How NFTs Are Bringing the Cannabis Industry Togetherby@theprgenius
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How NFTs Are Bringing the Cannabis Industry Together

by PR Genius August 17th, 2022
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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been rapidly growing in popularity since March 2021 when an NFT artwork sold for a whopping $69 million. Major companies like Clinique, Coca-Cola, and Taco Bell have taken notice of NFTs and have even begun producing their own.

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been rapidly growing in popularity since March 2021 when an NFT artwork sold for a whopping $69 million. The transaction caught the attention of people worldwide, which prompted an effort to want to learn as much as possible about the tokens.

Additionally, as marketing campaigns have begun focusing primarily on customer engagement and the user experience, they see the value that NFTs can bring to the table. Major companies like Clinique, Coca-Cola, and Taco Bell have taken notice of NFTs and have even begun producing their own.

From the consumer perspective, NFTs have become much more than cool-looking images; they provide an immutable way to prove ownership. Even further, the digital assets allow users to support new projects and products by providing a unique way to showcase brands.

By utilising NFTs, brands are able to provide one-of-a-kind experiences to their early supporters and communities through offerings like special perks, holder rewards, and more.

Cannabis brands are especially able to benefit from the unique relationships NFTs create. These brands can utilise their communities for product development and can even provide selective access to unique experiences directly to their most supportive community members.

Additionally, NFT users can attend events and participate in community-only activities. This ensures those who support the brand can be more involved in the onward growth of these projects and benefit from their participation.

Cannabis Benefits in the Real World…

Cannabis NFTs, such as those produced by SaDiva, were born to support and cultivate a growing community. The SaDiva NFT collection takes the idea one step further, however, and works to support female empowerment and inclusion within the cannabis world.

SaDiva offers numerous unique aspects that other cannabis movements in the NFT space do not. For one, holders will have first access to the SaDiva limited-edition merchandise line – gaining access to merchandise and products through an exclusive Web3 marketplace. Additionally, NFT holders will gain VIP access to SaDiva events both in person and virtually.

While still in development, the expectation is to have at least one live event every year starting in 2023. To complement this, they are partnering with JPD Capital to create a cannabis village spread out over 500 acres in Lake Omak, Washington. High times indeed!

… and in the Metaverse

To further the user experience, SaDiva has created a play-to-earn game that offers rewards in the form of SaDiva royalties. The game will allow users to create their own cannabis farm. SaDiva holders will enter as VIP members with exclusive benefits through game rewards and bonuses.

Members can also enjoy one of more than 3,000 virtual parcels of land in Cannabis Village. Of course, the NFTs with super-rare or ultra-rare attributes will get the choicest spots. SaDiva is acquiring land from the Realm Metaverse, which is known for its exclusivity. These plots can be developed in conjunction with SaDiva’s plans, built up, or rented out.

The project’s ultimate goal is to utilise Realm to create and build out an inclusive community for both cannabis and NFT enthusiasts. Not only that, but NFT holders gain an exclusive membership that allows users to monetarily benefit from the success of the brand through its Members Club.

The professionals behind the SaDiva NFT collection each have a unique background. The team is composed of a well-known cannabis influencer, an entrepreneur with connections throughout the music, film, and business worlds, and a freelance illustrator who has produced artwork for top brands. Their combined expertise led to the creation of the SaDiva NFTs.

A Cannabis Revolution?

As cannabis remains federally prohibited in the United States, the industry is constantly changing as new regulations arise. Furthermore, cannabis businesses struggle to obtain the financial resources they need to thrive because federally insured banks simply cannot do business with the cannabis industry right now. This not only makes capital difficult to obtain, but it raises associated costs for these businesses.

In turn, it only makes sense for the industry to dip into the metaverse for added support and awareness. NFTs could very well be the start of a movement that will revolutionise the cannabis industry.