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Eight NFT Platforms That Empower Creatives and Developers

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) have repeatedly demonstrated how attractive they are to a wide market. NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world media components such as art, music, movies, or even in-game items. These digital assets can be traded in the same way that cryptocurrencies are, as they are stored on the blockchain. Not all NFT projects are created equal, and some are likely scams. Here is a list of promising projects which are worth a deeper look at.
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Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) have repeatedly demonstrated how attractive they are to a wide market. Along with cryptocurrencies, NFTs have been highly successful in bringing many new investors into the blockchain world of digital assets in a short amount of time.

As a result, new NFT projects are multiplying fast. NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world media components such as art, music, movies, or even in-game items. These digital assets can be traded in the same way that cryptocurrencies are, as they are stored on the blockchain.

What sets NFTs apart from cryptocurrency is that they can be one-of-a-kind. Each NFT is completely unique and scarce. However, not all NFT projects are created equal. Like any booming market, there are tons of projects looking for capital, and they won't all be successful. Unfortunately, some are likely scams. Here is a list of promising NFT projects which are worth a deeper look.


Gamerse was created to bring NFT gamers together. The platform is designed to be the social ecosystem for NFT gaming and aggregated cross-chain marketplace for all popular NFTs. First-time players can find info about the most recent and popular NFT games. It’s also a place where gamers can make new friends or learn more about their fellow gamers before officially joining the game. The platform also allows gamers to share and interact with content to help avoid games that don't live up to the hype. It has some solid core features.

  • Social media networking is one of the most important features that Gamerse offers. Most gaming platforms are built for buying and selling NFTs. On the contrary, Gamerse focuses on the social aspect, fostering growth, collaboration, and excitement.

  • New ways to discover new NFTs include a drop calendar, a discover page, and a tinder-style swiping game that lets you customize your interests and find new NFTs.

  • The Gaming Launchpad and Studio is a place where advanced initial gaming offers (IGOs) will be launched through collaboration between Gamerse with other gaming studios.

Blockchain Heroes

Blockchain Heroes has gained attention within the NFT market with its line of NFT collectible trading cards. Much like physical trading cards, Blockchain Heroes are limited and offer collectors the potential for higher prices down the road.

The platform takes inspiration from traditional collectible trading card sets but uses advanced technology to store the cards on a blockchain. Specifically, 50 unique superhero characters in the form of different types of card rarities were launched on Blockchain Heroes by Joel Comm and Travis Wright.

Blockchain Heroes is an intelligent and amusing satire of people making waves in the crypto realm, dressed up as superheroes. In addition, a definition of each hero's superpower will be printed on the back of the cards.

  • The Limited Run will help these NFTs stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With great art and fun ideas, Blockchain Heroes is an interesting addition to any NFT collection.
  • Novel characters make Blockchain Heroes an interesting take on the early days of the crypto industry. Over time, this may help the NFTs to gain value with collectors.


Creatify makes it easy for people to create, sell and trade NFTs. While it isn't the only platform out there that allows people to create and trade NFTs, it does offer some interesting advantages to anyone who wants to get into the market.

Creatify supports inexperienced creators so that the art can come first, and the technical side of NFTs isn't going to stop great art from entering the NFT markets.

Creatify offers these core features:

  • Simplifying NFTs allows users to create and purchase NFTs with both fiat and crypto. The expanded market will help more buyers to join in the NFT boom.
  • The Multichain NFTs feature allows the use of multiple blockchains – not just Ethereum. With lower fees and faster transaction times, smaller creators can offer their NFTs at reasonable rates.


In business since 2017, OpenSea is the largest peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs. The platform has seen an incredible amount of business in 2021, as it is the current epicenter for the NFT boom.

OpenSea showcases a diverse range of digital art, virtual objects, and other NFT-based collectibles. It is by far the largest player in the NFT market, and many high-value NFTs are traded on the platform.

It is a decentralized exchange that accepts a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and has grown in popularity as a global secondary market for NFTs. There is no gatekeeper for OpenSea, and it is open to anyone, as long as they have a token the exchange accepts.

  • OpenSea has secured both a first-mover advantage in the NFT space as well as massive name recognition.

  • It facilitated more NFT transactions in 2021 than any other platform and is well placed to grow going forward.


Foundation is a platform that helps creators, crypto users, and fine art collectors. The total trading volume is sitting around $79 million.

The platform is working to popularize a new creative economy – a world in which creators can utilize the Ethereum blockchain to monetize their work in entirely new ways and strengthen relationships with their supporters.

Foundation acts as a bridge between crypto and culture that enhances a strong network of creators, artists, and collectors.

  • Users on the platform can bid on auctions for NFTs and will feel at home with Foundation's easy-to-understand UI.

  • A familiar format helps Foundation deliver a great user experience, and connects creatives with their global audience. Platforms like Foundation that make the NFT space feel more comfortable will likely continue to attract both creatives and buyers.


MakersPlace is a boutique NFT marketplace that takes pride in offering several exclusive digital fine art collections. Even though its total volume may be minimal compared to other NFT trading platforms, it contains many one-of-a-kind works that collectors may find attractive.

  • Every digital product on MakersPlace is digitally registered by the creator and protected in perpetuity via blockchain technology which ensures the authenticity of the work.
  • By putting quality first, MakersPlace is carving out a niche for itself in a marketplace that is absolutely saturated with platforms that offer millions of NFTs at once. A strategy like this will help it attract higher-end NFTs as the space evolves.


Compared with platforms like OpenSea, BakerySwap looks a lot smaller. However, despite its size, BakerySwap was one of the first to use Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With its BSC functionality, it can offer its clients much lower fees and exposure to a rapidly growing ecosystem.

Furthermore, the NFT marketplace operates in the very manner which only requires a standard MetaMask wallet. However, as this platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, NFT assets can only be acquired with BNB tokens.

Ethereum is an amazing technical innovation, but it has become expensive to use. Inexpensive NFTs are effectively priced out of the market because transaction fees are too high.

  • BakerySwap’s massively reduced fees create a more equitable environment for new creators and investors.

Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua places a major emphasis on social status in the NFT market. The platform offers a number of configurable virtual venues where users can display their digital NFT collections. While many platforms are focused on sales, Terra Virtua recognizes the need for people to display their collections for the world to see.

Of course, users can also explore and buy NFTs in both a marketplace and auction format at Terra Virtua. Its offerings are extensive, and its focus on social status gives it its own space in the world of NFT marketplaces.

  • Terra Virtua has a unique approach to NFTs. Social standing is a very powerful motivator, and both new and wealthy investors will want a place to show off their collections, large and small. It’s not enough to have cool things: we want others to see them as well.


NFTs are dominating the crypto space in 2021. While the high-ticket NFT sales make headlines, there are loads of great platforms under development that will shape the space in the years to come. The companies listed above all have a unique take on how to grow in the NFT market and may become much larger as the market develops.

Disclaimer: The author holds tokens in one of the above-mentioned companies. The opinions in this article belong to the author alone and should not be considered investment advice.

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