Gold Fever, Wealth Management Tool in the Form of a Game?by@goldfever
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Gold Fever, Wealth Management Tool in the Form of a Game?

by Gold Fever CorporationDecember 20th, 2022
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Gold Fever is a Gold Rush simulation happeing between the two great wars, where you can grind for gold and earn. We started off as this cool, sticky, dark themed MMORPG PvP survival game built on blockchain, with beautiful graphics and thrilling action. We are still a cool game.
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We have been prototyping a metaverse for two years - yes! there is still more to be done -  and we don’t know how to tell you it’s good and why you should do your best to understand it.

Why? Because no matter what we will tell you, we will have to compensate for the entire FUD the past months brought in and for the 90% of the gamefi projects that - allegedly - seem to ruin the industry’s potential.

Yet. The GameFi industry is set to unleash its massive potential within the next six years. According to Absolute Reports data, its estimated value will grow to $2.8 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 20.4% in the same period.

So, there goes nothing.

Here is our story and how the bear market should know about Gold Fever.

The aim of this article is not to make you think we are special or we can make you rich overnight.

The purpose is to show you:

the problems we wanted to solve while developing a blockchain game,

what we ended up creating thanks to the beauty of the technology,

and how this can be beneficial for you at this very moment.

If you have little time to read the entire story - this is what you should remember

Do you know the stores from Diablo Immortal?

You went there and bought things because you needed them to play better.

The money went to the game developers.

How about the money from the items goes to you?

Well, in Gold Fever, the item store is an NFT you can own and turn into a profitable business.

It produces a fixed number of items and services daily that could be increased by hiring other players to do tasks such as bring wood, hunt, transportation from building to building or special quests.

YOU, as a business owner, YOU set the price and you decide what service your building offers, you decide the prices or the items your building is selling.

An example: you decide the price, but for the sake of simplicity let’s consider 1USD price per item/service.

Say…you sell 5 different items per day at 1USD/item with a minimal stock of 5 pieces from each and 30 people need your services - parking, hotel sleeping, sharpening, repairing etc and you charge 1USD/service.

This means an income of:

  • 25USD/day - 750USD/month from items;
  • 30USD/day - 900USD/month if one person needs only one service
  • 55USD/day - 1650USD/month in total

Our NFTs are planes, boats, merchant shops, buildings, land and many more - that YOU can own along with all the possibilities of revenue. Do you see where we are heading?

From earnings to wealth

How we managed to turn from earnings to wealth was a journey of almost a year where we redefined a lot of gamefi systems and placed our attention mainly on empowering you, the player.

We wanted to create a great P2E game for passionate gamers.

We ended up creating a metaverse economy that could help you leverage ownership and create personal wealth.

Gold Fever is a Gold Rush simulation happeing between the two great wars, where you can grind for gold and earn. We started off as this cool, sticky, dark themed MMORPG PvP survival game built on blockchain, with beautiful graphics and thrilling action. We are still a cool game.


If you are an owner, you create wealth.

If you are not an owner, you just earn.

This simple and almost banal idea transformed Gold Fever in a metaverse economy that favors the entrepreneurial mindset and may enable the beginnings of something resembling genuine human society, based on free markets (for goods, services and ideas), independent ownership and social contracts.

Once we had the realization that there was a huge difference between earnings and wealth, Gold Fever transformed into a metaverse economy where defi tactics such as lending, leasing, renting and collateral thrive and define the game universe.

With a unique and compelling benefit for you - wealth.

Gold Fever became, while under development, a metalife economy where the predict-and-control over your money is embedded thanks to scarcity and DeFi tactics such as lending, leasing, renting and collateral.

It is a shield that protects you from losing.

You have your eyes on your money. It empowers you to own and to develop a business, and create multiple streams of passive income thanks to a next-gen yeld generator.

In a nutshell, please read below 4 top ideas about Gold Fever novelty.

After yield farming and staking: next-gen Yield Generator

We see Gold Fever as a wealth management tool that sits among yield farming, liquidity mining and staking.

We do not own any of the game’s infrastructure.

We have turned all important game assets into NFTs to empower a different type of ownership.

Hence you can own and develop a business in the game, create multiple streams of active and passive income via our Gold Fever NFTs.

In our vision, P2E means mining for the token, DeFi means leveraging ownership.

Our ownership system is different from the Play2Earn model.

The Utility of the Gold Fever NFTs is to the next level and allows you to become a digital entrepreneur who controls and predicts how much yield you generate with your NFTs.

We used things you heard about such as ownership, utility, NFT, and turned the business model to act as a wealth management tool in a bear market respecting the example you read above.

Monthly Active Characters, the mission control for the Next level Yield Generator

You can predict and control your wealth thanks to our original approach to NFTs.

We were able to create this type of NFT thanks to the fact that Gold Fever is a game. Gaming iterations allow and thrive on utility. As opposed to a collectible NFT, a Gold Fever NFT has in-game and outside the game utility and can be owned, staked, borrowed, and lent at the same time.

Monthly Active Characters is our scarcity KPI. When you know how many characters are actually playing the game monthly, you can not only maintain scarcity, but, at the same time, predict, control and leverage this information. It’s like owning a theatre or a cinema.

Changing the approach on ownership and turning the

game infrastructure into NFTs, we were able to embed the predict and control into our NFTs.

You can easily calculate the revenue of a Gold Fever NFT

by using the number of the Monthly Active Characters.

In the Gold Fever economy you can work smart: either employ people that will help you increase your revenues or just set some fixed prices and let your NFTs, like buildings or planes, produce. Hence, The Utility of the Gold Fever NFTs is to the next level and allows you to become a digital entrepreneur who controls and predicts how much yield they have for their NFTs.

To better understand, here are some examples of Gold Fever NFTs:

  • Transportation (Planes, Boats, Animals): Transportation infrastructure will play a vital role in the so-called "money sinks", where players will constantly invest to reach the more prosperous Mining Claims.
  • Tools (Gold digging tools, other manufacturing tools): Mining equipment will allow players to yield more gold, and necessity will bring people together to strategize how to use them efficiently.
  • Skins, weapons and other items: Like any other game that sells items and skins, Goldfever will provide players with the opportunity to improve their looks or power with paid items.
  • Buildings (Stables, Market Stands, Piers, Airstrip etc.)

Entrepreneurial mindset

The world belongs to entrepreneurs. People skilled enough to do the best with what they have. We took this idea, added transparency, control and immutability and created a metaverse economy. A place where you can put your skills to work, own assets that have the predict and control feature embedded. You need to work with others in order to create a synergy and to maximize the generated yiled. You can do this by blending the classical DEFI methods - lending, leasing, renting and collateral with the Play2Earn methods - tasks, quests, speculation and mining for gold.

Gold Fever is a metaverse economy that thrives if you

have an entrepreneurial mindset, a parallel world where

you can leverage ownership and magnify your resources,

while others play a state-of-the-art MMORPG PvP survival game.

For example, the GoldFever gameplay is a gold rush. The Company that initiated the gold rush will act as the state and will tax every service provided to the players.

The entire action takes place on a remote island, rich in gold. The game-play has two pillars - the core game-loop, the gold grinding and the economy that is built around gold grinding. This is the play2earn part of the game.

The gold digger will need tools, food, a place to sleep, guns, medicines and so on. All these are turned into NFTs. If you own food, someone will need it and you can trade it. If you have a hotel, you can rent the rooms. If you have a gun, you can lend it when you are not using it. This is the DeFi part of the game - in order to thrive you will have to chase opportunities. Lend, lease, rent, collateral.

Step by step, the Company creates and sells NFTs, that is the infrastructure.

It’s up to you if you want to be a grinder, an entrepreneur or both.

Since the ownership is decentralized, our involvement in the development of each area is minimal, allowing you to build infrastructure freely wherever the players want to offer services. If an area needs a blacksmith, you will be able to buy an NFT blacksmith should the person who both the Governor NFT and is responsible with the administrative development  allows it.

For example, Mining Claims are the backbone of this project, and they represent how tokens can be unlocked. You can acquire a Mining Claim as an NFT which will give you the right over a gold arena, a place where you can dig a certain amount of in-game gold NGL. You can invite Adventurers to extract gold (NGL). You can decide on fees or offer a % or both in exchange for the extracted gold.

Mining Claims NFTs are an opportunity to operate large Areas or resell them to other players. This is the P2E side.

But at the same time, around the gold extraction, there are needs and wants the to be fulfilled - as said weapons, food, sleep and so on. This is the entrepreneurial side.

The greater the number of players, the greater the

demand and supply. Here is where you step in and make

the most of the metaverse economy.

Transportation, buildings, tools, skins and cosmetics,

administration - NFTs that have the same capacity to

create income as if they were used in “the real life”.

On a mission to inspire the world

At this point, you probably are able to grasp what Gold Fever is. Recently, Gartner has predicted that by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse.

That hour could easily be in Gold Fever.

The Metaverse will impact all industries, from gaming, shopping, work, education, and healthcare. We made it our drive to help you understand this opportunity and to bring the value of this unique moment to you.

We are sure there are people like miners, those who have lost, those who still believe, those who want to strategize and win even in the bear market, those who take the end of year to plan 2023 and want to make a good decision for their future - we address you with the actions we have planned for the next months.

Our mission is to accelerate the advent of a totally new workplace inspired by the blockchain and the metaverse, by bringing on the market new products that can replace the lack of jobs during harsh times or provoked by automation and AI. Gold Fever is the very first. Hope you will see it the way we do as well.

See you in the future.

With loads of passion,

The Gold Fever team