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581 Stories To Learn About Nfts

by Learn RepoOctober 18th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Nfts via these 581 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Nfts via these 581 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

NFTs = non-fungible tokens. When people think of NFTs, they usually think of digitized art such as paintings or videos.

1. Top Platforms to Launch an NFT Collection for Digital Content Creators

Creators with zero to little coding experience can leverage any of these platforms to build an NFT collection, unlike many other currently available solutions.

2. Why is everyone going crazy over NFT?

What are NFTs and why is everyone going crazy over them?

3. What are NFTs and how do they work

NFTs are a new technology that you need to understand. THis is what they are and how the very first NFT came about in 2014 when it was made on a whim.

4. Dear Web3, You Don’t Have A Community, You Have A Cult

Minimum Viable Cult is the next big thing for Web3. Are you ready?

5. Introducing the Nudie NFT Community and the Project's All-Female Team

An all-female NFT team? Yes, they are here and they brought the Nudie Community!

6. Healthcare, NFTs, and the Blockchain

Can blockchain and NFTs solve long-standing problems in our healthcare industry?

7. 3moji NFTs: Upgradeable NFT Avatars and NFT Emojis on Solana

3moji NFTs are changing the meta on the Solana ecosystem and bringing true utility to Solana NFTs with upgradeable and composable NFTs.

8. How to Create On-Chain and Off-Chain NFT Collection Smart Contracts

This blog delves deep into how I created an onchain Loot Royale NFT Collection Dapp - both smart contract and frontend in the most detailed manner possible

9. How to Find Promising NFT Games and Avoid Scams

A guide to finding good web3 games and avoiding scams in 10 steps

10. What Dynamic NFTs Can Do

A dynamic NFT can change its properties to fit external conditions such as time, weather and other variables. This ability makes it useful for art and data.

11. 2022 Predictions: NFTs Move Beyond Laundering & CircleJerks While Fake Meat Gets Attacked by the Sea

Annual tech predictions from venture capitalist, Bernard Moon. On NFTs, 3D-printing, meat substitutes, cryptocurrencies and commercial banking

12. Following $100M+ in Crypto Donations, Ukraine President Zelenskyy Signs Virtual Assets Law

On Wednesday, March 16, President Of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a law in Ukraine on virtual assets, after a large number of donations through crypto.

13. AI Nightbirds Analysis

The amazing artwork of AI Nightbirds needs to be explained, this is where I come in. I will break down the main points of AI Nightbirds and my thoughts overall.

14. Financial NFTs Will be the Real NFT Boom

The most recent non-fungible token (NFT) boom may have you thinking that NFTs are all about digital art and collectibles. Well, for a brief period, they were - after all, who could ignore the infamous Beeple piece selling at Christie’s for $69 million?

15. This 2-Year-Old Artist Has Her Own NFTs

Two-year-old Xenia Rose has already started working towards her dream of being a professional artist, with the launch of her first collection of NFTs.

16. NFTs Finally Infiltrated AAA Gaming

We are at a point where the crypto industry is all very cautious. The NFT sector is at its all-time low. Web2 and AAA gaming are finding their way to us.

17. 5 New NFT Projects On The Rise

We selected some of the hottest trends on the NFT market, showing that innovation happens fast to create value.

18. NFTs Are So Much More Than Just Digital Collectibles

Reddit launched digital collectibles, and that's great. But NFTs aren't all digital collectibles, and we should stop using the term so often.

19. Bringing Crypto Solutions to Life with Noonies Nominee Tran Hung

Hey Hackers! I’m Tran Hung and I’m the CEO @ UQUID.

20. 5 Things Web3 Brands Can Do to Build Trust

Trust in Web3 is dangerously low. Is this the end of the movement, or can we do something to rebuild and come back stronger?

21. A Man Who Fell To Earth: Decentralized Software is Here to Stay

The Man Who Fell To Earth : The future of human curiosity is decentralized and open source.

22. A Look at NFT Adoption and How This Emerging Technology is Being Used

NFTs are looking forward to an exciting future tied into the Metaverse as in-game assets that players can carry over between experiences beyond current limits.

23. Gaming and the Metaverse: A Match Made in Heaven?

A look at the gaming industry and the metaverse and why the two industries are inextricably linked though not necessarily in a harmonious union together.

24. Utilize The Power of NFTs On Your Website

Utilize The Power of NFTs On Your Website

25. All You Need to Know about Confti: The AIO NFT Crowdfunding and Division Protocol

Confti is a protocol allow users to divide and co-own NFT.

26. More Than Just The Future Of Gaming

Gaming has provided an opportunity for people to learn about logistics, economics and logistics by their very existence, making the future of gaming interesting

27. How NFTs Can Be Used In Sports Talent Discovery

Lets look at how NFTs can be used in sports talent discovery.

28. 4 New NFT Projects With Utility

Let's look at what an NFT Project with Utility is and why it's different from any other NFT.

29. How One Startup Is Removing Barriers to Buying NFTs

In September, the official launch of will take place: the first exclusive NFT marketplace in the Netherlands.  Here, quality and user-friendliness are

30. NFTs And the COSMOS Ecosystem: An Overview

See why and how the NFT market is valued at $7 billion. However, experts believe that the market is heading to a trillion-dollar valuation.

31. The 4 Most Exciting New Blockchain Gaming Platforms for 2022

These blockchain-based games are taking play-to-earn to an entirely new level.

32. NFT Renting: For When You Want to Give Your NFTs DeFi Powers

NFT Rentals can help lower the barrier to entry to some aspects of NFTs by making it cheaper and more affordable in certain contexts that the technology is used

33. The Canine Cartel: How Much Is That Tattooed Dog NFT In The Window?

Mutts - gather round. The Canine Cartel rules the streets of the blockchain, got it?

34. Mint your NFTs for Nothin' - Get your Crypto for Free

A newbie tale of navigating the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to get to the holy grail of no-money-down NFTs.

35. Play-to-Earn and its Positive Impact in the Real World: A Philippine Perspective

Why are play-to-earn games good? What is their positive impact? How do they affect the lives of people in a positive way?

36. Are NFTs the Next ICO Fraud?

Want to buy virtual artwork for $1.98M?

37. NFT'ers! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! Polygon vs Solana

Polygon and Solana are both promising projects with unique value propositions; comparing them does an injustice to both- but we will compare them anyway!

38. "NFTs Are the ‘What’s Next’ of Collectibles & Fandom" - Jawad Ashraf of Terra Virtua

When the game ‘Cryptokitties’ first released in 2017, the mainstream market was blown away, like a kid in a candy store

39. Are NFTs Securities? OMG!

Are NFTs Securities? Despite the promise of blockchain’s capabilities, it shows signs of one of humanity’s oldest lessons: history repeats itself.

40. Rare Invisible Friend NFT Sold For $1.3 Million USD In Charity Auction

A rare Invisible Friend NFT (Non-Fungible Token) from the highly anticipated Invisible Friends project just sold at auction for 496.69 ETH ($1.3M USD) on the Op

41. Bullieverse: Building a Metaverse Beyond Gaming

During the Non-fungible Conference, Hackernoon got an exclusive interview with Arunkumar Krishnakumar, who shared insights on his new project, Bullieverse.

42. Becoming an NFT Photographer in 2022? Here's What You Need to Know

Are you a photographer? Consider attaching an NFT to your photographs. You don't want to miss out on the new blockchain platforms and cashing in on royalties.

43. Why Does the Metaverse, NFTs and GameFi, Have a Low Number of Users?

Why does the number of users in Metaverse crypto companies grow slowly or even decrease? How to onboard more users in your Metaverse project? All the answers a

44. Watch Out OpenSea! Your Competitors "Sea" You

New NFT Marketplaces for 2022? There are sure to be many, but so far, be on the lookout for LooksRare and Coinbase NFT.

45. Best Practices for Using Non-Fungible Tokens

46. SEC vs. BAYC: US Securities and Exchanges Commission targets NFTs

SEC is interested in one of the most popular NFT collections Bored Ape Yacht Club. Will it be a high-profile precedent for the entire art market of NFT.

47. Introducing Dragos: What it Means to be a Fully On-Chain NFT

2021 has been the year of NFTs. The space has risen from relative obscurity to experiencing rapid growth throughout the world.

48. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are Here to Stay: A Primer

In recent months, a Vincent Van Gogh painting, 45 drawings of a renowned Marvel Comic artist, and a rare digital sword from an online gaming world were stolen. In the traditional criminal network, these items would eventually be sold on the black market.

49. GameFi On The Internet Computer: A Multiplayer RPG Sandbox Called Cubetopia

Cubetopia is a Web3 game that brings the world of Minecraft to World of Warcraft on the blockchain.

50. Bored Ape Yacht Club Set to Transcend Rarity-Based Valuations

NFTs have typically been valued largely on a trait-rarity basis. However, Bored Ape Yacht Club is on the verge of revolutionizing NFT valuations.

51. This NFT is Untradeable ...

With Soulbound NFTs, NFT's can represent much more of who you are and not just what you can afford. Projects like Seed Society and POAP are doing it right.

52. 🎮 Nike Fully Jumps Into Web3

Nike is launching its own web3 platform (.Swoosh). It will use it to promote and sell virtual shoes.

53. Three Easy Ways to Defraud Any NFT Marketplace

What is an NFT worth on the open market, really? Are transaction histories reliable indicators of value?

54. Who is Anndy Lian? How Does he Turn You Into an NFT Hero?

Anndy Lian is a serial entrepreneur based in Singapore. He is always trying to work hard in the crypto and blockchain industry. He shares his story with me.

55. Fractionalized NFTs are the Future of Fractionalized Assets

NFTs are the future of fractionalized assets because they are low cost, easily tradeable, secure, transparent, and decentralized.

56. Let's Look at Rove: An Online Metaverse Builder

Metaverse gaming is still in its early stages, however, there are several virtual world-building games for those who like an immersive 3D experience.

57. 5 NFT News Publications You Should Follow to Keep Up With the Industry

5 NFT News Publications You Should Follow to Keep Up With the Industry

58. An Intro to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for Games, Virtual Worlds, and the Metaverse

Learn more about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and how they will make a huge impact in gaming, virtual worlds, and the metaverse.

59. How to Develop an NFT Real Estate Marketplace

NFT Real Estate Marketplace development is gaining prominence and taking the crypto space world by storm.

60. Fueling The Creator Economy With A Partnership with Kakao's Klaytn And An Incubator Program

NFTs which you are already familiar with, has a huge range of possibilities for business, influencers, creative artists, freelancers, brands to capitalise on something that wasn't possible before. Seamlessly across borders, anybody can monetise "memberships" and gives "hodlers" incentives for being part of a community.

61. Epix Industries' CBDO, says "in just a few days we gained 3,000 [NFT] collectors"

Interview with Epix Industries. Epix Industries is building solutions, tools, and multiverses for the future of the professional NFT industry

62. The Luna & Ust Crash: Fall of an Ecosystem left with only 1 Winner

The Luna Story: the sudden rise and fall of a cryptocurrency ecosystem that left only one winner in the clamourous aftermath of a sudden market crash.

63. The Gaming Metaverse and the Rise of Virtual Globalisation

Gaming metaverses will usher in a new form of globalisation, in the form of virtual globalisation.

64. 🎮 This Company Launched the First Web3 Game on the Epic Game Store. Now, They're Back...

65. 4 Steps Towards Owning Your First Art NFT

The following four steps will demystify the NFT buying process for you so that you approach purchasing your first NFT with confidence and excitement.

66. The Noonification: Pure Evil (11/5/2022)

11/5/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

67. Why You Should Contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness in Web3

By 2040 the breast cancer burden will increase to more than 3 million new cases per year. Time to make a difference, web3 people!

68. Roblox's Metaverse Fashion Report Can Teach Us a Lot About the Future of Gaming

Roblox is a beast of a game. It has +43 million daily active users. And more than half of the US population under 16 is playing it.

69. The BAYC VMA Video Is Everything That's Wrong With The Metaverse

The Snoop Dogg/ Eminem BAYC video was a mess, and Paula Abdul did it better in 1988.

70. Meet Tobias, the Creator of DALL·E's Game

Tobias W. Kaiser, the creator of DALL·E's Game, speaks to HackerNoon about Web3, technology, and DAO.

71. A Brief Overview of NFT in 2 Minutes

Let's have a quick look at the overview of what NFT is.

72. Zora: What It Is and Why It's Essential for NFT Creators

Zora is a universal media registry protocol on Ethereum. This protocol makes it easy to buy, create, or sell NFTs in a decentralized and permissionless fashion.

73. How Big (and Small) Brands Are Cultivating New Use Cases for NFTs

So while on the surface it may seem like the crypto industry has slowed down, it hasn’t stalled development.

74. Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker: NFT Jellyfishes, Donald Trump Joins In, and More

Redditors have now minted over 5 million NFT avatars. Reddit’s Polygon-based avatars launched in July.

75. Where Can You Take a Free Skin Cancer Screening in the US?

Did you wonder where can you find a free skin cancer screening in the USA?

76. Instagram Users Start Minting and Selling NFTS

Earlier this month, Instagram announced it would allow users to mint and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform.

77. The Free NFT: Its Pros and Cons

NFT CCO, CCO,Open source NFT

78. GameFi’s Mass Adoption — What’s Stopping it and How Can we Fix It?

Switch from P2E to P&E to garner long-term sustainability within GameFi. Join OpiPets as they utilise P&E and storytelling to catalyse GameFi's mass adoption!

79. Peeking at The Future of The Metaverse

The money pouring into the metaverse is building the virtual infrastructure for a space that could lay the foundations for the bulk of future human activities.

80. 🎮 Reddit Has Onboarded More People Into NFTs Than OpenSea

Learn how Reddit onboarded 3 million people into NFTs.

81. NFT Dry Spells? Maybe Not for “Zero to Hero” NFT

Crazy headlines saying that the total sales volumes of NFTs have plunged more than 90 percent. The next thing I remember, I had to launch my book immediately.

82. Introducing PolygonPunks: The First 'Punks' on the Polygon (Matic) Network

PolygonPunks launches to become the world’s first “punks” NFT on the Polygon (Matic) network – following in the footsteps of the legendary Ethereum based NFT.

83. How Phala Drives Innovation for Metaverse Games and NFT IDs

The development of Web3 Metaverse game meets many limitations, with the support of fat contract in real-time compute-intensive talks, low latency can solve them

84. The Sandbox Announces New Snoop Dog Video Clip at the Non-Fungible Conference

The Sandbox COO, Sebastien Borget, held a press conference at the Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon, where he introduced the latest Sandbox releases.

85. Reviewing Qoobex 3D Classic Movies NFT Collection and Q Phone

A 3D stereo NFT collection was recently launched on OpenSea by Qoobex, a leading mobile tech pioneer in 3D immersive stereo technologies.

86. 5 New Minecraft Servers That Are the Future of Minecraft

These 5 new Minecraft servers innovate and expand on the decade old game, displaying what the future has in hold for it.

87. NFTs Can Bring Immutability and Transparency to the Halal Supply Chain

By integrating immutable NFT technology within the halal supply chain, consumers can investigate and ensure increased confidence in the origin of halal foods.

88. Is It Too Late to Jump Into the NFT Space?

The story introduces different perspectives, acknowledges the state of the growing NFT ecosystem and the way artists see it and the challenges they face.

89. Metaverse Tokenomics Analysis Made Easy (So You Can Predict the Future)

Many people are always asking if [Insert a Metaverse Project Here e.g. AxieInfinity] has (or still has) a future. So, I decided to write about an easy framework

90. How to sell your home as an NFT

Real-world assets will soon represent a significant portion of NFT sales and real estate is leading the charge.

91. 🎮 Sony Potentially Entering the World of Blockchain Gaming

Sony has a new patent that will allow them to track changes in ownership, metadata, and visual appearance of digital assets.

92. My Love For "Drop Bears" and Collecting Specific NFTs

Why the High Demand for PFP NFTs and logic of several collectors collecting a specific NFT - in my case “Drop Bears”.

93. Is the Metaverse the Future of Gaming As We Know It?

Virtual worlds powered by Web3 aren’t quite as popular as some of us expected.

94. Why Digital Marketplaces Are Not to Be Trusted by Artists

Why artists should not trust digital marketplaces

95. The House of Boxing Takes Queensberry to the Blockchain

game boxing NFTs not sports blockchain frank warren Tyson Fury Chisora Mike Tyson game p2e trading cards collectibles digital marketplace moments highlights IMX

96. NFTs That Fight for Ukrainian Independence and Freedom

NFT initiatives aim to help Ukraine survive in the fight against the Russian aggressors. Check out to see how digital art helps people in need.

97. Bitcoin NFTs are Getting Easier Every Day: Introducing Ordinals

Bitcoin NFTs - technically called "Ordinals" are now available. This article will explain where to find them, how to buy them, and how to make them.

98. Why Discord Won't Work For Most NFT Projects Long Term

Why Discord Won't Work For Most NFT Projects Long Term. Building sustainable NFT communities isn’t as easy as it first appears. That’s why I started FanCircles.

99. NFT is a Game Changer for the Ticketing Industry

NFT for ticketing is evolving vertical attracting sport event organizers and music festivals worldwide with FlashBack being a pioneer in the space.

100. 3 Ways to Increase NFT Adoption Among Artists

Let's talk about challenges and opportunities to increase adoption of art NFTs.

101. What Are the Components That Make up the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a sustainable, immersive and simulated world where everyone can come together to talk, work, play or entertain.

102. 5 Must-Read NFT Articles for Blockchain Enthusiasts

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it is like a digital certificate of authenticity.

103. What Makes NFTs Valuable and Why Are Some Worth Millions?

NFTs are the most versatile form of digital assets. Your NFT could even be virtual real estate, virtual worlds, fashion, and much more. Research shows that 83%

104. Why Big Brand NFTs Don’t Work (Yet)

Chevvy had everything that’s right for an NFT to succeed ...and yet, there were no takers at their recent NFT auction. This piece takes a look at why.

105. Weekly Web3 Brands Tracker: Fake Hermes Digital Bags, White Paper Sold as NFTs & More

A weekly tracker of web2 brands entering web3 and metaverse.

106. Future of Digital Fashion: Dressing Your NFTs

This use case proves how digital fashion NFTs can also increase the value of PFPs projects.

107. How Nifty League Is Pioneering the Future of Gaming and P2E

Nifty League is bringing competitive gaming to web3 - moving away from play-to-earn (P2E) into a new era of play-and-earn (P&E)

108. Reducing The Environmental Impact of NFTs and Proof-Of-Work

Why are NFTs bad for the environment? These are all examples built on blockchains that do not use Proof-of-Work or any other type of energy-intensive methods.

109. Our Marketplace is Lowering the Barriers to NFT Ownership

What if you could buy, trade and sell NFTs without paying excessive gas fees? Rollbit's NFT marketplace allows you to do just that!

110. Dive into NFT Marketplaces

Do not miss this post if you are a beginner or an NFT trader. This article will share my knowledge of NFT marketplaces. Read now!

111. Weekly Web3 Brand Tracker: Nike Web3 Platform, Manchester United NFTs, and More 🔭

Nike launches new web3 platform Swoosh. Nike’s community to ‘co-create the future of Nike' Users can access virtual events and purchase digital wearables.

112. Introducing DeFi Live: A Two-Day DeFi Conference Bringing in TotemFi, NEAR,, and More

The industry's premier DeFi event, DeFi Live is on the 10th of November online nad on 11th of November in person, in London. It will have experts and more.

113. Project Deep Dive: Is Valhalla Worth the Hype?

Does Valhalla have the merit to back up the hype it has garnished? I completed a full deep dive to find out. These are my findings...

114. "I want to work on a blockchain that keeps improving every day"

A multi-chain approach to NFTs -- one that frees creators from reliance on Ethereum with their prohibitively high Eth and Gas fees -- is a matter of necessity.

115. Moving Beyond The Right-Click Save NFT Culture

This article debunks two critical opposing theories to NFTs: "Right click saving means I own it" and "It is digital who will see it or care about it?"

116. 🎮 Bloomberg's Top Finance Writer On NFTs and The Metaverse

117. ThoughtSlime on Why All NFTs are a Scam

A contrarian POV on NFTs from ThoughtSlime

118. Lemonade is Sweetening Web3 in a Unique Way

An interview with Chris Lahaye, co founder and dev with Lemonade.Social

119. Play to Earn Vs Play to Burn

We created a web3 game and asked our players if it was OK to burn their character tokens if they died. They signed up.

120. Can NFTs Help Combat Our Addiction to Fast Fashion?

In a world packed full of products made from our natural resources, brands and consumers are beginning to pay more consideration to the impact of fast fashion.

121. WallStreetBets are Hoping for Another GameStop Boom and it's All Down to NFTs

After market manipulation allegations it makes sense that retail investors would turn to the blockchain, but GME may not repeat its success.

122. The Lord of the GIFs: Why We Need a Decentralized Tenor

Do you know that if you publish your gif on, it will be featured on gif search everywhere: on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook?

123. Web3 : The Future of the Gaming World!

One of the key features of Web3 games is the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded like real-w

124. Ape Gang: From Coders to Sponsors

Hackernoon hopped at the chance of getting an exclusive interview with Jokong and Rikong, who were kind enough to share with us Ape Gang’s latest initiatives.

125. Whither NFTs? An Overview of The Progress of Non-Fungible Tokens in 2021

A stream of celebrities have released NFTs on marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and NBA Top Shot; capitalising on the boom of the incipient NFT market.

126. F1 Delta Time: The Value Of A Brand

The crypto game F1 Delta Time was a major PR disaster, but was it really that bad? Basic game analytics show that its developers still achieved their goals.

127. “An NFT purchase does not automatically give you ownership rights.”

Anyone who plans to buy an NFT must understand what they're getting.

128. 7 NFT Makers to Create Your NFT Art Collection with No Code

In this article you will find best Free NFT Generator to Make Your NFT Art Collection without Coding. Also, Learn How to Create an NFT Art in few minutes.

129. The World's First Religious Relic NFTs will Drop this December for Charity

An NFT marketplace is dropping the world’s first religious relics in the form of NFTs on December 1st until December 3rd.

130. Play-to-Warn in Web 3.0: What can Make a Game Successful

Play-to-Earn games have already revolutionized the blockchain industry.

131. 🎮 Our Experience Trying a Web3 Game in Open Alpha

Today we played Honeyland, a mobile-based blockchain game in open alpha.

132. 7 NFT Use Cases That Will (Probably) Survive the Hype

The hype for NFTs has slowly fallen off in 2022 but the use cases for them still remain exciting. Find out about the NFT use cases that will survive the hype.

133. We Sold Real Estate on the Blockchain: No Pixels Involved

How we sold multiple real world properties as NFTs, and what's still needed to disrupt the multi-trillion dollar real estate industry via NFTs.

134. How Blockchain Technology Affects Ownership in the Gaming Industry

A look at the value of blockchain technology within the gaming industry

135. Girlfrens NFT Project: Cancer Survivor Gives Back to the Community

An interview with the co-founder and artist for Solana-based NFT project, Girlfrens.

136. Non-Fungible Tokens Simplified: What Does NFT Really Mean?

A simplified breakdown of non-fungible tokens (NFT), using easy-to-understand analogies and non-technical terms.

137. Enable Customized Royalties For NFTs With Multiple Creators, ERC20 Payout, and More, with Tatum

Using our JavaScript SDK and API, you can create royalty NFTs with just a few lines of code. No need to code your own smart contracts, or run blockchain nodes.

138. Meet the Writer: Hacker Noon's Contributor Qin En, VC @ Saison Capital & Podcaster @ Parents in Tech

Hello! I’m Qin En - venture capitalist by day and podcaster by night. When the sun is up, I invest in emerging markets. When the sun goes down, I talk parenting

139. From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0: Evolution of the World Wide Web

The Internet does not stand still. Like any other technology, it goes through many evolution stages, constantly improving its possibilities for users. If a modern teenager sees the way the Internet looked like at its early stage of development, one would probably get lost trying to figure out what's in front of him. Let’s briefly run through the stages of the Internet evolution, starting with Web 1.0 and ending with what we have today.

140. Play-To-Earn Games: The Current State of the GameFi Industry

The gaming industry is one of the latest to integrate blockchain, crypto and NFTs especially with the growth of the metaverse.

141. Is Play-to-Earn The FUTURE Of Gaming? How Will MegaFans SHAPE It?

Can P2E be a sustainable source of income for you? How do you earn from it? What roles is MegaFans playing to shape the future of P2E games?

142. Samsung and Web3: A Budding Love Story

Samsungs blockchain and Web3 partnerships, ventures and investments.

143. Why NFTs Are The Future of Invoicing

It's just the beginning for NFTs, which can revolutionize invoicing. NFTs are immutable, transparent, and fraud-proof - making them perfect for invoicing.

144. How to Create Your NFT on Ethereum Blockchain

Creating an NFT on Ethereum needs you to understand the difference between ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens as well as the functions inherent to such tokens.

145. How to Eliminate NFT Deployment Costs and Smart Contract Hassles

The fastest and easiest way to mint NFTs. No coding or deploying smart contracts, no private keys, no need to hold crypto. 1 API call to mint on 5 blockchains.

146. Omnichain NFTs: What They Are and Why They Matter!!

Omnichain NFTs are NFTs that can exist in two or more chains.

LayerZero, is a protocol that allows smart contracts and blockchains to communicate easily.

147. Blockchain & NFTs – Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Standards and Identity Management

NFTs' potential to enhance data security is due to their immutable nature. Blockchain offers a decentralized structure for data protection with high security.

148. Salesforce NFT Cloud is Doing More for Web3 than Web3 startups

They say this is a Bear market but I've seen two announcements this week that actually mean more than any other Web3 VC funding press release.

149. The Metaverse in Real Life

A brief introduction to the Metaverse and its applications

150. The Need of Education for the Decentralized Internet with Renjit Philip

Hacker Noon's Decentralized Internet interview with Renjit Philip.

151. Exploring the Thriving NFT Market and the Rise of Bitcoin NFTs

Bitcoin NFTs are quickly becoming a hot new trend in the world of digital collectibles. What is the potential? What to look out for?

152. Natural Capital in the Digital Economy: Green Squared

Is natural capital boring and obsolete, or an under-served and under-appreciated asset class that will explode in relevance in the future, just as NFTs have?

153. NFTs Are Helping the Web Evolve

While there is no doubt more information flowing than ever before, the early hopes of the internet have yet to materialize.

154. From Personal to Social Finance

Finance has normally been a solo affair. But change is here, from DAOs, play to earn and gamified finance - defi is the new social frontier of the internet.

155. Are BTC Maximalists Right About Ordinals? - Here's What You Need to Know

NFTs have courted more controversy than any other digital asset. The latest outcry comes from Bitcoin Maximists regarding Ordinals - Bitcoin NFTs.

156. Virtual Gaming Worlds: NFTs Creating New Cross-Chain Gaming Monetization

In 2017,  non-fungible tokens (NFTs) arose as a medium of exchange without an economy. They became a way of trading kitschy virtual collectibles like CryptoKitties — that is until a collector paid $170,000 (600 ETH) for a kitty named Dragon. The new digital token had created digital scarcity. In a digital economy with runaway reproduction trampling over copyrights, NFTs offered a way to attach data to a currency. Only the holder of the NFT with the unique identifier for Dragon could sell, exchange, or destroy the cryptocollectible.

157. The State Of NFTs From April 2022

April was an exciting month for NFTs after several big announcements from major players in the industry disrupting it and creating new opportunities in there.

158. Long Live The Dynamic NFT

Throughout 2021, ecstatic shouts of “Wagmi!” floated down the gold-plated NFT Twitter streets like Ethereum-coated confetti.

159. What We Might Expect From NFTs in Games in 2022

How games are implementing NFTs, and why the multibillion-dollar GameFi and blockchain gaming market has been named one of the top trends of 2022.

160. Blockchain Game Ethermore: The Value Proposition According to the Community

Blockchain game Ethermore: The Value Proposition according to the community.

161. As Traditional Economies Freeze, NFTs and DeFi Show Promise

2020 has seen economic contraction on an unprecedented scale. Collectively we have been plunged into unchartered waters by events outside of our control with little insight as to how to right the ship.

162. Trends Uncovered by Scraping OpenSea Data to Analyze NFT Collections

Web Scraping OpenSea to get NFT data and trade history about the NFT collection The Bored Ape Yacht Club

163. Top 3 tools every crypto trader needs

164. An Intro to Cossacks Club Ukrainian NFT Collection

Today the whole world is talking about the war in Ukraine. But for 80 employees of WeSoftYou company from Ukraine, it's not just news, it's our personal story. So while the Ukrainian Armed Forces are perfectly capable of dealing with Russian aggression on the real battlefield, we decided to confront the enemy the way we know best: with Web3 initiatives. So we are pleased to present our collection of NFT  avatars -- CryptoCossacks Club ( ).

165. What are NFTs and Why Should I Care About Them

Understanding NFTs, knowing what they are, what they are used for and how to buy or sell them

166. Soulbound Tokens — the Ultimate Proof of Belonging

Proof of belonging is a commonly used concept in the crypto space and it more or less refers to a method of ascertaining that an individual is a legitimate.....

167. NFT and Offline Businesses

Today offline businesses can use NFT tokens to increase revenue. NFTs are a powerful tool for attracting crypto enthusiasts. Read to know how to use NFTs.

168. These NFTs Might Help Save the Koalas, a Species in Danger

KRebels is the first project to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued through blockchain technology to raise awareness of the dangers inherent in climate change

169. The Next Big Step is Web2 Integration into Web3 Ecosystems

This article talks about Web3, Solana, DAC and NFTs.

170. 10 Reasons Why Marketing Is Important for NFT & Crypto Project Founders

Suvrangsu Das is a Product Marketing Specialist at MediaX. He tells us how founders can effectively market their projects in the crypto space.

171. Post-Acquisition Lessons on Time & Energy Management: What I'd Do Differently as a Repeat Founder

I've often fantasized about time traveling to coach my younger self. This is the advice I'd give myself when I was launching my last startup.

172. How the NFTs and NFT Marketplaces Are Set to Evolve in 2022

NFTs and NFT Markeplaces had a good 2021, generating massive profits and breaking some records. So how will they evolve in 2022? What will change this year?

173. How to Create a Roadmap For an NFT Marketplace Development Project

Success with an NFT development project requires a careful, managed approach similar to any modern software development initiative.

174. Unique Network Plans to Fractionalize Cryptopunk #3042 into 100,000 Pieces

Unique Network purchases cryptopunk to showcase the value of multichain NFTs and fractionalization, with plans to distribute to tens of thousands for free.

175. How to Create and Deploy an NFT Smart Contract on RSK

176. 6 Key Reasons Why Everyone Is Buying NFTs

NFTs have been the talk online for a while, but not everyone understands why anyone would want to purchase digital arts for millions! Learn more from our guide.

177. NFTs Don't Work The Way You Might Think: Misconceptions About NFTs

The thought that NFT is dead to me is a misconception. Let's walk you through 10 misconceptions that I see often.

178. Tran Hung is HackerNoon's Altcoin Champion of 2021

Tran Hung is the CEO of Uquid, He has been named Hackernoon's Altcoin Champion of 2021.

179. How to Create an NFT (Digital Collectible) for Thanking Fans

In this article, we’ll look at a way to bypass this centralized control and connect with fans without an intermediary.

180. The Lay of the Cryptoland - Part II: NFTs, P2E Games, and DeFi

Learn more about the lay of the cryptoland. An introductory post on NFTs, Play-to-earn games, and Decentralized Finance.

181. Super Bad Series - a Bro Story

How two brothers grew a sell out NFT collection on Flare Network

182. SparkWorld* has Launched a "Fair NFT Minting System" That Aims to Replace Whitelists

NFT minting has evolved over time, from first-come, first serve (FCFS), to whitelist spots. Now there is a new protocol based on predictions that avoids it.

183. Startup Interview with Bruce Woodruff, Founder/CEO of NFThub; Daly City, CA

An in-depth interview with the Founder/CEO of a platform aiming to become a core infrastructure component of the one of the fastest growing industries ever.

184. Interview: Growing an Amazon Seller Brand Takes More than Hard Work & an Idea

Interview with AMZSCALE founder on what it takes to win in online retail as an Amazon seller and how to tell if a product will succeed or fail on the platform.

185. Despite Silvergate's Impending Downfall, Bitcoin Remains Resilient

The crypto market is facing yet another potential systemic risk if Silvergate, one of the largest crypto-friendly banks, winds down its operations.

186. Industry-Specific NFTs Will Bring Next-Level Growth

NFTs are quickly breaking out into the real world in surprising ways.

187. NFT Twitter: 16 NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2022

In this article, will discuss on Top NFT Influencers in 2022, The Biggest NFT Influencers to follow in 2022 and Best Top NFT Influencers on Twitter and YouTube.

188. Exclusive Interview: Cosmic Champs Rockets Toward New NFT Drop & Beta Test

Cosmic Champs drops its second round of NFTs in preparation for upcoming Beta.

189. 3 Fan Engagement Platforms to Keep an Eye on

Let's take a look at three innovative fan engagement platforms.

190. Tracking Brands Moving Into Web3, Developments in NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Tracking brands moving into web3, developments in NFTs, and the metaverse.

191. Debunking the Interoperability Myth Powered by NFTs

This piece will critically explore why blockchain does not solve any (so-called) interoperability issues and how NFTs are void of any value in this sense.

192. Interview: Crowdz Is Addressing Liquidity With a New Web3 Receivables Marketplace

Crowdz is addressing liquidity with a new Web3 marketplace for receivables.

193. How an NFT Investor can Survive a Bear Market: Practical Tips

194. A Beginner's Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible Tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, have become the craze of internet users. They are unique, provably scarce, digital assets powered by blockchain te

195. There's More To NFTs Than Just Collectibles and NFTfi

It is important to study the NFT space as a whole when considering investing in or creating new projects.

196. Understanding NFT Royalties: What they are and How they Work

A brief explanation about what NFT royalties are and how creators benefit from them.

197. Unlocking the Value of Digital Media with NFTs

How NFTs can be used in the digital media space.

198. AnRKey X NFT Sales Reach Top 10 in the World on Rarible

Over the last 30 days, AnRKey X’s NFT sales volume was in the top-10 in the entire world on

199. The Future of Remote Work with Web 3

If 2021 was the buzz of Web3, in 2022 we will understand more about the huge impact of emerging technologies on decentralized economy & remote workforce.

200. Financial NFTs: Re-imagining the Traditional Finance Market

Financial NFTs have the potential to reshape and vastly improve the financial landscape. Here we discuss the future of Financial NFTs in DeFi and trade finance.

201. Understand NFTs in 5 Minutes or Less

We have been hearing about NFTs being sold for millions of dollars, but what are NFTs? Are teenagers really making millions from JPEGs or is there more to it?

202. 'Decentralization Means Freedom': Interview with Alfredo de Candia

This interview with Alfred de Candia is part of the HackerNoon decentralized internet series. Alfred is a senior Android developer and CTO of Hoken Tech.

203. The Promising Future of the NFT Marketplace

The future of the NFT marketplace looks bright. The benefits of using non-fungible tokens are becoming more apparent every day.

204. I Bought This Image For $1,500 (and I sold it for +50% in two weeks) Using NFTs

NFTs are the newest hype. Millions of dollars in transactions and to tell you the truth, I love how they disrupted the art gallery space.

205. The Future of Gaming Writing Contest: April 2022 Results Announced!

Here are April's winners of the future of gaming writing contest held by HackerNoon and Meganfans esports. Sign up to win up to $5800 in cash prizes and NFTs.

206. ⚖️ Owning and Minting Music NFTs: Legal Issues to be Considered

The legal context of minting, purchasing, and owning music NFTs.

207. Gamers Hate Gaming NFTs But the Long-Term Impacts are Irresistible

Gamers are right to be wary of NFTs. Let's see what it will take for gamers to embrace in-game NFT items.

208. Diving into NFTs in the Publishing World with Amelia Tomasicchio

In this NFC interview, we spoke with Amelia Tomasicchio, the Co-Founder and Editor Chief at The Cryptonomist. We discussed NFTs and the publishing world.

209. Anybodies Breaks the NFT Mold

Looking for Solana's next top NFT project? The search ends at Anybodies—this is your comprehensive guide.

210. Getting Started in the World of NFT Collectibles

Now that NFTs are back on the rise, many investors are trying to find a way in, but it can be hard to identify value in the enigmatic world of collectibles.

211. Exploring the Alchemy NFT API

It takes a lot of time and labor to go through each NFT smart contract to retrieve data. Different pre-built NFT APIs can be utilized to address this problem.

212. Decentralizing The Future

With mega-corporations dominating the marketplace, can the average person still create an innovative new digital product and compete in this day and age?

213. Top Platforms to Tokenize Your Investment Assets

how tokenization is transforming the entire investment ecosystem including traditional venture investment and start up markets

214. Explore What it Means to Build Online Communities in the Age of Web3

Since the dawn of the internet, people have found groups they can connect and share similar interests.

215. How NFTs Are Being Used in the Sports Industry

A look at how NFTs are being used in the sports industry and why the gaming industry shows that it has the potential to take off as a massive success.

216. NFTs on Bitcoin Are The Next Big Thing In Crypto

NFTs on Bitcoin, powered by Stacks blockchain, Clarity smart contract.

217. Non-Fungible Tokens Are The Future

How NFTs are the changing the game for owning a piece for true art.

218. The NFT Space is Enabling Celebrities to Develop High-Value Digital Representations of their Content

This article talks about how blockchain and NFTs can disrupt the fan engagement economy by personalising engagement by leveraging NFTs.

219. From NFT Colors to NFT Poop: Are We Calling Auto-Generated JPEGs Art?

Despite great enthusiasm, NFTs are neither thought-provoking, complex, nor beautiful. If anything, it's auto-generated pixelated JPEGs and shallow content.

220. What to Expect from NFTs in 2023

2022 is coming to a close, and the new year’s just around the corner now! I personally have lots of predictions for the NFT ecosystem in 2023.

221. NFTs Are More Beneficial to Museums than You Think

How are museums using NFTs, and perhaps just as intriguing, why are they using NFTs?

222. Free Mint Event at Tutti Frutti Women NFT

Grab your free mint spot.

223. NF(royal)Ts: Building NFTs that Pay Creators Forever

Once an NFT leaves the marketplace where it was sold, there are no guarantees that the original creator will ever see another penny again. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

224. Protecting Users and Saving NFTs With 🛅

With solutions like, you can now keep your NFTs safe while still actively using your cold wallet however you like via delegation.

225. How to Become an NFT Artist: a Step-by-step Breakdown of an NFT Plan

Looking to become an NFT artist? Here is how you can become an NFT artist and fulfil your dreams to live a good life!

226. Hackers Are Stealing NFTs, and It’s Not As Easy as You Think

Unfortunately, even though NFTs are relatively new, there’s already been an issue of hackers stealing non-fungible tokens. Here's a closer look.

227. How Biometrics Can Solve the Issues With NFTs

Are there any NFTs drawbacks or pitfalls that need to be looked at and addressed? Can biometrics be the solution to the main NFTs problems?

228. How to Build an NFT Marketplace in 2022

The potential of NFT to upend numerous industries has helped it gain ground swiftly in development.

229. SundayMonday: A Renowned Pixel Artist Talks About His NFT Journey

SundayMonday is a renowned pixel artist who has made a name for himself by selling his art as NFTs on the blockchain.

230. Why the Metaverse Might Not Be Successful

The Metaverse may appear as though it will become a wildly successful project but this may not be the case. The vaunted Metaverse may be unsuccessful.

231. Minting an NFT on the Polygon Network With Truffle and Infura

An in-depth tutorial on how to launch your first NFT on the Polygon Network. From setting up, to deploying and verifying on OpenSea. This covers it all.

232. 5 Best Practices For Artists Creating NFTs

The NFT community is growing stronger and more dynamic by the day. This article covers the top challenges and five best practices using artist data.

233. A Beginner’s Guide to Wrapped NFTs

Crypto market welcomes a new gen of NFTs – wrapped ones, or wNFTs, or NFT 2.0 as I call it. Let’s understand what it is and which potential wNFTs have.

234. Building the Face of Decentralization

ideally, good web3 UX suggests more than design interfaces. Developers and UI designers have to fix this by how we build, interoperability, open-source e.t.c

235. What to Look Out for When Purchasing an NFT

In this article, we'll address the things you need to look out for when investing in NFTs, and how to identify promising projects.

236. A Beginner's Guide to Protecting your NFTs and Other Digital Assets

Crypto security should be a top priority for everyone. In this article, I go over some best practices and securities tips so you can keep your assets secure.

237. The Creator Economy is Booming Thanks to Creator Coins

All you need to know about the crypto-charged creator economy.

238. Moving Beyond OpenSea

A look into some of the issues with OpenSea, and some of the disruptors out there providing solutions

239. Ownership, Authenticity and Cloning of NFTs for the Greater Good

Let's demonstrate some issues NFTs have by cloning them!

240. Some NFT Projects Have Weathered the Storm but the Majority Failed

There have been poor outputs from much-hyped projects. Thankfully their day in the sun is over, making space for projects with tangible and intrinsic value.

241. Sort & Narrow Upcoming NFT Drops with Data: How I Developed NFT Sorter

A story of how I created NFT Sorter, a tool that lists over 150+ projects sorted by Twitter followers, number of tweets, average likes, replies, and retweets.

242. Why the Metaverse is so Attractive?

Some outstanding features of the Metaverse

243. Celo’s Entire NFT Ecosystem is Now Open to Developers

We at Tatum have been big fans of Celo for a while now. What’s not to love? Blazing fast transaction times, minimal gas fees, full EVM compatibility...

244. Incorporating On-Chain Analytics into your Digital Asset Investing Strategy

What is on-chain analysis and why is it important to consider when making cryptocurrency investment decisions?

245. Weekly Web3 Tracker: Virtual Bands, Web3 FIFA Games, and More

Monitoring recognizable brands as they move into web3

246. The Noonification: Teaching Your Character to Run in Flame (2/28/2023)

2/28/2023: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

247. Colorectal Cancer: What You Need to Know

Colorectal cancer — not exactly the most hilarious topic. But sometimes, a little humor can make a serious issue more approachable. So, let’s talk about colorec

248. 🎮 NFTs are Coming to Instagram

249. The Noonification: Tech Giants Give Longtime Employees a Massive FU (1/25/2023)

1/25/2023: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

250. The Resurgence of Pudgy

Pudgy Penguin has skyrocketed in the last couple of weeks. Where has this come from? Is it here to stay? My personal experience with Pudgy and more.

251. How Turkey is Trailblazing NFT Education and Regulation

In 2019, popular Ankara University in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara organized the inaugural lecture on NFTs education.

252. NFTs and The Metaverse, The Next Big Step For Art and Culture

Have you ever held onto an event ticket from a memorable night?

253. Why Metaverse is the Digital Creative Renaissance

We are here to make a guide on ten opportunities for creators in the upcoming Metaverse and discover what are Web 3.0, MetaFi and Create2Earn.

254. How NFTs Are Bringing the Cannabis Industry Together

Cannabis brands are especially able to benefit from the unique relationships NFTs create.

255. A Beginner's Guide to Creating an NFT

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to create an NFT as a beginner.

256. Enabling Smart Communication for IoT Devices With Smart Contracts and NFTs

Smart Contracts and NFTs can allow IoT devices to negotiate prices and transact with eachother.

257. NFT Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Here are some NFT gift ideas for your loved one: an inexpensive NFT to get them started, a little bit of ETH, and more!

258. NFT Royalties Take a Halt - What's Next for Creators?

Seeing that royalty fees are one of the unbeatable value propositions of NFTs, the question of what next rings constantly in the hearts of creators and artists.

259. How AI, VR, And DLT Can Clean Up The Adult Entertainment Industry

Although it is one of the largest industries in the world, there are many pitfalls to working in the adult content industry. Crypto and NFTs will change that.

260. The Real Utility Behind NFTs - Interoperability, Privacy and Efficiency

NFTs might be infamous for being a platform where rich people buy monkey pictures but they have utility far beyond that thanks to their interoperability.

261. TURN Time Into Value

Web3 projects can now leverage TURN tokens – a new open marketplace for buyers and sellers of Diligence smart contract security auditing.

262. Alibaba’s Metaverse Art Exhibition is a Great Snapshot of China’s Current NFT Landscape

This confusing exhibition provides a stellar and pretty comprehensive snapshot of China’s NFT landscape from a number of angles

263. Blockchain's Bright Future

Explaining blockchain technology and smart contracts.

264. Top 5 Interesting Projects on the Metaverse in 2022

Currently, Metaverse is a term that is no longer strange in the technology world. It gives the technology world incredible numbers.

265. The 5 Best Software for Creating NFT Art

Some software tools are listed here with subscription details. Their pros and cons are also mentioned to help you decide on the best one to create your NFT art.

266. Predictions for the Art NFT Market

Taking a look at current trends, this piece looks into the future of the NFT market.

267. Collider Craftworks Takes Aim at Creating a True Intersection of Gaming and NFTs with Cypher

Collider Craftworks seeks to put their tools, experience, and expertise together into the “metaverse," with their first NFT collection, called Cypher.

268. Brands in Web3: Metaverse Fashion Week Agenda, Why Porsche Could Do Better With NFTS, and More

Brands entering web3. Adidas, Burberry, Balenciaga in metaverse. Virtual influencers.

269. You Don't Need to Spend a Fortune to Gift Someone an NFT — 5 Options to Look Into 🎁

Let’s walk through a handful of cool gift ideas you can consider for NFTs currently priced around 0.01Ξ (~$12 USD) each!

270. Honoring Warriors, Empowering Artists, and Raising Cancer Awareness

Looking for a unique NFT collection that supports a great cause? Look no further than Tutti Frutti Women!

271. The Sango Project: The Web3 Hope of Central Africa

Central Africa Republic pioneering Web3 technology. They are relying on the Sango Project which uses blockchain tech, cryptocurrency (bitcoin), metaverse tech.

272. Understanding NFTs: A Look at the NFT Ecosystem in 2022

Let's look at what NFTs are, why they are traded, and also get a basic understanding of the NFT market and why it is so notoriously volatile for traders.

273. Interesting Developments To Know About in The Sports Industry for 2022

The sports industry has seen NFTs become increasingly popular as fans pick up sports club tokens and related NFTs to show their support for their teams.

274. Commercial and Business Opportunities for Artists in Web3

Artistic autonomy has probably been a fraught issue since the dawn of time.

275. How Weedbits is Bringing 420 Culture to the Metaverse

276. In-Game Asset Trading on the Blockchain

Hosting in-game assets on the blockchain would open countless doors in the world of video game asset trading and ownership. It's not a matter of if, but when.

277. NFTs in the Metaverse–Good or Bad?

NFTs are important for the future of the metaverse. They have the ability to revolutionize the metaverse now and in the future, when they are fully utilized.

278. How Museums are Using NFTs to Monetize and Preserve Art

As more and more artists and collectors turn to NFTs - museums are starting to take notice.

279. Building for Inclusivity: Deconstructing Metaverse Barriers

Joining the Metaverse isn't so easy, as this striped red fox recently discovered. So how do we embed inclusivity into its foundation for an equitable future?

280. What You Should Know About NFTs, Gaming, and Innovations in 2023

Learn about the exciting developments in NFTs, gaming, and DeFi protocols, including the overlap between them, and innovations expected in 2023.

281. 'Contemporaries Are Always Good for the Industry': Vijay Pravin, CEO of BitsCrunch

Vijay, Founder & CEO of bitsCrunch talks about the importance of securing the NFT ecosystem.

282. PoW-Based NFTs in 2021: A Comparison

There are three currently known PoW based NFTs for readers to compare and consider which would be the next hotspot and opportunity in the NFT market.

283. 4 Fascinating NFT Utilities You Didn't Know About

As the NFT space continues to grow, we'll continue to see more unique utilities for projects that utilize the technology such as credit cards and schools.

284. NFTs: The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Blockchain Gaming

NFTs can revolutionize the gaming industry by allowing users to own their digital assets via the blockchain.

285. A Whole New Digital World: Are Museums Dead?

It allows art museums to thrive amidst the uncertainty of a digital future by embracing the technology changing it.

286. To Dox or Not Dox: Is Anonymity in Crypto a Farce?

Crypto enthusiasts attribute different meanings to decentralization and anonymity. This article examines these two pillars and the various arguments around them

287. A Guide That Will Help You Find the Right NFTs

Here’s a collection of the top practices to consider while buying an ideal NFT.

288. Hackernoon Editors Gave A Voice To My Writing - Noonies Interview with Samiran Mondal

Hackernoon editors gave importance to my writing skills and today, I am doing this Interview

289. The Doge of NFTs, Pudgy Penguins, Fetches Over $125,000 in Sotheby's Sale 

Dogecoin has been disrupting the cryptocurrency space for a long time. Now the NFT space has its own Dogecoin...

290. Exploring Some of Web3's Flawed Business Models

Web3 has become a popular buzzword nowadays, which has shown promise but has yet to deliver value at scale.

291. The Self-Custody Trait of NFT Maximalists

NFT Boom - A New Wave of settlers Making Their Way Around the Onchain Frontier.

292. Why Owning LAND on The Sandbox Could Make You Rich

Why are so many people buying digital real estate on The Sandbox and how is it going to make them rich? This article explains why you should join them today!

293. Virtual Land Values Heading for Stratospheric Prices in 2021

For early investors, virtual land appreciation has been beyond reality, doubling their money in a few months.

294. A Beginners Guide to NFTs for Digital Asset Authentication

Since it is so easy to counterfeit papers and information on the internet, having a unique and secure certificate of authenticity is incredibly valuable

295. What The Future Holds for NFT Lending — Making The Case for Fast Loans and Pool Lending

What The Future Holds for NFT Lending. Making The Case for Fast Loans and Pool Lending

296. How to Make an NFT in 15 Lines of Code

How to create an NFT in 15 Lines of Code and what will NFT stand in 2022 if you will invest your time in NFTs?

297. The Power of NFTs: Art, Function, and Ownership

What is the deal with NFTs anyway?

298. Decentral Games Emerges As The Front-Runner In The Growing Play-To-Earn Model Revolution

Decentral Games Emerges As The Front-Runner In The Growing Play-To-Earn Model Revolution

299. 7 Artists That Had Their Lives Changed By Selling NFT Art

NFTs as a technology bridge the opportunity gap and levels the playing field between artists worldwide. Meet 7 artists who's lives changed thanks to NFTs 👀

300. The Three Most Important Metaverse Launch Features

What does it take to successfully launch a metaverse platform? These three keys to success set the stage for long-term prosperity in Web3.

301. I Founded a Successful Fintech Company at 16 - with Noonies Nominee Arian Adeli

At 16 years-old, I founded my first company, Rivo Trading, a FinTech startup which has been nominated for the Best Trading Technology in 2020 and 2021.

302. Understanding Token Standards in Ethereum (ERC1155)

Multi-Token Standard (ERC1155) was introduced in 2018 by Enjin.

303. The Only 7 Strategies You Need to Promote Your NFT Project for Free

Promoting NFT projects for free is a combination of common sense and effective marketing strategies, which when put together can offer more than exposure.

304. Explaining NFTs and the Best Marketplace to Buy Them

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the fastest-growing assets in the crypto industry. NFTs are unique and non-interchangeable units of data. In this article,

305. The Collector's Guide to Avoid Insidious NFT Scams

Even the savviest people can be scammed. Learn the anatomy of an NFT scam and how you can protect yourself and the community from scams and scammers.

306. A Brief Intro to NFT Marketplaces

In this article you will gain some insights about NFT Marketplaces on different chains.

307. Decentralized Finance & Risk-managed Yield Portfolios: An Overview

An examination of developments in the cryptosphere in 2022

308. The Walking Dead Shuffles its Way Into The Metaverse

Skybound Entertainment has partnered with The Sandbox to bring The Walking Dead to world of metaverse gaming. Will you survive? Bonus: Read for a free NFT!

309. What You Should Know About Investing in Digital Real Estate

What is digital real estate, and should I invest in this digital asset? Where the market is going, and why it's worth getting in the game early!

310. Top 5 Solana NFT Marketplaces in 2022

The 5 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces for a variety of applications.

311. NFT Utility is Waiting to be Unlocked

NFT utility is waiting to be unlocked! All hail the new 'Input Economy' -

312. The Biggest Crypto Opportunities: How to Make Crypto Great Again

How to maximize upside in the next market cycle - take advantage of these 5 burgeoning trends.

313. Making a Difference in the Web3 and NFT Space

The combination of unique and meaningful art, charitable focus, community involvement, and creative endeavors makes the Tutti Frutti Women NFT project stand ou

314. What is Online Trading?

Online trading comes with a number of risks, so it's important to understand what you're getting into before placing any trades.

315. Building a Sustainable and Value-driven Crypto Ecosystem

Short dive into what must be done for crypto so survive.

316. The 4 Building Blocks Of NFT Value

With a market cap of $43bn & a trading volume of $3.6bn as of last month, the NFT craze has hit an all–time high. But what really gives value to NFTs?

317. How to Avoid NFT Scams in 2022

We are writing this article because we believe that NFTs are the future, and despite the growing number of scammers, you shouldn't be afraid of NFT investment.

318. The Metaverse - Opportunities and Challenges

The Metaverse's opportunities and challenges - what we need to do to keep up with this rapidly evolving part of the future before it leaves us behind.

319. Understanding the Tax Implications of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

One of the most confusing things for new blockchain investors is knowing when you actually owe taxes on your cryptocurrency and NFTs

320. 🎮 What We Learned About Blockchain Gaming in Q3 👀

Our friends at Naavik released a report on the state of blockchain gaming in collaboration with Coinmarketcap.

321. Everything You Need to Know About ERC721 Tokens


322. Will Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) Become a Trendsetter in the Industry?

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) are a special type of crypto token backed by an asset. They are non-interchanged with each other and are non-divisible.

323. MojitoNFT Market: An Aggregated Marketplace Launched on KCC

MojitoNFT Market announced that it has been successfully deployed on KCC (KuCoin Community Chain).

324. 4 Technology Developments for the End of 2022 and Christmas

A look at four technology developments for the end of 2022 and Christmas.

325. Why Games Will Be the Breakthrough Product for Mass Adoption of Crypto

In this piece I put forward the argument that gaming will be the lynchpin that'll drive crypto adoption

326. New Forms of Entertainment: How NFTs Are Changing the Industry

A new form of entertainment has been on the rise - digital assets known as NFTs. Here, we explore what NFTs are and their use in gaming and music.

327. Impress Your Friends with these 30 NFT and Web3 Acronyms

An easy-to-read introduction to the major terms and concepts of web3 and NFTs

328. 5 Most Popular NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell NFTs

In this article you will find best Best NFT Marketplaces and Top NFT Marketplaces in 2022 and Top NFT Platforms to Buy and Sell NFTs.

329. The Future of Digital Ownership: NFTs and Virtual Reality

The CEO of Koinos Group interviews Tim Copeland, a journalist at Decrypt where their mission is to demystify the decentralized web

330. Entropia Universe Collectibles Feature in Prelaunch for Enjin’s NFT Marketplace

Enjin, the leading ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has teamed up with MindArk to launch the “Eggs of Entropia

331. Here's How to Build a Decentralized Internet

The philosophy of how to build a fully decentralized internet. Web3.0 needs interoperability, open source and better economic designs to succeed Web2.0

332. The Future’s Tokenized (and it’s Bright!)

NFTs (and crypto in general) have been battling some major headwinds recently, but when the storm's passed what awaits is a blue ocean of opportunity!

333. As the Pandemic Rages, Lifecycle Events Must Go On… in the Metaverse

The COVID-19 zeitgeist seems to be moving away from masks and restrictions, as many U.S. states lift mask mandates and ease restrictions.

334. NFTs Are Gaining Traction With Communities That Crypto Couldn't Reach

For many, cryptocurrency represents just another economics class. Regardless of how powerful and transformative it may be, money isn’t always very exciting.

335. How NFTs Are Overhauling the Creator Economy

Creators generate an enormous volume of content. Here, I discuss the detrimental effects of centralization and how an NFT-enabled creator economy can help.

336. Launching an NFT Collection For Free

This article explains how to launch a NFT collection for free. Learn how to promote and launch a NFT collection without having to spend any money.

337. The New Concept of Move-to-Earn Games

Game developers decided to return people's motivation to sports. This article is about StepN and other move-2-earn projects where users get tokens for a run.

338. Pets and the Metaverse [Infographic]

A look at how pets are standing out in the metaverse.

339. Taking a Sneak Peak at NFT Aggregator Blur 🚅

Blur is an NFT marketplace built in an effort to be the “best NFT Marketplace for pro traders”

340. Entering the Digital Frontier: 3 Gaming and Social Trends Defining the Metaverse

3 Gaming and Social Trends Shaping up the Metaverse: Digital ownership and content creation, NFT gaming and DAOs

341. Decoding the Popularity of NFT Trading Cards in Recent Times

An NFT trading card is a digital trading card that exists on the Blockchain. Thanks to blockchain technology, anyone can verify the authenticity and ownership o

342. ApeCoin And A Crypto Ecosystem

This week on HackerNoon’s Stories of the Week, we looked at ApeCoin and the Bored Ape Yacht Club after a surprise performance at MTV from Snoop Dogg and Eminem

343. The Koinos Co-Founder Discusses The Inconvenient Truth of NFTs

Blockchain architect and co-founder of Koinos Group reveals the "dirty secret" of NFTs.

344. How to Richly Preprocess your IPFS NFT Images and Metadata

The first step you’ll take to building an NFT minting Dapp is to prepare the artwork. Without the artwork, you can’t have your NFT project actualized.

345. Farm Animal NFTs are Selling for an Average Price of 1,880 USD

NFTs and Blockchain Gaming brings the fastest Global Adoption in the crypto sphere today.

346. Creating a Low-Poly FPS Game to Showcase Our NFT Collection

As part of QUDO’s interoperable NFTs development, we decided to create our own game as a case study and to encourage other developers to create their own as well, in order to showcase our first category of interoperable gaming NFTs — Guns.

347. 5 NFT Security Tips for Pro Collectors and The Rest of Us

In this article, I'll go over five NFT security tips to ensure the safety of your digital assets.

348. OpenSea to adapt Solana - Success of OpenSea and NFT

OpenSea standout alone with its performance and updated techs in its platform in that way now OpeSea again comes up with new multi-chain concept with Solana

349. The Best PixelArt Software and NFT Projects to Follow in 2023

Today, there is nostalgia for pixel art. The creativity of the 90s is returning to the modern world as a fashion item to stand out and offer a unique product.

350. All You Need to Know About the Real Estate Token Market

here is how tokenization is being used to address the inefficiencies in the traditional real estate market.

351. How to Explain NFTs to People Who Think They're Just JPEGs

No, NFTs are not just JPEGs, and no, you do not need to justify collecting them. Here's how to explain it.

352. Solana, NFTs, Gamer Economics, and a Glorious Rant

It's time to quit your day job and start selling $5 NFTs. Kidding, not kidding.

353. Fractional NFTs - What they are and How they work

NFTs can be expensive to own which makes fractionalizing NFTs a solution to people who want to buy into the market but can't afford the cost of a full NFT

354. Why Should You Want NFTs in Gaming Even If You Don't Play?

NFTs claim to bring positive change to the games industry because of their links to the blockchain and their decentralised design being wildly different.

355. How Will Travel Be Affected by the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a hot topic that has been discussed extensively. Here's a personal view of the travel industry in the future of the Metaverse.

356. NFTs Are Bigger Than The Sum Of Their Individual Parts

There has been an explosion of interest surrounding NFTs in the past few months. Whether it’s Nyan Cat (you know, that cat gif from a decade ago) being sold, or Grimes selling $6 million dollars’ worth of digital art earlier this year, the mainstream has woken up to NFTs. Although many won’t be fully conscious of what they are, this increase in awareness looks like a good thing for this asset class.

357. The Punk Who Could Control the Global NFT Block

Should you invest in Crypto Punks or Substrate Punks? This article discusses the rise of Cross-Chain NFT Marketplaces.

358. Non-fungible Sentiment: Exploring the Value of NFTs

NFTs designed and run by real world crypto women are setting the bar high for digital art and the diverse use cases for identity-driven PFPs.

[359. Guiding to the NFT Marketplace -

A Unique Business Module]( A complete guide in developing an NFT marketplace. Create your own NFT Marketplace easily.

360. This App Measures the Value of an NFT Based on its Environmental Impact

I built an app that measures the value of an NFT based on its environmental impact, rather than its artistic value.

361. How Will We Decorate Our Virtual Homes in the Metaverse?

How will we decorate our homes in the metaverse? Our virtual homes have endless potential.

362. Easy Way to Find Your NFT’s Metadata

With the use of blockchain explorer or by retrieving it from the smart contracts that manage them, you may locate the metadata for your NFTs.

363. Understanding Token Standards in Ethereum (ERC20)

You can find partially explained material for ERC token standards, but I have come up with these articles to explain about three major token standards.

364. Are NFTs Real Art? Four Artists, One Question

I discuss the nature of NFT art with artist and supermodel, Sasha Pivovarova, and world-renowned artists Emmanuel Flipo, Igor Vishnyakov, and Artem Mirolevich.

365. The Basics of NFTs [Infographic]

NFTs are certificates of ownership on digital collectibles, including but not limited to digital artwork.

366. Minecraft Chooses Classic Gaming Over NFT Hype

Minecraft released a statement on its website emphasizing its lack of interest in integrating any form of NFTs into its games.

367. How Digital Democracy Empowers Today's Creators Economy

As technology advances and becomes more accessible to the masses, it must be used to get voices heard while improving governance.

368. Diving into the Legal Issues of NFTs in FoodTech

The implementation of NFT leads not only to the improvement of operations and brand image but also causes some legal issues which are worth knowing about.

369. What Happens When Web3 Meets the Sports Industry?

When the sports industry gets together with Web3, what kind of things can we expect to happen?

370. Invest With Purpose: Interview with Arian Adeli, CEO at Rivo Trading

Uppermost on my mind is launching an investment platform that I believe will revolutionize how people invest their capital.

371. The Meta-Morphosis of NFTs: What's Next for the Metaverse?

Do you have NFTs? Now is the time to use them in the metaverse!

372. Art (R)evolution: NFTastic art

Some cool artworks that recreate new vision of art.

373. How the Metaverse Has the Potential to Bring About the Mass Adoption of Crypto Currencies

If the metaverse becomes a place where we spend most of our time, one area I expect to see a huge impact is in our use of digital currencies.

374. Non Fungible Token (NFT) Standards: An Overview

Learning about Non Fungible Token standards will help users better understand the nuances of each type of NFT and the blockchain protocols they are built on.

375. Most focused top 3 NFT projects - Why - “Utility as an in-game avatar to DeFi”

Since the start of the pandemic, people have embraced virtual lives. Video games have been major beneficiaries of this shift, particularly online games where people visit to spend time and have fun. These games, many of which are free to play, make money by enabling players to purchase extra in-game virtual assets such as “skins” (costumes for their avatar) or upgrade specific powers or experiences.

376. 5 NFT-Based Marketplaces to Follow in 2022

NFTs are reshaping the relationship between artists and their followers. It's possible to own music, video, and other digital assets by purchasing an NFT.

377. Artist to Create Van Gogh Meets Satoshi Nakamoto NFT Collection

Alireza Karimi Moghaddam partnered with blockchain’s Yacooba startup to create an astonishing and exclusive 12 NFT collection.

378. In Search of Big Yaks: A Metaverse Sit Down With the Creator of Axie Infinity's Hottest Social Club

It’s a brutal NFT winter, but you wouldn’t know it from the lit discord of Axie Infinity’s first social club. Today, we sit with BYAC founder Zakariah Wain.

379. 5 Key Ingredients for Successful NFT Game Launches

how to successfully launch an nft game

380. How Does Polygon Help Ethereum Scale?

Learn all about the Polygon Proof of Stake sidechain and how it helps Ethereum scale. Then compare Polygon to Ethereum by quickly launching an NFT project.

381. Medusa Collection NFTs set its Gaze on Raising Money for TeachRock

Medusa Collection NFTs seek to correct the record concerning this misunderstood mythical character and raise money for alternative education.

382. Introducing Pepemon: Degen Battleground

Pepemon started as an experiment between developers and graphic designers. But it quickly evolved into one of the most under-the-radar projects in the space.

383. Why NFT Creative Studios like Cultivate Are a Safer Bet