“I can not wait to get out on the pitch and play in front of the fans in such a beautiful setting. The tradition, infrastructure and desire that the owners have to take this Club to the next level is inspiring. I cannot wait to start.”

Fabregas won 13 major trophies in club football, including the Premier League, FA Cup, La Liga and the Europa League. 

He played 110 times for Spain, scoring 15 goals for his country, and won the European Championship in 2008 and 2012, either side of their World Cup triumph in South Africa.

Dennis Wise, Como 1907 CEO, said: “It gives us great pleasure to introduce and bring such a humble respectful guy to our football club. A player who has done so much in football and will now be a vital part of our ambitious plans for Como 1907. 

“We have been building from the ground up to get to this position, making sure the chemistry is right. A player of the calibre and experience is vital for our three-year plan to get into Serie A. It’s where we belong and what our fans deserve. Welcome Cesc.”

In an exciting double announcement, Como revealed details of their new kit – designed by couture designer Didit Hediprasetyo – and the unique project behind it which will raise money for the local community.

“I wanted a design that draws inspiration from the bold serenity of the lake, so I commissioned artist Golnaz Jebelli to paint a vision of a variety of textures of water and marble that represent the energy” says Hediprasetyo.

Before fans can buy the new strip they will be able to get their hands on a digital painting as a screensaver while lithographs will also be on offer.

They will be available on the club website priced from €10 to €50 and proceeds from sales will go towards a variety of restoration projects across Como, with each donation made earning a credit towards the purchase of the kit.

And in a further boost for Como supporters, the club has promised to keep the same kit for at least two seasons while the ultimate goal is having the same design for FIVE years.

“Football kits and merchandise have become a considerable source of income for sports teams everywhere, but at the same time it can also be a burden for parents whose children expect them to buy the latest design every year." says Mirwan Suwarso , an official representative of the ownership group.

Mirwan continued to say, "We want to make sure that is not the case in our club. We want to help the community, we strongly believe that as the club rebuilds so should we help the local community thrive. This initiative is a small step towards building a lasting and hopefully fruitful relationship between us and the people of Como.”

Sports-related NFTS are also proving to be popular this year

NFT sports collectibles have increased in popularity this year. According to Deloitte, sports-related NFTs will generate $2 billion in transactions this year. Non-fungible tokens, also called NFTs, are blockchain-based tokens, each being unique and different from the rest. NFTs can be linked to digital products such as images, sounds or video clips, physical goods, and services.

The tech and sports industries are considering sports collectibles as one of the most recent ways NFTs can be used to boost fan engagement. These NFTs give sports fans new ways to interact with their favorite athletes and teams and show how much they support them. NFTs can pick up from the success of physical collectibles like baseball trading cards, which are part of a $13 billion industry.

Digitizing the collectible experience can attract younger fans who have grown up using the internet and are used to interacting with online platforms. We have already seen this iteration with the NBA Top Shots platform that sells video clips known as moments, generating over $230 million in 2021.

Blockchain technology is making it possible for users to collect digital memorabilia related to their favorite athletes and sports teams. Fans can collect video highlights, NFT tickets with exclusive perks, digital trading cards, and more. Marketplaces like Opensea and DigitalEyes also make it possible for fans to trade their NFTs with others.

NFTs can also act like a fan club membership in the sports world by giving their owners special benefits and perks like invitations to meet players after a game. Blockchain technology has made it possible for sports clubs to create additional revenue streams based on their fan bases.


We've looked at some interesting developments in the sports industry, from the rise of sports fan tokens and the use of sports club NFTs.