Hackernoon Editors Gave A Voice To My Writing - Noonies Interview with Samiran Mondalby@samiranmondal
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Hackernoon Editors Gave A Voice To My Writing - Noonies Interview with Samiran Mondal

by Samiran MondalNovember 3rd, 2021
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Hackernoon editors gave importance to my writing skills and today, I am doing this Interview

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featured image - Hackernoon Editors Gave A Voice To My Writing - Noonies Interview with Samiran Mondal
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Hey Hackers! I’m Samiran Mondal and I’m the Founder and CEO of News Coverage Agency.

First of all, a huge thank you to the HackerNoon community and staff for nominating me for a 2021 Noonies award! I’ve been nominated in the following categories please do check out these award pages and vote:

  1. HackerNoon Contributor of the Year - innovation

  2. HackerNoon Contributor of the Year - startup

  3. HackerNoon Contributor of the Year - women-in-tech

As someone in the Blockchain industry, I believe that the most exciting technology of the present is Blockchain because the world is moving towards digitalization, and decentralization is key in attaining full digitalization. Learn more about my thoughts and opinions on blockchain and my journey in the tech industry via the interview below.

1. What do you do and why do you do it? (tell us your story)

I am the Founder and CEO at News Coverage Agency and a writer in the blockchain space. I love writing on blockchain and its technologies because it allows me to discover the possibilities within the technology while at the same time educating those around me. This interview of mine has brought me one of the successes of my life. Hackernoon editors gave importance to my writing skills and today, I am doing this Interview.

2. Tell us more about the things you create/write/manage/build!

I write news covering Blockchain related topics, crypto, and other emerging technologies. I also write on upcoming projects, allowing them access to the best markets for their products and services. In all my writing, I strive to have educative content that promotes the adoption of these technologies.

3. How did you end up on your current career path? Do you like it?

My love for books, the Internet, and the drive to create a better world led me on a long journey exposing me to different possibilities. I stumbled upon Blockchain and its possibilities aligned perfectly with my vision in my search for better tools. It has been fun to use my content and marketing skills in a technology that is a game-changing phenomenon.

4. What tech are you most excited or passionate about right now and why?

Blockchain because it provides endless possibilities to shape the world into a better space. The ability to send peer-to-peer transactions, immutable record keeping, permissionless and trustless applications, and the introduction of NFTs are exciting topics that I find fascinating. It is also exciting to explore the possible outcomes of combining Blockchain and other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 innovations.

5. What tech are you most worried about right now and why?

That would be AI. Due to AI implementation, there is the risk of deep fake content, too much focus on automation, and data mix-ups. There is also the risk of disconnections or the creation of hollowed-out communities as human-to-human interaction decreases.

6. If we gave you 10 million dollars to invest in something today, what would you invest in and why?

If I will receive 10 million dollars today, I would invest in creating an educational system. The system would mainly help people, especially in rural areas, to understand more about blockchain technology. I believe educating people on blockchain technology would help these areas find blockchain-based innovations using available resources. I believe the world will be more beautiful if people are educated.

7. What are you currently learning?

I am currently learning about blockchain-based Web3 solutions, the importance of law in the blockchain space, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFT and Trading.

8. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given someone?

Be true to yourself since you can never go back and change your past, but I can make a difference presently and change the end. In the end, I should never let defeats in life define who I want to be.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

If someone feels like there is something out there they have a passion for, they should not let limitations hold them back. The best time for new beginnings is now!

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