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Hacking the Cannabiz Market [Infographic]

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The cannabis business is growing at a rapid pace, and this means these businesses need a steady stream of cannabis plants, whether hemp or marijuana, to be grown in order to keep up with the supply. As cannabis is an agricultural product, an increase in demand doesn’t mean the supply can be accommodated overnight. What’s more, there are some challenges to growing cannabis plants which has necessitated the intervention of technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence and robots work in tandem to grow cannabis plants. The robotics are able to monitor things like moisture, nutrients, growth, and problems like mold in the physical world. Meanwhile, the AI uses the data fed to it by the robotics to make adjustments in nutrient and moisture levels in order to maintain optimal growing conditions.
Companies like Farmbot, Seedo, and Agrify all produce technologies that aid in the indoor production of cannabis plants. Currently indoor growing is the best option for both hemp and marijuana plants for a number of reasons. First, cross-pollination between the two types of cannabis plants can lead to contamination - either hemp with too much THC to be legal or marijuana with not enough THC to be saleable. Second, these plants are bioaccumulators, which means that exposure to air or water pollution will remain in the plant through human consumption.
Even the processing and extraction of these plants is benefiting from the use of technology. While the extraction of CBD from hemp plants is somewhat dangerous, manufacturers have found help in the form of artificial intelligence that can monitor tedious tasks that humans often tune out. This makes the process much safer in general.
Artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technologies are the future of the cannabis industry. Learn more about tech for growing cannabis from the infographic below.


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