Top 22 NFT Podcasts For NFT Novices & Masterminds This Nifty 2022by@alyzesam
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Top 22 NFT Podcasts For NFT Novices & Masterminds This Nifty 2022

by Alyze Sam, #WomenInBlockchainFebruary 25th, 2022
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Podcast listening provides an authentic data source from typically unscripted '*everyday people'* that discuss virtually any topic. This type of informal education has caught on with many lifelong learners to expand their minds, give them cultural insight, and gain insider views of specific industries. There is not a considerable amount of education out there as a new technology, so where do we turn? Below are 22 podcasts that do a superb job of keeping listeners updated on the NFT ecosystem. The Zima Red explores virtual worlds, digital assets, and all things NFT related. The Not Another Bitcoin podcast is a live chat stream that airs every day at noon EST.

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Some of the best love casual feasts of knowledge. Podcast listening provides an authentic data source from typically unscripted 'everyday people' that discuss virtually any topic.

This type of informal education has caught on with many lifelong learners to expand their minds, give them cultural insight, and gain insider views of specific industries. when a hot new topic arises (or an old one is rediscovered), a podcast is bound to follow!

On that note: We know you’re curious to learn more about NFTs. 2021 was a HUGE BOOM of nothing but ‘NFT this' and NFT that'- but as a new technology, there is not a considerable amount of education out there - so where do we turn?

Below are 22 podcasts that do a superb job of keeping listeners updated on the NFT ecosystem.

  1. The Nifty Show

The hosts of The Bad Crypto Podcast created the first NFT podcast. They are two of the best friends in the blockchain community. Joel Comm is a blockchain enthusiast and best-selling author, and Travis Wright is a blockchain co-founder, advisor, and marketing technologist. They discuss the latest NFT case studies and resources. Joel Comm and his son, Zach Comm, are currently hosting The Nifty Show, while Travis Wright is starting ‘The Epic Shit Show’ podcast, where he will continue to cover NFT technology. Source.

The NFT Podcast Godfathers and Blockchain Bad Asses- Joel & Travis

  1. PROOF

Host Kevin Rose is among the top 25 most influential people on the internet. Rose is a tech venture capitalist and a serial entrepreneur. Time Magazine named Rose a top 25 angel investor. PROOF covers the new tools of NFT gaming/metaverse, NFT artists, and generative NFTs. This knowledge-rich podcast is a must-listen podcast for anyone into NFTs. Source.

Kevin Rose is kind of awesome and beautiful. This branding is so lovely. It makes me want to get my nails done.

  1. Zima Red

The Zima Red podcast is hosted by Andrew Steinwold, a managing partner at Stermion, a company focused on expediting the emergence of the metaverse. To enhance the development of the NFT metaverse, Stermion has raised $100 million. The Zima Red explores virtual worlds, digital assets, and all things NFT related. Source.

STOP! This is a Powerful Podcast! Listen Now!

  1. Not Another Bitcoin Podcast

The Not Another Bitcoin podcast host, Kenn Bosak, is a renowned name in the NFT and crypto world. This podcast is a live chat stream that airs every day at noon EST. With guests from all over the crypto space, including founders and developers, it provides ample information about the Crypto world. Source.

Warning: Viewers may get a contact high and learn A LOT from watching Kenny's show.

  1. Edge of NFT

This podcast hosted by Jeff Kelley, Ethan Janney, and Joshua Kriger explores the nuts and bolts of NFTs. It provides its audience with the top 1% of information about everything happening in the NFT world. The combined experience of the hosts in arts, entrepreneurship, and music makes it an especially entertaining podcast. Source.

Also, these guys know how to party. Josh Kriger was a blast in NY at NFT.NYC! <3!

  1. NonFunGerbills

George and Luke host this weekly podcast about decentralization and NFT assets. To let their audience get involved the hosts give them NonFunGerbil tokens. In their podcast, they talk about how to monetize content and the future of NFTs. Source.

omg. the little gerbils have Eth and Btc shirts. How do I get my cat one!? Are you really a fan of DeFi if your pets don't have shirts and don't help you with your podcast? NO! NonFunGerbils knows WHATSUP! Listen now!

  1. That's Nifty

That's Nifty is hosted by Tommy Noble, Slimesunday, and Kitschy Kitch, who are NFT artists and collectors. This podcast is focused on NFT art and is the one to listen to if you are interested in knowing what is going on inside the NFT art space. Source.

This is totally Nifty, spiffy & trippy- In fact, I'm not really sure why both faces aren't smiling- all their listeners are.

  1. NFT Now

Nft Now is hosted by Alejandro Navia, Matt Medved, and Sam Hysell. This Wednesday weekly podcast covers NFT curation, analysis, and news. NFT news fosters the NFT community, showcases the trailblazers, and tells actionable strategies to empower the creators. Source.

They have a fancy accent on the 'n' so you know this is classy stuff right here! <3

  1. The Mint Condition

The Mint Condition is a weekly podcast hosted by Chamber and Dez, or "KRHFT" and "Bunchu Eth." The hosts in the podcasts discuss digital collectibles, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. This show is powered by dGEN, a community network founded by Chamber and Bunchu for cryptocurrency and NFTs. The mint condition podcast discusses NFT-specific topics by inviting notable NFT artists. The in-depth interview mode of these interviews covers discussions on NFT flipping, NFT launches overall market reviews, collectible markets, and the tools that can help the creators launch new NFT projects. Source.

Bonus POINTS: /methinks This branding looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream, FTW!!!!  Eat this show up! <3

  1. Girl Gone Crypto

Lea Thompson hosts Girl Gone Crypto, a fantastic and fun source of information on crypto, Blockchain, and NFTs. It includes discussions with Crypto-experts on emerging trends that simultaneously educate and entertain its audience. Source.

Lea Thompson is my WCW every day. She's literally the nicest girl you'll meet. Super fun, smart and amazing.

  1. Tokel Talk

Tokel Talk features dedicated discussions on token and NFT platforms. This podcast provides terrific solutions to NFT creators and information on upcoming projects. Source.

Tokel Talk is out of this world amaze-balls. Check it out.

  1. Project LB52 Podcast

Join host Dan The Lost Boy at the new Project LB52 Podcast, a community for NFT and music lovers, as Dan shares the process of producing his first Custom Song NFT project. Each episode contains information about the Project LB52 NFT. This show is for those desiring to learn more about NFTs or Project LB52. Source.

They claim to be space monkeys... You'll have to see for yourself if you want to argue Dan The Lost Boy- but don't his tunes are rad!

  1. The Matthew and Rizzle Show

Matthew and Rizzle host the Matthew and Rizzle show; Mathew is the creator at TheWIPmeetup.eth and Rizzle is the co-founder at the nft42. With an interview format, the podcast covers NFT artists, creators, and outstanding projects in the space. Source.

Yes, the show is as cute as their logo. Go hear for yourself. It sounds like nft puppies and rays of nifty sunshine over there.

  1. Delphi Digital

The Delphi Digital podcast discusses finance and investment in the NFT world with a team of dedicated finance experts. The 60 minutes long engaging and informative episodes of Delphi Digital provide a sound financial analysis to NFT matters.

Delphi Digital must be your top pick to bring value to your crypto and NFTs, as they discuss relevant content on four different topics, including the metaverse, NFT gaming, opinions of collectors, and fractionation of NFTs. Depending on your interest, you can listen to whatever pertinent subjects that you want. Source.

Darkness, Charlie Murphy! - and a freaking awesome show you shouldn't miss!

  1. Digitally Rare

Digitally Rare, started in 2018 by Jonathan Maan and Matt Condon, talks about NFTs and Blockchain in a very casual and informative way. Matt Condon works on the project of thermanymatts while Jonathan has a mission to write a song every day for 1000 days. He sells these songs as NFTs. Source.

a 2018 podcast with the 1980's graphics to prove it, these OG's are definitely in the know, and checking out their show will help your knowledge base on digital collectibles, too!

  1. NorCal and Shill

NorcalGuy hosts the new podcast Norcal and Shill. This interview-style podcast hosts crypto talk about the NFT and crypto journey of those artists in a very casual and entertaining way. Its host NorcalGuy is an NFT genesis art collector. Source.

I want to NorCal and Shill with NorCalGuy he's super cool- I've been a SoCal girl for so long- it's time for a change! Check him out for chill-laxed education.

  1. NFTs 4 Newbies

Rich Cardona and Heather Paraday host the NFTs 4 Newbies podcast. Rich Cardona is a media organization owner and is counted among the top 100 podcasters. He, combined with Heather Paraday, has hosted more than 1000 podcast episodes on entrepreneurship, leadership, and mental health.

As its name indicates, "NFT for newbies" is the perfect choice for anyone new to NFTs and desiring to explore this exciting realm. Moreover, its 15-minute duration makes it easy to consume and digest. Source.

Well, isn't this just perfect!? 15 min of education- check. comic branding- check. Podcast experts DOUBLE CHECK WTH are you waiting for!? Hop over there, newbs- you're loved in Nifty Land and here's the support you need!

  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as GaryVee, hosts "The GaryVee Audio Experience," which does not need an introduction as its name is enough. Garyvee, its host, is an investor, public speaker, CEO, entrepreneur, and vlogger.

Though it is not dedicated exclusively to NFTs, we can not ignore it while discussing NFT podcasts because of the in-depth knowledge that GaryVee shares. This podcast is a mixture that contains segments from WEEKLYVEE videos, business and marketing insights, episodes, and fireside chats. Source.

Who doesn't love Gary V!?

  1. NFTs on FIRE

NFTs on Fire is the NFT podcast hosted by John Jee Dumas, where he shares what is hot and what is not and provides a custom rating on the upcoming NFT projects. Hence, it is indispensable for listening and learning about trends in the NFT marketplace. Source.

NFTs may be on fire, but this show is also pretty lit! 🔥

  1. NFT 365: The 1st Daily Podcast Buying an NFT Mint Every Day

Brian Fanzo hosts the NFT 365. It is powered by $ADHD coins that include the breaking news, upcoming projects, educational episodes, and emerging trends and interviews of NFT experts. The NFT 365 helps its listeners reimagine the future with expert talks on web3, Blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrency, creator economy, and Blockchain. Source.

Retro meets NFTs- and ADHD- I wouldn't miss this!

  1. NFT Catcher Podcast

Hosted by Michael Keen and Jennifer Sutton, the NFT Catcher podcast provides ample information on everything in the NFT world, the recent NFT launches, and the digital collectibles they are personally buying. Source.

Who's the catcher?! Who's the pitcher!? Listen to see what Mike and Jenn are buying while you laugh and learn :)

  1. Shot2The Moon

Shot 2 the Moon is the discussion-based podcast hosted by Sean Pfeiffer and "Von" Steven Schill. Sean Pfeiffer is always excited to explore the NFT world, as one of the top 500 collectors in the world. He also worked in many media companies and has ample NFT experience. Von is an entertainer, content creator, and broadcaster who loves engaging in NFTs, metaverse, and crypto-projects.

Both knowledgeable hosts discuss upcoming launches, the latest information developments, and their recent acquisitions. Additionally, they recently launched their NFT collection, so they also discuss the progress of their collection. Source.

Elon Musk- This is the way to the MOON! RIGHT HERE! Listen now!


Podcasts can be excellent sources of information to keep up to date with what is happening in the NFT space. The podcasts above are the best programs you can follow now, whether you are a newbie looking to get a grip on things or an expert wanting to remain on top of the latest trends and developments. You should not neglect the freely offered information that top podcasts provide, as they assist in conferring the knowledge needed to seamlessly navigate the NFT metaverse.


Alyze Sam is a refreshing blockchain strategist, a novel educator, multi-award-winning author, serial co-founder, and a vehemently driven advocate. Sam wrote the first crypto dictionary and published the first books on stablecoins. Don Tapscott published her book 'Stablecoin Economy' at The Blockchain Research Institute in January 2021. Sam's newest book, 'Stablecoin Evolution' is currently the number one new release on Amazon in Computers & Technology. The Bad Crypto Podcast developed a Blockchain Hero NFT inspired by her work: Mz. Stability. After nearly losing her life a few times, Sam is a retired nurse and owns Tech & Authors__ with her best friends and soulmates, where they spend their days being grateful as they joyfully produce unbiased poetic technical education.


Ms. Fizza Saleem is an M.Phil Scholar in digital media. In three short years as a professional writer, Saleem's unique content fills the internet with hundreds of thousands of intelligent and intentional observations. Saleem is also a social media manager, an academic researcher, and a reliable support system to her big beautiful family. Saleem enjoys modest hobbies of novel reading and learning through films in her spare time.

Reach out to Saleem here:  [email protected]