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Blaze of Glory: the Hottest Cannabusiness Moments of SXSW

(photo credit @aaronrogosin of @outer_elements)

2019 marks the first year that all things Cannabusiness were represented as an official track of SXSW, one of the world’s leading interactive festivals.

So what were the big things to see this year? Check ’em out:

Steve DeAngelo was a captivating keynote speaker with featured session, The Cannabis Renaissance: Science Validates Tradition — presenting the history of cannabis into the modern day.

(photo credit @aaronrogosin of @outer_elements)

Leafly had a notable presence, including a sponsored 44-talk cannabis business track that included a Leafly Lounge where thousands of people came and drank slushies based off the different flavors of cannabis (called terpenes.) Leafly scientist Nick Jikomes did a talk on the next evolution in cannabis strain identification — moving away from ‘indica-sativa-hybrid’. In a livestreamed interview with David Downs, keynote speaker Troy Dayton from the ArcView Group demanded pot companies re-invest to legalization to free all cannabis prisoners. And Speaker John Boehner — now on the board of a cannabis company — said he expects legalization through the STATES Act later this year.

(photo credit @aaronrogosin of @outer_elements)

CitizenGrown hosted a private Amsterdam themed Relaxation lounge with coffee, espresso, and mint green teas. A good time had by all — hanging with investors and cannabis industry executives.

They also had DJ appreciation sessions during the days. The DJs at SXSW came chilled out played what “they” wanted and unwound playing with Raekwon from Wu-Tang.

(image credit Bryan Gonzalez)

Aliza Sherman of Ellementa was a bright spot on the calendar, educating the public on how the cannabis clientele is evolving and greater depth on the nuances of the new cannabis consumer.

(photo credit @aaronrogosin of @outer_elements)

Thank you to Shayna Goldstein and Aaron Rogosin of Outer Elements Photography, David Downs of Leafly, and Redg Snodgrass for help with this post.

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